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(University of the City of Manila)


“Anchoring on Excellence:
Producing Future Agents of Progress”

22 April 2014
Reception Hall
Philippine International Convention Center
Pasay City
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

A caring People’s University.

Guided by this vision,
we commit ourselves to provide quality education
to the less privileged but deserving students
and develop competent, productive, morally upright professionals,
effective transformational leaders and socially responsible citizens.

Anchored upon our vision and mission, we seek to:

• Equip the stakeholders with the scientific and technological knowledge,

skills, attitude, and values for effective delivery of quality education &

• Conduct relevant and innovative researches for the enrichment of scholarships,

advancement of the industry, and development of community both locally
and internationally;

• Promote extension services for community development and establish

mutually beneficial linkages with industries & institutions at the local,
national, and international levels;

• Adhere to the values of excellence, integrity, nationalism, social responsibility

and trustworthiness, creativity and analytical thinking; and

• Enhance the goodwill and support of the stakeholders and benefactors

for a sustainable caring People’s University towards the transformation
of the City of Manila and the nation.
“Anchoring on Excellence:
Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Republic of the Philippines
City of Manila

W armest greetings to the Batch 2014 of the


Today marks one of the high points in your jour-

ney of learning. Over the past few years, you have exerted
every effort to excel in your academics, and to be part of
extracurricular activities designed to enrich your learn-
ing experience. Your families, friends, teachers and school
officials rightly share your joy in all you have achieved,
and celebrate the promise of your future.

This year’s commencement theme, “Anchoring on

Excellence, Producing Future Agents of Progress” under-
scores how far you have come as students, and soon as
young professionals or entrepreneurs. You are the next
generation of proud PLM alumni, products of a respected
institution that has nurtured many of our current leaders
in both the government and the private sector. And like
those who came before you, you shall likewise be count-
ed as future partners in the great task of nation building.

Binabati ko kayong lahat sa inyong pagtatapos.

Nawa’y gabayan kayo ng ating Panginoon upang sa tak-
dang panahon ay maging bahagi kayo ng makabagong
henerasyon ng mga Pilipinong nagsisikap at nagpupun-
yagi para sa ikauunlad ng ating minamahal na lungsod at
ng ating bansa.

Mabuhay ang kabataang Pilipino!


City Mayor

46th Commencement Exercises

Republic of the Philippines
City of Manila

I t is with great pleasure and privilege to extend my

warmest greetings and congratulations to the graduating
class of 2014 of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

Knowledge is the most important resource in today’s

information-driven world. Therefore, investing in good
education is investing in the future. It makes sense since
it is advantageous and complementary to all concerned.
It is good for the country since it generates economic invest-
ments and jobs and, more jobs equate to better opportunities
for its citizens to improve their lives.

College graduation is both an end and a beginning

of a new era of your life; a time to seriously focus attention
to matters of great importance and relevance in order to
meet the challenges of adult life. To you I convey my best
wishes. But to succeed, you have to work hard,
exercise discipline and practice prudence because by
doing so, you are one step closer to the fulfilment of your
lofty dreams and aspirations.

May I then enjoin you to thank the persons and

institutions that help made what you are today. First,
thank your parents and guardians for their support,
assistance and encouragement. Next, your alma mater,
for the skills, knowledge and wisdom it has imparted
upon you. But most importantly, the Lord Almighty, for
the inspiration, grace and blessings He has endowed. And
the best way to repay them, is to succeed in your respective

Now, go forth, and conquer the world! Godspeed!


Vice Mayor

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila

T here is no limit from that reservoir of goodwill when

it comes to extending congratulations. The kind of
feeling it evokes, however, could vary according to the
one who expresses it and to whom it is given. We attach
significance to our congratulations on this year’s graduation
theme: Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents
of Progress.
If there is a consensus of sentiment and vision
among our stakeholders in this University, particularly
the members of our academe and the members of the
Board of Regents, it is no other than the overriding
responsibility – the passion attached to it almost fanatical
– to keep our school’s fealty to the temple of excellence
with which its name has become synonymous.
Before, it could only be hoped that the excellent
education and the high degree of competence that comes
with it, our graduate would be imbued with a commitment
that transcends the limits of human spirit to deliver
Manila from the stagnancy that it does not deserve to
progress that is its inheritance.
Today, there is novelty in our commencement
exercise. This school’s very own, the Honorable Francisco
“Isko” Domagoso, would be among the graduates. He will
be conferred the honorary degree of Doctor in Humanities,
in the area of community development, a fitting tribute to
his achievements and excellent service to the city. There
is no gainsaying that he personifies our theme. He is the
role model for the rest of our graduates. In conferring the
degree, the Board of Regents expresses a graduation
address that will fill volumes of Pamantasan's history as
a school of present and future agents of progress.
Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Francisco Domagoso
and to all the graduates!


Chairman, Board of Regents

46th Commencement Exercises

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila

I convey the heartfelt felicitations of our Caring University as

new agents of progress have reached the zenith of their
long academic journey today. Your graduation embodies
more than the culmination of your academic pursuits.
More importantly, it epitomizes our robust character as
a nation whose outlook has been delicately fashioned to
prioritize societal development over personal pleasure
and to sacrifice individual aggrandizement in favor of the
public good.

Deeply steeped in the virtue of excellence and

armed with a profound understanding of the rudiments
of life, your graduation today ushers you to a new life-
long commitment - that of giving back to the community
and becoming a channel of development for your fellowmen.
Your vision is a better society. Your mission is to challenge
your talents and skills and translate them into productive

The door to new opportunities has just been

opened, while the path to a brighter future has been
paved for you. We wish you success as you begin a new
journey, even as PLM’s transformational influence, through
your scholarly education, will linger beyond as a beacon
to guide you through.

In the end, the future shall measure you not

according to the breadth of accumulated wealth, but
by the essence of sacrifices you have offered and by the
genuine efforts you have exerted in living up to the noble
ideals of your alma mater.

God speed!


University President

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila

M y special greetings to all the graduates of Batch


This year’s theme Anchoring on Excellence: Producing

Future Agents of Progress resonates well in today’s Philippine
setting when rebuilding from the wrath of natural calamities
and rising from the economic slump are the order of the day.

The coming months, even years, will mark a

consequential transition from school work to a whole
new world of professional work. Out there are potential
leads if you venture correctly.

Imminent challenges may derail the attainment

of your goals. Consider possible setbacks and looming
difficulties that you have to grapple with on your way to

The University has consistently lived up to its

avowed goal of nurturing future professionals with a kind
of decisiveness to excel whenever and wherever life may
lead you. Your mentors and school officials have imbued
in you not just the skills and knowledge, but more so, the
combined conviction to be catalysts of change that should
redound to progress and prosperity not just for one’s self
but for the nation, as well.

Let me therefore remind you to go on your way

to your desired destination but with a high sense of
responsibility to be competitive yet mindful of your roles
as agents of transformation.


Executive Vice President

46th Commencement Exercises

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila

C ommencement exercises will always be an event

worth celebrating. A beginning of exploring possibili-
ties that life has to offer. With the theme, “Anchoring on
Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress”, your
lives were molded according to the values reflective of
eminence, perseverance and resilience. The aforemen-
tioned have guided you in your academic life. Nevertheless,
it is expected that you will remain true to form and will
ensure that in everything you do, your actions were
executed with best effort; your desire is to produce an
excellent output. But excellence is not merely measured
on the grades you received or the number of achievements
you have won. Excellence is determined by the positive
impact of your output. The improvement of quality of life
as you institute gradual changes.

On this occasion, you will receive your Diploma

and you will be declared graduates. As you join the
mainstream society, chances are you will be surprised
with the challenges awaiting your career. Be steadfast.
Remain focused. Distractions coming from internal
thoughts and external forces may leave you disheartened.
Becoming future agents of progress will surely take an
intermittent pace. The rough edges along the journey
may sound as a good reason to retreat. But remember that
progress happens in anticipation of calculated risk. If you
want progress to happen, think of progressive thoughts
and act on progressive manner. My dear graduates, as you
ponder on this message, I wish that all of you will have a
successful career ahead. Congratulations!


Vice President for Academic Affairs

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila

M y sincerest salutation goes to all the school year

2014 graduates of our esteemed Pamantasan ng
Lungsod ng Maynila. All the hard work, perseverance,
and optimism finally paid off. Congratulations for this
sweet victory!

This year’s commencement theme is but very

opportune as each graduate, bearing a diploma in hand,
sets out into the world to make a difference. The power
that is in each and every one cannot be undervalued. Every
person is gifted with a unique talent, skill, or knowledge.
This gift was further honed over the years under the tutelage
of teachers, fellow students and other mentors who
altogether infused discipline, learning and wisdom that
each graduate will now carry on to the next, larger phase
of life.

Let this milestone further inspire everyone to take

the bar even higher in pursuing different career paths. As
products of Pamantasan, a center for excellence, carry on
the mindset of a winner and make a mark in the society.

For this great accomplishment, I can proudly say,

well done, Batch 2014 graduates! May the Lord be with
you all!

Vice President for Finance and Planning

46th Commencement Exercises

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila


y warmest congratulations to the graduates of 2014!

I join you and your parents in the celebration of

a significant milestone in your life’s journey. This event
will usher you into another world full of challenges that
would demand more of your time and energy.

Equipped with enough skills, coupled with the

value of excellence in every task assigned you, there is
no reason for you to falter to take the initial step into the
next phase of your life – the highly competitive world of

In so doing, the true meaning of excellence would

be tested. The essence of true excellence is not only seen
nor heard but is felt by those with whom you share the
best in you!

Continue with the journey to excellence!

Office of the Vice President
for Administration

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Intramuros, Manila

T his momentous event is the glorious height of the

struggles fought hard, as well as the apt celebration
of the victory impressively earned, as your drive to reach
your dream draws to a close. By and large, it is a recognition
of your indomitable spirit to pursue a professional career,
through an excellent academic refinement, towards our
common goal of transforming you into performing assets
of the society.

Your alma mater beams with pride, in perfect

harmony with your parents and loved ones, as it confers
the rewards of your success. “You have won the battle
and finished the race”, so the Biblical passage goes. The
transfer of the “tassel” to the other side signifies your
triumph over the “tussle” with the obstacles in that race.
To the greater extent, it denotes your ability to face and
hurdle the upcoming challenges yet to be posed by countless
occupational hazards in the industry.

The current Administration’s high impact strategies,

including meaningful external linkages, are designed to
infuse more prestige to our institutional reputation.
Significantly, this aims to benefit all alumni – the past
and the future – in their quest for their rightful place
under the sun, as stronger recognition shall be ascribed
to them all over the globe.


Roberto G. Rosales
Acting Vice President for External Affairs

46th Commencement Exercises

46 th
Commencement Exercises

22 April 2014
8:00 am - 12:00 nn

Academic Procession

Entrance of Colors PLM ROTC Cadets

Invocation Bro. Clifford T. Sorita

Philippine National Anthem PLM Student Chorale Society

Welcome Remarks and Introduction of the Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero

Commencement Speaker University President

Commencement Address Hon. Jose Pimentel Ejercito, Jr.

Senator, Republic of the Philippines

Presentation of the Plaque of Appreciation University Officials

Intermission PLM Student Chorale Society

Presentation of Candidates for Graduation Dean Bernadette A. Sacop

University Registrar

Conferment of Degrees Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero

Distribution of Diplomas University Officials and College Deans

Pledge of Loyalty Atty. Omar B. Francisco

President, PLM Alumni Association

University Hymn PLM Student Chorale Society

Exit of Colors PLM ROTC Cadets


Ms. Mary Lane DR. Liporada

Master of Ceremonies

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Commencement Speaker
Senator of the Republic of the Philippines

T he senator finished his primary and secondary education at the Ateneo de Manila University
and earned a degree in A.B. Economics from the University of the Philippines, Manila. He
took up Bachelor of Laws at the Lyceum of the Philippines University while serving as Vice
Mayor of then Municipality of San Juan at the age of 25. He was also bestowed a doctorate
degree in Humanities (honoris causa) in 2007 by the Laguna State Polytechnic University in
recognition of his academic excellence and socio-civic achievements as public servant.

In his early 20’s, Senator Jinggoy, as he is fondly called, became a movie actor and
eventually bagged acting awards from the Filipino Academy for Movie Art and Science (FAMAS).
In 1999, he also became the host of the television public service program SaBAYAN, which
has helped a number of Filipinos through his significant exposés.

In 1992, he became the youngest ever elected local chief executive in the country at
age 29. During his incumbency, the Municipality of San Juan gained the reputation of being
one of the most progressive municipalities and the most peaceful municipality in the Philippines.

For three (3) consecutive terms, he administered the economic, social, political and
cultural affairs of his constituents beyond everyone’s expectations. He spearheaded various
projects and programs such as the following, among others: construction of modernized
barangay halls with day care centers; repair and renovation of the now San Juan National
High School and other public elementary schools, recreation centers like gymnasiums,
basketball courts and playgrounds; establishment of different livelihood centers; improvement
and replacement of drainages, concreting of municipal roads and
construction of the 4-storey San Juan Medical Center and the
San Juan Municipal Gymnasium.

During his final tenure as mayor, he was sworn

into office as the National President of the League of
Municipalities of the Philippines (1998-2001). He
efficiently harnessed the potential of local government
units (LGUs) as reliable partners of the national government
in nation-building. During his stint, his initiatives
secured the continuous empowering of LGUs and provided
better service facilities to at least 1,525 municipalities.

As the eldest son of former President Joseph

Marcelo Ejercito Estrada and former Senator Luisa Pimentel-
Ejercito Estrada, it is not surprising that like his parents,
the Filipino masses have a special place in the heart
of Senator Jinggoy, along with siblings, Jacqueline
Ejercito-Lopez and Jude Ejercito. In May
2004, the Filipino people gave the “anak
ng masa” an official mandate to serve
as Senator of the Republic of
the Philippines. This gave him the
chance to carry out his earnest
desire to continue the pro-poor
programs that his father has started
and to pursue his commitment to
address the problems besetting
the country through just and
meaningful legislation.

46th Commencement Exercises

As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Labor, Employment and Human
Resources, the Senator is tasked with the study and deliberations on measures relating to
labor; human resources development; maintenance of industrial peace; promotion of
employer-employee cooperation; labor education, standards and statistics; organization
of the labor market including recruitment, training and placement of workers and export
of human resources; foreign workers in the Philippines; promotion and development of
workers’ organization as well as employment-intensive technology. He also chairs the
Congressional Oversight Committee on Labor and Employment (COCLE).

His other committee assignments include: accounts, agriculture and food, blue
ribbon, energy, foreign relations, local government, national defense, public order, and
illegal drugs, rules, peace, unification and reconciliation, urban planning, housing and
resettlement, ways and means. He is the Vice Chairman on the Committee on Games, Amusement
and Sports and the Committee on Public Information and Mass Media. He also serves as a
member of the Commission on Appointments.

Of the 289 bills and resolutions he presented, 249 were primarily authored by him.
His current priority bills are geared towards improving and strengthening the policies
affecting work force and overseas foreign worker, empowering our local government units,
protecting and preserving our freedom of expression and assembly, and promotion of youth
welfare. At present, he ranks 4th among the list of senators with the most number of
proposed legislations filed in the upper house.

Since his assumption to office, the Senator has delivered close to 20 privilege speeches
on varied issues such as the constitutionally guaranteed rights on freedom of speech,
expression and right to public assembly, anomalous transactions and operations of the
Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), wire-tapping scandal, and abuses
of power by the current administration.

Born on February 17, 1963, he married Ma. Presentacion “Precy” Vitug in 1989,
with whom he is blessed with four wonderful and beautiful children, namely: Janella Marie,
Joseph Luis Manuel, Julian Emilio and Julienne.
Candidates for Graduation

College of Physical Therapy

Dalubhasaan sa Terapi Pisikal

College of Mass Communication

Dalubhasaan sa Komunikasyong Pangmadla

College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management

Dalubhasaan sa Pamamahala ng Industriya ng Turismo,
Hotel at Paglalakbay

College of Human Development

Dalubhasaan sa Kaunlarang Pantao

College of Management and Entrepreneurship

Dalubhasaan sa Pamamahala at Pamumuhunan

College of Engineering and Technology

Dalubhasaan sa Inhinyerya at Teknolohiya

46th Commencement Exercises

* May Papuri
** May Dakilang Papuri
*** May Sukdulang Papuri

College of Physical Therapy

(Dalubhasaan sa Terapi Pisikal)

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Terapi Pisikal)

Acebedo, Alyssa Bianca A. Endaya, Nadine J.* Montales, Maria Roxette C.

