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School Giporlos National Trade Grade 10

School Level
Student Learning Entrepreneurship
Grades 1 to 12
(DAILY LESSON PLAN) Teaching Quarter 04
March 22, 2019 / 9:45 –
(Detailed/Semi-detailed) Dates and
Time 10:45

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, 100% of the students are expected to attain 80%
proficiency level to:

1. identify the steps and selling strategies of actual selling of products

and services;
2. appreciate the importance of selling strategies; and
3. apply the actual sales management strategies.

II. Content
Performing Actual Selling of Products or Services

III. Learning Resources

a. References:
 Competency Based – Learning Material (Entrepreneurship) Module
No. 06, pages 3 – 9
b. Materials
 Power point Presentation
 Video clip
 Tarpapel
 Dice
 Box

IV. Procedures
A. Preliminary Activities/Prayer/Checking of Attendance
Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Class please stand up and let us pray, In the name of the father and of the
Rhoderick lead the prayer. son and of the holy spirit Amen. Our
I will now check the attendance, say
present once your name is called.

Abuda, Eddie Jr. Sir, Present.

(the teacher will continue to call the

names of the students for the attendance)
B. Reviewing previous lesson/presenting the new lesson

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Alright class, this is just a recap of what
we have discussed last meeting, anyone
from the class who can tell briefly what we
do last meeting?

Yes, John Dave. Sir we discussed about the business trial

run design.
Very good John Dave.
Then what is business trial run design
structure or BUTRUD? Yes, Rhoderick. I, Sir.

Sir the structure of the BUTRUD starts

with the business name, business owner, the
location, our target goals, the timetable, price
flexibility, our markets or clients and lastly
Very good Rhoderick. the advertisement or promotion.

Is it important to have BUTRUD? Any

idea? Yes, Jirah?
Sir yes, it is very important to have first
a BUTRUD before we apply it on an actual.
Very well said Jirah. BUTRUD serves as a guide or plan of the
business that we are going to start.
Alright class, eyes on the screen I
want you to observe the video and later on
answer my question. (the teacher will now
play the video of sales motivation) The class will now watch the video,

C. Establishing a purpose of the lesson

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

What can you say about the video?
Yes, Jomari. Sir the video is all about a race of the two
groups to reach the finish line.
Very good Jomari. Any other idea? Sir the video talks about the struggle of a
Yes John Dave. group in achieving its goal.

Do you think they used strategies to Sir what the other group did, they helped
reach their goals? Or what did the other its other to make the work easier. They used
group do to reach first? Yes, Rachel? also a strategy that will not be a burden to
the group, unlike on the other group which is
the boss was on the cart instead of helping
its member to push it.

Very good Rachel, it is true that being

helpful is a good characteristic of a leader,
not only to the leader but to all within the
organization also.

Like in every company, the success of

its business relies within his/her people. That
is why all companies have their selling
strategies or steps in selling to boast their

Do you know those steps and No, sir.

strategies used in a business?

D. Presenting examples / instances of the new lesson / discussing new


Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Then that would be our discussion for
today. Class, to be a good seller, you must
be good in asking questions to determine the
customer’s needs and desire. This will help
you gain customers who will be willing to pay
for your products or services. To do this, we
must follow the following steps most
businesses do.

What is the first step Angielyn? Sir the first step is prospecting, it
consists of identifying potential customers,
aka prospects.

How do we do prospecting? Yes Nel Sir by using a telephone directory

Mike? from their we can get a possible prospect
through its information.
Very good Nel Mike, How about
referral? Can we consider it as prospects?

Shanica, your idea? Yes, sir. We can consider referral as a

prospect also since it is coming from our
existing clients.

Very good Shanica, the second steps Second step is the sales
is, read Christine. presentation, it is the time when you are
presenting your product or service to your
customers with the objective to stimulate
further their interest.
Thank you, Shanica. Through this
sales presentation it helps you discover what The four types of sales presentation
your customers want and need. There are are:Stimulus response, formula selling,
four types of sales presentation, please read canned presentation and need presentation.

