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Gender Inequality Cruzin
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Reminiscing from a Window Gutierrez
Listen to Her Even When She Isn’t Speaking Hernandez
We all know that all the relationships are like a roller coaster. Some of the days are
rough days and some of the days all happiness comes in our way. We fight, we argue but the
end of the day we always wanted each other’s comfort. It takes a 1 year and 8 months to-
There are lots of teenager already felt the love at the young age. But this gether when something happens and that is the time that we thought our love will just easily
kind of love will last? Or it will stay forever? Another school year came it was our that fade. And finally after a year that we’re together we decided to fall apart. So I broke up
3rd year in high school so there are lots of new students in the campus and luckily with him and that is the hardest thing I did for the rest of my life. Since then I really hated
in our batch there is also a transferee and he is a boy and his name was Marcus him a lot for breaking my heart and after that break up after a month a found someone that
from Dolores, Quezon. This man was a cousin of my friend so that one moment helps me and carry me out on the pains and hatred that I felt to him. This man made me
in that time we meet each other. And by the way Graziella is my name and I am the realize that I can love someone again. So I loved him and appreciate him. And I know Mar-
only girl who catches the eyes and the heart of Marcus during that time. There are cus knows all about between me and that man. Also it was the biggest mistakes of my life
lots of happenings in the campus there are lots of activities and for a short period because I saw Marcus being so distracted and how he suffered in pain. After that experience
of time we became closed to each other. And take note Marcus is not a typical man with Marcus I never wanted to be that serious in love because my mind set will be it never
who is a good looking but his attitudes and his sense of humour that catches my last nowadays. So there are lots of boys that I have a conversations with. And Marcus knows
heart. everything about it. But still he never tried to make a scene. Until the time comes we already

One day, I didn’t know that Marcus knows how to drive an auto. So I was accepts what happened to us and we understand that maybe we’re not really for each other’s

amazed that time because he always came to the school using his own car. Then a life. And we just state the fact that if we we’re meant to be it will happen and maybe not

DepEd Night came it is a celebration with all the school around our town every now but soon in the future our paths will cross again and our relationship will work out.

fiesta. And accidentally I am with my friend Kimmy as well as Marcus with his As time goes by we didn’t know that it’s almost a year since we broke up. And we
friends also and they invite me and Kimmy to ride with them and to take us to have a small talk and we realized we’ve come so far. I realized how he became faithful to me
7/11 a convenience store for us to be easily meet our friends that waiting us there. even though we’re apart. How he sacrifice his love for me every time he saw me happy. All
So we ride with them and I don’t know what’s going on because since that mo- the pains he felt he ignored that he just knows is to fight his love for me because he promis-
ment I already was so interested to Marcus. And I didn’t ever forget that moment. es it to God that is why he never left me. He never tried to love someone else. Because at
And since that day I put some attention to him and tried to be closer with him. first he knows that we we’re meant to be. And finally after all, I made it clear to myself that

He is a man that really makes my day more meaningful because of his he is the only one I ever wanted. The one I want to spend my remaining days here in earth.

jokes and his sweetness to me. So I didn’t expect for something at the first place And I realized that after all, I really love him the most and I really still care about him. It just

because all I want is just to be closer with him because I know that he is a really a that in that times we’re not together my heart is made of hatred to him that is why I thought

nice guy and I want to be his friend. As time goes by we became more than what I I didn’t love him anymore and I don’t want him in my life again.

expected. We became more than friends but what I mean is we became like a cou- He is such a blessing to me and a gift from God. After all the pain he felt he really is
ple because he became even more sweet to me, caring and the time comes when he a strong man. And now they know where it goes. Because they really know that they are
says that he likes me. And he proves it very well that he really mean it. He always meant for each other. After a year, Marcus had already decided that he is willing to marry
waited for an hour every morning just to accompany me in entering the school and Graziella. Everything is all set he is only waiting for Graziella’s answer. And at the family
to help me in getting my books in the locker and to carry it all. And to make the reunion of the family of Graziella he decided to make a way to propose to her. And every-
story short it takes a year before we’re finally officially in relationship. one was so excited because Graziella already said yes.
And after a couple of years they have their wedding at Caluerga in Batu-
lao, Batangas because this is the place where they became more faithful with God
and made a promises to each other and it was a dream come true because they
were finally married. And they reach 3 children namely Lorainne the eldest, Ivan
their middle born and Zeeia their youngest. And they live happily together with a One day there was a girl who is standing in front of their house, mesmerized by
happy family they have and a successful person they are. thought that she has a complete and a happy family. She was very thankful to God that He
had given her these blessing in spite of her unfaithfulness to Him. She is thinking of how
God works in their life. Her mother is now a house wife and stopped working as an domes-
tic helper. Her father was cured of his cancer and now living a healthy life while still serving
our barangay. Her brothers also have already a stable job and were going successful while
she’s still in college, studying and enjoying her college life. Even though it is hard and chal-
lenging, she still manages to study well and have fun in her life. Every Sunday they go to
church, they praise and worship the Lord for all He had done for them. At lunch, their
mother is cooking their favourite sinigang na baboy and pritong galunggong. They ate hap-
pily and they talked about their lives.

Until one day the girl wakes up in so much pain and disappointment. She looks at
the table beside her bed and cries when she saw the picture of her father wearing his favour-
ite shirt, smiling widely at her. She remembered the day when his father was diagnosed with
cancer. Her father is smiling like he was just diagnosed with a simple cold caused by the
weather. But the girl was so sad and hurt. She’s thinking of why would that happen? Of all
people why her father was the one who got disease when there are people who deserve it
more. But her father never showed her that he is sick and weak. He still manages to show
her that he is strong and bold. Sometimes she almost questioned God’s power. Why God let
this happen to her father. While she was thinking of things, she got awaken by the thought
that her mother was calling her through Skype. It adds as a burden to her, that her mother
was not there while she was grieving for the death of his father. “How are you?” The girl
said that she’s fine and she was doing good while in her mind she was about to cry and to
break down because of the pain she was suffering all throughout her life. As they continue
their conversation a little boy appeared in the screen and waved her hello she smile but deep
inside she was so broken. Her heart was so deep in sadness that her mother can raise other
children while she her own daughter was raised by no one.

All her life, she was craving for the love and care of a mother because when she was
in grade 1, her mother went abroad to work for their family. As she grow ups she had a
burden in her heart that she was not that close to her mother. She never had the
chance to have a heart to heart bonding with her Mom. But as time goes by she
just accepts the fact that there is a part of her heart that is hurting and will never be
okay. She just accepts everything that happened in her life.

Everything happens for a reason and God has a purpose in every pain that One day, there is a little girl who is standing outside their house waiting for her par-
she felt. Life is short for us to worry about everything. Sometimes we can’t control ents to come out. After a while, she jumped as she saw her parents walking towards her with
what will happen and what we may feel. But we must be able to be stronger than a smile on their faces. “Let’s go?” her mother said to her. The little girl held her parent’s
our emotions. Be optimistic and live your life fully. We must learn to move on hands. They went to their church, they prayed and thanked god for the blessings they have.
from the things that will make us sad and hurt. God is good and He is still in con- It was their family bonding. She looked at her parents; she smiled when her mother looked
trol. He may give us trials and problems, but He will never give us that we cannot back. “We are so lucky to have you” Her mother said. Her father just smiled to them and
pass. The dream she had become her inspiration in everything. pinched her cheeks that made her laugh.

But it changed, when she turned 19. Every night, she would hear her mother crying
and her father shouting. So she will run to her parent’s bedroom. She saw them shouting
with each other. “Please stop!” She said to them with tears rolling down her face. It hurts
her to see them fighting because this is not the family she used to live with. “Go to your
room!” Her father shouted, she got scared when her father approached her. He pushed her
outside their room and locked the door. Then after a while she heard her mother shouting
and begging. She couldn’t do anything.

After a week she saw her mother leaving their house carrying a bag. “Where are you
going?” She asked her mother. Her mother just smiled to her with a tired face and kissed
her forehead. “I’m leaving, sweetie”. “No, I know it’s just a misunderstanding” she said to
her mom. Her mother shook her head. Her mother just looked at her and just left her with-
out saying anything. She cried because their used to be complete family was now broken.
ask for more. My friends envy me and my mom right now, because I could treat her sick-
ness and we love each other.

I hate her.

She always scolds me when I was little.

“Little girl come here!!!!!!!”

She forced me to study every night.

“Read this book, this one, I’ll be back so finish it.”

She read me wonderful bedtime stories every time she wants me to sleep

“Yes! The sipay will eat all those kids. Poor kids.”

She keeps feeding me vegetables that taste bad and washed me when I still
want to be dirty.

“You little kid! You should eat all of these, I cooked it. Do you know there
is so many children that are starving to death?”

“It’s already afternoon, look at you! You look horrible, my goodness.”

My mom is so nosy. She keeps meddling with me when I play with my friends, so
they teased me for being spoiled and loved.

“Hah! You are a baby girl. Not like us, right sister?”

I hate her. But not until the time that I am cutting her back. As I cut her,
blood spilled out. I want this to end!

My mom is suffering from scoliosis and I am her surgeon. I sneak her in my

clinic to perform her surgery together with my trusted colleagues. I couldn’t trust
her with anyone else. Because I know I am the best.

Her scolding made me tougher. Studying is my exercise every night. Those

stories hunt me in my adolescence that led me to love books. Vegetables aren’t
bad, it actually it helps to balance my diet. Good hygiene is my priority. I couldn’t
nods and sit down and get her food, the weather is so nice the fresh air is so good. There so
many foods at the box and there is a jar of cold orange juice the kids go there as they saw it
they look so tired because they play around at plaza.

“They keep on smiling even they are tired of playing, looks like they don’t mind if
A week of having ups and downs, twists and turns and an exchange of they fight because of a toy or someone teases. Those smile that they wear makes their bond
emotions this has been the start of what we called journey were it all began. Addie strong, well I guess because they are too young to feel what I really feel right now. I always
loves to write, she writes everything that is happening in her life even her imagina- think for solution but I didn’t solve, why are they just know how to fix everything? Are they
tion. For some reason she wrote something in a piece of paper and imagined that not worrying they were just stay for five minutes and then and they will run and play?”
she holds the time, “I’ m riding in a car and looking to those beautiful sightseeing
Someone taps Addie “What did your piece of paper told you? Bea asked me and I’m
and it makes me feel better.” Addie said to her cousin Bea. She smirked and replied
awake “What?” She was confused of what she asked. Bea just laughed and pointed her fin-
“I know that you wrote it already.” Addie laughs.
gers at Addie. “You know what its weekend have fun my dear! Come on! Don’t pressure
“I’m here again in this moment that I don’t want to end where I can do yourself.” She looked and it was a pillow, she’s hugging and throws it Bea.
things beyond my control. Thinking of what will happen next feels not giving me
There are things that we need to keep and we should let go, keep worry and it will
worry every move I take is perfect living in this place with beautiful sights that
just ruin your day have fun but know the limits. She goes to the kitchen and eat, her cousins
gives you a moment to relax. A tiring week will turn a happy weekend, I enjoyed
joined her in their house and talk of what are they going to do for the whole day. There
this moment with them, playing jokes with them and laughing with them their
were so many plans, they want to eat and they want to go anywhere. Suddenly they stopped
noise that makes me alive the whole time with them.”
someone is shouting “Addie wash the dishes first! And clean the house.” They all laugh.
Addie wondered why there are things that for others are so easy but for her
it is hard to let go, she realized that there are things that are not meant. But she
keeps on writing sometimes she stops and felt sad of what she is writing and some-
times happy. Bea called her to eat and stops what she’s doing she was surprised
that what she writes happens. All of her cousins were there making noise loudly
teasing one another and making conversation to what’s new in their application in
their phones.

“Wow! I couldn’t imagine what magic brings it to your life? Imagination or

reality? If this is a dream, then I don’t want to wake up but if it is not then let it be
for it could marked moments of someday. They were too loud that sometimes I
want to shout. But what will I do they are just children that’s want to express what
they want.”

As she was looking of what is happening she just look so tired and want to
sleep that’s why Bea told her “Come on let’s eat, for sure you’re so very tired.” She
nods I am no longer the princess that he said he will always protect. After that night, I don’t
have the urge to do anything. I just wanted to end my life. But then I realized, after that, I
looked up in the sky, and I saw a bright light, and it was God, telling me to continue living

Hi, I’m Stacey from New York and I’m currently studying at the University for He will help to surpass this.

of Massachusetts and taking up BS Psychology. Seems to be nothing’s wrong right? Every night it hunts me to the point where in I can’t even sleep. I used not to stay at
But here goes my story. home because it always does flash back in my mind. I contacted my sister not by blood

I came from a broken family; longing for a father’s love and mother’s ca- which is my best friend Lara Jane to allow me be with her in the apartment where she is,

ress. Way back then, everything used to be so normal. I grow up I get the things I near our school. It was Lara Jane who told my mom about this thing that I don’t even want

want, I grow up with a home full of love, I grow up seeing my parents genuinely in to discuss anymore. As usual, as a mom who was far away and been worried she then buy

love with each other. And as I continue to grow, things get far different from what her ticket way back home to be with me.

it seems. A home full of love turned into an empty one, my parents turned down One lazy afternoon, I was left alone at Lara Jane’s apartment when a knock once
their vows to God and finally separated ways to avoid breaking each other self. My again bothered my mind. That knock made me think of what happened, I began sweating,
dad moved out from our house and went to his so called new family, and my mom my hands are trembling and tears began to fall in my eyes until I heard the voice I am long-
started to fix herself again by going abroad to find a new work to fulfill my every- ing for, it was my mom together with Lara Jane. I run towards her and welcomed her with a
day living since my dad left us. warm longing hugs because I can’t even contain what I really feel inside.