Aguila, Aivigay S. Estrada, Edjochris G. Muñoz, Mac Nhicole J.
Alovera, Lovely-Fe D. Ferrer, Dionah Fe A. Palacio, Gilian-Ane Leigh A.
Antonio, Emmanuele C. Filomeno, Michael John T. Patag, Maria Danna Fe C.
Aquino, Marianne Jannica S. Garcia, Laarny D.J. Poblete, Jenell C.
Batongbacal, Mary Joy C. Gorobat, Clyde Lace D. Poblete, Robertino M.
Bonus, Grace Nicole Joy T. Hirang, Jonas M. Roxas, Alyssa Mae F.
Calasanz, Ernest Paul Y.* Hutalla, Katrina Clarisse M. Saluta, Maria Jurelle B.
Calseña, Jan Kenneth C. Ignacio, Mark Justin E. Sanchez, Michael Nico E.
Carpio, Jazel Joyce M. Itoh, Ken Winston C. Saura, Patricia Joy Kamille G.
Cofone, Dyan E. Linantud, Jessa Marie M. Serrano, Pauline P.
Cristobal, Rachel Ann B. Maglalang, Justin Sibal, Mary Jezka N.
De Jesus, Christine Joy C. Masangkay, Axl Ross Y. Sopelario, Ulysses Y.
Divino, Keithleen Anne G. Mauleon, Millicent Roscenne A. Sordan, Anna Franchesca S.
Dolaota, Mary Danica S. Mendoza, Dexanne Marie D.C. Tanodra, Don Karlo I.
Domanais, Phoebe Kae D. Miciano, Liezl Clarizze S. Tavu, Allyza May E.
Dominguez, Jed Marie B. Mission, Ruth Mariz B.


(Dalubhasaan sa Komunikasyong Pangmadla)

Bachelor of Mass Communication

(Dalubhasa sa Komunikasyong Pangmadla)

Abarca, Chelsea Micah G. Chiuteña, Katrina S. Gagahina, Mary Roanne C.

Alido, Andrea James C. Chua, Jan Barry L. Gomez, Melissa Jean A.
Alindogan, Eunice G. Chua, Trixia G. Gonzalez, Nympha H.
Almario, Ma. Isabelle R. Concepcion, Fatima Jessa M. Guba, Vince Patrick N.
Almonguera, Mary Jo U. Cruz, Kathlyn Therese S. Herrera, Marie Azrielle D.
Anglo, Kimberly Joy D. Culaban, Reymar T. Ibra, Farhan M.
Añonuevo, Axcel S. Dadios, Danilo Jr. C. Jacinto, Ar Em Lizeth B.
Arellano, Danica Marie A. Damian, Jamella Javier, Ma. Jillian B.
Balana, Hazel D. Dantes, Marc PauL G. Jimenez, Vergel M.
Banta, Mary Rose D. David, Maria Dennise T. Juare, Monica Grace R.
Banzil, Katherine M. de Guzman, Rodrigo C.* Lim, Camille Anne R.
Baracao, Gilda Mae D. De Vera, Edris A. Lorilla, Kristine Pamela C.
Barbon, Tacashi A. Dela Cruz, Leah Rose C. Lozada, Vanessa C.
Bautista, Maria Lerissa S. Dela Peña, Gayle Marie M. Macaraya, Jed Allen A.
Bejen, Kristine Mae R. Delos Reyes, Alexander Jr. C. Maducdoc, Jobelle Maria S.
Bernardo, Jannah Camille E. Dizon, Sherrie Lou B. Manangan, Zhusmita May P.
Bertolano, Ruvie Anne B. Duron, Katrina Marie G.* Maniquis, Jerome Isaac S.
Cabales, Henie Rose D. Enriquez, Sarah Diane N. Marino, Yukiko A.
Cabildo, Aldous Vince G. Escarcha, Jonalie N. Martinez, Joanna Rose
Cabuntas, Joanna Marie B. Fabricante, John Milo D. Mendoza, Katrina S.
Cahulogan, Gelli Annabelle S. Fernando, Jienelle Fei L. Merced, Ma. Jan Mega B.
Canlas, Dan Carlo D. Flores, Jemimah Kezeah P. Mohammad, Alyssa G.
Casidsid, Jetroy V. Florido, Cara Gem S. Narido, Daniel David B.
Castillo, Joanna Paula C. Fortuna, Jannela M. Navera, Tiffany Ann O.
Castro, John Aldrin R. Francisco, Kimberly T. Nazaire, Jhea May G.*
Cayetano, Rhevie Darrel C. Fuertes, Jerunia J. Obeso, Caroline Kae R.
Chim, Sushmita Mei G. Furio, Jenico E. Onte, Anna Marinela S.
“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”
(continued Bachelor of Mass Communication)

Pagtabunan, Anna Marie* Romero, Charlene Vielka R. Sucgang, Ma. Lejoy L.

Palgan, Jasmin P. Royeca, Gioco R. Talan, Jane P.
Papa, Rizza Mae T. Ruiz, Patrick Emmanuel S. Tengco, Kate Nicole F.
Pereras, Angela Luz A. Salac, Lorrie Anne A. Ticsay, Joyce-Anne D.
Perez, Erin Joyce S. Salvatierra, Elicel Clariz D. Trapsi, Angelique Mae Z.
Petilos, Ann Carlette M. Samson, Marie Samantha V. Tutay, Erlyn T.
Pineda, Mikhail Kevin S. San Pedro, Joanne V. Uri, Marianne Gabrielle V.
Quilates, Aljan G. Sanchez, Victoria Abegale Valmoria, Jake Ashley A.
Quililan, Charlene Ann R. Santos, Joanne Joy S. Verzosa, Edel John Allen C.
Ramirez, Inah Jane Zarah Z. Sarino, Jasmine S. Villanueva, Maria Krizel Hiyas H.**
Reloj, Elisha Marie A. Saulog, Jeanne Therese Vitug, Renz Ivan C.
Reyes, Nicole Anne G. Sebrero, Jullian G.
Rivera, Mary Francis T. Sibug, Melanie A.

Bachelor of Mass Communication major in Public Relations

(Dalubhasa sa Komunikasyong Pangmadla na nagpakadalubhasa sa Ugnayang Pangmadla)

Abesamis, Katrina L.* Lastrollo, Keziah B. Rosete, Mariezzabelle C.

Agusto, Mhanny Jonnel S. Llanes, Onycha Shalem M. Sagalongos, Haidee Amor G.
Alvarez, Kimberly Ann P. Lovino, Klaris Jennifer E. Samson, Maela M.
Andres, Rhod Cristine M. Lubid, Beverly D. San Miguel, Mary Aileen A.*
Arrogancia, Bridget C. Marin, Eljohn C.* Tuazon, Carlo Angelo S.
Belandres, Raquel H. Montoya, Ma. Lovely Tulauan, Gelica Rose M.
Dizon, Catherine O. Moraleja, Yunika V. Villar, Joshua Mae C.*
Francisco, Janine P. Obnial, Priscilla A. Villegas, Charmaine Ashley B.
Grajo, Jonathan Marco C. Porcioncula, Paula Anthonette M.*
Kiawan, Aira Marie E. Regalado, Bernardo R.

College of Tourism, Hotel & Travel Industry Management

(Dalubhasaan sa Pamamahala ng Industriya ng Turismo, Hotel at Paglalakbay)

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Hospitality Management

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pamamahala ng Otel at Magiliw na Pagtanggap)

Afable, Eazary Heizel C. Dela Cruz, Jansen A. Marco, Ralph Christian P.

Aggabao, Charina Jane C.* Dioquino, Rachel I. Mariano, Janica L.
Aguila, Jennalyn R. Dollente, Franz E. Mercullo, Krizzamel Joy C.
Añonuevo, Earvin Miguel Carlo R. Domondon, Joanne S. Monteverde, Mary Joyce O.
Antolin, Del Carlo B. Domondon, Richard M. Muega, Karla Mae G.
Ariza, Regine Shiela A. Donato, Katrina Ann L. Munsayac, Edilberto Y.
Atas, Justine Alyana B. Espino, Areeya Jane C. Nachor, Salvio III V.
Atienza, Maria Jerienah C. Espino, Estephanie Ann R. Namuco, Vienielyn L.
Baldemor, Ma. Jeremy L. Fabico, Marielle Beatrice B. Nicandro, Sunshine A.
Bañas, Angelo Paulo I. Factoran, Victor Eriko V. Petisme, Riahnna Joy O.
Bandal, Irene A. Gabat, Atheena S. Pineda, Mara Francesca P.
Benedicto, Cezar Angelo R. Gabiola, Jayson B.* Pola, Artemis Sherina D.
Benitez, Nhemia L. Gatus, Engelbert P. Ponte, Jonna May M.
Castillo, Aika D. Gonzales, Mary Ann P. Reate, Jezreel M.
Catli, Kristian Ericsson I. Ibano, Nichelle N. Requiel, Adrienne Jovie S.
Cervancia, John Paul A. Jason, Meryl Loise S. Rosales, Arizza Eunice B.
Cipriano, Arissa Benina O.* Lacdan, Xyville A. Santiago, Giorgia L.
Corpuz, Audrey Gaye B. Lao, Emmeliene T. Sorima, Jerico Joseph F.
Cosio, Valerie Anne D. Laurente, Jahllyza P.* Sy, Darrylene Joie M.
Cruz, Kathreena Camille I. Magalong, Mary Leigh Anne T. Viana, Ma. Barbara L.
De Jesus , Ayra Pauline I. Manzano, Jacqueline O. Villaruel, Prinz Willis S.
Del Carmen, Ma. Helena C. Maratas, Christopher Jr. R.

46th Commencement Exercises

Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management
(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pamamahala ng Paglalakbay at Turismo)

Abalos, Eugene C. Cruz, Sheila Mae A. Medina, Rowena Regina V.

Abulencia, Nikki P. Daulat, Rojean Marie E. Mensurado, Cedrich A.
Acosta, Samsie Zane Z. De Guzman, Gian Stefan L. Mondiguing, Alfredo Isiah Jr. A.
Adrimisin, Jessalyn A. De Roxas, Christine Jane I. Monton, Sherina Anne S.
Aggabao, Inna Mariel G. Donado, Cathlyn Joy Navera, Valerie Ann O.
Agoncillo, Carla Jiggs L. Esmalla, Helen Marie F.* Orjalo, Mardhel B.
Alejan, Maylyn P.* Espino, Ann Monique P. Pamilar, Tiffany D.
Alsol, Joseditha P. Euraba, Anna Wilma Y. Pascual, Charmaine Joan F.
Bacho, Armi Niña A. Favila, Margot Jane S. Patawaran, Sarahm Joy M.
Balisi, Sharmaine J. Feliciano, Camille Neriza C. Pecson, Jasmine T.
Barcia, Alexis C.* Fernandez, Darwin M. Pelea, Angelica G.
Bensani, Fatima Jamee C. Flores, Mariz G. Punzalan, Jacqueline L.
Bolivar, Rupert Jakenberg O. Flores, Queen Angelique D. Quitoriano, Genevieve M.
Briones, Aleli Jean O. Flores, Tashia Rae D. Reguindin, Chezka Faith T.
Brondial, Adelaine Sarrah A. Francisco, Hazel Anne A. Rodriguez, Ma. Nahirrah S.
Bundoc, Joelina Joi J.** Gabriel, Katherine Marie G. Sagun, Mary Ellyn L.
Bustamante, Eduard Paulo D. Gan, Janine Patricia M. Salazar, Kathryne O.
Cabonitalla, Jobellie A. Gonzales, Caitlin Anne R. Sallador , Sara G.
Calleja, Markus Jerico B. Gonzales, Cris Angelo R. Sanchez, Sean C.
Canceran, Roxanne Ibañez, Esperanza Abegail T. Santos, Charissa May G.
Cancio, Ysabelle D.C. Juan, Thyrrise Dhenice S. Sison, Libson Paul P.
Capistrano, Jay Anthony Jr. A. Lee, Jonalyn S. Tan, Jothee Jane R.
Caragan, Kcid Marie D. Loyola, Mara Cristine L. Umni, Monica G.
Carbon, Charry Bay T. Lumanog, Mara Charlene C. Valerio, Angelica Mari L.
Castañeda, Ma. Cristina C. Malupa, Ma. Trini M. Victoria, Kathleen Mae A.*
Coderes, Reneca Malveda, Ria Joyce R. Villagomez, Jen-Jen M.
Coloma, Elijah H. Martin, Patricia Camille F.
Cruz, Lester C. Mateo, Zharina C.

College of Human Development

(Dalubhasaan sa Kaunlarang Pantao)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Sikolohiya)

Adame, Jorin B. Buan, Sarah Marie Jennifer A. Diola, Kaileen Kate B.

Agustin, Prince Jhay C.* Buaya, Marigold B. Dionisio, Carmela B.
Alday, Czarina Ann R. Caba, Christal Kaye B. Dulatre, Princess E.*
Alora, Carmela Beatrice C. Cagud, Renalyn B. Dumduma, Mary Antoinette T.
Alvarado, Ma. Lourdes Sarah A. Calisin, Deon Carlo J. Elinon, Sharie Ann C.
Amen, Mary Jane A. Capacete, Vhea Monique C. Enriquez, Lloyd Toni F.
Amorin, Cristelle Mae B. Cariaso, Carlo Lawrence P. Faner, Russel Jane F.
Ang, Fleurhelmina S. Castillo, Darren B.* Ferro, Mary-Rose P.
Aniceto, Patricia Bianca N. Castro, Rodale Renz D. Francisco, Arah Joy R.
Antero, Jovelyn C. Cayabyab, Geneferd Kristine T. Fuentes, Christine Lee M.
Aquino, Ma. Richelle L. Chua, Marie Louise D. Gacias, Cora Fe Ann G.
Bacunawa, Joanne Stefanie D.** Co, Princess Anne M. Garcia, Leslie O.
Balbuena, Joice Ann D. Collantes, Louise Z. Garcia, Nathalie Clare M.
Ballesteros, Ma. Thereza P. Da Jose, Jarvis Manasseh C. Gasgonia, Katrina Mari B.
Baluyut, Czarina Jane P. Dacon, Job L. Goco, Ronirose P.
Banela, Paula Marie B. De Fiesta, Arlyn E. Gonzales, Christine Anthea C.
Barrera, Erika Kim C. De Guzman, Irish Mae P. Gonzales, Eric Grant G.
Bautista, Rupert Andrae G. De Leon, Benji A. Gonzales, Harriet A.
Bayona, Sharmaine Mae A. De Leon, Joseph P. Guerrero, Aura Neah F.
“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”
(continued Bachelor of Science in Psychology)

Gutierrez, Mary Jubilant C. Morente, John Dexter C. Sabroso, Paul Jason G.

Holgado, Allissa R. Olaso, Francis B.* Salas, Mary Aurabel D.
Hua, Ivory Jean B. Ontalan, Tisha Janna B. Samar, Zyrah Lou R.
Inayet, Reemsha Roxanna L. Ortega, Joshua B. Sambile, Jamie D.
Indefenso, Anne Bernadette L. Ortiz, Thea Katrina C. Sanchez, Monique C.
Jimena, Madelaine Pagtalunan, Camille P. Santella, Yonina Marie A.
Lacsina, Anna Carmella V. Panaligan, Marie Lester A. Santos, Ashley Jeanne F.
Lagao, Jem Abigail T. Pelagio, Graciela May R. Seminiano, Christine Judea L.
Layus, Ryza Liezel B.* Peñalosa, Jessica Joyce P.** Sordan, Cedrick L.
Librando, Charissa Marie E. Pitogo, Ana Rose R. Suarez, Jan Michael B.*
Licerio, Marjorie S. Polias, Ace Christian Emmanuel G. Sumagaysay, Jane Xyren G.
Lingat, Aaron Paul M. Posadas, Sharmaine C. Tarriela, Charlmaine Ann E.
Lobrin, Darryl Zozaine A. Quero, Dorothy Joy S.* Terrado, Louise Franz B.
Madriaga, Riener D. Quilala, Jerome T. Tobias, Anne Elizabeth B.
Maglalang, Avy Gaile L. Rara, Asley P. Trinidad, Mae Danica Doreen F.
Maglalang, Camille Faith B. Reyes, Deborah Rae C. Uy, Joe Marie Albert M.
Mangahas, Michelle Elaine J. Reyes, Jhon Christopher G. Velasquez, Josef T.
Manganaan, Isabella Nicole R. Reynancia, Kean O. Veniegas, Krizelle Anne R.
Marabe, Gabriel N. Richards, Joshua Miguel Jr. N. Ventura, Justine Joy V.*
Martin, Fritz Gerald G. Rojas, Justine S. Villareal, Christine Joy L.
Mercado, Jomar F. Roldan, Nel Albert S. Zabal, Leslie Anne M.
Miranda, Saramiechel M. Rosales, Eileen Grace C.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Gawaing Panlipunan)

Almadin, Claudette A. Ombao, Darlene Cynthia P.