The third steps is Handling question,

can you read Angel. Handling questions – wherein you need to be
patient and demonstrate interest in you
Yes, it is true, in this step, usually clients’ need.
your clients or prospects are objecting based
on cost, benefits or both. They also do it
because they do not see the necessity to

Then the next step, please read Jean.

Closing – in this stage you will ask your
clients orders and secure their commitment
to purchase.
Nice Jean, this is the very important
part of the selling process, closing.
Oftentimes, you will be the one to initiate the
closing. Assurance is their already once you
close the deal with your clients.

Last step is building long-term

relationships, can you read Jirah. Building long-term relationships – is said to
be the beginning of your long-term
relationship with the customer.
Thank you Jirah, class why it is said to
be the beginning? Anyone from the class, Sir, it is said to be the beginning because
yes Rachael Mae. once we closed the deal then that is the time
also that we start in building our relationship
with them, with this we can get a repeat
Very good Rachel. Upon knowing order and referral also.
these steps in selling we can now apply this
in our future endeavor especially if we start
our own business.

Now let us come with the selling

strategies wherein we can use this in our
sales presentation. There are four types of
selling strategies that we can used; first, can
you read Jenny Rose.
Cold Calling – the process of approaching
prospective customers or clients who were
Who can give an example of a cold not expecting such an interaction.
calling strategies given the definition that it is
the process of approaching prospective
customers who were not expecting such an
interaction? Volunteer? Yes John Dave?
Sir an example of a cold calling is tele-
marketing wherein you will call a prospect
customer and ask important information
where you can use in sending your proposal.
How about door to door selling? Can
we consider it as cold calling? Joshua, your In my opinion sir, yes, we can consider it
stand? since in door to door selling what we do is go
to a place where we can get prospect hoping
to get information for our prospective clients.
Very good Joshua, next strategy is
consultative strategy. Read, Honeylette. Consultative Selling – emphasize customer’s
needs and meeting those needs with
solutions combining products or services.

What is your understanding when you

say consultative selling? Yes Rhoderick?
Sir as far as I know consultative selling is
that we act as a consultant to our
Very good Rhoderick, in what way we prospective clients.
can be a consultant? Can you give a Sir example during our sales presentation I
concrete scenario or example? will ask him questions that would create a
need of my products thru this I can give
him/her solutions to his problems by using
our products.
Very Nice Rhoderick, you will create a
need for you to sale your product. You will
serve as the consultant.

The third one, please read Jorika.

Direct Selling – face to face presentation,
demonstration and sale of product or
services, usually at the home or office of a
prospect by the independent direct seller.
Anyone who can give example of a
direct selling? Yes John Dave. Sir example of direct selling is the one that
going to our home promoting their products.
Very good John Dave.

Last strategy is the Persuasive selling,

you may read Jirah. Persuasive selling – it calls for the ability of
the seller to persuade his buyer according to
the compelling reasons why the buyers need
Thank you Jirah, this strategy to buy your enterprise.
determine the ability of the salesman to
persuade its client to close the deal. A great
example of this are those who visited our
home pretending to be accredited from
bureau of fire then they will offer their service
to check your gas tank for free and have a
demo of the device that they are offering only
to find out that you have to buy those
Anyone from the class who have the
same experience? None sir so far.

Very good, be aware of those

illegitimate sellers or scammer.

E. Developing Mastery

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Now class, we will have a group
activity. I will divide you into five groups.
Each group will familiarize the steps we
must follow in selling our product or service.
Every group will assign a representative to
rearrange the steps according to their order
of precedence. The group who has more
correct answer will be declared the winner.
The game will have an allotted time of 30 Yes sir.
seconds only.
(the learners will now perform the task.)
But before that, here are the
standards to follow while doing the activity.

