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Prakash Singh DOB: 25/01/1990

Statement of Purpose

The pace with which Engineering and Technology changes, it is imperative that it becomes outdated
and obsolete with every passing day. My aim therefore, is to obtain the highest standard of technical
education and thereby explore new horizons in Mechanical Engineering. As a kid, I loved cars and
other things that moved. I used to wonder how a number of complex pieces, meticulously work in
synchronized form to give desired result. I was so much captivated by cars that, I myself from my
childhood wanted to become entrepreneur in automobile sector. I was inquisitive by nature and always
took the opportunity to apply my mind to various puzzles and problems. As I grew up, I realized by
being observant one can develop quick and simple solutions to any problem and this happens to be one
of my inherent strengths.

Right from my school days I knew I wanted to become an engineer as I found myself fascinated by the
concepts of mathematics and physics, even scored 34 th position among first 500 students in Kendriya
Vidyalaya Sangathan Mathematics Olympiad 2005-2006 during my High school. I also had an
inclination towards mechanics and Dynamics of Machines as almost everything around me
demonstrated all that I had learnt. This interest led me to pursue Science stream in high school. After I
was placed in the top 6 percent in Goa, in the Goa common entrance exam, I decided to pursue
Mechanical Engineering at Goa College of Engineering (AICTE approved & MOU with IIT Bombay),
which has been a premier institute in my state for many years. During my undergraduate program, I
have acquired a strong background in the fundamentals of the basic Mechanical Engineering subjects
like Theory of machines, Manufacturing technology, CAD/CAM, Machine Design, Mechatronics etc. I
have also had an introduction to specialized areas like Automobile Engineering, Fluid power Control,
System Simulation and Tool Design Engineering. These courses have helped me build up a strong
foundation in Mechanical Engineering and provided me with a bit insight of concept of automation and
laid necessary groundwork for pursuing graduate studies. I had completed a project, namely “Design of
Steam Air Pre- Heater with Stainless Steel" at Zuari Industries Ltd. In this project I replaced the
previously existing Aluminium fins of the Steam Air Pre-heater with Stainless steel fins by analyzing
the difference between properties of conductivity of two material and then followed by mathematical
calculations based on the inputs (operating conditions) provided, which prevented frequent shut-down
of boilers for cleaning and replacing fins due to choking or corrosion of Aluminium fins and hence
ameliorated the production and output. Apart from academic subjects I attended Robotics workshop,
assimilated knowledge of working on different designing softwares like AutoCad, Solidworks, Creo,
and Ansys. And as it is said that, healthy mind resides in healthy body, I feel that extra curricular
activities are equally important in estimating a person's overall capacity. I was a member of the
volleyball and basketball team right from my school days and had won Individual Championship
continuously for three times. Another exciting and learning phase at the university had been my
experience as a member of Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association. I feel that I have evolved
into a dynamic person due to my commitment to many extra-curricular activities.

During my final year I learnt about Automobile Engineering and I developed lot of interest in this field.
I attended various seminars and lectures held in my college and in other institutions. In today’s world,
with pollution levels increasing at an alarming rate, it is necessary to develop efficient engines with low
emission levels. Many companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra & Toyota, are doing research
in this field. Also, further development for use of alternate forms of energy is required due to depleting
resources of conventional, fossil fuels. These areas of study interest me immensely and I feel I can
make a contribution. This made me realize the importance of broadening my knowledge in this field. In
order to achieve this, pursuing a Master of Science at a reputed university is an obvious choice. I am
confident that this interest will be served by getting an admission in the program MS(ME/MTECH) in
Mechanical Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington.

The coursework at University of Texas at Arlington is comprehensive, practical-oriented and covers all
major topics. The infrastructure provided is excellent, with state-of-the-art research facilities like Center
for Renewable Energy Science & Technology (CREST). The research carried out in the field of
renewable energy interests me immensely. I would be fortunate to receive a good blend of theory and
lab work with equal emphasis on research. My objective is to enhance and strengthen my knowledge
base in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The ideal path towards this, I feel, would be by pursuing
graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. In the long run I seek to be the leader in my field, which
requires fostering of team spirit and good will besides intellectual and creative enrichment. University
of Texas at Arlington, with its team of highly motivated and industrious faculty & graduate students
would hence be the ideal start to my career. I can assure you that given a chance, I shall strive to live up
to the expectations.

As today’s world is being ruled by automation and I was enthralled by how with every evolving day
mechanical machines and equipment are converted to automated machines to increase the efficiency
and production with precision and safety. When I was in the first year of my graduation I saw the
manufacturing of BMW cars on Discovery Channel at that point of my life I had made my mind to
study in Germany, as this country is the land of mechanical inventions and automation and that also of
superior quality. However, before my post-graduation in the field of automation I decided to have
hands-on experience of the core mechanical concepts of fabrication and production which would help
me in my further studies giving me the basic and most important insight of the field, and though the
fabrication is the last step of Engineering process, it is the most important among all the department as
futher evolution of product whether its design or manufacturing process or material to be used for
fabrication is based on the experience gained while fabricating and by using the fabricated equipments,
and so after my graduation I worked with a small fabrication plant where I worked for 2 years before
switching to one of the leading Heavy Fabrication plants in central India. This is where I garnished my
knowledge myself with the significant aspects of fabrication. While working as a Fabrication engineer I
learned about a different field of production plant and soon proved to be the factotum of my department.
During this period of I worked on different projects comprising of different materials runs the gamut
from steel to aluminum, and have been exposed to different automated machinery whether it be
automated welding machine or CNC machines and many more. And now I think I am accoutered with
required experience and knowledge to embark on my future endeavors.

As my future endeavor is to be an eminent entrepreneur in the automobile sector, the ideal path towards
this, I feel, would be by pursuing Masters in Automotive Production Engineering. In the long run, I
seek to be the leader in my field, which requires fostering of team spirit and goodwill besides
intellectual and creative enrichment. Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt with its team of highly
motivated and industrious faculty & graduate students would hence be the ideal start to my career. I can
assure you that given a chance, I shall strive to live up to the expectations.