Since that day, I live all by myself. I wash my own clothes, prepare and My mom immediately decided to file case and bring the discussion to the court so
cooked my own food; I am now close to adulting by living independently. But the that we’ll find the justice. From that moment Lara Jane came to share what she secretly had
life here is so poor and so sad. It’s just living by breathing and has no reasons to notice, something I just knew from that day. Every after class she always saw my dad hiding
keep going. Sometimes, I envy those kids at the park enjoying life to the fullest on the sides, meaning, he follows me until I get home, and I guess those were the times that
with their happy and complete family. How I miss being so stress free. I feel unsafe getting home, the feeling that there is always a thieve following me without

One night, I thought I was having a bad dream, and my dream goes like further knowing it was my own dad. She refuses to share it with me for she knows that there

this; my room is fully air conditioned and I wonder why the hell, I am chasing my is nothing wrong with it, for she knows my father has still the rights to see me, she doesn’t

breath even though it’s too cold, yet the feeling is too hot and I can’t even move feel any hidden motives for what my father is doing. It was the clue which made her feel

my body, and my mouth was plastered with a masking tape. Oh God, what is really blue.

happening? As I look at the side of my bedroom, with my only lampshade on, I see Finally, the court has sentenced my father Reclusion Perpetua or the lifetime sen-
a silhouette of a man, oh wait, a familiar man. I used to hesitate on what I see, but tence to jail for he was found guilty.
the man who’s in top of me, was really my father. Tears started to fall and anger is
Fast forward, years after, I am now contented living my life with my mom and now
built inside my heart, what a shameless man he could be, for the sake of his lust, he
an active youth advocate for the women who has the same case with me and standing up for
do not hesitate to undress me. He cupped my mounds, and sucked my core. He
their rights to have the justice that they really deserve. Oh, I am now a mother of two lovely
entered inside me with a forceful thrust. Unmerciful father, I despise him to death.
dogs, named Whisky and Jacques. The lesson here is that sometimes, home isn’t build with
He took away my virginity, and now, I will take away his right to be my father.
four walls, and a complete family because the one who’ve been the stand of our house made
me feel so HOMELess.
Zesta pretending to be Thena seduced Zeno to copulate with her. Thena and Xelene
came back right after the coitus end. Thena saw Zesta with her husband. Zeno then explains
to Thena what happened. With tears continuously flowing through her cheek, Thena says

A greedy young man named Zeno once came to the wealthiest kingdom on her farewell to Zeno. Zeno did not understand the situation. The white dragon abrupty

earth Burmont. With absolutely no knowledge about the kingdom except its wealth came and left Zeno astonished. Thena tightly hugged him as she stares at death. The couple

he dreams to be the King. He’s not a noble blood or even a citizen of the kingdom. burn into ashes with only their crown left on the floor.

In order to take a step closer to his goal, he tried to pursue one of the three daugh-
ters of King Darius. The three sisters all looked the same which makes all their
suitors left in ambiguity. Thena is the 1st born and the successor of the throne. She
loves the common people and fascinated by their way of living. The 2nd princess
Zesta is full of jealousy. The 3rd child of King Darius is Xelene. She looked up to
her sister Thena. There is one rule in the kingdom overseen by a white dragon. The
rule is that a man can only copulate with the woman he marries or else the couple
will get burn by the white dragon. Zeno was on his way to the castle when he saw a
girl which is about to get raped. He hurriedly saves the young woman. Their eyes
met and time suddenly goes slow. Zeno tried to see her face, but the young woman
was covered in bandana. The young woman swiftly left without giving her grati-
tude. Zeno step inside the castle to state his objective to the King.

He saw the King, two princesses and an empty seat. He told the king that
he would like to take the any challenge for him to marry the first born. The King
accepted his proposal. The challenge is to retrieve the egg of the white dragon.
While Zeno is facing the challenge, Thena came and take her seat. Zeno was dis-
tracted as he sees the bandana was on the shoulder of Thena. He almost faces the
same fate of the previous suitor, but his will is stronger which makes him succeed.

King Darius announces the marriage of the two. Zesta reacts with a grin on
her face. Thena accepted Zeno after his heroic act when he saves her. The two got
closer and eventually form feeling from one another. Xelene dislike Zeno because
he is a commoner and do not belong from this kingdom. Zesta saw this as an op-
portunity and ask Xelene for connivance. It’s been too long since Thena came out-
side. Xelene then ask Thena to come sneak outside the castle. The two went out
and Zesta takes the opportunity to continue the plan. She came to the room where
Zeno is idling around.
inside my head, I decided to give myself a chance to be happy and be with the one I love
even if our friendship is on the line. I took the risk and gave my best friend a chance to
prove that it is worth trying and to put trust in our relationship.

I can hear deep within my soul, whispers “why me? Why did this happen to Two years passed; we went to college, taking up B.S in Psychology because my par-
me? Why God?” repeatedly. As I drown myself into tears, I sat under a huge tree ents want me to take medicine after while my best friend took B.S in Accountancy, we man-
while starring at the shore of a busy lake at the center of the city. A girl with a aged to make our relationship strong despite of our personal problems at home and also we
curly, short hair sat beside me, gave a gentle tap on my shoulder, “Everything has go through a lot of struggles in our relationship. My best friend became more and more
its purpose, we will never know what tomorrow might bring, just trust and keep strict when it comes to my friends most especially when I went out with them. During col-
faith, we are here, you are not alone” she said. I glanced at her and saw her sincere lege, my world was stuck with my partner, what to do, what to decide and how to behave.
smile then without any warning she hit my head with his bag. That moment I real- Most of the time I felt, I have three parents and it adds up to my feeling of doubt about
ized that I have friends that are willing to help during the hardest moments of my myself, about who am I, and what makes me happy. But those feelings were masked with
life. my love for them, I want them to be proud of me, I want them to be happy no matter what

I am Kelly, Kelly Robins, I grew up with one goal in my mind, to make my it takes even my own identity.

parents proud because I am their only child. I obey my parents, from what to wear Three years more, we graduated in college and my parents were proud of me. My
up to what course will I take in college. I remember them picking me up right after partner and I celebrated with friends after the day of graduation and it was fun. As I think
class when I was in high school that prevents me to come with my friends but as I about those years, I have done almost everything in my power to make everyone happy. I
have said, I just want them to be proud of me and to be a good daughter. During gave and dedicated my life, my wants and needs just to make them proud of me and be hap-
high school, I had secret relationships that only my friends at school knew about it, py about what I have done. I gave my partner my love, support even financially and to his
and those ended because of unfaithfulness and those break ups did not just caused career, I was glad and proud but still there was something missing, there’s a space in my
me pain but led to my trauma of trusting people. heart that was empty and sad.

After heart aches, it made difficult for me to trust and give love again so I My best friend built a career right after college, I supported and gave my encourage-
have decided to just have different groups of friends, just hanging out and make ment with a thought that we are building our future together. Years gone by; my best friend
my high school days fun. Until one day, I received a text message from my best succeeded building his own path then suddenly I realized that I was left behind, I ended up
friend, a text message that makes my world spin in a slow motion with a big revela- with nothing on my hands, I did not have the chance to pursue medicine and just took part
tion of love and affection. At first it made my heart burst into happiness and mixed time teaching class, because of a fear that I might not be able to give my support to him if I
emotions because I really love my best friend and that I am just afraid to express focus myself on studying. I gave up my friends because he always got jealous of them when-
my feelings because I value our friendship but all of a sudden there was a feeling of ever he sees me having fun. My parents started to scold me for not having a stable job, they
fear in my heart, a fear of being hurt and disappointed again, a fear of unfaithful- even question me about my plans. My world started to go upside down, but still I focused of
ness and betrayal, a fear of being lied to again and most especially a fear of loosing giving what everyone wants, I supported my partner while putting up a business that my
my best friend if in case the relationship ends. After several days of silence and parents want me to run, and from those decision I made everyone happy and proud. But
avoidance of the topic, my best friend confronted me and told me not to avoid the then again, once in a while there’s a moment where I still question myself, why is it still not
topic and just decide if we can work things out. With too many questions and fear fulfilling? What I have become?
After a month of sorrow and pain, I have decided to go out with everyone who wants to
My best friend and I celebrated our 6th year of being in a relationship, we
have me on a date, most of them were served as past time. One day, I received an anony-
were happy and I thought he is the one that I can introduced to my parents, even
mous message telling about his heart aches and disappointments in life, I replied asking,
though in so many circumstances they will not approve our relationship. Until after
“who is this? I guess you got a wrong number.” Then the person called asking where did I
several days of celebrating, my best friend texted me “what if I want to try some-
got his number, then I explained that he was the one who texted and I just replied back.
thing else? I want to break up with you, I can’t bare this anymore I want to try
Few months later, I got a new permanent job then there was this guy who smiled at me and
something new” he said. My world stopped, it went silent that the only thing I
I noticed that he stares at me whenever I am busy. And then one day, at the cafeteria, the
heard was my heart beating so fast, I cannot breathe. After few days I discovered
anonymous number called, then when my cellphone rang, the guy who always smile and
that my best friend has already with someone else. At that moment I told myself,
stares, glanced at me while holding his cellphone, then by the time I answered the call, I
what am I going to do now? I have been betrayed again but this time I was be-
heard his voice then smiled at me and said, Hi!.
trayed by my own best friend who knows how painful I have gone through. I be-
Two years after, the guy who was unexpectedly I met, was the guy who is now making me
came depressed, most of the time I wish I was dead, there was a time I tried to kill
feel like the most important thing in his life. Despite of my doubts and fears, he showed me
myself. I have no friends, I have no one because no one knew we had a relation-
that he is sincere and he makes efforts that no one in my past relationship gave me. He re-
ship. I kept the pain by myself, and then one day I burst out. I tried to put myself
spects my decision and makes importance to what I want. And now, we are in our 1st year,
back together, I drink a lot, I went to school again then I went to the gym, I kept
my parents met him, my friends like him and I really felt his love for me. I wish and pray
myself busy and tired so that I cannot feel the pain, I had flings, I went out on
that He will be my last, that we are meant to be with each other, and I hope that he is the
dates with people I do not know, I was devastated.
one for me. There is one thing I have realized in my journey, it is to be who you are, never
I can hear deep within my soul whispers “why me? Why did this happen to
try to impress or make everyone happy, and you cannot find love, Love will find you, in the
me? Why God?” repeatedly. As I drown myself into tears, I sat under a huge tree
right time, right place and with the right person unexpectedly.
while starring at the shore of a busy lake at the center of the city. A girl with a
curly, short hair sat beside me, gave a gentle tap on my shoulder, “Everything has
its purpose, we will never know what tomorrow might bring, just trust and keep
faith, we are here, you are not alone” she said. I glanced at her and saw her sincere
smile then without any warning she hit my head with her bag. That moment I real-
ized that I still have friends that are willing to help during the hardest moments of
my life. During the time of depression, I still managed to handle our business, I
went to school to take my education units because I promised myself that I will
focus to myself and do what will make me complete. I went out with my friends
regularly, I went to the gym almost every day, I make new friends, I always make
myself busy but then during the night, when no one can notice I cried myself out,
cursing those who betrayed and lied to me. It was miserably painful and I know
after that day, when my best friend broke my heart, no one can ever make me trust
and love again.
This story was all about the girl and the family that have lots of challenges
It was a sunny, bright and orange tinted sky afternoon when the waves started to
in life but still trying to be fine, survive and to start a new life again. Actually I
crash and touch her feet. As I walk on the shore, I felt the ocean’s salt and air as it rubbed
don’t really know how and where I’m going to start this story and guest what this
itself to her skin. It was a good feeling, indeed. She remembered herself looking at a distance
story is my story.
and as the sun goes down, “I would never ever get tired of this scenery” she told herself.
One day when I was child, I admit I’m a little spoiled girl that whatever I want my She would love to witness thousands of sunrise and sunsets and that’s certain. The sky is
parents gave it to me. It was just like our family back then is pretty rich that’s why I now dark and the only thing she knew is that she’s still walking on the shore while thinking
became spoiled of that time. But then we encountered challenges in life, not every how it would be if she has someone to share this walk with. When she decided to stop tak-
time we are on top of the wheel. I’m the type of person that believes that our life is ing a step, she sat and made the sand touch her skin.
like a wheel that is rolling, sometimes we are on the top of it but sometimes we’re
“Hey” he said. He was tall, dark, and manly in every way. His eyes are so damn beau-
in the bottom. But this time we’re in the bottom. Our family encounter lots of
tiful; he has long lashes and amazing brows. He has pointed nose, pinkish lips and a beauti-
problem, our family business because slow.
ful smile.
When I was in Grade 11 my father became sick, he have a Kidney Failure.
“Hi” she said while being so stunned by what she is seeing.
He needs to undergo dialysis and that was so hard for us not just financially but
also emotionally. When I reached 18 years old our family decided that I’m going to “Alone?” he asked.

donate my kidney to my father, at first I was scared but then I always put in my “Yes “she replied; still mesmerized.
mind that this is for my father’s life. I attended lots of seminar for the people that
“Can I sit beside you?” he said hoping for a yes.
are willing to donate, that seminar tells what are the dos and don’ts that you are
going to do before and after the operation. Every night I was crying thinking what “How can I say no?” she said.
will happen next, I’m scared of the operation and also happy that I’m going to help They started talking, out of nowhere and so random. Who would’ve imagine having
my father’s conditions. a deep talk with someone you do not know, but they gave it a shot.
But one day my father decided to cancel the operation, because he felt pity He told her about his family; his dad is a engineer and his mom is a accountant. He
for me. The operation was cancelled and right now my father still continues his has two siblings; one older and one younger, both girls. He told her about the struggle of
treatment in a Dialysis Center, 3 times a week. That day of my life I felt bad that I being the only son and how hard the life has been to him. He also told her about school, his
ddin’t gave it to my father because right now he still suffer to his treatment and friends and his life as if they know each other for a long time. She just listened. It was her
that always make me feel sad. Right now my focus is to my goals in life and to help time to finally talk to him about her story. She told him that she was not allowed to go on
my parents. I want my parents to be proud at me and I want to prove them that this trip with her friends but she decided to still go, she called this ‘her escape’. She was so
I’m not a failure to them and I’m the one that’s going to help them in the future sad, devastated, and so lost. She just wanted to escape reality for a while.
when I became successful in life.
Then without knowing, they shared a long time sitting on the shore while talking
about their life. They shared so many life stories in the past , broken relationships, struggles
achievements and experiences, they lost the track of time. He stared at her like he
wanted to spend his lifetime with her.

While she looked at him building things that could happen soon; they both
build a future in their minds in just one night. I can still remember that day; the day when I was just a little girl crying in the darkest

Then one of her friends called her and said “Hey! What are you doing corner of the school. At that very moment of my life, I started to hate myself. I hate myself

there?” for being ugly, for being stupid and for being me. I hated myself for being insecure and
frightened. I hated myself when I shrink as I saw the school bullies menacingly standing in
“I was just talking to. . .” she looked beside her and the guy is gone.
the gates mocking my size and personality and it was really hard for me. It was really hard
“I wasn’t able to know his name” she told herself. for a nine-year-old girl who supposed to enjoy school with her friends but I thought that

“I hope it was real, but it wasn’t. What a sad reality” she said as she woke being happy is just a fantasy; illusion that will never turns into a reality. They will never ad-

up from a dream. mire a girl like me; a weird little girl who has no friends and nothing to be proud of with. I
am alone and lonely as I hold my diary. I was left and neglected but who cares? Who has the
guts to care? My world breaks down as I hear the long silence.

Why our society is composed of judgmental people, that when you're black you will
be labelled as ugly, low class and a non-member of society while when your texture is white.
You will be admired and love. Thus, most of them think that you came from a rich or be-
longs to a well-known family. "Mestiza eh" as what they say. Why they need to see the im-
perfections and not the good trait of one person. Why? When they say it's important for us
to express ourselves and when the moment, we make choices like what clothes to wear,
what toys to play with or activities to pursue, society try to define us. This is for girls and
this is for boys. They separated us neatly into boxes and anyone who doesn't fit to that box
will consider strange or indifferent.