Standards for Group Activity

1. Choose a leader.
2. Cooperate with the group.
3. Minimize noise.
4. Share ideas to the group.

F. Finding practical application of concepts and skills in daily living.

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Class, I know someday that one of Yes sir, it helps us boost our sales
you will be a future business man or and build a good relationship with the
business woman, is it important to have clients.
these strategies? Why? Yes Jirah?

Very good Jirah.

G. Making generalization and abstractions about the lesson.

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Alright class, what are steps that Sir, the steps that we must follow in
we must follow in selling our products or selling our products or services are
services? Yes Jomari. prospecting, sales presentation, handling
questions, closing and building long-term
relationship with the clients.

Very good Jomari. Which step is Sir the step that is said to be the
said to be the beginning of the selling? Yes beginning is the closing part, wherein it is
chona. the start of our building of our good rapport
with the client to have a repeat order from

Very good Chona. How about Sir the strategies are cold calling,
the strategies? Yes Rhoderick. consultative selling, Direct Selling and
Persuasive Selling.
Nice, Rhoderick.

H. Application

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Now class write your name on a
1/8 sheet of paper and put it in the box on
the top of my table.
We’re going to have a game which
we call “Do This!” using a dice.
I will pick your name on the box
then once your name is called you are
going to throw it away then what ever will
appear on the top of the dice then that is
what you are going to do.
Is it clear? (in every face of the Yes sir.
dice have a question pertaining to the topic)

Then let us start.

I. Evaluating Learning

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

I. Now class, I will divide you into four

groups and its group will choose its leader.
Each group will act/perform the selling
strategies and present it in front. The best
group who will portray those selling strategies
will be declared the winner. For the criteria,
please refer below the rubrics. This activity
will last only for 10 minutes. Is that clear
Category Exemplary Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Score
Accuracy (27-40) (14-26) (1-13) the
40% students is students students
completely seems pretty are
prepared prepared but
and has might have
obviously needed a prepared
rehearsed. couple more but it is
rehearsal clear that
rehearsal is
Speaks (14-20) (7-13) (1-6)
Clearly / speaks speaks speaks
Volume clearly all clearly all clearly
20% the time. the time.
Volume is Volume is
most of the
loud enough usually loud. time.
to be heard Volume is
by the sometimes
audience loud.
Posture (8-10) uses (4-7) uses (1-3)
10% posture posture sometimes
appropriate appropriate stand up
for the for the piece
piece, looks
straight and
relaxed and established
confident. eye contact
Acting (21-30) the (11-20) the (1-10) the
30% student student student
uses often uses tries to
consistent voice
voice inflection,
inflection, facial inflection,
facial expressions facial
expressions, and expression
and movement and
movement to make the movement
to make piece to make the
piece more believable
believable and
piece more
and entertaining believable
entertaining and

Alright class, please get ¼ sheet of paper

crosswise and answer the following question.

II. Enumerate the steps that we must Answer’s Key

follow in selling Products or
1. Prospecting
1. _________________ 2. Sales Presentation
3. Handling Questions
2. _________________ 4. Direct Selling
5. Building Long-term Relationships
3. _________________

4. _________________

5. _________________

J. Assignment

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Response

Alright class, for your assignment
bring an example of a balance sheet. Print
it in a A4 size of bond paper. Is that clear Yes sir.
Reference: Competency Based Learning
Material for Fourth Year (Entrepreneurship)
Module 7)

That’s all for today class, please

stand up, pick up the pieces of papers Goodbye sir.
under your chair. See you next meeting.

Goodbye class.



A. No. of learners who earned 80% on the formative assessment/evaluation

B. No. of learners who require additional activities for remediation

C. Did the remedial lessons work?

D. No. of learners who have caught up with the lesson

E. No. of learners who continue to require remediation

F. Which of my teaching strategies worked well? Why did these worked?

G. What difficulties did I encounter which my principal or supervisor can help me


H. What innovation or localized materials did I used/discover which I wish to

share with other teachers?

Prepared by: Checked by:


Student Teacher MT-1

Noted by:

Department Head, Girls Trade

Approved by:

School Principal