Arquita, Judy Ann A. Papango, Jovelyn S.

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino

(Dalubhasa sa Edukasyong na nagpakadalubhasa sa Pilipino)

Opiana, Jhona G.

Bachelor of Secondary Education with specialization in Filipino

(Dalubhasa sa Edukasyong Pansekundarya na nagpakadalubhasa sa Pilipino)

Abiera, Honey Grace C. Flores, Lara Kyle L. Santos, Janel V.

Barrera, Ed Mark L. Laude, Sherylou D. Tahanlangit, Katrin L.
Bobadilla, Ann Triccie E. Ordillano, Vanessa Mie H. Tan, Marie Veronica K.*
Edwards, Timothy M. Profugo, Eraño D.
Enrera, Michelle Anne M. Ramizares, Paulo T.

Bachelor of Secondary Education with specialization in Biological Sciences

(Dalubhasa sa Edukasyong Pansekundarya na nagpakadalubhasa sa Agham Biolohiya)

Basco, Menchie N. Calasin, Renzy Cerwin F. Pescasio, Shannen Dorothy A.

Bachelor of Secondary Education with specialization in English

(Dalubhasa sa Edukasyong Pansekundarya nagpakadalubhasa sa Ingles)

Alvarez, Bea Isabelle C. Barba, Carizza Mae L. Dasalla, Michael Angelo A.

Ansan, Juvy Ann D. Bautista, Paolo Kyle C. Dator, Jowee Anne A.
Arigore, Marie Madeleine F. Cailan, Sophia C. De Veyra, Danah Belle E.
Arizapa, Diana G. Ceñidoza, Mariele W. Dela Rosa, Danieska G.
Asdilla, Carla Jane T. Clemente, Jorick G. Enriquez, Ardee Jhel Joy S.
Ayag, Jerson D. Dacio, Karen Ajy P. Eusebio, Sophya R.
46th Commencement Exercises
(continued Bachelor of Secondary Education with specialization in English)

Evora, Mary Johanna P. Navarro, Joana Marie H. Sibal, Edrea Mariel M.

Herrera, Marvin B. Peñalba, Cronica Ann D. Tabat, Cristine B.
Iradiel, Gladys A. Presnedi, Jeffrey P. Trance, Francisco Jr.
Jimenez, Jose Marie Z. Sadinas, Kimberly Anne V. Valenzuela, Camille L.
Miranda, Karen Kate B. Sakay, Joewee Ann A. Villeza, Jamie M.
Montilla, Justine D. Salingay, Sheela Mae V.
Navajas, Lanie Anne Rose C. Sase, Inna Pauline E.

Bachelor of Secondary Education with specialization in Mathematics

(Dalubhasa sa Edukasyong Pansekundarya na nagpakadalubhasa sa Matematika)

Araullo, Joby A. Diolata, Rouella May D. Marcellana, Macniel W.

Baldemor, Paulo Joshua L. Gallo, John Denver P. Punzal, Arnold Albert D.
Capalad, Mark Julius O. Lascano, Aaron John L. Sanchez, Jheffrey G.
Dineros, Sharmaine M. Maglalang, John Emmanuelle S. Villafuerte, Anne Lorraine S.

Bachelor of Secondary Education with specialization in Social Studies

(Dalubhasa sa Edukasyong Pansekundarya na nagpakadalubhasa sa Araling Panlipunan)

Albina, John Alfred C. Colet, Aeiza May B. Moral, John Lester R.

Baay, Jomari D. Del Rosario, Lovely Joy S. Opiniano, Joan H.
Bautista, Kevin Paul C. Estoque, Daniel Sean R. Pascual, Paulyne Joanne R.
Besin, Nastasia V.* Gavasan, Paul Sanqui, Winnie Irish T.
Cabatuando, Ma. Elizabeth P. Ilao, James Imman P. Valbuena, Jo-Nathaniel G.
Castañeda, Christine Mel L. Mangahas, Jefferson C.

College of Management & Entrepreneurship

(Dalubhasaan sa Pamamahala at Pamumuhunan)

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pamumuhunan)

Abdulrashid, Mahid D. Hiceta, Christine P. Punzalan, Amiel Royce C.

Ayunan, Sittiemar L. Irabagon, King C.* Red, Angelo J.
Bolactia, Jennifer I. Jaime, Charmie O. Reyes, Paul Merck R.
Boncan, Mat Kevin M. Jimenez, Kathy Ellyn M. Reyes, Zyrill Preech B.
Borreros, Juan Carlos C. Jingco, Richmond M. Rubenecia, Karla May S.
Bringas, Mary Ann A. Lazona, Kristofer E. Sevilla, Marnie Dhel P.
Broa, Michelle Joy D. Lim, Christopher P. Velano, Juan Paolo B.
Cabral, Pia Alexandria T. Maquiling, Paulyn Jea C. Vicente, Don V.
Castro, Rona Jane S. Martin, Ma. Nathalie Roni B. Villadolid, Glaiza Mae M.
Catacutan, Jeric C. Mercado, Kristine Erika S. Viray, Lyzette R.
Cua, John Rushell L. Mesina, Jhoanna Marie O. Yance, Jhoanna Lyn H.
Diego, Michael Anthony L. Militante, Antonio Jr. T. Yarza, Jem-Mer M.
Espiel, Ros Kim Joy O. Morden, Alexis Leoniño C. Zapata, Alvin John V.
Fernandez, Angelica A. Olasiman, Christine Fay Robie D.
Gorospe, Katrina Rose N. Orense, Claudine Angela M.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurship

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pamamahalang Pangkalakal nagpakadalubhasa sa Pamumuhunan)

Meraña, Joshua A.

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Finance and Treasury Management
(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pamamahalang Pangkalakal na nagpakadalubhasa sa Pamamahalang Pananalapi)

Abejuela, Sarah Grace S. Fabila, Anna Camille C.** Marata, Jackylyn J.

Abines, Wenny B. Fajardo, John Christopher F. Matchubar, Geraldine B.*
Abundo, Carlo F. Felizardo, Myra P. Mazo, John Carlo S.
Agdon, Ma. Fatima Fernandez, Rahnee Marie S. Mendoza, Adrian Nikko M.
Agrimano, Diana M. Ganadin, Jane Aury O. Mendoza, Chiara Ghayle L.
Agustin, Joan F. Garcia, Rodolfo Jr. A. Mendros, Renz John D.
Alcaria, Shynneth Joy C. Garin, Khiene Armiel S. Morales, John Rafaela S.
Amorante, Angelica M.* Garrido, Trisha Leen S. Mortiz, Jearald M.
Ang, Ericka Joyce E. Gensole, Louisa Pauline L. Negrite, Mary Ann G.
Angel, Ma. Camille O. Geronimo, Kristal Joy L. Niño, Amos Mark Z.
Arboleda, Jerico Louise B. Gomez, Danelyn C.* Niño, Cheska P.
Astor, Trixie C. Gonzales, Maria Liezel R. Oblino, Danica T.
Atienza, Sheenamarie Aubrey V. Gonzales, Roxanne R. Ortega, Wendy B.
Baccay, Ana Rose B. Gordora, Maricar Y. Padilla, Hermecita C.
Balanza, Micci May E. Grones, Wency Anne N. Padrique, Nico Jay D.
Baliton, Mary Grace C. Guevarra, Rachel M. Pael, Roxanne Alivia S.
Baltazar, Ed Zean R. Gulapa, Christine Joy T. Pagkalinawan, Christian Eleazar Z.
Bautista, Anthony John G. Gunday, Roxanne S. Pagtanac, Angelica B.
Belisario, Keith T. Habal, Chavisse H. Paronda, Ronel B.
Bilon, Louise Aldreanne P.* Hulleza, Maria Alexandrea R. Pelias, Tehanie C.
Binos, Mary Ann F. Ignacio, Charlene H. Pilapil, Khyle Niccolo S.
Briones, Christian A. Isanan, Nolan Anthony O. Popera, Flordeluna A.
Cabanela, Angelica M. Jadolos, Hannah Joy C. Portusa, Jaymar S.
Cabrera, Pol Anthony M.* Lacsamana, Abigail D. Princillo, Princess Sarah Leah C.
Cala, Alyssa Jean H. Lactao, Angeline E. Rafael, Justine Mae H.
Camacho, Kristoffer Ode C. Lagunzad, Marylyn R. Ramirez, Alyssa Marie E.
Camara, Rose Anna C. Lauraya, Bea Ysabelle A. Renta, Kammiel E.
Canlas, Ashley Lou R. Leonor, Joana Mae O. Romorosa, Rona D.
Capiral, Lloyd Anthony T. Leyva, Cielianne V. Ruiz, Gamaliel Ivan M.
Darilag, Clarissa P. Libiran, Jeralhd M. Salazar, Roanne S.
Dayrit, Ralph Kenneth C. Lustre, Lea Mae J. Silvano, Maricris J.
Dela Cerna, Bernabe B. Macabenta, Louella Marie B. Torio, Rodivir C.
dela Cruz, Maybelyn L. Magno, Alethia Marie P. Tuquero, Jose Emmanuel T.
Delos Reyes, Christian B. Mago, John Austin E. Valendez, Gracil Aiko V.
Delos Reyes, Nona R. Maliwat, Karen Mae C. Valerio, Harriet Karen C.
Dimaano, Mariel Angelica A. Mangalo, Jennifer S. Vallespin, Von Dominique L.*
Diño, Glessie R. Mangsat, Maria Angelica S. Viado, John Vergel A.
Dioso, Alyssa B. Maniquis, Danielle Marie

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pamamahalang Pangkalakal nagpakadalubhasa sa Pamamahalang Pangkalakal)

Acuña, Michelle Ria A. Bonbon, Jessica F. dela Paz, Katrizz A.

Adres, Rickjay L. Cabucos, Trisha Marie C. dela Peña, Katrina M.
Ampit, Alson C. Cajaljal, Jeremias G. Diaz, Shaquille M.
Ando, Hanna Mari P. Calalang, Daniel Jerome R. Disu, Rizza M.
Arceño, Liezl S. Capentes, Mary Joy C. Dizon, Julie Rose T.
Asistio, Joshua B. Cariño, Crizza May O. Dizon, Maralon S.
Balanquit, Dessere Joy M. Castro, Marc Kevin D. Esgana, Shiela Anne C.*
Banal, Jonessa T. Cayetano, Carl Francis G. Esguerra, Emerson A.
Banda, Mark Joseph I. Celis, Niño Alfonso N. Espiritu, Rod Paolo M.
Bañez, Rhennalynne C. Correa, Eunice Monica R. Fabi, Francis Jayvincent P.
Basco, Bernabeth Joyce L. De Dios, Rizcel B. Fabros, Reiquel A.
Bautista, Rosemarie S. Degracia, Jenny A. Figueroa, Cytharae Angela S.
46th Commencement Exercises
(continued Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management)

Flores, Ericka L. Lopez, Sharmina Joy D. Realizo, Jean M.

Fulgencio, Jabelle C. Los Baños, Gabriel Nico G. Regis, Ma. Geneva S.
Gabriel, Aira Migelle S. Maingat, Vicente Angelico R. Rivera, Sear Jan L.
Garcia, Angelique May C. Malicdem, Kristelle Anabelle A. Rodriguez, Joyce Ann Camille A.
Gatuz, Mary Ann Q. Malimutin, Sheela May Ann A. Rubante, Archie G.
Gervacio, Ma. Danna Louren A. Masalonga, Rebekah Mikaela T. Sales, Paul Melvinne V.
Glariana, Laarnie D. Medallo, Renz Harvey M. Santiago, Gio Andro C.
Guevarra, Angela Marisse F. Mendez, Katrina R. Santos, Mary Andrielle C.*
Guia, Princess J. Miranda , Giannini A. Santos, Sharmaine Richelle C.
Guimbarda, Nicolle A. Musico, Kerry Ann F.* Soliven, Ruth Anne I.
Hernandez, Erica A. Natividad, Sarah Jane Q. Suarez, Angel Mae O.
Hidalgo, Jomar S.* Nelson, Jayanara Lee D. Tabangay, Lalaine U.
Hilario, Rizza Mari B. Parallag, Jeremiah I. Timbol, Mark S.
Ibañez, Roselyn Ann Grace M. Pineda, Karen Y. Tinaco, Catherine P.
Icalla, Jonah Marie A. Pullon, Danica Anna T. Tolentino, Jerson R.
Igat, Sandra Marie I. Quiroga, Jeffrey V. Tomas, Jerome P.
Igcasenza, Nestine N. Ramo, Rebeka R. Visitacion, Trisia Ann B.
Lim, Karolle Rose M.* Real, Honeylette Jade B.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource and Operations Management
(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pamamahalang Pangkalakal na nagpakadalubhasa sa Yamang-Tao at Pangangasiwa)

Acuin, Bea G. De Luna, Christyn Jhane M. Orbe, Monica T.

Agacer, Chevy Kate T. De Vera, John Blaise Marion M. Pallan, Erol Mary A.
Alba, Rodessa U.* dela Cruz, Irish May S. Pelejo, Apple Gabrielle B.
Almazan, Mara Almira C. Delas Alas, Jewel Larrise A. Revaula, Jeremaine Sandra L.
Barreto, Angelyn G. Eud, Marie Anjelica R. Riego, Jan Krysteen R.
Buenaventura, Joy Marinee V. Flores, Ma. Angelica Therese D. Roque, Sheena Marielle M.
Bulong, Cherubim Marie M. Garcia, Irish O. Roxas, Samantha Mae F.
Castillo, Antonieth Y. Hoseña, Ridette E. San Jose, Zyrus Ernest N.
Cipriano, Rafael B. Llanillo, Rosemarie San Juan, Kenneth T.
Cruz, Ma. Lorraine B. Lomboy, Maikka M. Santiago, Jenny Lyn F.
Curbano, Elly Rose S. Mangahas, Dale Andrian C. Santos, Joyce Anne F.
David, Charmaine B. Mangila, Louie Lanz A. Torres, Jamina A.
De Guzman, Juan Paolo G. Manuel, Airyl C. Valderama, Alyssa Joy M.
De Los Reyes, Julian Rimsky P. Morales, Esperanza Jirah Amor I. Villasin, Jennifer I.

Bachelor in Public Administration

(Dalubhasa sa Pamamahalang Pambayan)

Bagallon, Jeffrey M. Martinez, Jason F. Yaranon, Randy A.

College of Engineering & Technology

(Dalubhasaan sa Inhinyerya at Teknolohiya)

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Inhinyerya Kimika)

Agustin, Japril A. Dacanay, Elaine Carmelle B. Leonen, Dianna Lyn T.

Añonuevo, Eula Mae Carla R. Evangelista, Janine Ellyze B. Reyes, Bea Lorreine N.
Beato, Al Leonardo L. Falculan, Mae Florizel T. Tiamzon, Ron Ryan G.
Cartagena, Sherlyn Mae O. Fortuny, Emyl V.

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Inhinyerya Sibil)

Angeles, June Evan M. De Guzman, Trizsanne Margaret C. Rodriguez, Reizelle Joy R.