That's what happened to me. I was labelled as ugly because my texture is black, and I
was judge being weird because I like boy stuff and when the time comes, that I couldn't
resist and stand by it any anymore I asked my mother Why most of my classmates see me
indifferently? "They are only jealous of you" my mother replied. But I don't understand.
“Jealous, Jealous of what?” There's nothing to me to be jealous with! And then one day,
one of my teachers saw my classmate called me into tomboy. I thought my teacher will save
me, that he will serve as my superhero and he will try to stop the bullies and send them to
guidance office to learn their lesson about their mischievous act. But I was wrong, He just
keep and remain silent as he continues to discuss the lesson. And If I would be given a
chance to talk to my former teacher, I would ask him why? Why didn’t he do anything to
help me or any of the other kids who were being bullied every day? But then, I
wonder if they even knew how to help or even if they understood how important it
is to help. They might think it's just being kids, but it's more. They could save
somebody's life.
A best friend is a person that will be with you no matter what happens, in good
I went home, cried and write in my diary. Perhaps, it would be nice to say times and in bad times. He /she will be there for you; a person that will act silly just to make
one day I fought back the bullies but I don't and as the time passes by, I was being you happy, a person that will risk their own time just for you. A best friend is a person who
dreaded thinking what they will do next. Everything becomes a big deal to me up will act like or love you like their own sister or brother.
until one day I was given up an opportunity to tell up a story and as I recite the
Let’s meet this two people who are best friend for a long time. It was a bright sunny
story my teacher notices my great potential in storytelling and eventually, he hired
day, the campus were crowded and full of different expressions. Mia and John were best
me as the new President of the story telling club. It helps me to boost my self con-
friends for many years, since they were young. Their family are friends so that they met each
fidence that I can do better and was found I am good at it.
other and they became close to each other. When they were child, they are like “magnets”,
And soon the bullied part of my life suddenly fades as I realized something. because they cannot leave each other and they are like siblings.
That being true to my self has been the hindrance to please others. That I work
Until one day, Mia saw John ignoring her and started talking other people. Then, here is Mia
hard to be someone who can make other people happy, but I was wrong. That no
alone, no one to cheer her up and lively again. Everything changed and Mia didn’t under-
matter how I compromise to some people they will never understand what I feel
stand why John started top become cold.
and what I was fighting for. That accepting the reality gives me a new level of com-
fort and freedom. Mia whispered, “Is there wrong with me? Why John ignoring me? “Why?!” She ran
outside the campus crying. Mia sees John happy with other people, and you get that alone
feeling. Like nobody likes you or wants to be around. She has gotten used to living by his
best friend, John. Mia and John were also classmates so they usually see each other and ig-
noring like they don’t know each other. It was really sad for Mia. Suddenly, the pain gets
worse, Mia start feeling depressed and angry. She started to not attend classes and ignoring
people who cared for her. Her family were afraid of what would Mia done, if John will not
talked to her and tell what happened to their happy relationship then.

On the other hand, John was worried because he didn’t see Mia in the class and in-
side the campus. Honestly, John ignored Mia because he doesn’t want to ruin their friend-
ship. John said, “Where is Mia? I hope she is okay.” Then Jack replied, “Bro, you should
talk to Mia so that everything will be okay. You will regret it, if you not start to tell your
feelings. If I were you, I will not waste the time.”

John whispered, “Maybe Jack is right. I should tell Mia everything. I do not want to
hurt her.” Then one day, John went to Mia’s house but he noticed that there is a crowd in
front of the house. John ran fast to ask what happened to Mia and her mother told him that
“Mia has stage 2 cancer; she needs to have her operation as soon as possible.” John
was shocked and falls his tears. It breaks his heart. He ran fast to Mia, he cried like
a child when saw the situation of his best friend, Mia. He said to Mia, “Why you
didn’t tell me? Why Mia?”
Majestie was reading a book and founding what story should she relate to her pro-
Mia: I don’t want you to worry because I know you are now happy with your ject. While looking at the book, she knew that the time was already 11:11 pm. She remember
friends and maybe you see something wrong with me then that is the reason you if you saw 11:11 you can wish of what you want, that’s why she closed her eyes and wish “I
move away from me. wish you’re here and hugging me”. There’s a boy who’s shouting her name on the outside of

John: No Mia, I have no intention to hurt you. I’m very sorry Mia, please forgive her house. “Maj, Maj, are you there?” and she sent back that she’s there and preparing her-

me. self to their date. On their eyes, it has a full of happiness, love, care, and sweetness on their
date and it saw like there has no any problem to their relationship. One day, Majestie where
Mia: No John, don’t say sorry. I understand you, and I know I am too much so
been in hospital and she knew to her doctor that she’s caring a stage 4 cancer on the heart.
that you do it. I understand, please don’t cry.
She felt scared, hopeless and weakness at that time when she knew of her disease. Majestie
John: Mia, I’m sorry. If I knew this before I would not do this that. The truth is, I- never thought to his boyfriend because she don’t want to hurt him because she will leave
I’m falling in love with you that’s why I stay away from you because I do not want her after 2 months. It’s hard to say that there’s only a short time to show her love to his
to ruin our relationship as best friends. I love you Mia more than a best friend. I’m boyfriend. Only crying on her bed would she only did at her case because nobody could
sorry I feel this way. change at all. Majestie call her friend Lara to tell her that whatever happens to her she would

Mia: It’s okay John, I love you too. I was afraid to confront my feelings because I took care his boyfriend. Lara has a hide feelings for Josh but she not do to confess to Josh

thought you do not have the same feelings to me as well. But now I know already. because she know that his a boyfriend of her friend and Majestie know all that. The time
and days goes by Majestie was not already told to Josh of what condition she have now. But,
Mia and John spend their time together. They do not waste every single
because of unexpected conversation Majestie accidentally say about her condition. Josh was
minute/day together. They show their love to each other and they make happy
shocked and feel guilt because he never know of happenings to her girlfriend. Two days
memories together. John did everything for Mia to express her love and care. He
more left before Majestie’s to live, she attacked by her cancer and the ambulance was faster
did not stop caring her and loving her. But one year later, Mia was attacked by her
to rescue Majestie. In the hospital, while Majestie’s lay on her bed she talked to her family
ill. She died after they brought her in the hospital. Everyone was crying and didn’t
and lastly to her love one Josh. “Josh, I love you” after that saying to Josh, she’s died at the
believe to what happened. They thought Mia is already survived cancer but they
time 11:11 pm on November 11, 2011. After 3 years, in the cemetery, “Majestie, If I could
were wrong. Mia’s family were happy because John did everything to make Mia
change all your sacrifices for me, I wish you’re not already gone and you are not in the heav-
happy and cherish every moment of her life. She felt all the love and care from her
en now, but I’m happy for you because you’re free with God. I want to change of what hap-
loved ones. They believed that it is enough that they made Mia happy before her
pened but it just for only imagination. I love you Majestie” and she look up to the sky and
death. A best friend that you can lean on and will love you until death. John shows
smile with full of love. By 11:11 am, Josh was on her bed while holding the picture of Maj-
that he really love Mia and he did not regret to love her because he is one of the
estie, there’s a tears of her eyes with slowly down come to her cheeks and she slowly open
reasons behind the smiles of Mia when she is still alive. And John always visits Mia
her eyes and says “I wish you are happy now and love as what we’ve started even you
in the cemetery, it is like she is still alive “Mia, I will still love you even you are now
wherein heaven now. I hope we meet again”
in heaven, you are still the one in my heart.”
and build my strong mind set and eager to earn their respect, at the first year there's a lot of
animals dressed like human in that school that's why I tell myself I need to earn their re-
spect, as I wanted through different fights proved myself to other bullies that bullied me on

My story began when I was a kid, my point of view about war is amazing grade school, we became friends and don’t bother me anymore. On my second year of high

and at the same time it is scary. As I watched different movies about war and vio- school, there is a bully that is so strong I admit that I’m afraid to him when we were in grade

lence, I saw the face of the soldier and citizens who lost their love ones even school and he is the leader of the packed that I mentioned earlier. The bully became my

though they are inside and outside the battlefield and the hatred that emerge when seatmate and always tripping me.

they saw the dead bodies of their love ones. I am amazed how soldiers face death One time I got pissed on him, we will have a fight on that moment but suddenly our
without showing fear to their enemies after they have been tortured many times. teacher came so we immediately stop it. Then when I got home I was shook that all of my
When I've watched those movies I think that the commanders and the heads of all cousins know that I had been bullied. They asked me why you wouldn’t tell me about it. I
war are the one who are needed to blame for all those dead bodies that you saw on told them this is my fight so I don't have a plan to make them worried. They knew it be-
the battlefield. I can't blame the soldiers who fought because they only follow the cause my cousins that is ahead of me and at that time I had a fight between a senior and
order of their commanders, they can resists because it is there duty to follow their classmate of my cousin ahead of me. After of all of those meeting I told them that I’m okay
commanders. and don't worry about me.

After I watched different movies there are only two possible outcome of a When I go to school all of my friends told me that why do I picked a fight on him?
war, you won or you die then after that I got a question on my mind, is it worthy to Do I know him? I didn't answer and I smiled, after that when I go to the front of his seat
sacrifice or get a life of your enemies for the goodness of your family or country? I he kicked my chair and asked why do you call for help outside and threaten me? I neglected
can't decide, then after that I realized that we humans could become a victim of him then after that one of his friends confronted me to have a fight. I neglected him either.
violence and hatred when we don't fight for our rights and freedom. The reason why I didn't fight them because I don't want to make a bigger fight because I

I was raised by a loving family and my family is respected in our town be- know that my cousins know anything about this, If I fight it would be a bloody battle. May-

cause my grandfather is a member of different government organizations as far as I be I am coward but I realized that braveness will lead a harm not only to you but also in to

know. All of the members of my family have a lot of friends around especially my your family.

father. The men of our family taught me that our dignity as a person should be After that the vacation comes in my mother go to abroad and she told me that she
preserve and live on peace but once our life is in danger we should protect our- would work hard to earn a lot of money and provide us and improve our life as a family.
selves to them and do whatever it takes to remove the harm around us. Months passed by and my mother broke up with my father because my father cheated on

When I was on grade school, I was thin and fragile; there were a lot of bul- her. My father did everything to fix our family again but he failed. As of now they have dif-

lies on public school especially on my school. I got bullied by my classmates who ferent life now my father had a new wife now and my mother had a different boyfriends

walk on pack same as wolves. I won't tell this to my family because I don't want nothing last but as of now she said she's single. After they broke up I didn't to my mother

them to be worried about my situation so I fought them even though I’m gapped, on that year and I lived at my grandmother’s house with my cousins.

as a result I always lost to them and few victories to other who wants to try me, I admit that I make all the possible things to be happy and forgot that problem easily
until I stepped on high school. I was enrolled to a catholic school but I don't ex- on that time. I’m always drunk, cut class and live not peacefully and alcoholic. I go home
pect that the bullies will also enrolled there, by that time I cam prepared every time late at night after attending different parties, but one time my friends go to our house and
drank a lot of alcohol, then even though I’m groggy I go to town market without a
t-shirt. They say I’m vomiting everywhere, suddenly inside the market there is one
guy that approached me, he is scary and I think he’s ready to kill. He is aged
around 40's tall thin and looks like he’s an addict. He punched me through my face
and placed his hand on his back. One of my friends hugged him then immediately One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight; it has been eight weeks without you.
I got up and run so fast. After that I’m on my way home groggy. One man Eight weeks with no conversation with you. Eight weeks of sleepless nights and blurry eyes.
punched me through my stomach and give a good fight with me I can't say he is What really happened between us? What happened to the camaraderie we have made?
the only guy beating me because as far as I remember there are two guys one of
On the 15th day of June year 2016 I met you. I don't even know that you exist. It
them didn't put on jail while those two were jailed. I was beaten by that guy I stood
was very hard for me to smile and laugh that time. I was never friendly. I don't usually talk
up a lot of time but I think they want to knock me out unconsciously. After a mi-
randomly. Your jokes made me smile and laughed really hard. I was never fond of having
nute my friends come all along and stopped the fight. And as far as I remember I
guy friends but then you came and suddenly I was changed. Maybe we have the same per-
run jingly on the road and suddenly I saw a guy, I run faster when I saw that he
ception about certain things that's why we clicked.
had a knife he rushed towards me I’m so afraid by that time I run to a forest or a
rice field near our subdivision. I am lucky that I survived in that kind of mess. My You were there whenever I feel sad and blue. In times that I am totally lost you were
family and my friends found me and I was put on the hospital. In that scenario I there to tell me, "everything will be alright. Pray, just pray to our Lord. Don't think about it
can say that I forgot my realization when I got bullied. I became arrogant that's anymore". After our conversation everything felt light. I forgot my problems and began to
why I've been beaten. I forgot my loving family that always supported me. I think smile again. You were with me through thick and thin, in those days that really meant a lot
I’m destroying myself because I've been hurt emotionally. The court favoured on to me; those days that we both made with smiles and laughter. We never argued. We never
me because I’m a teenager, what if I’m in a legal age? I think this incident would be fight toward some petty things.
dismissed because I’m drunk. Those guys were jailed. One thing came up on my Some guys came in my life but they always leave but then you stayed. You helped me
mind what if after all of these mess I've done they take revenge to my family? I saw find myself. You were there in every anger and rants I have. You never leave me whenever I
my loving grandmother crying when I made different troubles. In that moments I feel alone. You know me very well from my hair tips to the tips of my toe.
realize that all my opponents have a loving family too, who am I to hurt their love
I found a true friend, a protective brother, a strict father and most especially a
ones? On that moment, I know I've done a very wrong thing. In my story I think
thoughtful bestfriend in you. You were a complete package. You became a part of my life.
that all of humans here in the world have a freedom of choice. For me, importance
You now hold a special place in my heart.
of life gives the difference of human race compare to other. Maybe other will say
that you’re not a soldier you don't have any idea of war why would you compare it But then, there was a sudden turn in our friendship. You confessed to me how you
to your life. For me our lives has a different kinds of battle we need to win and we loved me so much that you no longer want us to stay just as bestfriends. I was out of words
are the commanders who will decide for whom who will wage a war. As a com- that time. I completely disagree with your idea.
mander we take care of our soldiers or decisions that we have in order to win the
I was very contented with what we have and I want us to stay this way regardless of
war. One mistake one responsibility, that's why we need to think wisely so we can
how much I loved you too. I never wanted to risk our friendship for just some leap of fate.
build a great and peaceful empire or our own family. In my story I can say that
I wanted to keep our friendship forever so I never told you how I feel towards you.
even though the commander was in pain, he will be healed with the love of his
You were broken, yes you are. I know I hurt you but then you would still smile and
family. We also need to forget our painful past to face a new day with a smile.
and build my strong mind set and eager to earn their respect, at the first year there's a lot of
animals dressed like human in that school that's why I tell myself I need to earn their re-
spect, as I wanted through different fights proved myself to other bullies that bullied me on

My story began when I was a kid, my point of view about war is amazing grade school, we became friends and don’t bother me anymore. On my second year of high

and at the same time it is scary. As I watched different movies about war and vio- school, there is a bully that is so strong I admit that I’m afraid to him when we were in grade

lence, I saw the face of the soldier and citizens who lost their love ones even school and he is the leader of the packed that I mentioned earlier. The bully became my

though they are inside and outside the battlefield and the hatred that emerge when seatmate and always tripping me.

they saw the dead bodies of their love ones. I am amazed how soldiers face death One time I got pissed on him, we will have a fight on that moment but suddenly our
without showing fear to their enemies after they have been tortured many times. teacher came so we immediately stop it. Then when I got home I was shook that all of my
When I've watched those movies I think that the commanders and the heads of all cousins know that I had been bullied. They asked me why you wouldn’t tell me about it. I
war are the one who are needed to blame for all those dead bodies that you saw on told them this is my fight so I don't have a plan to make them worried. They knew it be-
the battlefield. I can't blame the soldiers who fought because they only follow the cause my cousins that is ahead of me and at that time I had a fight between a senior and
order of their commanders, they can resists because it is there duty to follow their classmate of my cousin ahead of me. After of all of those meeting I told them that I’m okay
commanders. and don't worry about me.

