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Lecturer : Zulidyana Dwi Rusnalasari, M. Hum.

By :

Ihza Amalia Farahdina (A73218060)






Grimm’s Fairy Tales is a collection of fairy tales by “Brother Grimm’s”.

They are Jacob and Willhelm Grimm, both of them are from Germany. The genre

of the fairy tale’s is folklore. The first published on 20 December 1812 and

contained 86 stories. And in the seventh edition in 1857 it had 211 unique

fairytales. Some of the unique fairy tales we already know the story of

“Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Goose Girl, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel

And Grethel, and so on. It is so many more the other story that do not strange for


As we know the name’s of the collection of fairytale is use the name of the

author. But, the fairytale is do not tell about both of them. They are tell about the

folklore at that time. The origin of the story are more brusque and many sexual

references. On the other hand it also tells us that dark deeds, enmity and cunning

tricksters are just as prone to lurk about, and that some exist closer to home than

anywhere else. it is do not proper for childern exactly.

We know the story or movie from disney it is addapted from the grimm’s

fairy tales . But, it had modified to be more suitable especially for childern. The

reason of why the other version had modified it’s because i think the most of the

readers or consumers of the fairytales are childern. Their ages are do not enough

to read the story with the sexual references or violence inside the story. They must

read the story with the positive plot from the beginning till the end to get the good

moral value that can be apply in their daily.


Oedipus the king or known as Oedipus Rex is one of the play that tell about a

king named Oedipus. The author of the play is Sopochles. A story about a dude

who kills his father, marries his mother, and then stabs his own eyes out is pretty

awesome writing fodder. But the really tragic thing about Oedipus is that he

doesn't want to do that. The gods willed it, and he has no choice. He even tries to

outwit the prophecy that decreed that he'd kill his dad and married his mom, he

runs away from the people he thinks are his parents.

This play is one of the english classic literature. Every part of this story have a

hidden message or moral value. We know that in the story is tell about family.

Which is about how parent treat their child and how child treat his parents. So, i

thing we can conclude that the story of Oedipus is tell about how big an affection

in family is needed.

In this story we can take the lesson when we become a parent we do not to try

kill our child we must love him/her as our son. Because an affection is very

important thing that parent must give to their children. It can be the first reference

for child to grow them great. Many children that less affection from their parents

are become less educated and have bad habbits. Even they can kill themselves just

because he have less affection from their parent.


Now, we going to discuss about Medea. This is the ancient greek tragedy that

written by Euripides. The first performance in 431 B.C. This story is tell about

household of Medea and Jason has a betrayal. Jason was married with King

Creon’s daughter, Glauce. All the occupants of the kingdom worried what terrible

things Medea might do in retaliation.

After Creon shows up and tells Medea that she and her two sons are banished.

Medea decided to kill her children. Medea tricks many people to kill. On of them

is Jason and her sons. She manipulates Jason and her sons into taking the Princess

some cursed gifts. As a result, both Creon and his daughter are burned alive by

magic flame.

From the play the lesson we can take is about an “Emancipation” as we know

in indonesia, the emancipation figure is R.A Kartini. But, from ancient greek

Medea was teach us about that. She is symbol of feminism, she is fighter, she

fight with her knowlede, a poison and a herbs. I think the feminism is the same

with the emancipation. It has the same purpose, that is to increase the level of

woman, to give more free for woman.


Illiad is one of the epic poem that written by Homeros, a blind poet. This story

is tells events happening within a span of ten days in the Trojan war. It is set in a

period when the great Asian city of Troy has been besieged by the Greek invaders

for ten years. The book narrates the events leading to and concerning the quarrel

between Agamemnon. The commander-in-chief of the Greek forces and his

unrivaled warrior Achilles. The king of the Myrmidons who is also the greatest

hero of the age.

This quarrel leads to Achilles's abstention from the war and subsequent

damage is inflicted upon the Greek forces by the Trojans. What follows is

Achilles' return to battle upon the death of his closest friend, Patroclus and the

duel between Achilles and Hector: bravest and most valorous of the Trojan

warriors. The tale concludes with Hector's death and burial.

From the story illiad we can know that he has abandoned the heroic code and

chosen friendship over duty which although was unthinkable in the ancient world

is much more sympathetic to us today. That shows with the quotes from achilles

“These two terrified and in awe of the king stood waiting quietly, and did not

speak a word at all nor question him. But he knew the whole matter in his own

heart, and spoke first: "Welcome, heralds, messengers of Zeus and of mortals.

Draw near. You are not to blame in my sight, but Agamemnon who sent the two

of you here for the sake of the girl Briseis." (1.331-336). The poem also teach us

the importance of home and of the family.