Antifona, John Carlos C. Dionisio, Diane Jean B. Ruiz, Joselita Isabel R.
Antonio, Chrystian Jerzel A. Dy, Lovelie J. Sabuero, Jovi T.
Baston, Jaylon Q. Edquila, Bryan Jay A. Sacote, Carla Cez Mari L.
Bernarte, Alice N. Esguerra, Patricia Erika B. Sacote, Erlynrose Mari L.
Bonga, Noe O. Flores, Maria Vince Niña R. Sacramento, Mark John P.
Bongulto, Kevin Paul A. Francisco, Cyrill E. Santos, Johan Rose A.
Buenaventura, Rene Lenard M. Galang, Queven M. Sarabia, Marc Gerard A.
Cacdac, Ma. Geraldine S. Gonzales, Anacelyn L. Sarmiento, James Jhon M.
Castillo, Czarvhie M. Hassan, Ahmad Nijar S. Sia, Joshua S.
Castro, Karina Madis Rose T. Lacsina, Anna Carmina V. Sibug, Alyanna Mariz D.
Castro, Niko Laie Trizia Marie I. Lacuaren, Ehlma D. Subion, John Michael L.
Cruz, Christian Loisse B. Maderazo, Reena Dianne B. Tadeo, Mark Jonel P.
Daco, Matthew James M. Pavia, Dyan Lyka C. Villanueva, Maria Victoria D.
Danila, Mark Rey B. Petate, Christine Ann

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Inhinyerya Kompyuter)

Abubo, Arvin A. De Jesus, Deyzel Arra J. Pendo, Ivee F.

Aguillon, Kriselle S. Domingo, Jermie C. Pua, Ronnaver G.
Alido, Chiara G. Gabriel, Zyryll C. Ramirez, Jastin Dale C.
Alub, McLevi B. Garfin, Fatima C. Reyes, Leandro Mari B.
Anchorez, Charitie I. Gomez, Chayle Dyanne S. Santos, Irell Carloe A.
Apostol, Rose Ann A. Hermosura, Emmanuelle Glynn Sobremonte, Mariel D.
Beley, Edgar Louis A. Hogar, John Chester D. Surla, Sherie Leen S.
Benigno, Maria Teresa N. Inciong, Kim Ross Lyne D. Sy, San-Jrel
Binos, Melvin F. Javier, Jaycee T. Tinio, Claudine Marie M.
Canlas, Nikko L. Lingat, Louielar P. Uson, Von Rhitz Adrian M.
Capilitan, Ivonny M. Macatangay, Jahdiel Reeve P. Vargas, Marie Loren T.
Dangca, Gene Louis P. Marquez, Catherine B. Villaflores, Jesalyn J.
De Guzman, Emmanuel Ray Q. Nabong, Karl James C.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Inhinyerya Elektrika)

Jacalne, Jazyr Mhon B. Leodones, Jeffry T. Segovia, Angelou Luis C.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Inhinyerya Elektronika)

Abanag, Ma. Jessica Edfelie L. Calamiong, Gian R. Dela Cruz, Eraldus Mico P.
Abrogueña, John Raymond Candido, Averille John R. Diaz, Ron Kevin P.
Aburquez, Eumir F. Canlapan, Kimberly A. Dimaculangan, Jan Darryl C.
Aguilar, Licarnette P. Caudilla, John Emmanuel C. Espedillon, Marigold May L.
Alcantara, Daniel Jr. T. Chavez, Guia R. Estrella, Recuerdo Jr. C.
Alegrid, Regina Aileen C. Cientes, Denise H. Ferranco, John Eric B.
Alonzo, Jason Arvin R. Combalicer, Kezia Eunice V. Fortuno, Romina R.
Antuine, Louie Jon S. Cortez, Dhonna Mae M. Gagui, John Gregory R.
Anunciacion, Sheena Franzes R. Cruz, Ralph Geeron V. Galido, Job Christopher C.
Bautista, Carlo Noriel B. Curiano, Marc Jerome A. Gallego, Mary Grace F.
Bautista, Niña D. De Belen, Eldridge Angelo P. Ganalon, Kevin Ric L.
Bedonia, Sheila Marie V. De Jesus, Juan Miguel D. Gargoles, Jobert S.
Biblañas, Ronnel G. De Leon, Charlene Ann C. Gelano, Rogie R.
46th Commencement Exercises
(continued Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering)

Gomez, Azariah Gene S. Maglalang, Jess Brian C. Salceda, Jane Marielle C.

Grageda, Glenda Mae V. Marcellano, Liezel P. Sallegue, John Ezra J.
Guevara, Arnelson D. Mariño, Alvin F. Salud, Kenneth Carl J.
Guillomas, Hernan Jr. A. Mediana, Malcolm C. San Juan, Joana Marie R.
Herrera, Erika Claudine G. Mendoza, Renz O. Saturnino, Maaron John I.
Javier, Wally Boy D. Moral, Vincent Miller R. Solmerano, Ernest Victor A.
Legaspi, Kenneth R. Olasiman, Ellaine T. Sorreda, Neil Adrian G.
Libunao, Ralph Thomas H. Ortiz, Lorenz Henri R. Tobias, Robin John D.
Lim, Jermaine B. Pallarca, Mary Joy B. Tribo, Roniel T.
Liwanagan, Lovely Erish S. Papa, Jimmae Ma. Janina J. Villano, Ednadelle A.
Magallon, Mark Joseph P. Rocaverte, Dacely B.
Magalong, Don Cias E. Royo, Kristel Nova M.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Inhinyerya Elektronika at Komunikasyon)

Balbuena, Rick Michael A. Liberan, Clarizza Joyce S. Riosa, Napoleon Jr. H.

Dalay, Kristine Adrienne C. Magno, Jason P. Sian, Laurence A.
Egualan, Byron James S. Malate, Jasmin A. Zamora, Camille Bernadette B.
Faner, Fatima Lesley F. Pati Cruz, Ruby Ann E.
Frias, Geoffrey Ivan F. Remolona, Patrick M.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Inhinyerya Mekanika)

Balagot, Kent Gerard C. Collantes, Aaron B. Maguigad, Basil G.

Boquila, Leoncio Jr. G. Laroza, Darryl Joseph D.
Bugarin, Lemuel A. Liwag, Mc Donnell E.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies major in Computer Science

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng mga Araling Pang-Kompyuter na nagpakadalubhasa sa Agham Pang-Kompyuter)

Alvarez, Carmina M. Fadriquela, Fritz Gerald F. Ongchangco, Sean Kyle U.

Amarante, Mitcheal Angelo B. Fernando, Mariel S. Perpetua, Katherine Joy G.
Aquino, April Anne J. Gertes, John Carlo H. Pineda, Joshua John O.
Arce, Michael R. Gesmundo, Benedict Clarion U. Ramarama, Megan A.
Azarcon, Roda Dorothy B. Gonzales, Al Dominique S. Ramos, Jeffrey M.
Balcos, Jeanelli Rose R. Hapa, Leuwend Job M. Real, Aaron Giuessepe T.
Balderama, Renz D. Imperial, Bethany D. Reyes, Ralph Kenneth D.
Baldueza, Cheska Deniece S. Intatano, Aris Joseph S. Rivera, Mae Kristina D.
Balsita, Angelo B. Javier, Ma. Katrina A. Roldan, Jherremy Ivan M.
Benitez, Cristine Aira C. Lagado, Daryl T. Samaniego, Yob Jorelle R.
Burgos, Miguel Lorenzo D. Layoso, Sherwin A. Sandajan, Niño F.
Capinig, Jose Jr. T. Leoning, Allison C. Santos, Ron Jasper Y.
Castillo, Julie Anne P. Leyson, John Mark R. Tagle, Niño Kelvin P.
Dalay, Stacey Derrick A. Ligaya, Jaztine C. Teofilo, Danicor Joyce D.
Decapia, Harvey R.* Ma, Jasmin T. Toral, Katrina Amor M.
Delgado, Jason B. Manzano, Maria Kris Emmanuel P. Tuazon, Harvy B.
Estrella, Earl John S. Marquez, Gracielle Angelique D. Valencia, Daniel B.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies major in Information Technology

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng mga Araling Pang-Kompyuter na nagpakadalubhasa sa Information Technology)

Advincula, Airish Nikka C. Amodia, Aljen B. Angeles, Laddie U.

Agsalog, Jenyleen A. Andaya, Ernesto Jr. M. Antonio, Jonas Jude C.
Aguila, Jefferson R. Andes, Abezier A. Balajadia, Jose Carlos R.

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

(continued Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies major in Information Technology)

Bautista, Joan O. Gonzales, Glen Kenneth V. Morales, Aira G.

Bernardino, Joanna Rizza W. Gonzales, Zendy L. Obedoza, Richard Thomas M.
Binuya, Allein Dave T. Grande, Christian Gabrielle G. Ocampo, Rhoanne Camile O.
Borromeo, Phia Moore G. Hernandez, Kia Pauline B. Pablo, Mary Joyce E.
Bumanlag, Fritzgerald C. Igat, Ethelbert M. Pacrin, Delannie C.
Cabangin, Patrick Jan L. Imutan, Rodelio Jr. D. Pancho, Karissa Antonette S.
Clarina, Jareme O. Ingalla, Mark Anthony I. Peralta, Andy James P.
Danque, Jeffrey B. Lagonera, Joshua James P. Ricablanca, Rizza I.
De Guzman, Jasper O. Lopez, Marvin Francis A. Romano, Sarah F.
Degala, Bret Michael P. Luna, Daryl Lynn J. Roque, John Ramonel M.
Delos Reyes, Katheleen Leir M. Madrazo, Montino A. Sarita, Alvin Lawrence I.
Diaz, Rudolph Danielle D. Maquidato, Lindon Lee S. Seril, John Aldric S.
Doringo, Jenelien M. Marzan, Mark Evander M. Tan, Kenneth Paul C.
Dueñas, Ian Ralph S. Melecotones, Renato Jr. R. Torres, Rei-Mari Antonio A.
Factor, Rona Godblessa F. Menorias, Johanna Christine D. Vizcayno, Kristian R.
Fruelda, Erika Marielle F. Molera, Roniel M. Zaldua, Ramon Jr. T.
Gil, Kathleen L. Montecillo, Julienne Maria Therese G.
Go, John Kevin Montenegro II, Lindjunne Gerard B.

This list is not an official proof of graduation. The Diploma and the
Transcript of Records are the exclusive documentary evidences of the
satisfactory compliance with the requirements for graduation.

Ang talaang ito ay hindi tahasang patunay ng pagtatapos. Ito ay

kinakailangang lakipan ng mga patunay – ang Diploma at ang Salin ng
mga Talaan.

46th Commencement Exercises

46 th
Commencement Exercises

22 April 2014
1:00 - 5:00 pm

Academic Procession

Entrance of Colors PLM ROTC Cadets

Invocation Bro. Clifford T. Sorita

Philippine National Anthem PLM Student Chorale Society

Introduction of the Honoree Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero

University President

Conferment Rites for the Honorary Degree

Reading of the Resolution of the Board of Regents

Reading of the Citation
Conferment of the Degree
(Community Development)
Honoris Causa
Reading of the Diploma
Presentation of the Diploma
Response of the Honoree Dr. francisco m. domagoso

Introduction of the Commencement Speaker Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero

Commencement Address His Excellency JOSEPH EJERCITO ESTRADA

Presentation of the Plaque of Appreciation University Officials

Intermission PLM Student Chorale Society

Presentation of Candidates for Graduation Dean Bernadette A. Sacop

University Registrar

Conferment of Degrees Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero

Distribution of Diplomas University Officials and College Deans

Pledge of Loyalty Atty. Omar B. Francisco

President, PLM Alumni Association

University Hymn PLM Student Chorale Society

Exit of Colors PLM ROTC Cadets



Master of Ceremonies

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Commencement Speaker

B orn Joseph Marcelo Ejercito on April 19, 1937, in Tondo, Manila. He is

the eighth of the ten children of Emilio Ejercito and Maria Marcelo. His
upper-middle class family later moved to the wealthy suburb of San Juan,
only to return to Manila later. He was a young adult when he stumbled upon
an acting role and enjoyed the sense of escapism that acting provided him.
Quickly proving his acting mettle, he opted to pursue a career in the movies
in lieu of completing his education. His parents strongly opposed the decision
and forbade him to use the family name. The fledgling actor took the screen
name Joseph Estrada, the latter being the Spanish word for “street.” He also
gave himself the nickname “Erap,” which, when spelled backwards, is a Spanish
term for “pal”.

Over the course of his prolific film career, Estrada morphed into a
major player in the Philippine movie industry, acting in more than 80 films
and produced more than 70 movies. The multifarious roles he has played
included, among others, a jeepney driver, labor leader, and a communist
guerilla. Most of his portrayals were those of a poor man seeking justice. He
received Best Actor and Best Film awards from the Filipino Academy of Movie
Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) five times each, earning him spots in the FAMAS
Hall of Fame in 1981 and 1984, respectively.

When he entered politics in 1967,

his popularity with the audiences translated
to garnering votes in the San Juan mayoralty
elections. He served as duly-elected mayor
for 17 years, during which time he focused
largely on education and health care reform.

In 1972, he was adjudged one of the Ten

Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) in Public
Administration by the Philippine Jaycees. He
was also voted Outstanding Mayor and foremost
Nationalist by the Inter-Provincial Information
Service in 1971 and awarded the coveted title
“Most Outstanding Metro Manila Mayor” the
following year by the Philippine Princeton

46th Commencement Exercises
Known as the “Man for the Masses,” he is the founder and president
of the ERAP Para sa Mahirap Foundation, a foundation that offers scholar-
ship assistance to thousands of poor but deserving college students to earn
a college degree. He also established the following, among others: San Juan
Progress Foundation, San Juan Police and Fire Trust Fund, and the Friends of
Joseph Estrada which offers free burial assistance for the poor folks of San Juan.

In 1987, the long-serving local chief executive became a national

politician when he won a seat in the Philippine Senate. During his five-year
stint as senator, he served as Chairman of the Committee on Rural Development
and the Committee on Cultural Communities, as well as vice chair of the
Committee on Health and Committee on Natural Resources and Ecology.

He was one of the so-called “Magnificent 12” who voted to terminate

the RP-US Military Bases Agreement. In 1989, the Free Press cited him as one
of the Three Outstanding Senators of the Year. He was conferred the degree
of Doctor of Humanities (honoris causa) by the Bicol University in April 1997,
and the University of Pangasinan in 1990.

After winning as Vice President in 1992, he was designated Presidential

Adviser on Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement with a cabinet rank and
served concurrently as Chairman of the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission
that was responsible for the arrest of a number of high-profile criminals.

When he ran for President in 1998, his campaign centerpiece was on

the same law-and-order platform he had earlier espoused. Estrada won the
presidency by a phenomenal landslide against his closest rival. His
administration improved the country’s tax collection system and worked
towards demilitarizing the Philippine government.

His presidency was cut short when he took a leave of absence from
Malacañan Palace in 2001 amidst the maneuverings of his political adversaries
who filed charges against him to keep him at bay through a house arrest.

Following his release through an unconditional pardon, he concentrated

on local humanitarian causes such as disaster-relief missions and programs
that eradicate hunger to help the poor. In 2009, Estrada made a comeback in
the film industry with an acting role in the movie, One and Only Family.