After I watched different movies there are only two possible outcome of a When I go to school all of my friends told me that why do I picked a fight on him?
war, you won or you die then after that I got a question on my mind, is it worthy to Do I know him? I didn't answer and I smiled, after that when I go to the front of his seat
sacrifice or get a life of your enemies for the goodness of your family or country? I he kicked my chair and asked why do you call for help outside and threaten me? I neglected
can't decide, then after that I realized that we humans could become a victim of him then after that one of his friends confronted me to have a fight. I neglected him either.
violence and hatred when we don't fight for our rights and freedom. The reason why I didn't fight them because I don't want to make a bigger fight because I

I was raised by a loving family and my family is respected in our town be- know that my cousins know anything about this, If I fight it would be a bloody battle. May-

cause my grandfather is a member of different government organizations as far as I be I am coward but I realized that braveness will lead a harm not only to you but also in to

know. All of the members of my family have a lot of friends around especially my your family.

father. The men of our family taught me that our dignity as a person should be After that the vacation comes in my mother go to abroad and she told me that she
preserve and live on peace but once our life is in danger we should protect our- would work hard to earn a lot of money and provide us and improve our life as a family.
selves to them and do whatever it takes to remove the harm around us. Months passed by and my mother broke up with my father because my father cheated on

When I was on grade school, I was thin and fragile; there were a lot of bul- her. My father did everything to fix our family again but he failed. As of now they have dif-

lies on public school especially on my school. I got bullied by my classmates who ferent life now my father had a new wife now and my mother had a different boyfriends

walk on pack same as wolves. I won't tell this to my family because I don't want nothing last but as of now she said she's single. After they broke up I didn't to my mother

them to be worried about my situation so I fought them even though I’m gapped, on that year and I lived at my grandmother’s house with my cousins.

as a result I always lost to them and few victories to other who wants to try me, I admit that I make all the possible things to be happy and forgot that problem easily
until I stepped on high school. I was enrolled to a catholic school but I don't ex- on that time. I’m always drunk, cut class and live not peacefully and alcoholic. I go home
pect that the bullies will also enrolled there, by that time I cam prepared every time late at night after attending different parties, but one time my friends go to our house and
laugh with me even though there's something breaking inside. I thought everything
was fine but then you betrayed me.

You left me alone and mend your broken heart with someone else. I was
late. It was too late for the both of us. I lost you. You forgot about me and all the
memories we shared easily like 1, 2 and 3. You were not just the only one who “You know what; I had this experience when I was in Germany,” Her attention was
holds a broken heart but also me. immediately called on as her brother speaks. As usual she was just sitting in front of com-
puter writing an essay about the lives of those people, Filipinos, who have migrated in an-
It was true that "friends can break your heart too" because you did break
other country. She was already feeling emotional because the topic of her essay was his Aunt
mine. Friendship break ups are much more painful than relationship break ups.
who’s been in Canada for 10 years.
Though I see this coming, it still hurts.
She loves hearing stories from her brother because her brother went to different
My biggest mistake was falling in love with you; my bestfriend.
countries already at a young age which amazes her and made her feel that she was there. Her
brother only stays at their house ones a week and every time it was in their house he always
tells his once in a life time experiences. And with that she immediately paused and listens to
his brother’s story.

“I was on a train with my officemates which are also Filipinos and we were having
conversation in Filipino. Then suddenly a middle western-looking man approached us and
we were all startled because we thought that he was a terrorist.” Her brother then laughed.
She also laughed because of the way his brother mentioned that they were startled it was in a
very over-reacting way.

She thought that it would be just a funny story because her brother never tells them
unfortunate story in his travel. She was just laughing not knowing that the story would have
a bigger impact in her life.

“Then what happened?” She curiously asked his brother with a hint of excitement
on her tone.

“-We were talking ‘bout something then the man came to us and asked us how he
can get into an airport and so we answered him though we felt a bit uneasy because he really
looks like a terrorist with a large pack bag plus his strong middle eastern features.” As his
brother tells this she understands the feeling of his brother because if she were in his broth-
er’s shoes then she would also feel uneasy. Her brother continued his story, “What made us
even more afraid was that our awareness that Germany accept refugees from Syria-” As her
brother mentioned this she was taken back and her face turned serious as she knows that it
is different from the other stories her brother have told her.
“But what made us surprised was that he asked if we were Filipinos because
but still keeps on fighting to survive, those people who have lost their family and left alone.
he overheard us speaking our language and he told us that he ones works in a crew
The question that kept on haunting her was that ‘What happened to the refugee?’ and so she
ship and he had Filipino friends. When he told us about that our worries eventually
prayed for the safety and seek help to God for them to never give up and find a reason why
faded. The man then drops the bomb that he is a refugee from Syria and he has
they survived the war and still alive.
lost all his family because of the endless war. He had lost all his savings from being
a former crew of ship. The man also confessed and said that he is literally broke The morning after that night her eyes were swollen. She cried for a long time and
and does know where to go anymore. The money that he has during that time was could not sleep. She could not accept that she could sleep safe and sound knowing that she
just borrowed from a very far relative. The worst part was that he told us that ever will have a delicious breakfast with her family and continue going to school for her future
since he became a refugee he never had a job because there was not even a single while others, especially the refugees, suffers from the lost of loved ones and a place where
company that wants to hire him for he is a refugee and he was discriminated be- they can call home.
cause he came from Syria.” It is her turn to read her work. She stood up in front of the class with her heart going
She was just a girl having teenage problems. She has always been sheltered, to pump out from her chest. She never really felt nervous standing in front of class, not
never experienced the harsh-cold reality of life. For her giving her best in her stud- until this time. She reads her work and all her nervousness went away and all she was think-
ies and getting a diploma is the greatest problem which everyone faces. But then ing was that she felt satisfied that she share the story to her classmates and her teacher.
she was wrong. She knows nothing aside from things around her being naive of the She was relieved because she has made a purpose. She was just a girl living in a life full of
unfortunate things that her fellow human experience. She enjoys her right and free- love from friends and family. She could have everything she wanted, though she knows that
dom in which she only defines them in the shallowest term which is ‘to do every- she have to work hard for it, but the Syrian refugee story made him realized that life is more
thing you want’. than achieving your dreams it is about learning to love your fellow man. Learning to sympa-
After hearing the story her heart kept on hurting and before she notices it thize with them and appreciate the things that you have and never waste any of it with re-
tears were already falling down from her eyes. She felt powerless and weak. She spect to those who does not have anything.
wanted to help the man and sympathize with him but she knows that she could not She was no longer naïve because now she knows that there is a lot bigger hardship that oth-
do that. er people experiences and that if there is a thing that she can do for them especially these
‘I am not a super hero. I do not have any influence. I am an ignorant per- refugees she wanted to empower them and give them a life worth living. Help them recover
son always thinking that everything I am experiencing is the hardest.’ She had a lot and made them feel welcome in the human raise again. Put smiles on their faces and give
of things going on in his mind. Her heart was mourning for the innocent people them reasons to continue living and fighting through life as in this kind of situation only we
who have been caught up between the wars. humans can help one another. We are all created by Our Almighty God, given a heart, mind
and soul to help one another not judge and degrade one another. She prays for wars to end.
She finished the essay that she was making earlier and then she made anoth-
She could no longer stand being ignorant and willing help those who are labelled in her own
er essay regarding the story which she heard from his brother. For no particular
simple ways. She wanted to be stronger because there are people that are living inspirations
reason she felt responsible to spread the story to make people aware about the
such as the refugees because for her it would be unfair for them if she would just give up
situations of those refugees.
just because of small problems and hardship.
She could not sleep. She could not stop to sympathize with people who
have experience such tragedy in their lives and could no longer find a path to take
The announcement said that:

WHO: All The Students

WHAT: Family Day

WHERE: Mabini National High School

WHEN: August 13, 2017

That morning, I was alarmed by the loud noise of the truck roaring beside
our house and the scream of my aunt Glenda telling me to wake up because I’m I feel delighted on the way that I know that it was a totally exciting event for a stu-

already late for school. “It’s like you’re a turtle on that bed” she told me on a teas- dent like me and I felt being down because I got no one to bring on that day. First of all I

ing voice. “Sorry Aunt” I replied. I hustled through my bath and hastened my way got no parents to be with me, second my aunt is not fond of social gatherings. My head nod

on the table with the most cheap bread and eggs a poor family can buy in the down as a sign of my disappointment on my side but Jena felt my devastation and helped

streets of Quiapo. As I immediately finish my meal I hurriedly ran towards the me to go and eat at the cafeteria. She also treated me on the canteen because she knows that
crooked hallway through the broken door of our shabby house. As she followed I got no money to pay for the food inside the facility. I tend to refuse to her offer but she
me through the door, she handed me 20 pesos as my allowance for the whole day. insist to do so that’s why I didn’t argue with her. I am truly grateful that Jena is my friend

Although I do need more money for my expenses on my project, I tend to keep and not just fake ones who will abuse and bully me. After that, we came back to our class-

silent and do not tell it to my aunt because I know that she doesn’t have money for room and continue the afternoon class.
she don’t have a round of neighbor’s laundry yesterday. With that I wave her good- The final bell rang at 3:00 pm I said goodbye to my friend and hurriedly went back
bye and rush my way down to my school. home to help my aunt doing the laundry load she have today. As I trace my way, I saw my

As I walked through the sidewalk beside the Quiapo Church, a memory flashed aunt Glenda reading a letter with a sobbing look on her face. With an intention to comfort

back through my mind and I saw myself and my father walking inside the doorstep her, I slowly walk towards her and as I came near she suddenly flinched and stand back at

of the church. “Urghh, why did dad leave me with this life?” I asked myself with me looking like a shocked lady. “What was that Aunt?”, I asked. “Ah nothing, just my friend
loneliness beneath each word. Then I noticed that I was close to my school, I from the province wrote me a letter” she told me while wiping her face. I ended up agreeing

shake my head for me to clear my mind on the puzzle it just brought back into my with her to end the commotion and continue her laundry. That time I felt that aunt Glenda

head. “Hey Rina! Move yourself “, I heard my bestfriend Jena as she runs towards had changed somehow but I still don’t see why she was like that.I woke early as I don’t al-
to me and taps my back. We immediately make our way through the gates and as ways do. Feeling myself to wake up I saw my aunt wearing her favorite red shirt and jeans

pass through the school bulletin board I saw an announcement and as I was going which she was only wearing when she is going somewhere important. “Where are you going

to read it Jena pulled me and we entered our classroom. “Kriiiiiing”, I was waiting tita?” I asked. “To your Family Day, you little” she told me as she taps my head. I just re-

for that sound an hour ago, it’s time for our lunch. I was too hungry to listen to membered that it was Family Day that time and I never feel so excited for a long time. I
our homeroom teacher on the past lesson and I almost got a wrong answer on the hastened my way all through taking a bath and eating in order for us to get right through the
recitation earlier. Now I got the time to stare at that announcement I saw that time. school as fast as we can. And then I hardly noticed that my aunt was merely shy to face oth-

I walked through the front of the bulletin board again with my friend and saw er people on the event I felt too bad to force her to come but then she suddenly taps my

something that makes me delighted and down at the same time. shoulder and tells me that everything is going too alright and we better to have some fun.
We participated on every game we could join and make the best out of it. And not bragging
we became the “best family” as awarded by the school board. I never been that
on our day yesterday with my aunt, but I still get up early to my bed because she told me
happy since that day when my dad left his work and never came back for me. We
that we are going to clean the house because there will be a visitor coming along the next
ended up going home exhausted with the event but still laughing and sharing each
week . We just started from pulling out unnecessary things inside the house. There are so
other thoughts while walking. She advised me to get early to bed after eating my
many cardboard boxes filled with our things to compile if they are needed or not but before
supper because we are having a busy day tomorrow she said. “Maybe another load
that cleaned the insides of the house first. We’ve done mopping the floor, throwing the
of laundry”, I whispered to myself and head straight to our shabby kitchen.
trash, washing the dirty clothes and even scrub the walls of the comfort room.
Startled with the noise outside, I quickly ran towards the door and found
We felt so hefty and tired of the job we done so we had a small break before continuing the
my neighbors screaming with their obnoxious complaints about each other.
clean up As I sit through the bench besides the boxes earlier , my peripheral vision guides
“That’s a god alarm clock you know”, I saw my aunt sitting near the table sipping
me through a sight of a picture frame inside it. My aunt saw me looking at it and she
some black coffee she had just bought. “Yeah I guess”, looking at them with a
grabbed the frame with her two hands saying, “It’s you and your fathers picture before,
smirk in my face. My aunt told me to get dressed and I asked her, “For what tita?”.
How cute you are at that photo”. Intending to wipe away the dust, she inhaled some of it
“We’re having a small walk outside” she replied. “Uhhh? I thought we’re doing
causing her to sneeze really hard and releasing the frame on her hands. There were broken
laundry?” I asked. Well she just told me that she had a lot of load the past days and
glass pieces everywhere. “Don’t worry we’’ll just replace them” she told me. As she was
had spare money for us to make a day of relaxation. I think we really need that so I
trying to grab a piece of the class to assemble them, she accidentally cut her hand through it
just go with my aunt’s plan and do have a day off. “Two to Town Plaza please!”
and immediately came inside the house to aid it.
aunt told the jeepney driver. I just remembered that when we are still with dad we
always get to that place to hang out and get some bonding activities together. Well I continued to unravel the box as I wait for my aunt to get outside the house until I
enough of him, he just left me. As we get through the plaza, we head straight to the spotted the letter I think aunt was reading the day I went home early. With my curiosity
park. We walked through the side skirts of the park and eat some ice cream for barging in, I undoubtedly reach right through and read what’s inside it. I felt shocked, I
beating the heat of the sun. We sat on to a bench leading to a view of the sun div- stand back, I don’t know what to say. The letter I read was not from her friend, it’s from the
ing down through our sight and that scenery was total stunning to the eye. “It embassy. What definitely I hardly believed it was on what was written on it. My dad was
would be much happy if your dad was with us right?, she asked me. I was so dead! I couldn’t feel myself to move an inch, my tears ran down through my eyes and I
shocked with the question she had given me that I don’t really know what to an- could not even speak a word. A piece of my heart once missing had been found broken and
swer. She felt me broken with the scenario and said sorry for what she said. She sensed not to complete me anymore. My aunt saw my destroyed self-holding the letter she
help me to rose up and eat our dinner on the nearest carenderia we saw. I thought was hiding from me. “I really going to te..” I fainted as she was going to end her words. I
that night was done for but my aunt insists on to some place more before we head can’t believe that an I thought I hated is gone, gone forever.
back home. And at last we ended up seeing the fireworks near the plaza. I always I cried sitting with my legs on the rocky soil beneath me. My aunt embraced me to
wanted to see that lights since when I was a child. “Happy Birthday my girl” my secure myself try not to do anything unconsciously. A day had passed but still my tears and
aunt screams with joy. It’s my birthday? Maybe I just forget about it because of the sobs are still not fading. I faced my guts and talked to my aunt what happened. I saw her,
stress at school and roughly with my life. I smiled and yelled thank you as a sign of also devastated from the death of her beloved older brother. She also told me that the visi-
my gratefulness to my aunt that time. After all the happiness we had, we head back tor she was referring to was the people who will bring the corpse of my dad to the house. I
home tired and exhausted. I fell right through the bed the time we came home and don’t feel anything that time, not even starving or eagerness on going to school. My friends
help myself to rest for another day of reality through my life. My body was still are trying to visit me but I intend to refuse them from coming because I don’t want them to
see me like this broken, useless imbecile. That day came. I was alarmed by a knock
The letter was joined by another sheet of paper which came from the forensics re-
on the door and voices asking for my aunt to notice them. I knew that it was him. I
port from the death of my father. These say that he had been stabbed 15 times to different
really knew it. My tears started again to falter right below my eyes. I stood up and
parts of his body including bruises on his face and torso. He was found holding a paper bag
walked outside seeing a coffin my aunt was crying on. I head right through hear
between his arms lying in the streets full of blood; he had his wallet and other important
gaining my strength to look inside it and it’s true. My dad’s right into it, he was just
items gone declaring that the cause of the crime was robbery.
like sleeping. My tears can’t stop dripping down as I mourn to his casket. One of
the men handed me a paper and a paper bag before they leave and as I read it, I As I opened the paper bag that I was given to me, I saw a book that I was once really
knew that it was a letter from him. fond of when every time I wrote a letter to my father and tells him about it. My tears came
running to my eyes so hard and my sobbing became worse as it was earlier. I thought that I
Dear Carina,
was the one who is suffering, but I never knew that he experienced way more a father can
Hey, I really don’t know what to say to this letter. It’s been months since I wrote one to handle. I really wish he didn’t have to go that time. I really wish he was still alive right now.
you and I’m sorry about that. I miss you, I miss my sister and I miss all the memories we had. But it was too late, way too late. My dad is in his end rising up through the clouds looking at

I know that you really hated me this time and I won’t stop you from thinking that. I felt me right down through the sky.

bad that I can’t have money sent to you these past months because I met an accident at the site I Up until the day on his burial me and my aunt had are woes still intact. Each day,
was working at. I got my both legs broken when the scaffolding at the site dropped onto it. My week, month and years passed by and still I missed my father who loves me so much. “I
employer didn’t help me and left me alone with nothing. Unfortunately the company I was work- guess it’s only the two of us now” said by my aunt. “I know he’ll still be with us Aunt Glen-
ing kicked me out telling me I’m useless with my condition. I can’t even move for days and all of da, I know” I replied. And with until I graduated high school and college he became my
my earnings have paid onto the hospital bills that lead me to be homeless. I really want to give up inspiration on what I am doing with. Because I know and definitely hold on to is that he
my life that time but every time I close my eyes and wanting to kill myself, I saw your smiling face; was right beside me all the time.
my little girl smiling at me when she was born. I won’t let my only girl be alone when your mom
left us. Never!

With all of those unfortunate events; this turned me being a beggar and ask for help of
the embassy to take me home. As of my state this time, I can’t show any documents because my
employer took all of it. They say they will help me but I need to wait because they are processing
the route where my employer was. I was desperate to go home that time that I would beg on people
for coins to earn money and save it to buy you a thing before I go home.

I wrote this letter early so that you should know that I’m close to go home and live with
you again. It will be soon, so please wait for me okay.



and month passed, his teachers are also worried about him. Every time Alycia asked the
people who know Angelo where he is, they always answered “We don’t know”.

Until one student walk toward to her and tell where Angelo live in. She went to that
place but there are no people. Luckily, the neighbor of Angelo went out and said “there are
One Sunday morning, there is a boy who’s standing at the front of the no people in that house. They go at the hospital because Angelo has a serious illness”
church and thinking deeply. He didn’t notice that there is a girl who unintentionally
She goes to the hospital instantly. Finally she saw the room of Angelo. When she opened
bumped him and because of the impact, they both sat down at the floor. The boy
the door, they were all crying and Angelo is not there.
stood up instantly and held his hand to the girl. When the girl finally stand up she
says sorry but the boy didn’t answer back that’s why she introduced herself. The mother of Angelo asked her “Are you Alycia; the friend of my son?”

“Hi, I’m Alycia. Actually I have to go but are you all right?” “Yes, I’m Alycia” she replied

“Yes, I’m Okay.” The boy answer and still don’t have any reaction on his The mother automatically hugs her and said “I’m the mother of Angelo, he was

face. missing right now and we don't know where we will find him. Please help us we don’t know
what to do. Angelo has a heart disease; the whole in his heart became bigger. He needs to
“Are you sure? I’m really sorry; I didn’t mean to harm you. By the way what
have an operation right know but he’s missing”
is your name?” Alycia replied.
Alycia was shocked about what she heard. She directly go out and walk toward the
“I’m Angelo” he replied and he feel confuse why the girl keep talking to
church where they first met. She’s right because Angelo was there sitting at the front of the
her. Alycia smiled at him and already said goodbye.
It’s Monday morning, Alycia rushed to go at the University. When she al-
“What are you doing? Why did you left at the hospital? Angelo you have a disease
ready arrived in the school, she immediately went to the library and saw a familiar
you need an operation” Alycia said while having a teary eye.
person. She walked near to him and still remembering who he is until she realized
that it was Angelo. She wanted to talk with him but she don’t want to interrupt “You know what Alycia, this church was my first home. My biological parents left

him. Alycia sighted that Angelo didn’t know what to do because he carried so me here. I’m so lucky because my parents now adopted me. They treated me as they own

many books. She wants to assist him that’s why he approached Angelo. child. Also, one of the reasons why this is very important to me is because I met here the
person I love and that was you Alycia. I’m really sorry because when the time you said you
“Let me help you” Alycia said
have a feeling to me, I ignore it because I don’t want to hurt you” Angelo replied.
“Thank you but I can do this on my own” Angelo replied
Alycia didn’t notice that her tears were falling. She convinces Angelo to go back at
Alycia didn’t listen and still get the books to help Angelo. Since then, they the hospital but Angelo rejected it. “Alycia promise to me that you will take care yourself
are always been together inside the school until they fall in love to each other. and you will achieve your dreams in life. Of course don’t forget to visit me when you’re
already successful. I started my life here that’s why I want to end up here. Every time that
It was out of the blue, Alycia express her feeling to Angelo that she likes
you remember me, just go here. Please don’t forget me” Angelo said and little by little he
him but the boy didn’t respond and open a new topic. Alycia was offended about it
lean his head at the shoulder of Alycia. Alycia nod and she feel that Angelo started to close
but she think that it is better than Angelo will stay away from her. The next day,
Alycia was wondering why he didn’t saw even the shadow of Angelo. Until week
eyes and his hand start to loosen up.Years have passed. Alycia finished her study
and now she is work in a huge company. She was now at the church and smiled.

“Angelo, this is it. I already achieved my goals in life. I really miss you. You
know what….” Alycia said and she didn’t continue what she say because there is
someone who called her name.

She was shock because it was Angelo and she immediately hug him. Dorothy was a great dreamer. She’s never afraid of having visions very high. Since
“Angelo you’re back” Alycia said she was a kid, she dreamed of being an engineer. Studying became her passion, reading
books became her hobby. For so many years of all her life, she never experienced anything
“Thank you; because of you I’m still alive. I went to abroad and have an
but just drown herself into the pursuit of knowledge. Besides having brains, she has beauty
operation there. You made me realized how blessed I am in life. Finally, I saw your
and a very good heart. She was almost near to perfection. School, house, and church were
pretty smile again” Angelo replied.
the only places you will find her. She had her little sister early when she’s 11 months old,
Angelo knelt down and said “Will you marry me?” and she takes care of her as she was a matured person. To her family, she’s a blessing and an

“Yes, I will marry you” Alycia replied without a single doubt. They get mar- angel in disguise.

ried at the same church and live happily ever after. At school, Dorothy excelled in class but never brag about it. She always remained
humble. She graduated kindergarten at four years old and her classmates were all five to six
years old, but she was the highest honor of them all. But since Dorothy was only four years
old, she repeated her kindergarten years until she turned six and moved to Grade 1. But
teachers don’t let her move to Grade 2 at six so again, for a year she took Grade 1. By that
time, her knowledge grew even better. Dorothy graduated elementary as an achiever. During
elementary days, she only had a few but good friends. She’s being bullied a bit, but never let
that affect her studies. High school came and there she found new people that are easy to
get along with it. Her high school days brought her so many ups and downs, and that same
people are the ones who accompanied her all along. In that school, Science High School,
she learned to build a new family and experience a new life. Months after the start of their
fourth year, they needed to decide what school in college they should choose. With firm
decision and boldly attitude, she said “University of the Philippines Los Banos”. So with
high confidence and strong faith in God, Dorothy took the examination at UPLB. Her
mom supported her since the first day of review until the day of examination. At the testing
center, parents were waiting for their sons and daughters who were taking the exam. Until
it’s finished, students run towards and hugged their moms and said “It’s so hard.” “I can’t
answer all the questions.” And some were crying. But Dorothy got out of the room calmly
and faced her mother with a smile as she walked toward her. “How’s t he exam?” said
her mom. “It’s hard, but I will pass”, said Dorothy boldly. Months before the grad-
with her studies while her family goes on a vacation, but Dorothy wasn’t able to join them.
uation day, the UPCAT results came. Surprisingly and unbelievably, according to
Her family began to miss her but they need to understand it and didn’t bother her studying.
the result, Dorothy ranked third among the students who have taken that course-
Also, they know how high Dorothy’s dreams were; especially Dorothy will soon be a second
BS Mathematics. She felt so happy and even wrote in her diary that she feels like
year college student and will shift her course to BS Civil Engineering. There was once a time
she’s on top of the world. For the remaining days of being high school students,
that Dorothy came home from her dorm with treats for her sisters. They were surprised but
Dorothy enjoyed more. And the four years with her friends were spent more
just assumed that it’s to make-up for the times that Dorothy didn’t made to be with them.
worthwhile. The moments with them will be cherished as long as she lives.Before
Days passed and the whole family felt like little by little, Dorothy is living apart from them
graduation, students were asked to write something, an essay type about what they
that they really miss her presence to be with them.
can say for their 4-year journey at Science High School for their yearbook. Dorothy
entitled her writing “Fated Change”. Graduation day came and eventually they One day, a much unexpected event happened to Dorothy and her whole family. Just one
were all leaving high school, part ways and temporarily separate and go into anoth- morning, exactly the day before their Finals exam and when a University Professor contact-
er open door to a new beginning on a way to their dreams coming true. As usual, ed Dorothy that her request to shift course to Civil Engineering was approved, they all ex-
Dorothy graduated with honors and never boasted about it. perienced a very traumatizing and daunting situation. Dorothy woke up telling her mom that
her head is aching very severe. And minutes later, Dorothy was found unbreathing while
College year came. Though Dorothy didn’t passed her first choice of course
lying on her bed. They rushed her to the hospital and told that she had brain aneurysm.
which is the Civil Engineering, well at least, she’ll be going to her dream school
UPLB. She took BS Mathematics in her first year, and thankfully it has some units From that day, Dorothy’s family lived a melancholic, mournful life. Her high dream of shift-
that are needed to transfer to Civil Engineering course for second year. During first ing to BS Civil Engineering and especially of becoming an engineer all vanished. At that
year as a college student, Dorothy said that it’s the most amazing and happiest days moment they knew, they realized that it is why for the past days Dorothy didn’t happened
of her school life. The normal days in her high school became very different when to be with them, because she made her family be get used to be without her presence. That
she’s in college. August was the start of class and a month later was her birthday, is why Dorothy entitled her work on their yearbook as “Fated Change”, her fate changed in
September 11. Dorothy turned seventeen. She spent her birthday at her dream that instant. Yes, we dream for ourselves, but God’s will always prevail because He holds
school UPLB, and was very surprised because she didn’t expect that her special day our lives.
will be as special and extraordinary as it is. All her blockmates came up with an idea
to surprise Dorothy and have a worth it birthday celebration.