He ran for president again but came in second to Benigno Aquino III
in the 2010 general elections. His political comeback came during the 2013
Philippine mid-term elections, when he and his running-mate, re-electionist
Vice Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, were proclaimed Mayor-
elect and Vice Mayor-elect, respectively, of the capital City of Manila.
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
(University of the City of Manila)
Intramuros, Manila

B oard of R egents
490th Regular Meeting
PLM Regents’ Lounge 14 March 2014

Board Resolution No. 3664

“WHEREAS, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, as a public institution of

higher learning, is committed to excellence and therefore gives due recognition
whenever it is demonstrated, so that by such recognition the ideal of excellence is
constantly upheld;

“WHEREAS, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, in pursuit of its vision to provide

free tertiary education of high quality to economically disadvantaged but talented
and deserving youth of the City of Manila, is constantly upholding the ethos of
excellence in teaching, research, and community service, thereby reaping honor,
citation, and other public acclaim as one of the leading institutions of learning in
the country;

“WHEREAS, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, as a city university worthy of

its high ranking status among institution of higher education, seeks to acknowledge
publicly excellent performance, exemplary character, outstanding achievements,
and selfless community service exemplified by people in the public and private
sectors, locally and internationally;

“WHEREAS, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, ever conscious of its

institutional role to focus attention upon excellent performance, exemplary
character, and outstanding public service, seeks to acknowledge such virtues worthy
of emulation, especially by the youth;

“WHEREAS, among such personalities, Vice-Mayor Domagoso stands tall among

the present crop of leaders in the country who prioritizes education, health, housing,
and wasted no time in restructuring traffic management that elicited a resounding
approval of the general public;
“WHEREAS, the City Council of Manila during its Regular Session held on 13 March
2014 passed Resolution No. 69, series of 2014, exhorting the Pamantasan ng Lungsod
ng Maynila to confer a doctorate degree, Honoris Causa, to a distinguished leader,
Hon. Vice-Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso, for his devotion to public
service and vision for a glorious City of Manila;

“THEREFORE, the Board RESOLVES, as it hereby RESOLVES, that the University

give due recognition to the outstanding achievement, exemplary character and effective
public service of Vice Mayor Domagoso and make him a role model especially for
the youth;

“FURTHER RESOLVES, that as a proof of recognition and on the recommendation

of the University President, as shown in Annex 6.3.1, the Board of Regents confer

the degree of

Honoris Causa

“FINALLY RESOLVES, that the conferment of the honorary degree be held this
Academic Year 2014, be APPROVED, as the same is hereby APPROVED.”


Chairman Vice-Chairman


Member Member


Ex-Officio Member

Attested/Certified by:

University and Board Secretary
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
(University of the City of Manila)

I n the field of public service which can sometimes have nebulous
connotations, only a very few public servants have passed muster as
far as perception of public satisfaction is concerned.

One of the very few is Vice Mayor Francisco M. Domagoso who is

fondly called “Isko Moreno” by his adoring public. He has committed himself
to selflessly serve his constituents with intense devotion and commitment.

His vision for the City of Manila is anchored on a program of

Urban Renewal. In his office, he opened BOTIKA NI ISKO, a mini pharmacy
wherein medicines and vitamins are given for free. He established
ISCOM, a computer learning center located in various districts in
Manila. His ISKOLAR NG BAYAN program provides free scholarships
to poor but deserving students of Manila. Likewise, his TRABAHO PARA
SA MANILEÑO project benefited thousands of Manileños with jobs here
and abroad.

This intense commitment to his advocacies has prompted him to

focus priority attention on his pet projects in the field of education, health
and housing, among many others. He firmly subscribes to the belief that
education is “the best antidote to poverty.” He doesn’t merely mouth this
mantra; instead, he goes about his daily tasks, striving harder every single
day to find better ways to serve his constituents.

His latest task as Manila’s traffic czar, by virtue of Manila Mayor
Joseph Estrada’s full trust in him, has gained for him extraordinary mileage.
Despite intense opposition, he proceeded to implement the new rules
which resulted in a significant improvement of the city’s chaotic traffic
conditions. He has thus earned another sobriquet on top of his informally
bestowed “Champion of the Masses.” The path to righteousness is what he
hews very closely to.
His spectacular rise to the esteemed halls of public service from
truly humble beginnings is another classic case of that intense devotion
to serve a public who expects public service to be truly inclusive, a goal
that he intends to work very hard for. He has indeed poured his heart out
to all his assigned tasks and as a firm but understanding leader he has,
this early, earned himself an advance laurel wreath on his anointed forehead.

He is undeterred by political opposition and has plunged headlong

into his duties with a conviction that has found few parallels, thus, earning
for himself the People Asia Magazine’s “Ten Men Who Matter” and “2012
Most Outstanding Filipino in the Field of Public Service Award” by Gawad
Amerika Foundation.

In recognition therefore of his distinguished public service and
exemplary contribution to restoring Manila to its former glory as well as
his quest for excellence in the work ethic of public servants, the Pamantasan
ng Lungsod ng Maynila hereby confers upon

Vice Mayor Francisco M. Domagoso

the degree of

Doctor of Humanities (Community Development)

Honoris Causa

Done in the City of Manila on this 22nd day of April, 2014.


University President
HON. Francisco M. Domagoso
Doctor of Humanities (Honoris Causa)

F rancisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso came from a poor family in Tondo, Manila. A
product of the Manila public school system, he graduated from the Rosario
Almario Elementary School and Tondo High School. He earned his Bachelor of Science
in Management degree from the International Academy of Management and Economics
and is now in his sophomore year at the Arellano University School of Law.

In 1998, at the height of his showbiz career, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno started his
political and public service advocacies. A 3-term councilor, he is now serving his last
term as Vice Mayor of the City of Manila. He is also the incumbent President of the Vice
Mayors’ League of the Philippines.

As councilor, he authored pro-poor ordinances and resolutions focusing mainly

on education, health and medical care, and housing.

As presiding officer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Maynila, he guided and

steered the City Council to pursue a legislative agenda with the best interest of Manila
and its citizens as its primordial consideration.

Vice Mayor Isko Moreno’s major public service initiatives

are focused to help the poor and the needy. Perhaps, the Office
of the Manila Vice Mayor is the only office in the Philippines
with a mini-pharmacy. Called BOTIKA NI ISKO, medicines
and vitamins are given for free. He established ISCOM,
a computer learning center in 9 sites, which have graduated
over 12,000 students. His ISKOLAR NG BAYAN project provides
free scholarships to poor but deserving students. Through his
TRABAHO PARA SA MANILEÑO program, thousands were
provided with local and overseas jobs. And to bring these
services closer to the people, district offices were

Through his efforts, a speech laboratory was set

up at the Ramon Magsaysay High School; a computer
laboratory was established at Mariano Marcos
Memorial High School; and language laboratory
will soon be put up at the Manila Science
High School. These projects will enable
both teachers and students to be
more proficient in the English
language and in Information

46th Commencement Exercises

Upon invitation of the U.S. State Department, he participated in the Interna-
tional Visitors Leadership Program for U.S. Mayors and Local Government, held in
Washington D.C., U.S.A., on July 7-25, 2011. Along with young legislators all over the
world, they shared and discussed common concerns like population issues, waste
management, education, health care and traffic.

On April 1-6, 2012, Vice Mayor Moreno attended the “Executive Education
Program” of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Moreover,
he was accepted by the SAID Business School of the University of Oxford, England
to join the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme in November 2013. Likewise, the
Russian Federal Agency invited him to visit Russia and participate in its “New Generation”

In recognition of his efforts and initiatives to improve the plight of millions of

Manileños, Vice Mayor Moreno was cited by the People Asia Magazine as one of the
“Ten Men Who Matter.” The list includes men of distinction from various fields and
endeavors. Likewise, Gawad Amerika Foundation, a California-based aggrupation of
Filipino-Americans conferred on him its 2012 Most Outstanding Filipino in the Field
of Public Service Award, in fitting ceremonies held in Hollywood, California.

At the start of the new city administration, Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito
Estrada embarked on a program meant to reclaim Manila’s lost glory. Vice Mayor Isko
Moreno was appointed Manila traffic czar, the primary task of which is to install order
and discipline in the streets of Manila.

Vice Mayor Isko Moreno’s vision for the City of Manila is anchored on a
program of urban renewal. With him and Mayor Estrada at the helm of the City
Government of Manila and with the continuous Grace of God, the inspiration and
support of Manileños, the benevolence of benefactors together with the dynamism,
dedication and responsible leadership and governance of its chosen leaders, Manila is
well on its way to reclaim its old glory as the country’s premier city.
46th Commencement Exercises
Candidates for Graduation
College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports
Dalubhasaan sa Edukasyong Pampisikal, Libangan at Isports

College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Dalubhasaan sa Arkitektura at Pagpaplanong Panlungsod

College of Nursing
Dalubhasaan sa Narsing

College of Science
Dalubhasaan sa Agham

College of Accountancy and Economics

Dalubhasaan sa Pagtutuos at Ekonomiya

College of Medicine
Dalubhasaan sa Medisina

Emeritus College

College of Law
Dalubhasaan sa Abogasya

Graduate School of Health Sciences

Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Agham Pangkalusugan

Graduate School of Arts, Sciences and Education

Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Sining, Agham at Edukasyon

Graduate School of Engineering

Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Inhinyerya

Graduate School of Management

Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Pamamahala

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

* May Papuri
** May Dakilang Papuri
*** May Sukdulang Papuri

College of Physical Education, Recreation & Sports

(Dalubhasaan sa Edukasyong Pampisikal, Libangan at Isports)

Bachelor of Physical Education

(Dalubhasa sa Edukasyong Pampisikal)

Cunanan, Marissa C. La Rosa, Christian D. Puño, Ralph Jewel P.

Isaac, Orville M. Pangilinan, Jan Kevin S. Villanueva, Alfred John C.

College of Architecture & Urban Planning

(Dalubhasaan sa Arkitektura at Pagpaplanong Panlunsod)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Arkitektura)

Alzate, Walter A. Gaspar, John Dale R. Rodriguez, Isavelle Celine D.

Baes, Paul Anthony D. Habulan, Haydee V. Salvador, Ma. Cecilia A.
Baguinbin, May Ann M. Hayudini, Alnie Khayzer P. Salvatierra, John Cedrick D.
Bardelosa, Katherine Kaye A. Laiz, Erald James S. Sansait, Toby Mar C.
Cabillas, Nadem Laya M. Macabudbud, Lei G. Santos, Faye Augusta D.
Cariño, Jed Cyril JC T. Mallari , Jheslyn T. Santos, Karl Vincent P.
Casanova, Decery E. Mariano, Kevin C. Sevilla, Ma. Anna Greta U.
Conde, Mary Grace R. Mercado, John Israel L. Sotto, Jesus Carlo D.
Dayday, Michelle P. Miranda, Marshal Zeus A. Tantay, Jennifer Anne A.
De Leon, Dana Mari M. Moniño, Christian John C. Tavera, Kestler T.
Eisma, Sharmaine P. Nebres, Arlyn E. Tolores, Rossini Marie V.
Espiritu, Joneveive D. Pantig, Paul Nicolas R. Urquiola, Alyssa Denise G.
Frilles, Yna Clariza P. Razon, Reah Cristina C. Valdez, Andre Patrick M.
Gacilo, Louise Guillane V. Relevo, Mardee Joy S. Villegas, Maria Louise E.
Galvez, Ralph Anthony R. Rodes, Fiel Jayson V.

College of Nursing
(Dalubhasaan sa Narsing)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Narsing)

Aala, Maria Angelica Janine G. Baltazar, Marco Antonio A. Dela Cruz, Diana C.
Abas, Bai Sharia P. Balubar, Angelica Diaz, Diane Faith M.
Abenojar, Cherry Savannah P. Barroga, Aaron Jay A. Diaz, Jastine Hyacinth B.
Aguila, Redel Erika D. Basa, Rafael C. Dimaculangan, Charis Mae F.
Agustin, Camille Ann B. Batalla, April N. Dinglasan, Abegail Crissy R.
Alba, Arnaldo Jr. A. Bautista, Raven P. Dionisio, Ma. Ernette B.
Alfaro, Adrianne A. Belen, Erlissa V. Eclevia, Bea Marie E.
Añasco, Rachel Kimberly S. Benaya, Natassia Alyssa M. Espiel, Maria Franchesca D.
Angeles, Michael Frederick D. Breganza, Blessy Mae T. Estomo, Jan Ginelo H.
Angeles, Theresa Grace B. Brito, Rizalie L. Fabros, Daniel Vincent E.
Angkico, Carl Jeffrey F. Buhay, Chrisselle R. Ferrer, Jael Joyce V.
Aquino, Albert Reggy Allen C. Caballas, Edria Dandine A. Francisco, Elaine Joi R.
Aquino, Paul Gerald C. Caber, Ma. Ivy B. Ganzon, Anna Mariela J.
Aragon, Juliann S. Cadungog, Jeffrey C. Gealone, Andrea E.
Arana, Emmanuelle H. Canlas, Joyline G. Godinez, Jonella Leigh M.
Arciaga, Christopher J. Cao, Ma. Angelica F. Gonzales, Arlyn C.
Arsenio, Lhaura Joy C. Carigaba, Felyssa Anne L. Gonzales, Jennica Anne G.
Ayala, Marinela Mei C. Castillo, Jane April M. Hulleza, Rovelle N.
Azarcon, William Jr. C. Daga, Katrina Joy C. Iledan, Mary Grace M.
Balingit, Anna Lee P. Del espiritu Santo, Daryl G. Intal, Xandra Kaye R.
46th Commencement Exercises
(continued Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

Legaspi, Elijah C. Pineda, Adam Ron P. Sebastian, Michelle Anne R.

Llanes, Maurene Franchesca E. Ponce, Faye Alexa A. Sebastian, Rochelle Pinky R.
Llantino, Colette III S. Pritos, Annalie G. Sese, Bernadette T.
Lora, Lester R. Purisima, Riza Nerwin D. Solano, Julie Anne A.
Losloso, Francis Anthony B. Quetulio, Ma. Krizhelle Claire R. Tagumpay, Mari Mae Q.
Mabulac, Kevin B. Quinto, Ma. Luisa C. Tan, Hannah Katricia R.
Mangandog, Raihanah S. Ramos, Art Christian M. Tilao, Mie Ann M.
Manipon, Deborah Psalm M. Ramos, Marii Saryrl A. Tinaya, Renz Nicole Ross C.
Marin, Paula Nicole Anne R. Reyes, Jennifer M. Torallo, Realene May D.
Medidas, Elaiza Mae V. Reyes, Rholie John A. Tresplacios, Ryan John P.
Meñez, Mary Grace O. Riosa, Juan Carlos H. Trinidad, Alyssa Angela A.
Miñoria, Maria Clarissa P. Ruiz, Cassly Jane F. Undazan, Sarah Joy G.
Mueco, Kevin Michael Kay D. Salmos, Angelita L. Valderama, Dana Jillian A.
Nicolas, Jezreel Deanne D. Samonte, Jose Jr. E. Virtudes, Lonnie Allen O.
Pascua, Vlendy C. Sanchez, Alexandra Agnes A. Vista, Arlyn M.
Pascual, Jilleane Carmela G. Santiago, Ma. Katrina Angela H. Yamat, Joseph Jerom S.
Piedad, Jomer L. Santos, Aaron David C.

College of Science
(Dalubhasaan sa Agham)

Bachelor of Science in Biology

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Biolohiya)

Agbayani, Ron Andre L. Garcia, Julia S. Rivera, Eunice C.

Aldovino, Henry G. Katalbas, Maria Iantha L. Roldan, Charlene Marnica F.
Allam, Kristine Joy D. Lim, Lance Albert Q. Sajul, Jeremaine T.
Alvarez, Alexandra Czarina Louise B. Lindo, Nadine Ann S. Samson, Daniel Joseph D.
Bactol, Ivan Daryl C. Loria, Ray-Ann D. Sarmiento, Danielin V.
Baqui, Ma. Katrina Aina J. Mabute, Prince Joshua M. Sebastian, Mikaila P.*
Bellen, Hazel Grace M. Macam, Ignacio Jr. J. Sevilla, Danielle Louise T.
Biwang, Jessica H. Magat, Edrienne Myenna M. Sigua, Alyana T.
Bondoc, Angelbert V. Malvar, Dianne Lauren P. Sinaguinan, Andrea Sharina M.
Bravo, Mia Monique N. Manalang, Sarah Abigail N. Suganob, Khristopher Roebyn P.
Briones, Ellen T. Manozon, Jeffrey R. Sumpingan, Benhar L.
Bulanadi, Diohannah Marie S. Manuel, Davis Karl B. Sy, Jasiel Kezia R.
Bulotano, Janina Rae F. Manuel, Jenny Rose Tabuena, Anthony James M.*
Cabauatan, Micah Abia P. Medel, Rizza Lyn A. Tadeo, Nicole Raye M.
Canlas, James Mark D. Medina, Emarld Julian G. Tagulao, Dannah Jeanne J.
Ching, Arkanel J. Miranda, Joanoreen Ruth D. Tan, Gian Carlo C.
Climacosa, Paula Bianca M. Mirasol, Ivan Martin M. Tantiado, Aira Bea
Coching, Jamila Ynel A. Monroy, Mae Bianca A. Tawingan, Denielle James S.
Comiso, Icelle B. Morales, Tristan Lorenz L. Tiansing, Melvin A.
Crisostomo, Miguel Salvador C. Narvasa, Jemaima O. Tobias, Michael Ray P.*
Cristobal, Joan Joy N. Obedoza, Maria Jackielyn S. Torres, Dazzelle Marie H.
Dalumpines, Alejandro Gabrielle B. Obiniana, Khristine-Versan P. Torres, Jerald Vernon R.
Dawis Joanna, Michelle O. Onacin, Cristine Joy T. Vasquez, Ma. Angelique C.
De Leon, Hannah Mae Oro, Aleine Leilanie B. Villar, Greggylin D.
de Los Reyes, Sofia Marie Q. Pagtalunan, Rey Rovil C. Viloria, Al John G.
De Manuel, Marvin A. Permejo, Jerferson A. Yap, Paul Raymund J.
Dimapilis, Almira O. Ramos, Jesserene P.
Dungog, Ma. Rica Teresa B. Reginio, Leahbelle M.
Encinas, Lourence Angelo M. Relevo, Jennica E.
Flores, Pearl Joyce A. Remon, Dann Paolo M.*
Fortaleza, Nadine Abegail V. Reyes, Alyssa Camille M.*
Francisco, Michael Angelo U. Reyes, John Zedrick V.
Garcia, Christian Paul C. Reyes, Ma.Lorainne O.
“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Kimika)

Alconera, Reiniño P. Dumael, Cedrick A. Miranda, Mary Joan B.