Not just because of her birthday that she enjoyed her life in UPLB, though
every week was “hell-week”, but that every week was completely fine as long as
Dorothy and her friends were together at their favorite spot, the library. There was
also a day when Dorothy and her two friends Dane and Doria joined a quiz bee
and won 3rd place with cash prize, they are called the 3D’s. Dorothy also attends
on a cell group where she met new friends. They do bible study and devotion that
made Dorothy be more religious and godly person and closer relationship with
God. April and May came . Dorothy became busier and more concentrated
June 2016 is one of the most fun memories I've ever been in since I became Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy who lived in the far city called Laguna.

a member of the ravens volleyball team I dreamed for a long time, playing with This girl named Mariel, she was an ordinary college girl that has a huge crush on her neigh-

them to the end. We tried many tests as an athlete's time when our enemy had bor and this boy named Marino. They studying on the same school were Marino was known

been in the morning for a while and then after school we were studying. With the as the “Campus Crush”.

help of my classmates I have passed my studies well, in every game we face in the Time pass by Mariel can’t stop her feeling and she confessed her feelings to Marino,
same way we fight it or lose any result as we fight with heart and dignity. on the she assumed that the feelings are mutual. She said that “I really like you Marino and I can’t
day when the NCAA arrived I was nervous because I knew that any athlete was stop this feeling anymore” but Marino answered her “I’m sorry Mariel I don’t want to break
dreaming to play this contest, on the day that I was opposed to De Lasalle Univer- your heart but I’m in love with someone and that’s not you and honestly you’re unattractive
sity I lost the game because of my nervousness as long as it reached the point of woman and you’re not my type”. After the scenario Mariel can’t stop crying and she rushed
blame I'm my team and what hurt speech I heard from my coach. I lost my appe- going home.
tite to lose my gaze on myself because I thought I was not helping my fans just
She talked to her parents that she will not attend her school and want to enroll to a
burden me. Some days I did not train and I felt it good. one day I talked to my old
different school but her parents didn’t allow her to enroll to other school her mother said
team mate, he said "why did you leave as a varsity of SPC in your dream?" I'm just
“why do you want to go to another school?” but Mariel didn’t speak because she don’t want
gonna take a breath. Did my old team mates talk to me and say you're stupid? You
to tell the reason why she want to leave her school and because she was ashamed on what
wake up in truth one mistake that you can even grow up with training and what
she did. Mariel continue her study at the same school but she make sure that her path will
dreams come to you. Until I came back and I returned to the Ravens volleyball
not cross with Marino because she feel unwanted and hopeless every time she remembered
team and they accepted me .the next day I played with them again "why I'm stop-
what Marino said to her.
ping and getting discouraged when I try to fight." my coach reassured my coach
and after this season he was my captain because his confidence was great and he She focused all her attention to her academics and to extra-curricular activities. Until
knew I could handle my team mates. The team captain is very heavy responsibility one day someone approach her and it was John, he was a transferee student from Manila
because it depends on the whole team I will encourage them to fight to the end. and he don’t have any friends that’s why he approach the girl sitting at the study hall and it
was Mariel.
There is the 2018 most annoying day as a captain of the last and final year
of my play as a Ravens Volleyball team. I have a lot of fun and lonely memories Time goes by they become friends and they being close to each other, they always
when I come to college. I learned a lot from the coach and my team, being brave got each other back and they look like a couple. Their schoolmates always asked if the two
and fighting with the heart and not being discouraged. The volleyball game is not a is in a relationship but they just laughed every time someone asked them like that because
sports game but it's a game with a brain that's not just the strength of the game but they used to it. When they are on the third year college, John felt something differently to
how to play a good play. thank you very much SPC for a happy senior highschool Mariel and he knows that it was not only a friendship thing and it was deeper than that but
experience all to stay in my heart. SPC to the end. he ignored that feelings. Until one day Mariel tell to John that someone asked her if he can
take her on a date and John became angry and Mariel have no idea why John act like that.
Mariel said “why are you acting like that? Did I say something wrong?” but
John didn’t respond and just leave Mariel at the cafeteria. It’s been two days since
the two have talked to each other no one will want to approach each other but
after that John didn’t take it anymore, he realized that the he was the one who will
be blame because of being immature and he also realized that he have feelings to
Mariel and it was not just a like but it was a love. He confessed his feelings to her
and he said that” whether you like it or not I will court you” Mariel shocked at first There were two best friends since grade school named Nicole and Dana. Since then,
because she can’t believe that her long time crush slash almost best friend will they were good friends; they shared things to each other such as their snacks during recess.
court her but after that she allow him to court her. They were always on each other’s during tough days. Every time that they have a vacant
time, they go to the mall just to be relaxed and enjoy every moments that they are together.
ime goes by they became a couple, they also entitled as the Campus Couple
On their teenage years, the moment came that they have the same crush on a guy. With that,
and they believe that love don’t need to force because it will come at the right time
their friendship has been tested not only because of having the same feeling towards one
and they both said “ unexpected love is the best”.
guy but also because of jealousy.

After that, they have realized that their crush is not worth losing their friendship.
Their friendship is more valuable than anyone. As a result, the bond between them became
stronger. After many years that they were together, from grade school up to high school,
they have encountered different people – new classmate, teachers, and even environment.

Dana met new friends that lead to the jealousy of Nicole. She felt that her best friend
had left her, that Dana doesn’t value her anymore. After seeing that her friend Dana is hap-
py with her new friends, she felt sad and shared her story to her mother, Nicole shared eve-
rything that she feels about it and ask her mother about what she can do with that. Nicole
didn’t notice that she cried when she was talking to her mother.

After weekends, Nicole had questions in her mind, she talked to her other classmate
named Jenireen and asked her about the things that she may do. Jenireen said, “Don’t feel
jealous when she met another friend, because the two of you was together many years, may-
be she wants to meet new people.” Nicole said to her best friend Dana that she is important
to her, that she treasures her like a diamond in which you will be afraid of losing. After that
talk, they hugged each other and Dana said that even if she met new people in her life, Ni-
cole will always have a special place in her heart.
“Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They
In a nearby hilltop, there these two people facing the city lights wondering about the
both shine when it’s their time.” - CAJSPIRITUALITY
fortune of future. Taking a break from the city’s crowded field and pollution, escaping
There is a girl named Shine. She's friendly, kind and bubbly girl. In her fam- somewhere, concerning nothing just merely breathing and eyeing the dots of scenery being
ily, everybody loves her. Adore her and gives what she wants. She's the only girl in spotted at their view. It was totally a bizarre day for the both person, they have been bom-
her family. She used to be treated like a princess. But after all the things she have, barded with tons of work to do, surrounded by incompetent people and gossips spreading
there is one thing that she wish she had, beauty. She's not that pretty, but she's not around like a type of bird with colored feather wings, which cannot make them productive
that ugly too. She's just an average girl. But she's not contented on what she has but sensationally exhausted.
right now. She wants to be someone she idolized. She always watch her videos in
For the mean time, they left and leave it alone at once…
the internet, she always visit her social media account. Whenever she saw a beauti-
ful lady, she always feels bad for herself for having a face like hers. She prayed at “It’s been a long tiring day of this week, what more to come this year?” sighing… said by

night and ask Him, why she doesn't have a face like them; a face that every women the troubled person.

dreamed of. While the other one kept thinking about the spirit he has to enact along, so that he would
Then one day, she realized the important of loving what we have. Almost primitively awaken by the outbreaks of every days yearning and absurd outburst. “How

every day, trying to be someone she likes. Buying clothes that’s in trend or en- could I possibly pass and move on from these particular days?”
dorsed by her idol. Every moment she tries to be someone she idolized, little by Both have been struggling and can’t refrain on saying things without limitations just like
little she realized that when the time comes that she became what she wants, she's bragging and dragged into their deep thoughts regardless of the situation and time running.
not the girl that everybody loves, she's not the girl that everybody adores. She will They were irrationally drawn as if being battered and drained by the instances they imagined
be a completely stranger; she might be the girl that everyone hates for copying or brought up with. But then, it’s like being in different field and shades of dreams gazing
someone. The girl who's not contented on what she has. After realizing that, she and being daze for a while making you feel disoriented yet been alive and haunted.
told to herself that. It's okay to idolize someone and makes him/her as inspiration.
Seconds, minutes, hours had passed till the two converse and relates with each other.
But, we still have to appreciate what we have. Just like her name, she will Shine
because of the uniqueness in her. “I hope, I can be like those and that…”

“I think it’s fun knowing what tomorrow’s will become, easily predicting things and events
so that I might avoid or correct my mistakes, granting any ones wish that upholds their fu-
ture” “ But you know and I know… it will not and enough, because I’m just this ordinary
person still looking up for the future with nothingness in my hands”… said by the hoping
and emotional one. “We want to make the future memory happen earlier than expected
But you know things comes with value and good memories were filled in a
while, when we least expected or wanting it to be in a hurry?”

“That’s the life rather that is life… which instilled a puzzle of mystery, yet
has the gift of present marked by taking up tests before partly learning it’s lesson,
having this oneness of confusion but certainly tapping and putting hands together
with acceptance of gratefulness ”… said by the sensible one.
A young man wished to marry the farmer’s beautiful daughter. He went to the
It seems that the two get along together, realizing the realization of reali- farmer to ask his permission. The farmer looked him over and said, “Son, go stand out in
ty… the life it brings, the dissatisfaction and disappointment that latter brought out that field. I’m going to release three bulls, one at a time. If you can catch the tail of any one
its more meaning. The love and affection without weighing its hidden secrets, how of the three bulls, you can marry my daughter.” The young man stood in the pasture await-
astonishing it could be just like the dawn’s amazing beauty. ing the first bull. The barn door opened and out ran the biggest, meanest-looking bull he
had ever seen. He decided that one of the next bulls had to be a better choice than this one,
so he ran over to the side and let the bull pass through the pasture out the back gate. The
barn door opened again. Unbelievable! He had never seen anything so big and fierce in his
life. It stood pawing the ground, grunting, slinging slobber as it eyed him. Whatever the next
bull was like, it had to be a better choice than this one. He ran to the fence and let the bull
pass through the pasture, out the back gate. The door opened a third time. A smile came
across his face. This was the weakest, scrawniest little bull he had ever seen. This one was
his bull. As the bull came running by, he positioned himself just right and jumped at just the
exact moment. He grabbed… but the bull had no tail! He was surprised. "How can I get the
tail of this bull, if there is nothing to get?" the man asked. "I gave you a chance, but you let
them passed. And now it is your fault that you did not make it. You did not won" the father
answered. Then, after the task, the man failed to achieved his goal and did not marry the
woman that he wished to marry.

Moral Lesson: Always take the opportunities that are coming, because sometimes
these opportunities might be the one that fits for you. I am not saying that waiting is bad.
But, those opportunities might not come to you anymore and at the end you may regret it.

"Value the things that you have, before it became what you had."
There was a little girl lived in happy family full of laugh and love, she was
spoiled in everything especially when his dad come home from work. His dad ful- A girl name Ana lived in a Small City in New York she is the only girl in the family.
fill her needs, bought some dolls, clothes also as her personal needs, her siblings Her father raise her with a strong personality. She grew up being a dependent type of per-
was jealous because they feel that they don’t love them. Days past, 4am in the son, before she do a certain thing she must consult it with her father even the person that
morning the girl wake up and go to the bathroom suddenly while she was walking she will love.
she saw a body laying down in the kitchen; her daughter named Tania yelled and
On March 24, 1999 Ana celebrated her !8th birthday and his dad introduce to her a
everyone was awaken. Her favorite daughter was crying on her side, also her mom.
man named Alex. Her dad said that he will marry that guy. Ana did not agree to his father
And their sons and daughter are still shocked on what happen. Out of nowhere
decision but she have nothing to do but to accept the thing that her dad wants. She said to
Tania spoke and said “I’m worried about my daddy’s condition I hope my dad will
her father that if it’s the thing the he will be then happy she will say yes.3 months after Ana
be fine soon as possible”.
got married to Alex. Her husband love her so much and Ana try her best to give the love
Three days ago the doctor need to operate the brain part of her dad because of that his husband deserves.
bleeding. The gravest flow while he was confined in the hospital was the internal
But after 3 years they don’t have a child yet and she realized that in the past years
hemorrhage . The little girl Tania was crying and worrying all night how she always
with Alex she doesn’t feel any happiness that a wife must feel. She decided to make an an-
pray that her dad will survive, she told that “I don’t want to lose my dad”
nulment with his husband. Alex agreed to her wife decision.Ana look for the best time to
One week passed he was still on the hospital. Her dad was still sleeping like an said it to his dad and when she told it her father didn’t agree to her decision. Ana left her
angel, so she left and acted like nothing happened. The little girl whispered in his dad with a heavy heart feeling. She feel depressed this time. Ana have a car accident after
ears: her dispute with her father.

“I know you are tired if you want to take rest I will accept it in my whole heart I love you” the The wrist was fractured, shoulder and collar bone were fractured her whole rib cage
little girl saw tears falling down on the eyes of her daddy. After a few seconds, got fracture and because of this the lungs and the liver were injured. She couldn’t breathe
there was a little butterfly flew into her hand. she lost urinal control. Her doctor said that time will come her whole body will become

Tania said “I love you till your last breath, see you in heaven”. paralyze. The doctor also said that if this will happen she cannot give birth to a child any-
more. This time she feel lost. She questioned herself why she even alive. After this her
mother told her that God has a bigger plan for her. She had many surgeries to heal her
wounds. After many years of having surgery doctor said that it has a small possibility to
become paralyze because some of her fractures are healed. This time she decides to give
colors in her life. She decided to fight her fears. She started sharing God words even she
cannot use her feet anymore. Ana said t hat others may see her disability but she saw this as
as her ability. This time she give colors in her life through showing to all the people
that all of us are lucky to the things that we have experience without any pain in
our life. Ana has always a reminder to all the people around her she said that we
must live our life fully, accept the way you are, be kind to yourself then this time
you can be kind to others. Trials in her life became her more stronger.

I remember it so clearly that it indicated the impact it had on me at that time. Our
loving family dog was nearing the end of his life and was in obvious distress. My father, in
an effort to help him, picked him up to put him in a little bed we had made for him. Our
dog, my buddy, who we had cared for, and nourished, and given many hours of loving care
to, bit my father when he attempted to help him. How could he? I thought. Why? I couldn't
understand it. I remember how for a short time, I didn't like him anymore.

I hadn't thought about that story in a long time but something happened last week
that brought it back to me. I went to speak with an acquaintance, a neighbor. Not really a
friend, but most certainly someone with whom I had always enjoyed speaking with. When I
knocked on the door, I was met in an instant with a scowl and a few harsh words, a few of
which contained 4 letters. When the door was slammed in my face, I kind of stood there
shocked, and in a rush, I was reminded of how my dog had bitten my father those 20 years
ago or so. (Ok, so it's a few more than 20). What brought that story back was that same
brief feeling of betrayal.

So, why am I telling you this? It is because both stories taught me something the
next day. You see, when I got up in the morning and was told my dog had died, it became
clear to me that he must have been in incredible pain. For him to have bitten, surely what he
must have considered to be, a family member, he could not have been himself. Much the
same for story number 2 when I learned that the person's spouse had just left them.

This is where I point out that we are all critters of our environments, of our percep-
tions and feelings. And all of those things can cause you to say, (and bite people) and do
things that seem inexplicable to those not immersed in or having knowledge of, the same
environment. If I may be so forward as to offer a little bit of advice (I usually do, don't I?) I
would ask you to pause and think before speaking or acting should you encounter someone
someone either behaving out of character or acting in a way that doesn't seem to fit
the situation. Extend your hand and your patience when you think it least possible
to do so. Reflect and ask yourself if your actions or words are meant to help or
exacerbate a situation about which you may know nothing. You may turn around a
story that had a sad ending, simply by YOUR actions.