Altar, May Jude P. Fast, Ena Ruth L. Opimo, Kimberly Cyrelle B.
Austria, Ana Margarita Y. Frigillana, Shane R. Sapida, Mark Kevin C.
Balingit, Jessica V. Jovenal, Hera Bella C.
Carel, Ma. Isabelia Camile V. Manapul, Patricia Alyssa P.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Matematika)

Abarca, Nikolle S. Go, Lorrielai Anne H. Romero, Davie Jane F.

Alcaraz, Arvee Mae Y. Guzman, Renville R. Sablaya, Joyce Mariel G.
Basquiñas, Roy Benjamin I. Magbutay, Mary Edrelyn L. Salvahan, Abigail
Bucago, Alyanna Mari T.* Mejia, Toby G. Salvaña, Nova Erica D.
Concepcion, Joshua V. Oliveros, Enrico John S. Sarmiento, Adrian C.
Cruz, Liaa Esmeralda V. Reyes, Ronarisa Serrano, Sarah Mae T.
Falguera, Alfred G. Rito, Julia Alianna A. Silvestre, Ciara Janelle C.
Gamban, Adelaine Mae G.* Robles, Rea Jane P. Sitjar, Jazelle S.

College of Accountancy & Economics

(Dalubhasaan sa Pagtutuos at Ekonomiya)

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Pagtutuos)

Abitria, Mark Joseph T. Espiña, Jomari D.* Loresto, Warren B.

Adan, Kristine Melanie M. Espiritu, Alexandre C. Luistro, Kaizen Anne B.
Adriano, Arjoneth Espuerta, Jeremiah John C. Maballo, Elaine Kaye T.
Advincula, Ida O. Felizarte, Judelyn D. Magat, Cherlynn A.**
Alday, Angelou Amor S. Fiesta, Visell D. Maliwat, Danica B.
Alvarez, Ma. Jhosper B. Flores, Nomelito Jr. D.* Manicad, Jennifer C.
Amar, Jenny Rose G. Francisco, Anna Rose E. Mante, Edwin John S.
Angeles, Mahalia Joy S. Galangue, Jonita Rose F. Mendoza, Caila Mae M.*
Arañes, Sarah Frances M. Garcia, Wendy P. Mendoza, Kervin Paul G.
Arma, Cherry Mae G. Gasalao, Bernalin G. Mendoza, Roland Joseph C.
Basa, Carlo Paolo Gersaniba, Alyssa Krisia L. Mipanga, Shaheen R.
Bascos, Lovely B. Gonzales, Precious Camille A. Moleta, Emmanuel S.
Bensan, Mishielle Angeli R. Goto, Erika B.** Ocampo, Rica Clarisse A.*
Biasura, Jonathan G. Guiao, Edward Carlo A.* Opinaldo, Mary Grace Q.*
Billones, Jovelyn Q. Guinto, Ma. Christine Ysabelle C.* Paalan, Julie Ann D.
Bolos, Earl Christian C.* Hermoso, Roi Robinson M. Pajarillo, Ma. Veronica T.
Borromeo, Shareena Marie B.* Hernandez, Ann Jullian A.* Paredes, Jonnel John M.
Caca, Bridgette A. Hibe, Sharmaine V. Pingol, Raimond T.
Caoayan, Roxanne G.* Ibay, Irish O. Quitco, Mikko Noelle S.
Cardenas, Princess G. Inocencio, Adrian F. Recaña, Christian Dominick P.
Concepcion, Jemah G. Javier, Carizza C. Recella, Khriselle Anne F.
Cordero, Revina N. Jimenez, Adrian K. Reprado, Mary Grace C.
Cuyugan, Kisses C. Jutie, Maria Christina R. Respeto, John Mark M.***
Dacanay, Donna Fel B.* Labrague, Jomarrey S. Rocio, Marielle V.
De Guzman, Elza Diane R. Lacson, Jossef Eleazar B.** Rodriguez, Dennis T.*
De Guzman, Virgilio Jr. M.* Leonardo, Camille A. Ronquillo, Vianca Paulene S.*
Dela Peña, Louis Angelo G.* Lerio, Jessel V.** Sablan, Anna Isabel M.*
Delos Santos, Sarah Mae L. Lim, Ronald Renz V. Sagana, Nicholle M.
Dilao, Jessica Jane J. Llena, Aaron Paul N. San Juan, Mat William Roi H.
Domingo, Avy Andrea F. Lopez, Ivy M. Shirota, Ami T.
46th Commencement Exercises
(continued Bachelor of Science in Accountancy)

Sila, Shiera May Tapel, Maria Angelica Villarante, Ma. Kimberly V.

Sioson, Mary Elizabeth M. Ting, Hannah Krizia V. Yabut, Camille C.
Siriban, Edgar Jr. F. Urfilla, Alecson D. Yu, Claudine B.
Tan, Ronalyn M. Valerio, Gillian B. Zarco, Michaila Kia F.
Tapang, Regine Clair D.* Villalon, Christian Dave R.

Bachelor of Science in Business Economics

(Dalubhasa sa Agham ng Kalakalang Pang-Ekonomiya)

Abungan, Daryltes M. Del Rosario, Ma. Angenette M. Montoya, Jacques Evan M.

Alconaba, Jessica F. Dela Cruz, Florenz P. Moreno, Gilbert Jr. A.
Amon, Alain Kathleen B. Diamante, Jovelyn E. Nachor, Bryan G.
Angeles, John Carlo C. Dulay, Alaiza Arneliez E. Orallo, Denise Gillian A.
Apilado, Lenra P. Enriquez, Alexa Marie B. Paje, Joy
Barrios, Dianne B. Esteves, Jerrylen L. Raguini, Joyce Marianne D.
Batistil, Hanna Joy E. Eucos, Mary Jane O.* Regencia, Ronnie C.
Bautista, Angelica Junneth Khrisna Z. Gapuz, Geraldine P. Secuya, Harlem V.
Bellosillo, Izobel M. Hular, Michael John P. Sulit, Michael Zedrick D.
Caguiat, Reymark V. Li, Joon Marie A. Tan, Marian Louise G.
Calabung, Rod Aldrin T. Lim, Franchette Kaye S. Tayag, Shervin T.*
Calumpiano, Maria Clariza G. Macapagal, Michael Jr. T. Tiñon, Ivy C.
Cane, Natanael V.** Mañalac, Sharlene R. Ventura, Ma. Lourdes M.
Capus, Justin Earl M. Mangente, Lady Sharmaine V. Veran, Anne Michelle A.
Chua, Angelica M. Marquez, Abigail L.

College of Medicine
Dalubhasaan sa Medisina

Doctor of Medicine
(Doktor sa Medisina)

Acosta, Ma. Angelica Cielo C. Calimutan, Lianne Marie M. Dulay, Oliver James S.
Advincula, Janina Karla D.C. Calupas, Laurie Marie C. Dungca, Anna Maureen B.
Afalla, Jeanne, Mae L. Calvo, Yba Dilla S. Egloso, Mary Bernadette V.
Agaton, Karl Stephen A. Cantela, Marra Monique S. Escaño, Richelle T.
Andaya, Angelico Rome Y. Caoile, Mary Christine P. Espeleta, Ma. Christina O.
Aquino, Jehzel M. Cenizal, Criselda Isabel C. Exconde, Antolyn Jr. E.
Arcegono, Marlon S. Chu, Bienvenido Y. Faigmani, Dulce Kriselda E.
Arellano, Ma. Leolyn P. Cirio, Reandro E. Feliciano, Jazmine Rosanna P.
Arevalo, Relissa L. Clemente, Dennis Jamir N. Flores, Gian Paulo V.
Arteta, Ezekiel T. Colesio, Grace A. Flosa, Rico Anthony M.
Asturias, Joshua Brian L. Cortez, Gheraldine P. Fueconcillo, Jamaica S.
Autea, John Paulo A. Cruz, Shelyne Rose S. Fule, Michelle G.
Balbuena, DR B. Cuanang, Eunica H. Gajo, Maia Fae B.
Balmores, Canlee C. Cuenco, Nikki Charmaine P. Gallardo, Abigael Anne C.
Baltazar, Marianne Rae M. David, Arnie John O. Gaspar, Maria Camille F.
Bartilit, Krissa Mae T. David, John Albert G. Go, Renz Charllie M.
Basilan, Glenn Eric B. David, Phillip Andrew D.C. Go, Vermice Zhanelle L.
Bathan, Joseph A. De Guzman, Maria Anna F. Guevara, Lemuel Ian R.
Bautista, Cenover Nicandro II O. De Leon, Louie Czelline L. Gumapac, Emmanuel G.
Belen, Gellie Anne F. Dela Cruz, Ivy Joan A. Gutierrez, Dineth Adrienne C.
Benosa, Yvann Kenneth D. Dela Cruz, Kristian Triccie D. Halos, Andrea Camille R.
Blancaflor, Roswell Tristan D. Delgado, Patricia Eugenia H. Heredia, Shelby C.
Bularan, Charlene R. Dema-ala, Jocelle Joanne B. Herejias, Kristel Ann M.
Caballero, Rayzelle Anne G. Deriada, Leo Albert V. Hicarte, Abigail Dorothy P.
Caberte, Kristine E. Donato, Tiffany Lauren G. Hilotina, Francine Claire Alexandra S.
Caburian, Hannah Angelica P. Dones, Katherine Irish D. Jao, Dinky Mary-Del F.
“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”
(continued Doctor of Medicine)

Javier, Kenneth A. Opano, Rivero P. Rivera, Katrina M.

Jimenez, Cheenee Carla R. Oracion, Katherine Ruth S. Roña, Diandra Krystle B.
Kalaw, Andrew James C. Orpilla, Janellyn R. Rosales, Aileen L.
Lecciones, Chantelle Joy R. Ortega, Ma. Paula Rhove R. Roxas, Marie Florence S.
Levina, Faye DR. Osorio, Abegail Angelyn P. Ruiz, Marjorie D.
Liao, Ronalie U. Pabayos, Gene Geofrey S. Sagun, Joyce Rodvie M.
Lopez, Amelie Crislyd S. Padillo, Davie Janine S. Salise, Joeanne Marie M.
Lopez, Jose Rafael L. Pallingayan, Jerrence May P. Salud, Vincci Monique T.
Losa, Pamela D. Pangandaman, Isniharah M. Segovia, Ruth Joy F.
Lozada, Edgardo Jr. L. Pardo, Jacqueline D. Sison, Aivoree Anne D.
Malixi, Jernell Robert D. Pardo, Jillianne D. Sistoso, Charmaine A.
Mallari, Dexter Ian L. Pasilan, Renz Michael F. Sobremisana, James A.
Mallillin, Rubieanne B. Paulino, Maria Mirasol C. Soliman, Marc Ginel B.
Mañosa, Joyce Anne H. Pecolera, Ruthlyn S. Somera, Paolo Antonio E.
Manuit, Ernie-Lou R. Pineda, Jofermarie O. Sorbito, Helaine S.
Marcellana, Gwen R. Pingol, Marie Judea Ellaine C. Suñga, Armele C.
Marquez, Mark Arnel M. Poblacion, Mahalia L. Sy, Eian Christian A.
Matienzo, Ma. Aira O. Pulmano, Charisse B. Talan, Ceri Kristine H.
Milan, Frankie R. Quiambao, Shiela Camille G. Tan, Margarita Katrina Amor D.
Misanes, Roma Joy P. Quirimit, Christian Rofem P. Tan, Maria Liezl Vinci T.
Morales, Kristel T. Radin, Mark Joseph N. Tanchuling, Juria Lilia M.
Morla, Angelica Aubrey P. Ramos, Claudine Joy M. Tianes, Mildred T.
Natividad, Jeriz Anne J. Remo, David Jonathan M. Velasquez, Anne Margrette C.
Nieto, Nico Angelo T. Rempillo, Ma. Diana Gie M. Wico, Vincent T.
Notario, Jaysonnel O. Resuello, Tina Elaine M. Yao, Maria Raquel M.
Novio, Dutch Lino C. Rillo, Sheena Mae F. Yladia, Winelyn A.


Master of Arts in Special Education with specialization in Developmental Delays

Paham sa Sining sa Edukasyong Espesyal na nagpakadalubhasa sa Naantalang Pag-Unlad

Abarca, Soledad T. Dominguez, Alicia M. Quimba, Joy C.

Belarmino, Maybel A. Manahan, Fidela A. Taylor, Lara G.
De Vera, Elisheba D. Panerio, Carmelina L.

College of Law
(Dalubhasaan sa Abogasya)

Juris Doctor
(Doktor sa Hurisprudensya)

Agdon, Aiza R. Legaspi, Jan Adrienne F. Recto, Michelle Anne B.

Ang, Rollie C. Macam, Mianol P. Sandoval, Anna Kristina B.
De Gracia, Angela Marie M. Mahinay, Richelle Lou B.
Gutierrez, Eric Francis C. Pilar, Julius Angelo A.

Bachelor of Laws
(Dalubhasa sa Abogasya)

Camarse, Nemuel R.

46th Commencement Exercises

Graduate School of Health Sciences
(Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Agham Pangkalusugan)

Master of Arts in Nursing

Paham sa Sining ng Narsing

Autencio, Pocholo R. Olarte, Kishia Erika M.

Dumapat, Xara D. Rombaoa, Mary Cris T.

Graduate School of Arts, Sciences AND Education

(Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Sining, Agham at Edukasyon)

Doctor of Education in Educational Administration

(Doktor ng Pangangasiwang Pang-Edukasyon)

Aquino, Mary Grace A. Fernandez, Raymond M. Quinito, Freddie A.

Concepcion, Cecilia S. Lee, Youn Sook Yague, Ma. Theresita R.
Estrada, Gladys M. Mercado, Susan C.

Master of Arts in Communication Management

(Paham sa Sining ng Pamamahalang Pang-Komunikasyon)

Tibayan, Celia A.

Master of Arts in Education major in Biological Sciences

(Paham sa Sining ng Edukasyon - Agham Biolohiya)

Altarejos Katrina Abegail C.

Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Administration

Paham sa Sining ng Edukasyon - Pangangasiwang Pang-Edukasyon

Enrile, Ludivina S. Manalo, Flormay O.

Escaño, Carmelita G. Napay, Louniza P.

Master of Arts in Psychology - Clinical Psychology

(Paham sa Sining ng Sikolohiya - Pagamutang Sikolohiya)

Manaog, Eileeniza C. Pascual, Jonathan T.

Master of Arts in Psychology major in Industrial Psychology

(Paham sa Sining ng Sikolohiya - Industriyang Sikolohiya)

Marcelo Ceasar Albert V.

Master of Arts in School Principalship

(Paham sa Sining ng Pagka-Punong Guro)

Alegre, Ignacia B. Blanco, Arlyne Hope B.

Master of Science in Mathematics Education

(Paham sa Agham ng Edukasyong Pang-Matematika)

Bansil, Alvin G. Bardiano, Emmielyn Q.

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Graduate School of Engineering
(Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Inhinyerya)

Master of Engineering with specialization in Computer Engineering

(Paham sa Inhinyerya - Inhinyeryang Pang-Kompyuter)

Austria, Yolanda D. Bayono, Mona Earl P. Dereje, Winston G.

Master of Engineering Management with specialization in Construction Management

(Paham sa Pamamahalang Inhinyerya - Pamamahalang Konstruksiyon)

Chung, Joffrey Stephen C. Faustino II, Danilo S.

Master of Science in Information and Communications Technology

Paham sa Agham ng Teknolohiyang Pangkabatiran at Pangkomunikasyon)

Ambito, Ryan Paul P.

Master of Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering

(Paham sa Inhinyerya - Inhinyeryang Estraktura)

Calma, Recy L. Lachica, Enrico Ali G. Suñega, Jr., Guillermo C.

Campasas, Dario C. Oleivar, Salvador G. Ventanilla, Mary Grace M.

Master of Engineering Management with specialization in Systems Management

(Paham sa Pamamahalang Inhinyerya - Sistematikong Pamamahala)

Esmeria, Giselle Joy C.

Diploma in Structural Engineering

(Diploma sa Inhinyeryang Estraktura)

Almoro, Danica Lyn V. Ducay, Rodelio P. Reyes, Paolo Martin B.

Amper , Lulu L. Estrella, Maricel S. Reyta, Reydon D.
Avila, Bryan C. Macaraeg, Gina D. Tañedo, Jordan Y.
Balagtas, Niño Jose G. Mallillin, Gecille R. Tapar, Ariel V.
Canlas, Amorsolo C. Mata, Darinel V.
Castil, Jr., Malthus S. Nabia, Lean Algene H.
Dela Cruz, Renante B. Panganiban, Jr., Alipio M.

Diploma in Construction Management

(Diploma sa Pamamahala sa Konstruksyon)

Cayetano, Liezel D. Pascua, Jerome F. Sanchez, Conrad J.

Dela Chica, Lealuo E. Remando, Gregorio V.

Diploma in Information and Communications Technology

(Diploma sa Teknolohiyang Pangkabatiran at Pangkomunikasyon)

Calimag, Michael B. Eduarte, Christian B. Mallare, Rolan M.

Cortez, Dan Michael A. Ibrahim, Bhai Nhuraisha U. Ordoñez, Jann Cris Y.
Dayon, John Paulo T. Lachica, Sheryl I. Salonga, Jocelyn P.
Durana, Jeanne D. Legaspi, Mary Antonette R. Yu, Marianne Rose P.

46th Commencement Exercises

Diploma in Management Engineering
(Diploma sa Inhinyeryang Pangangasiwa)

Jugan, Jasper B. Olimberio, Cecille C.

Matillano, Arnel N. Ydio, Gilbert E.

Graduate School of Management

(Paaralan ng Lubusang Karunungan sa Pamamahala)

Doctor in Public Management

(Doktor sa Pamamahalang Pambayan)

Lagasca, Edita T. Navata, Ronaldo J. Paulino, Ador G.

Doctor of Business Administration

(Doktor sa Pamamahalang Pangkalakal)

Martinez, Ferdinand C.

Master in Business Administration - Top Executive Program

(Paham sa Pamamahalang Pangkalakal - Para sa Mataas na Pinuno)

Aguda, Oscar Jr. D. Dizon, Mark Gerald P. Olalia, Maria Cristina N.

Alagon, Lina S. Dones, Mary Ann M. Orozco, Mayda V.
Alcaide, Rowena M. Empot, Efren R. Ortega, Rommel R.
Alcantara, Zenaida A. Esguerra, Christopher F. Osea, Richelda B.
Alora, Jinky A. Evangelista, Susan C. Panis, Rhuel D.
Arzobal, Jerome Herdy G. Fuertez, Eva Theresa S. Parayno, Jr., Elpidio M.
Avesta, Rodrigo L. Gamao, Mary Ann E. Paulete, Elena G.
Baloloy, Darene Kaye P. Genciana, Michelle A. Perez, Cecil M.
Bandiola, Delma O. Gianan, Ma. Irynn V. Potenciano, Ma. Lourdes M.
Baylon, Nemesia P. Importa, Junes B. Rafal, Chris A.
Bernardo, Marie Anne R. Jodieres, Jr., Rolixto V. Rebadavia, Jennette C.
Bio, Emilia S. Josef, Violeta J. Requilman, Maria Theresa R.
Blancaflor, Marilyn O. Lapada, Mercedita C. Reyes, Dolores E.
Buñales, Genessa Karen J. Larena, Antonio C. Salipot,Rogelio Y.
Cabigting, Ghelou G. Largoza, Lorna D. Salvador, Jasmin D.
Cagampang, Marilou A. Lector, Gerardo Zosimo A. Santos, Abigail C.
Cajucom, Jaime C. Liquigan, Xandrix A. Santos, Monico D.
Caoagdan, Gerardo S. Litao, Ma. Elena M. Santos, Thelma G.
Capuno, Jaime C. Liwanag, Venus P. Saringo, Alvin B.
Carlos, Winnie R. Lopez, Bonifacio J. Sia, Victorio O.
Castro, Kristine P. Lugti, Valeriano A. Sumayod, Raymond Paul P.
Chan, James Dennis K. Mabalot, Marlyn J. Tang, Lolita P.
Dailan, Leah N. Macaspac, Jerome B. Tesaluna, Rosalea B.
Dayag, Jaylord C. Manlolo, Floramie T. Torno, Joy S.
De Guzman, Joselito E. Marasigan, Rolando G. Trinos, Jr., Jesus B.
Dela Cruz, Maria Flordeliza M. Marcos, Jr., Onofre V. Valdez, Ma. Gracia Ruth P.
Dela Cruz, Marlyn L. Medina, Ma. Cindy L. Ventura, Jasmin L.
Dela Cruz, Vilma A. Melo, Norman M. Villarroya, Mina Marie D.
Delantar, Richard B. Mendiola, Armina Q. Visaya, Lea L.
Delos Reyes, Reginold D. Nadurata, Ferdinand D.
Dimayuga, Lorraine C. Nuevo, Gemma C.

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Master in Business Administration
(Paham sa Pamamahalang Pangkalakal)

Alfonso, Marlon R. Garcia, Xandy C. Mayores, Jaylah M.

Arceta , Mary Grace M. Garduque, Ivy T. Miciano, Bonnavie L.
Articona, Chrisostomo A. Garrote, Arlene B. Minorca, Jano C.
Asuncion, Jr., Gilbert G. Gilera, Reah M. Mondero, Vernesa G.
Baldonado, Jashzeel F. Gonzales, Ma. Maika C. Montaño, Lord Allan C.
Baldonado, Maria Lodina A. Gonzalez, Carlo Antonio A. Moreno, Mary Khristine M.
Bautista, Elizabeth D. Gozon, Eugene Mae A. Ordoñez, Roniellyn G.
Bautista, Jefferson G. Gucila, Arcelle M. Palma, Donna May M.
Baylon, Khristine B. Gutierrez, Ma. Aurelia A. Parungao, Kathryn Louise U.
Bernardino, Winkel Dee B. Haban, Freddie L. Piano, Ma. Dina C.
Bueno, Harold B. Hernandez, Divina O. Pigao, Kevin Jamir F.
Cabral , Jose Antonio Jay D. Itliong, Jr., Edy A. Pilande, Carlota F.
Cacao, Menard L. Jaravata, Richard B. Quero, Ryan S.
Campos, Rosemarie E. Jasareno, Catherine L. Raquedan, Arlene F.
Cardones, Enrico SJ. Laroya, Russell M. Raymundo, Kathleen Q.
Castillo, Rolanie Rae L. Laurente, Wendy R. Reballos, Ann Marjiel B.
Castillo, Sharon G. Laus, Rowena C. Rodriguez, Axil F.
Comandante, Baby Marie Josielyn R. Laylo, Joyvie S. Rosario, Ma. Loida A.
Cruz, Ivy T. Lector, Maria Antonietta A. Salamat, Jennelyn S.
Cruz, Martin M. Lee, Helen J. Señorises, Mary Jane R.
Cruz, Melinda A. Legaspi, Christa Belle P. Singh, Jeniessa P.
Dela Cruz, Feliciana B. Lozano, Angela O. Suñga, Eden Mae P.
Dela Cruz-Terania, Andrea T. Lumiguen, Janice E. Tagaro, Fercel Jade R.
Dimailig, Rhogelito E. Mabuna, Berlin V. Talunton, Leo Hendrix C.
Dolor, Jeaneth B. Magdaug, Roanni L. Tampoc, Margaret Nicole M.
Domasian, Alma N. Male, Edwin B. Tupaz, Kim D.
Escasura, Aileen A. Manapat, Kris Anne D. Udaundo, Edrei Y.
Esliza, Gemyllie U. Manguardia, Joseph V. Umali, Cecile Angeline A.
Felipe , Jammie Ann P. Martal, Mylene P. Valdez, Ruben C.
Felipe , Rina Pamela L. Matudio, Philip T. Velasco, Franz R.
Gan , Emmylou V. Maturan, Anne Jasmine Bernadette E. Villanueva, Ma. Mae G.

Bachelor of Business Management

(Dalubhasa sa Pamamahalang Pangkalakal)

Aguillon, Jeffrey M. Gonzalez, Carlo Antonio A. Pecson, Albert Joey L.

Ahmed, Jude Fayaz A. Infante, Gene Kamille L. Salamat, Jennelyn S.
Bagsit, Maria Noela Joy D. Lacuna, Karen P. Salonga, Maria Katherine M.
Balderas, Allan Emil C. Marigondon, Flory Dhel G. Santos, Abigail B.
Banda , Margie M. Mario, Cherry lyn B. Santos, Divina Gracia G.
Canotal, Cherry Pie D. Martinez, Mary Cris C. Sarmiento, Steve Ovett C.
De la Cruz, Edghan Bryan G. Miguel, Rachel F.
Digo , Roxanne B. Pasahol, Mary Grace R.

Master in Government Management - Executive Special Program

(Paham sa Pangangasiwang Pampamahalaan - Tanging sa Mataas na Pinuno)

Alianza, April P. Balledo, Verenesse T. Cascante, Rogelio M.

Allapitan, Beverlie V. Basagre, Fe B. Casiano, Marisden M.
Alvaran, Jr. Melencio R. Boado, Ervin Marcelo A. Catbagan, Dominador G.
Andres, Mary Jane S. Busa, Severino B. Cayabyab, Elizabeth F.
Arnold, Virginia V. Calabazaron, Flor Cecille G. Constantino, Rosalina S.
Ba-awa, Jay Efren U. Cante, Crossib C. Cordova, Eddie R.
Babadilla, Russel Q. Carta, Rosielyn R. Cruz, Carmenez B.
46th Commencement Exercises
(continued Master in Government Management - Executive Special Program)

De Guzman, Maria Clara P. Labanon, Flerida V. Pescadero, Mildred B.

Escarilla, Judith R. Lacsamana, Michael M. Puzon, Kaythreene Eunice G.
Estoesta, Danilo M. Laurio, Alvin F. Quiambao, Vilma G.
Fetalvero, Marilou G. Lawas, Evangelina G. Reyes, Jocelyn G.
Fetiza, Reme S. Lazaro, Amado A. Rubio, Francis Aldrich A.
Flores, Asuncion B. Locsin, Eric A. Sabate, Manuel B.
Flores, Asuncion M. Lubao, Evangeline P. Salva, Angelie S.
Flores, Van Joshua M. Madrilejo, Karlo F. San Gabriel, Julieta P.
Francisco, Roxanne A. Mapesos, Janeth B. Saus, Editha M.
Gabriel, Pia Angelica S. Montecillo, Elsie G. Soriano, Josefina U.
Galsim, Isagani D. Moraga, Winifredo C. Toribio, Claire O.
Garcia, Eufemia A. Nañola, Catherine T. Tortoles, Cecilia Blanca R.
Garcia, Ma. Amelita P. Napeñas, Rene S. Valerio, Ma. Luisa M.
Gardose, Alma Cassandra A. Navarro, Miriam C. Villafria, Christopher B.
Gayramon, Regner N. Nicanor , Jewel M. Villanueva, Maria Rosario L.
Grimaldo, Beverly May P. Ochave, Belinda B. Wanawan, Jr. Ernesto T.
Guerrero, Marietta I. Oller, Gregory A. Wong, Francis Lou B.
Hizon, Rowela F. Pararuan, Jasmin A. Ybanez, Maria Lourdes B.
Ingking, Lilane S. Partolan, Aniversario M.
Juanani, Lorrienne Judith Marie G. Payao, Sheldon T.

Master in Government Management

(Paham sa Pangangasiwang Pampamahalaan)

Agir, Jasmin S. Espiritu, Amor S. Ocana, Renee F.

Armeña, Ma. Ana B. Flores, Irene A. Olvina, Eilyn Carmelita R.
Atienza, Luzvimin G. Gagarin, Josephine F. Palomo, Francis Marie N.
Baldonaza, Maria Leticia S. Galvan, Marlene F. Pangilinan, Laurice Anne S.
Bernardo, Leonisa C. Ganadillo, Jr. Marcelino A. Panti, Dickson T.
Bihag, Rowena E. Gatuz, Cedelyn C. Perez, Arlene B.
Bitao, Karen B. Huertas, Mark Anthony G. Perlas, Allan P.
Castelo, Sheryl B. Jardinero, Ethel B. Rabadam, Cynthia Elaine J.
Castelo, Jr. Mito G. Jimenez, Ma. Jennifer R. Recuenco, Ma. Gracia G.
Castillo, Renel V. Lacuata, Ma. Lourdes Carina D. Requintina, Karen Anne F.
Catalan, Allan Raul M. Mackay, Michelle Irish D. Rivera, Maria Cristina P.
Concepcion, Racquel D. Manila, Rowena D. Salazar, Rowena L.
Cunanan, Ariel R. Martin, Edsel S. Santos, Jane C.
Cunanan, Aubrey H. Mendoza, Joseph C. Santos, Renato F.
Daloos, Onasis D. Mendoza, Ma. Carmen E. Silva, Laila M.
Dayawon, Frederick C. Mendoza, Nelson R. Sta. Maria, Abigail O.
Dela Cruz, Mylyn G. Mendoza, Roger A. Testor, Laarni U.
Dueñas, Joseph Conrad D. Mendoza, III Jorge L. Tilar, Jeffrey B.
Dupla, Arnold James M. Oaper, Nenita S. Tomogon, Arnold T.
Erquiza, Jayson C. Oblepias, Verona V. Villanueva, Maria Gemma D.

This list is not an official proof of graduation. The Diploma and the
Transcript of Records are the exclusive documentary evidences of the
satisfactory compliance with the requirements for graduation.

Ang talaang ito ay hindi tahasang patunay ng pagtatapos. Ito ay

kinakailangang lakipan ng mga patunay – ang Diploma at ang Salin ng
mga Talaan.