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.


Many years later


Legend says that travelers who climb mountain Ebo will never be able to come back


Meanwhile on the surface...

"Hmm, so. If you climb up to this mountain, you'll never be able to comeback. This
is interesting." said a male child named Chara while reading a history book.

"What if I go there and test it for myself? I'm sick of this, I want to end it all. My
life's nothing but shit. Maybe this mountain is the answer!"

"Humans are just the worst, worst than the monsters they've fought. They deserve to
die as well. Maybe I could use the monsters power to get revenge!" Chara said while smirk-

The night after, Chara sneaked out of his home and ran towards the mountain alone.
The mountain was full of trees and grass, with a large hole on the bottom of the land, he
saw a light piercing through the hole.
"So this is Mt. Ebo, ain't that scary at all. Huh what is this?"
"Yeah, I heard that story. It is miserable, I am so mad you know."
Chara was confused and walk closer to the hole when he suddenly tripped
"They why save me? I'm a human after all."
over a huge root and fell into the hole.
"Don't worry I didn't saved you, I'll tear apart your soul and eat it!"
"You stu-"
"A-aw, the heck was that? It hurts."
"I'm just kidding! Relax mr. I know humans are like the worst but you were not alive
While Chara was enduring the pain from the fall, he saw a shadow figure of
back then, it's not your fault. Anyway, eat that pie you need strength."
a goat walking towards him.
The goat kid then turn around and started to walk outside the room but then he was
"W-who are you? Show yourself!"
stopped by Chara.
"O-oh, a human. Are you alright? It looks like you're in pain." says the kid
"Wait, what's your name?" Chara asked.
goat while looking straight at him.
The goat kid stops and turn around with a smile.
"Obviously it hurts what are you, stupid?"
"Asriel Dreemur, the name's Asriel Dreemurr"
"Hahaha, you are hurt. Here let me help you."
Then the goat walks toward Chara and helps him stand up.
A week after the fall, Chara is now fully healed and met a lot of monsters under-
"W-what are you doing? I don't need your help."
ground, asriel and Chara were like a family, they only have themselves.
"Don't move so much, you're making it much more severe."
Asriel, thought of Chara as his brother. Asriel never had a friend before Chara came,
Chara couldn't say anymore words to the goat and let it help him. While he Chara was his everything. Everything that Chara does, he'll follow him. CHARA BECAME
was being carried by the goat he fell asleep. HIS WORLD.

HOME - Underground They were happy, their soul were happy. They only had each other then suddenly

"My head hurts, what is this? Where am I?" Chara woke up and found him- some incident happens.

self in a different place, a home to be exact. He's laying down on a bed a found a "Uh, Chara what are you doing?" Asriel asks.
pie beside him.
"Well, this is a buttercup flower. I love the smell of it and so I put something in it.
"Hey you're awake, how are you feeling? There's a pie for you to eat. Don't Here Asriel, smell them. So good!"
worry it's not poisonous." Says the goat kid with a smile.
"You're right, it smells good. Where did you found it?"
"You, where the hell am I? Tell me!"
"To the place where I fell, I was just wandering around then I suddenly found this."
"You're in my world, the monster world. And this is my home Mr. you're
"Oh I see, what did you put in that flower?"
being treated so don't move too much."
"Hmm let's say I put some flavoring in it." Chara smiles at Asriel and ate the butter-
"You mean the legend was true? That you fought us humans and were defeated?"
cup flower. "This tastes good! Asriel you should probably tas-" "Chara?! What happened?!"
"I-I can't breath, He-help me."
"Chara, why? Why did you do that?" asriel said while crying. "I have to kill myself
"I'll get some help Chara, HELP SOMEBODY! HELP US!" Asriel, I didn't tell you why I fell here in the first place. I hate humans Asriel, I hate them so

Chara suddenly black out. much I am ready to kill myself and use your power and mine to kill them all. And now you
have my soul, we are now unstoppable! We can eradicate this world and move on to the
next!"Asriel felt something burning inside of his body, the determination of Chara was over-
"U-ugh." Chara woke up and found himself in their room while asriel was powering him trying to control his body. "So you planned this all along? What am I to you
fixing his medicine. Chara?"'"You're the most important piece to my plan! And now that we're here in the sur-

"Ch-chara? You're alive! You made me so worried! Why did you put a poi- face, everything is going well according to my plan! Now Asriel, let me control your body!"

son in that flower?" Humans saw Asriel while holding Chara's body, they thought the monster killed the human
and they started to run towards Asriel ready to kill him. "Humans! Asriel you have to let me
"Asriel, *coughs* I... I don't think I'm going to live any longer." Chara said
control you or we're both going to die!"
with a smile.
The humans are almost there to kill Asriel but Asriel stood up preventing Chara to
"He-here Chara, drink this! Don't say such nonsense! You're going to live!"
control him. "No! I won't let you kill anyone! If you're going to kill anyone I'll let myself die!
"No Asriel, Stop. I ha...have one more re...request for you to do..." "The humans then stabs Asriel in the heart, where Chara's soul was. The blood is dripping
all over Asriel's body, he lay down next to Chara's dead body and held his face one more
"Chara... Pl...please stop saying that..."
time. "Asriel! What have you done!" Enraged, Chara shouted at Asriel, he laughs while
"I need you to take m-my soul and bring my body to the surface, put my bo coughing out blood."Chara, when I first saw you I thought you were just like me, alone, you
-body on top of the bed of flowers a-and leave me there. O-okay?" have no one. You're a human yet I saved you because I know you've done nothing wrong.
"Bu-but Chara!" It's funny because I thought We'll grow up together, I don't need anyone Chara, I only need
you."Asriel started to cry while enduring the pain and he continues. "Did you know why I
"Goodbye Asriel, No matter what you decide to do from here on out, you
kept you in the underground Chara? Because you're the only one who's fun to be with,
never have to forgive me - I will always love you."
you're the only one who understands my pain, my loneliness . That's why." He then closed
"CHARAAAAAAAA!" his eyes while smiling. "You are my world Chara, I only have you. You're a human yet you're
And that time Chara his only friend, his world, his everything, died on his the one who understands me. That's what I thought. He coughs blood. "You were just using
arms. He hugs the body tightly and he then sees something glowing, Chara's soul. me, but that's okay, I love you Chara. It's fine if you used me before you completely die. We
It's as red as the blood. could die together at least. In the end your plan failed, and I was the one who stopped you."

Asriel then absorb the soul of Chara, strong enough to get past the barrier One last drop of tears and blood.
that separates the surface and the underground. He carries the body of Chara and "Goodbye Chara."
brought him to the surface, as what the human wished Asriel found a bed of but-
"Goodbye Asriel."
tercup flowers and lay the body on top.
"Thank you, Asriel." the soul inside of Asriel speaks to him.
Once there was a girl named Stephanie who is studying at St. Paul Universi-
On a one moonlit evening with the coffee steaming in the window – it was indeed a
ty, she is just a normal student like the others. She has never been in love because
cold night. The valiant smoke that was generously makes the moon. The moon’s gentleness
she always thinks that boys are cheater until he met a boy named Claude. Claude is
and boldness – she could feel it. The two existing thing left alone.
a basketball player; he had been stalking Stephanie for a year. He has been sending
gifts to Stephanie with a note “Will you be my date?”Stephanie found out that he The coffee stares at the moon at the very moment of its existence. The coffee, she
was the one sending those gifts so she confronted him. But Claude said that it is could tell everything to it, her story, unspoken words and unread poems; the lightest and the
his friend who just asked favor to send it. Stephanie is not convinced so she con- darkest through the coldness and sweltering corner of hers. The coffee that is willingly spent
tinued to investigate and she got mad of Claude because she knows he keeps on the whole night watching and admiring its perfections unceasingly.

Until the JS Promenade happened, Claude gave her a bunch of flowers and One night, the coffee told the moon:
a teddy bear; they danced all night and acted like there is nobody else in that party.
“you are made imperfectly perfect, you are tough though
At exactly 12 AM, Claude asked Stephanie to be his girlfriend and the answer is
yes. He also said he was sorry for lying and promised to never lie again. The lovers living a life alone you are still shinning even the world of yours
both graduated in St. Paul University, Stephanie graduated as Magna Cum Laude are cruel that you are just being you even you were at the
while Claude graduated as Cum Laude. They got married after 7 years of being in a
amidst of the darkness ”
relationship and they now have two kids named, Claude Stefan and Clouie Seve.
They both worked hard while they are still studying that’s why they achieved their
goals in life together through God. Their fa
The moon looked down and ask the coffee “Do you wanna know my story? ” and
the coffee nodded and the moon continue...

“ Do you see the stars above? Those are my tears , have you ever watched a beautiful
meteor shower? those are my broken pieces –the pain I kept for so long that just burst out,
have you ever notice when me and clouds collide? That’s the time I hid myself for wanting
to turned into a puff of smoke and just disappear and forget my existence. No one will care,
no one will notice. I am alone. I am nothing, I Thought. ”

Those are the times when the moon wants to get vanished, the time when he is living
on his unknown existence, he can’t even see his own light, he doesn’t even know who he is.
living on his unknown existence, he can’t even see his own light, he doesn’t even
know who he is. The moon was happy living with some other moon in their
world; they have the brighest and the happiest world though sometimes there is
something in him asking “Am I really happy? ” even the spontaneous definition of
it can’t even answer, knowing that there is a big part of him losing. The moon then
became cold, fierce, heartless and fragile. The moon isolated himself searching for
his own; he walked and he walked through his journey until one unexpected even- On a one moonlit evening with the coffee steaming in the window – it was indeed a
ing he suddenly felt the warmth in a place; its comforting and he felt the easiness in cold night. The valiant smoke that was generously makes the moon. The moon’s gentleness
that moment so the moon stayed and he’s unaware that he didn’t leave that place and boldness – she could feel it. The two existing thing left alone.
The coffee stares at the moon at the very moment of its existence. The coffee, she
It was the moment that the moon longing for so long. His lonely long walk could tell everything to it, her story, unspoken words and unread poems; the lightest and the
has been paid off. The moon realized that through his journey he finally found darkest through the coldness and sweltering corner of hers. The coffee that is willingly spent
himself, his purpose, the every reason of his existence. The moon gives light in the the whole night watching and admiring its perfections unceasingly.
darkest night and gives life to the people who feel hopeless by facing darkest epi-
sodes of their lives. Moon is the source of light and hope. And telling this story of
One night, the coffee told the moon:
him comes up to a new purpose – the moon wants people to realize that there is
no light without darkness walking through the darkness is okay as long as you “you are made imperfectly perfect, you are tough though
know that you – You are the light of your own journey, you just have to believe in
living a life alone you are still shinning even the world of yours
you self that no matter how dark the paths you are going to face keep in yourself
that there is one existing thing that is shining though it can never be visible in the are cruel that you are just being you even you were at the

naked eye but it can be felt inside. The moon opens up his eyes, looked down and amidst of the darkness ”

“ and now I found you … you help me see the beauty in me ,You help me
The moon looked down and ask the coffee “Do you wanna know my story? ” and
see the vividness,In this world full of darkness ,You gave me enough warm to for-
the coffee nodded and the moon continue...
get the coldness ,I have before. ”
“ Do you see the stars above? Those are my tears , have you ever watched a beautiful
Looming to end the story the coffee looked up and smile and the valiant
meteor shower? those are my broken pieces –the pain I kept for so long that just burst out,
smoke blowing up loomed to hug the moon in the sweetest up to the warmest
have you ever notice when me and clouds collide? That’s the time I hid myself for wanting
comfort he can feel.
to turned into a puff of smoke and just disappear and forget my existence. No one will care,
no one will notice. I am alone. I am nothing, I Thought. ”

Those are the times when the moon wants to get vanished, the time when he is living
on his unknown existence, he can’t even see his own light, he doesn’t even know who he is.
is still there and the question “why they’re doing this to me?” She stops thinking about it
and instead, she cherished the moment and the people around her.

She learned to keep the people around her. She learned that “People come and go.” And
there are people who are a blessing and there are people who give us important lesson. She
realized that events happen often to us because we keep on running away instead of facing
There was a girl; she’s being bullied because she’s one of the boys. She pre-
ferred being friends with boys because they’re not sassy and they’re honest. And
one day, she chose to leave them behind without a word because she wants them And also, she realized same things keeps happening because we haven’t learned yet.

to be safe from rumors. That time she’s a pessimist because everyone judges her Then, she starts to walk the path she chose. Maybe the trials were too tough for her. But

because she’s one of the boys. She’s crying every night and no one knows except still, she managed to surpass it and learned to forgive and love herself because of it. She

God. Because of her sorrow, she pushed away everyone who believes in her be- learned that painful sacrifices were also part of the lesson she needs to learn. To be a better

cause she was scared to trust them and she thinks that everyone might leave her. person she used to be.

She’s in her vulnerable state but still, she managed to push them away be- She always calmed herself and thinks about it when she made a mistake. She doesn’t

cause she doesn’t want to be attached to anyone. She thinks that it’s better to be let her emotion to drag her down and instead, She’s thinking about people she cherished

alone because in the end of the day everyone might leave her eventually. Every- and she treasured saying “You can do it even though it’s too tough.”

thing is nothing but dusk. In the classroom, even outside their house; she’s being Without realizing it, she matures and bloomed like a flower. She remembers every-
judged. thing like it was yesterday and she shared this story to others. She’s neither happy nor sad.

She feels tired but she can’t sleep. She’s stuck in reverse. The tears stream Her life is going smooth since then. And that’s “A twist in her story.”

down her face. Because she lost something she can’t replace. And because of that
she gave up and she wants to be gone. Two years later, she’s still there.

She began to change herself not for herself but for her future. She even
managed to surpass those trials after 14 years. She tried to keep her chin up. She
became friendly, she talks with everyone. She changed into something opposite of
her former self. Before she’s a pessimist and now she’s an optimistic person.

She said to herself, “if I let them drag me down it feels like I let them prove
that they’re right.” She succeeded to prove them wrong. She thinks that her success
pisses off those people who wanted to drag her down. Everyone started to like her
and everything starts to change for her. She managed to have friends. Her teachers
and other people started to admire her.