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”


Dr. Amado D. Valdez Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero

Chairman Vice Chairman
Regent Renato G. dela Cruz
Regent Ramon S. Bagatsing, Jr.
Regent Adelaida R. Magsaysay
Regent Estrellita P. Bautista

Ex-Officio Member
Regent Corazon C. Rubio


Justice Artemio G. Tuquero University President

Dr. Virginia N. Santos Executive Vice President
Dr. Oliver B. Sta. Ana Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ms. Elsa M. Martinez OIC, Office of the Vice President for Administration
Mrs. Angelita G. Solis Vice President for Finance & Planning
Mr. Roberto G. Rosales Acting Vice President for External Affairs
Atty. Carlos M. Carlos University & Board Secretary
and University Legal Counsel
Dean Bernadette A. Sacop University Registrar


Hon. Joseph Ejercito Estrada Chairman

Hon. Francisco M. Domagoso Vice Chairman


District I District II District III

Hon. Ernesto M. Dionisio Jr. Hon. Marlon M. Lacson Hon. Ma. Asuncion G. Fugoso
Hon. Erick Ian O. Nieva Hon. Ruben F. Buenaventura Hon. John Marvin C. Nieto
Hon. Dennis B. Alcoriza Hon. Numero G. Lim Hon. Ernesto C. Isip, Jr.
Hon. Niño M. Dela Cruz Hon. Ramon M. Robles Hon. Bernardito C. Ang
Hon. Irma C. Alfonso-Juson Hon. Rodolfo N. Lacsamana Hon. Joel R. Chua
Hon. Roberto D. Asilo Hon. Rolando M. Valeriano Hon. Manuel M. Zarcal

District IV District V District VI

Hon. Don Juan A. Bagatsing Hon. Raymundo R. Yupangco Hon. Elizabeth Z. Rivera
Hon. Edward V.P. Maceda Hon. Cristina A. Isip Hon. Casimiro C. Sison
Hon. Jocelyn J. Quintos Hon. Roberto R. Ortega Jr. Hon. Priscilla Marie T. Abante
Hon. Science A. Reyes Hon. Arnold I. Atienza Hon. Joel M. Par
Hon. Antonio G. Capistrano Hon. Joey S. Hizon III Hon. Leilani Marie H. Lacuna
Hon. Arlene L. Chua Hon. Josefina M. Siscar Hon. Christian Paul L. Uy

Graduate and Professional Schools

Deans College Secretaries
Graduate School of Arts, Sciences and Education Dr. Flordeliza P. Ferrer
Dr. Mary Grace A, Aquino, Associate Dean

Graduate School of Engineering Engr. Felix F. Aspiras Ms. Marianne Rose P. Yu

Graduate School of Health Sciences Dr. Eufemia M. Collao Ms. Marilyn C. Agravante

Graduate School of Law Justice Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez

Graduate School of Management Dr. Rosalinda D. Evangelista, OIC

Prof. Noemi C. Gocuyo, Associate Dean

College of Law Atty. Ernesto P. Maceda, Jr.

Atty. Marisol DL. Anenias, Associate Dean

College of Medicine Dr. Anchela U. Biag, OIC Dr. Maria Zoila G. Carandang
Dr. Angeline D. Alabastro, Associate Dean

Emeritus College Prof. Esperanza B. Bautista


Deans College Secretaries
College of Accountancy and Economics Prof. Eloisa M. Macalinao
Dr. Sonia F. Manlangit, Associate Dean

College of Architecture and Urban Planning Arch. Gil C. Evasco Arch. Antonio C. Nudas III

College of Engineering and Technology Engr. Juan C. Tallara, Jr. Engr. Evangeline P. Lubao

College of Human Development Prof. Jimmy M. Romero Dr. Conchita V. Yumol

College of Liberal Arts Dr. Erlinda A. Cayao Prof. Gina A. Opiniano

College of Management and Entrepreneurship Prof. Neil B. Gamus Prof. Antonio E. Casurao

College of Mass Communication Prof. Ludmila R. Labagnoy Prof. Abigail M. Enriquez

College of Nursing Dr. Gilmore G. Solidum Prof. Jennifer P. Reyes

College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports Prof. Susan C. Mercado Prof. Arlene A. Conlu

College of Physical Therapy Prof. Prime Rose Teodulice M. Lanete Prof. Jammaela Vernice T. Gomez

College of Science Prof. Roberto J. Dela Cruz Prof. Janelle O. Peralta

College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Dr. Oliver A. Pandile Mr. Samuel Q. Capulong
Industry Management

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”


Accounting Office Ms. Luzviminda E. Orozco, Officer-In-Charge

Budget & Planning Office Ms. Lucresia C. Evangelista, Chief

Cash Office Ms. Dolores J. Baluyot, Officer-In-Charge

Center for University Extension Services Dr. Eleanor J. Galvez, Director

Department of Military Science & Tactics Col. Generoso M. Ponio, Commandant

Human Resource Development Office Ms. Ma. Rolena R. Calinisan, Chief

Information Technology Center Engr. Garry Erwin N. De Gracia, Director

and Presidential Assistant for Special Concerns

Internal Control Office Ms. Cecilia L. Calma, Chief

Office of Student Development & Services Atty. Alexander G. Erese, Jr., Dean

Office of the University Registrar Dean Bernadette A. Sacop, University Registrar

Physical Development & Special Projects Office Engr. Karen L. Leyson, Chief

President’s Committee on Arts & Culture Ms. Susan C. Mercado, Chairperson

Procurement Office Mr. Albert S. Dela Cruz, Chief

Property & Supplies Office Mr. Roosevelt D. Dominguez, Chief

University Facilities & Gymnasium Office Engr. Marita San Diego-Barrientos, Manager

University Guidance Center Ms. Margielou B. Peralta, Officer-In-Charge

University Health Services Dr. Maria Ana B. Mariano, Chief

University Library Ms. Fe N. Haico, Officer-In-Charge

University Research Center Dr. Rebecca C. Tolentino, Director

University Security Group Ms. Fe T. Cawit, Chief

Office of the University Treasurer Mr. Angeles C. Ramos, Treasurer

46th Commencement Exercises


Dean Felix F. Aspiras Prof. Richard C. Regala

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Dr. Erlinda A. Cayao Dean Bernadette A. Sacop Ms. Lucresia C. Evangelista
Dean Ludmila R. Labagnoy Prof. Samuel Q. Capulong Ms. Ma. Rolena R. Calinisan
Dean Prime Rose Teodulice L. Fabul Ms. Jacklyn Anne D. Toldoya Mr. Roosevelt D. Dominguez
Engr. Juan C. Tallara, Jr. Engr. Garry Erwin N. De Gracia Engr. Karen L. Leyson
Atty. Alexander G. Erese, Jr. Dr. Maria Ana B. Mariano Ms. Fe T. Cawit

Dr. Oliver B. Sta. Ana Ms. Angelita G. Solis Ms. Elsa M. Martinez


Dean Felix F. Aspiras Prof. Marianne Rose P. Yu Engr. Juan C. Tallara, Jr.
Prof. Richard C. Regala Arch. Gil C. Evasco


Ms. Lucresia C. Evangelista Mr. Roosevelt D. Dominguez

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Mr. Albert S. dela Cruz


Ms. Fe T. Cawit Mr. Ernesto S. Trinidad

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Mr. Anatalio C. Abelidas, Jr. Mr. Rene I. Fortaleza Mr. Kenneth O. Partos
Mr. Hanifredo B. Balquin Mr. Arnold C. Guevarra Mr. Ibarra Oliver C. Parungao
Mr. Rene M. Bueno Mr. Martin C. Labastida Mr. Linde L. Ramirez
Mr. Salamat S. Dilangalen Mr. Arnel C. Padua Mr. Rolando M. Viernes


Dr. Maria Ana B. Mariano


Ms. Jenlyn P. Castillo, RN Ms. Ruby Ann H. Dador, RN

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”


Prof. Jacklyn Anne D. Toldoya


Prof. Jerrwin C. Aguinaldo Prof. Rogelio S. Angco Mr. Pedro T. Villena


Dr. Ma. Cielo B. Malijan Dr. Eleanor J. Galvez

Chairperson Co-Chairperson

Dr. Angeline D. Alabastro Dr. Maria Zoila G. Carandang Ms. Olive Rodriguez
Ms. Angie Alvarez Ms. Bernadette E. Faustino Dr. Fernando P. Solidum
Ms. Nancy Bernardo Mr. Ariel Maleriado Dr. Geraldine Susan C. Tengco
Dr. Erwin Carabero Mr. Deng Peñaranda Ms. Grace Valenzuela
Mr. Jun Chua Dr. Delfin Arnel D. Razon Ms. Mel Ysulat


Arch. Gil C. Evasco Dean Bernadette A. Sacop

Chairperson Co-Chairperson

Arch. Jared Aaron R. Cruz Arch. Paulo C. Pineda I
Arch. Zali M. Papio-Rivera Mr. Michael E. Taguinod


Engr. Karen L . Leyson Engr. Marita San Diego-Barrientos

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Mr. Jeff Aguinaldo Mr. Joselito G. Johnson Mr. Aldovier A. Pepe
Mr. Laurence E. Avecilla Mr. Roger A. Labor Mr. Alex Ramirez
Mr. Art B. Buyo Engr. Ricardo P. Legaspi Mr. Diego Ribon
Mr. Arvin Colet Engr. Fidelino S. Lim Mr. Pablito Tabon
Mr. Silvino Fadera Mr. Romeo Marfega Mr. Ricky Teoxon
Mr. Gerry F. Ferrancullo Mr. Rolex Novo Ms. Veneria S. Torrecampo
Mr. Hermes L. Gabi Mr. Renato C. Orijuela Mr. Arthuro M. Yaneza
Mr. Isidoro M. Ilao Mr. Carlos R. Pacheco


Prof. Samuel Q. Capulong Prof. Jefferson G. de Roxas

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Prof. Amado Teodulo E. Bautista Ms. Rosario L. Manliclic Prof. Marlon Manny M. Rivera
Prof. Argel A. dela Cruz Dr. Oliver A. Pandile Prof. Joseph Stewart B. Tullao
Prof. Lotus N. Joson Ms. Yasmin P. Rasuman

46th Commencement Exercises


Atty. Alexander G. Erese Engr. Dennis Edward E. Diano

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Prof. Marilyn S. Agravante Mr. Archie P. Dema-ala Arch. Antonio C. Nudas III
Ms. Ma. Lourdes B. Agustin Ms. Abigail M. Enriquez Prof. Gina A. Opiniano
Atty. Marisol DL. Anenias Mr. Jonathan F. Flores Mr. Paolo Enrino T. Pascual
Mr. Jeffrey M. Bagallon Dr. Marivic F. Flores Prof. Janelle O. Peralta
Mrs. Angelita DC. Batongbacal Prof. Noemi C. Gocuyo Ms. Yasmin P. Rasuman
Dr. Esperanza B. Bautista Prof. Jammaella Vernice T. Gomez Ms. Jennifer P. Reyes
Mr. Raymond D. Bautista Ms. Almira M. Jallores Prof. Marlon Manny M. Rivera
Prof. Samuel Q. Capulong Prof. Lotus N. Joson Engr. Antonio C. Tee, Jr.
Ms. Ailyn P. Catolos Engr. Evangeline P. Lubao Prof. Joseph Stewart B. Tullao
Mr. Romeo V. Concepcion Prof. Ederliza V. Magpantay Mr. Rodel Valdez
Prof. Arlene A. Conlu Dr. Ma. Cielo B. Malijan Prof. Marianne Rose P. Yu
Prof. Jefferson G. de Roxas Ms. Caroline U. Manlapit Dr. Conchita V. Yumol
Prof. Argel A. dela Cruz Engr. Erwin D. Marcelo Ms. Janet M. Zenarosa


Dr. Erlinda A. Cayao

Mr. Raul E. Estremera Prof. Gina A. Opiniano

Prof. Marie Grace P. Anselmo Prof. Edgardo A. Diansuy, Jr. Prof. Charito M. Molina
Prof. Leonito Balatucan, Jr. Prof. Babylyn B. Felix Prof. Victoria R. Ramos
Prof. Carmelo Rico S. Bihasa Prof. Noemi C. Gocuyo Prof. Shirly E. Reyes
Prof. Crisanta C. Canilao Prof. Lalaine A. Isip Prof. Ellenor N. Sibal
Prof. Lucila M. Cecilio Prof. Mary Lane DR. Liporada
Prof. Mervin M. Culibar Engr. Elaine G. Mission


Mr. Reynaldo R. Medina Ms. Ma. Rolena R. Calinisan

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Ms. Evangeline T. Abulad Ms. Mila V. Dominguez Ms. Ma. Belinda O. Marquez
Ms. Connie Chris B. Agustin Ms. Marylene Doria Ms. Christina I. Mayoyo
Mr. Edwin C. Agustin Ms. Emily Espero Mr. Erwin F. Natividad
Ms. Abigail Ann O. Alicdan Ms. Rosario E. Espina Mr. Maynard Sean R. Nuguid
Ms. Angie C. Alvarez Ms. Jeannie C. Garcia Ms. Asuncion B. Padunan
Ms. Connie D. Alvarez Ms. Antonette J. Gonzales Mr. Crisanto S. Pagatpatan
Ms. Ma. Victoria S. Aninipot Mr. Roel O. Gonzales Mr. Rafael V. Panganiban
Ms. Lorena R. Bautista Ms. Marian F. Gutierrez Mr. Michael M. Picardal
Ms. Corazon H. Calderon Mr. Alven J. Jose Mr. Paulo C. Pineda
Ms. Davie I. Canlas Ms. Melany S. Litaban Ms. Lalida A. Prepuse
Ms. Cristina G. Celestra Mr. Reynaldo P. Manganti Ms. Herminia L. Ramos
Ms. Pilar A. Cruz Mr. Herbert P. Manlapaz Ms. Olive S. Rodriguez
Ms. Michelle A. Del Mundo Mr. Henry L. Marin Mr. Michael E. Taguinod

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”


Dean Ludmila R. Labagnoy

Engr. Garry Erwin N. de Gracia Dean Bernadette A. Sacop

Ms. Raquel R. De Vera Ms. Marijane C. Jandoc Mr. RF Suministrado
Mr. Jonathan F. Flores Ms. Venus R. Martin


Ms. Abigail M. Enriquez Mr. Romeo V. Concepcion

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Mr. Jeffrey M. Bagallon Mr. Jonathan F. Flores Mr. Paolo Enrino T. Pascual


Dean Roberto J. dela Cruz Engr. Milagros R. Cabangon

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Prof. Procula B. Amarillo Prof. Marivic G. Molina Ms. Asuncion G. Tabada
Prof. Ma. Joanna A. Astorga Prof. Gina A. Opiniano Engr. Paul C. Valderama
Prof. Corazon S. Bumanglag Prof. Janelle O. Peralta


Dean Prime Rose Teodulice L. Fabul


Prof. Nadine Leslie C. Abuel Prof. Raymond B. Cruz Prof. Eloisa Lorreine V. Pagatpatan
Prof. Joycelyn G. Amores Prof. Kristine C. Garcia Prof. Emmaruth B. Reyes
Prof. Alberto S. Ang, Jr. Prof. Jammaella Vernice T. Gomez Prof. Ryan James M. Teodisio
Prof. Sherry Lynn A. Carag Prof. Alan V. Magpantay


Ms. Lydia N. de Leon Engr. Evangeline P. Lubao Prof. Marianne Rose P. Yu


Dr. Oliver A. Pandile


Vice Chairpersons
Ms. Angelita G. Solis Ms. Elsa M. Martinez Atty. Carlos M. Carlos
Dr. Oliver B. Sta. Ana Mr. Roberto G. Rosales

Ms. Elvira P. Atanacio Dr. Anchela Y. Uy-Biag Dir. Garry Erwin N. de Gracia
Dean Susan P. Mercado Atty. Alexander P. Erese, Jr. Engr. Karen L. Leyson
Dean Ludmila R. Labagnoy Dean Bernadette A. Sacop Chief Fe T. Cawit

Dr. Virginia N. Santos Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero

46th Commencement Exercises


“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”


46th Commencement Exercises

Ako’y mag-aaral na pinagpala ng Pamantasan
ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

Sa aking pananagumpay sa pag-aaral, ako’y

nanunumpang magtatapat sa mga adhikain, kapatiran,
at aral ng aking Inang Pamantasan, upang mapatanyag
ang kaunlaran, karunungan, at kadakilaan ng aking
lahi at bayang pinakamamahal.

Itinatalaga ko rin ang aking sarili at buhay sa

paglilingkod sa Dakilang Lumikha, na simula at
hantungan ng lahat; sa aking mga mahal sa buhay at
kaibigan at sa lahat ng kapwa ko at kapatid sa iisang
Diyos Amang makapangyarihan sa lahat.

(Pangalan at Lagda ng Nagtapos)

Ika-22 ng Abril 2014

“Anchoring on Excellence: Producing Future Agents of Progress.”

Pamantasan, Pamantasang Mahal
Nagpupugay kami’t nag-aalay
Ng pag-ibig, taos na paggalang
Sa patnubay ng aming isipan.

Karunungang tungo’y kaunlaran

Hinuhubog kaming kabataan
Maging Pilipinong mayro’ng dangal
Puso’y tigib ng kadakilaan.

Pamantasan’g Lungsod ng Maynila

Kaming lahat dito’y iyong punla
Tutuparin pangarap mo’t nasa
Pamantasan kami’y nanunumpa.
Pamantasan kami’y nanunumpa.

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

General Luna cor. Muralla Sts., Intramuros, Manila
Contact No. 527-79-41

46th Commencement Exercises