She’s always smiling unlike before. It’s like a dream for her but it is true.
Despite the fact that she’s happy and she can do everything she wants , the pain is
Next day, they planned on going to the park and have picnic. Morky looks dashing
as he came and fetch the girl. During the picnic, he shares jokes and make her laugh out
loud. They play around with kids and take pictures. Morky is happy when he is with her. He
knows what are the right words to say. He knows how to make her happy. Lastly, he knows
how to protect her. Before their picnic ended, they had a deep talk then they walk separate
“What a beautiful morning!” said by Morky flying up above the trees and ways and go home.
houses at the village. Speeding up then slowing down doing some observation
After that picnic, he decided to fly again. He roam around and fly as he wanted to do
along places. After flying around, he immediately go down and rest under the tree
after their talk. He fly and fly until he became tired. After flying a few more rounds, Morky
while sitting, his tummy calls him to eat some food. Foods are already served inside
fell. He fell for the wrong person. The girl will never belong to Morky because of the fact
his house so he manage to walk and satisfy his hunger earlier in the morning.
that they are different. Morky is a witch and the girl is a human. Morky really fell , he fell
Walking around his house, Morky did not know what to do anymore be- inlove with the wrong girl and he cannot do anything about it because the girl do not want
cause of his boredom. He already clean his bathroom, fold his clothes, wash the him when Morky told her that he is a witch.
dishes, and do the laundry but still he is bored. After some time, he decided to go
Even if he is happy with her, she broke his heart and the world will never favor
out and read a book under the tree. Suddenly while reading the book, his momen-
Morky’s love for the girl..
tum was shaken because of the girl he saw walking around the pathway. Blue eyes,
curly and wavy hair and a cute smile makes Morky drop his jaw and stop for a

“Hmmm. Where is that girl?” , Morky is flying again looking for the girl he
saw yesterday. After a while of searching there he saw her again, the girl, and by
this time he goes down and walk towards her back. When he reach the girl, they
both got shock when the girl turns around then Morky got the opportunity to say
hi and get to know her.

After a week , they are always together. Morky do not become bored any-
more because he always walk and spend quality time with the girl. He will bring her
foods and play video games with her. He also find it interesting when she shares
stories about her life or even tell jokes that is not funny at all. Slowly, she become
Morky’s friend.

After several weeks of being with her, he became more eager to see her
every day Every night he will think of what will they do tomorrow so that the girl
will not get bored when she is with him. He will imagine things that he wants to
happen with the girl.
He invited Miya to join him to the upcoming festival that will be held on the forest
and Miya accepted it with no hesitation and they agreed both that they will see each other
on the tree on top of the hill.

The night has come and Miya is the first one who came to the hill and waited for
Leo, in just a matter of second he appeared and they walk to the festival.

The festival is so lively and so rock that’s why they both enjoyed the celebration of

One summer vacation there was a girl named Miya who always visit her the festival. They ate a lot, played games, and even watched different performances.

Grandmother during summer vacation that lives in a mystic town. Miya always That night Miya and Leo enjoyed so much, she also wanted to confess her feelings to
have fun in her grandmother’s house; she always played outside and go to the for- Leo but she cannot find a right time in the festival because it is too noisy in that place so she
est just to pick up flowers and fruits to eat. decided to walk home to find a quiet place to confess her feeling.

One hot afternoon, she decided to go to the forest to gather some wild While they were walking they see a bunch of kids playing and walking to their home
berries to add it to the cake that she will make for dinner. While she is in the forest and that time they saw one of the kids that fell in the ground that’s why they rush into that
picking some berries she saw a strange guy with a mask, the guy that she saw was kid to help him, Leo took the hand of the kid to help him stand up. But that time they did
tall, with a pale white hair color and has a white skin complexion. not realize that the kid is a true human being and not an enchanted creature, Leo felt numb

Each day that she will go to forest the strange guy always hang out with her and started to fade. Miya was unable to grasp the situation in front of her, but Leo took her

and that way she realized that that the guy is kind because he always help her on in his arms and hugged her for the last time. Before Leo was gone she told Miya that he was

picking fruits and flowers. After an exhausted day of picking fruits, in the mountain happy that he found her. They confessed to each other and promised that they will see each

they sit down below the tree in and on the top of a hill they fell asleep other again.

Miya woke up first and she was confused on what do that mystery guy Leo started to fade away he was turned into a firefly that lights up the forest all night

looks like. She was about to take his mask off but she did not succeed on it be- long. Miya felt so sad because she lost her love. She cried and goes to their house.

cause the guy dodge to avoid him from being touched. After that night many fireflies always light up their house and that’s what makes Miya

After that moment they felt awkward to each other and start a little conver- happy because in that she know that Leo is always watching him from a distance waiting for

sation to know each other better. The strange guy started talking to Miya and told the right moment to be with her again.

her his name which is Leo; an enchanted guy living in the forest. He serves as a
guardian in the forest and because of that he lived there for a long time and that he
was cursed to have an immortal life but in an exchange he will not be able to touch
a human being because he will became a firefly. After their short storytelling, Leo
brings Miya to their house.

The other day they saw each other again in the forest they talk about many things
and they felt happy with each other and by that Miya is slowly falling for Leo.
“Teacher Dianne I want to say thank you.”

“Aww thank you CJ. Did you enjoy the party?”

“Yes! I did Teacher Dianne! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed CJ. Aren’t you going home?”
The wind’s gusting towards the school with the smell of garbage trailing
behind. Dump trucks keep passing by the gates filled with waste from different
barangays. The school fences are decorated with Christmas garlands and poinsetti- “What’s the matter CJ?”

as, classroom doors with multi-colored yet perforated lanterns, tables with worn- “…”
out cloths and the ambiance with annoying songs on repeat playing from the
CJ keeps his head down, looking at the ground.
“C’mon CJ tell me.”
A science teacher named Ms. Dianne Tan look around while taking a gulp
from the bland juice from her plastic cup together with two sleeping pills. She He glances back at Teacher Dianne.
couldn’t sleep thinking about the earthquake that happened a two days ago. She “Can you help me go home?”
just started teaching at San Marcelino Elementary School as a substitute teacher.
Teacher Dianne checks her watch and gazes back at CJ. It was already nighttime. She
Dianne wasn’t accustomed yet to the stench in the air blowing from the mountains
has nothing else to do as the Christmas break has started. And also, it’s must be safer for CJ
of garbage in the dumpsite approximately near the school. Her passion for teaching
if she escorts him home.
and helping the poor allows her to concentrate on the students rather than the
unpleasant atmosphere. She bathes them sometimes if given the chance. Throwing “Let’s take you home CJ.” She gives him a reassuring smile.
a Christmas party for the students was the highlight of her teaching experience in
“Thanks Teacher.” He said with a sly grin.
the school. The joy and laughter resonates in their smiles They gave their biggest
They started walking. Dianne asked her student where his house is. It’s at the
smiles during the whole event and she receives countless thanks from the students.
Now, she puts down her cup on a near table. The party was over, so she begins to
clean up with the help of the parents and her colleagues. The sun was almost set- As they made strides towards the dumpsite, Dianne notices that the earthquake
ting. After the students left with their parents, she prepares to leave as well. changed some of the landscape. The dusty roads were wrecked and the dried up trees were
damaged. A dump truck passed by and Dianne felt a little dizzy. She asked CJ if the smell
“Teacher Dianne?”
bothered him. He tells her that he was used to the smell since he grew up in the dumpsite.
She looks behind and saw a boy.
They were getting near the dumpsite, the moon was silently shining in the night sky
“CJ? What are you still doing here?”
and the smell of garbage was penetrating her nostrils intensely. CJ was holding his hand as
CJ was one of her quiet students that only talks when you talk to him. He’s he guides her inside the site. He tells his teacher about how sometimes his father collects
usually just at the back of the room, listening intently whenever Teacher Dianne leftover food from the piles of garbage. Dianne slowly felt nausea. They finally stopped. In
speaks in front. CJ might just be shy. front of them was CJ’s dilapidated but standing house, no one is home.
“CJ I guess I’ll leave you here, I’ll wait until you get inside.”
She wakes up outside the dumpsite although she is bloodied. She musters the
“Thank you Teacher Dianne! Won’t you come inside?” strength she has left and crawl towards a tree. She used it to rise from the ground. The

“No need CJ. I guess I’ll just go ahead. Good bye.” sound of an approaching vehicle dawn on her and she met it up front. The lights of the
dump truck coming close shined down upon her as she screams for help, she closes her
“Teacher Dianne! Can you stay until my father comes home?”
“CJ I’m sorry but I can’t.”
Dianne opens her eyes. She nearly gets hit by the truck. A truck that left no trace of
“Sorry teacher…” being there. CJ’s father appears behind her and dragged her back inside the dumpsite. She

Dianne holds her head and she starts to feel light. She steps inside the screams until her last breath. Her body will just be buried in the landfill with all the garbage

house and her sleeping pills finally took effect. in the dumpsite.

CJ walks to an unconscious Teacher Dianne with a cup of water from the

dumpsite. He gently touches her shoulders. It’s been almost three hours and she
hasn’t woken up yet. CJ tries to wake Dianne again this time by shaking her with
what little force he has. He throws the cup of water in her face. Dianne slowly
opens her eyes and was still a little drowsy.

“I’m so sorry Teacher Dianne I couldn’t wake you up! You need to leave
right now!”

The sound of heavy steps echoed outside the house.

“My father is here.”

Dianne had a difficult time to stand up. She went towards the door but it
suddenly burst open. The foul smell of rotting garbage permeated the air. A mon-
strous figure standing six feet tall covered in mucky rotting garbage enters. It opens
its mouth and attacks Dianne. She gets thrown down the floor yet she couldn’t
scream as she instantly puked. Her clothes get ripped apart and then the monster
gripped her thighs and spread it apart. She chokes on her own puke. Dianne at-
tempted to break free by trashing her arms violently but it was futile. Time and
time again she tried until she lost her energy and then her consciousness.
It was the sixth of June two thousand and one, Morgan was told she had two
months left to live so tomorrow, Ruth and her parents together with her grandparents are
going to Laguna, the place where Matthew and Morgan grew up and met. When Ruth was
told that her Morgan had two months left to live, she ran off into the woods where she and
her friends had made a tree house, she felt safe there and her parents had no idea where the
Ruth's family have never been the same since the fourth of August two place was. She climbed the tree where the branches were old and mossy. She climbed up
thousand and one. It was a peaceful day in the Philippines, the clouds were in a shaking with shock wiping her tears with her right palm trying not to smudge her make-up,
sort of clouds were in a sort of oval shape, they were fluffy just pike cotton candy no matter how hard it may be. When she got into the room she looked at herself in the mir-
with the slightiest tint of pink. The sky was a warm magenta color faded with a ror, her mind playing back all the memories and Morgan growing up. Every little detail, eve-
golden orange. It was the heart of summer; Ruth was wearing a pink lace top with ry time she feel her Morgan would pick her up and tell her "that's okay my child, we can just
faded blue denim shorts they have a white lace lining on the end. Her shoes were make it better with some ice cream", every time she asked what she didn't have much hair
white to match her top, stained with mud from playing in the park with her friends. she would say "because I'm getting ready to be an angel, and angels don't have hairs."

As she arrived home her parents, Alvin and Fely, were sat on the sofa with There was a glass bottle in the corner of her eye just sitting there, she tried to resist it
a contemplative look. Ruth was trying to hold back her tears. With a deep, depress- but she just couldn't. She grabbed it aggressively and smashed it picked the sharpest piece.
ing tone, Alvin said "Ruth sit down sweetie." As soon as he said that, Ruth knew Her eyes were blinded by her tears. She held it with her left hand, slowly pressed it against
there was something wrong because it was unusual for him to say that in such a her skin, a quick slash and one drip of blood made her realize how selfish she was. She had
deadening tone of voice. Ruth replies with a confused look on her face and her no right to cut because her parents and her grandparents had so much to worry about. Ruth
anxiety building "Dad, what happened?" Fely's eyes started to glaze over and shine pressed her thumb against the cut to try and stop the bleeding. After that she just pressed
like freshly made glass, tearing up. "Alvin I can't, you say it." Fely states. her back against the wall and slowly slid down on it.

Alvin builds up the courage to tell her. "Honey, We went to the hospital The day she went to Laguna was an eventful day. Laguna is this beautiful place, filled
today with Morgan, the doctors gave us some bad news, Morgan is ill." Ruth re- with lakes and trees around it, the most warming province. Two lakes when Ruth and her
plies with the most confusing tune, "Dad, is she going to get better?" Alvin replied mother played on when they were little. She knew the place like the back of her hand, her
" Yes darling, the doctors are going to give her some medicine to.make it all go second home. Morgan knew that this was where she wanted to spend her last days here. For
away." "Dad I'm scared" said Ruth. Alvin and Fely walk up to Ruth and hug her the day they rented a boat, just like her parents used to have when they were little. Ruth's
tightly. Warm salty tears rolled down her face, dripped off her nose and onto her grandma spoiled everyone with things they could never afford. At the end of the day Ruth,
Dad's shirt. Alvin and Fely, were in the cottage preparing dinner. Matthew and Morgan went down to
the dock, Anne brought with her only three items; a blanket, a photo album and a pill.
The doctor said she would get better soon; it’s been three years her Morgan
is still ill, still suffering. Ruth just shuts herself in her room every night now; she Morgan asked Matthew to get in the boat; he got in with a confused look on his face.
keeps her head down at school. Every minute feels like hour, constantly looking at Morgan got in, she untied the rope from the wall and rowed them away a bit and then she
the clock waiting to go home. Every minute, every second, she's anxious her Mor- let them drip by the current. Morgan wrapped the blanket around them, Matthew with his
gan could take her last breath at any time; her Granddad, Matthew, thinking the arm around her. They both looked at the photo album and laughed at the memories of the
same thing constantly caring for the love of his life, Morgan. both. Then took her last pill, looked deep into his eyes and told him, "This pill is for us , so you
you will remember me as this, not some crazy person because soon the pills will kick in and takeo-
ver my mind. When tomorrow starts without me, don't fill your eyes with tears, fill them with joy
because I'm not suffering anymore."

She lay her head on his shoulder and grasped his hand, "I don't know how
much longer we have left from this day on you will still hear my last breath, replay
my last words a million times over your head and still feel the soft touch on my
Shireen has this huge crush on her childhood bestfriend Bran since she was just in
hand." Matthew has tears falling down his face by now. Morgan's vision started to
5th grade. They are the bestest of friends in their street, they did a lot of things together,
go blurry, she gazed out at the lake, her breathing got heavier and slower, she was
either a good one or a bad one. They play together day and night, that's why they were
finding it hard to breathe. "Matthew, I love you so much my everything." And as
called as the inseperable BFF of Maginhawa Street. And maybe, those were the time where
she took her last breath with a struggle she said to him "Goodbye".
Shireen has developed her feelings on Bran. At first Shireen does not know what she feels.
It comes with, she just wants to always see and talk to Bran, laugh with him, eat with him ,
watch movies and play computer games. Just everything about Bran makes her happy, just
thinking about him puts a bright smile on her beautiful face. Bran on the other hand loves
shireen just like how he loves his siblings.

And then Years had passed, they took different paths in life, Shireen goes in the
same university with Bran but they don't often see him, along with Brans family move in to
another street. So, Shireen and Bran did'nt get to bond together like they used to before.
And then one day, Shireen saw Bran at the university hall, and then there goes the butter-
flies crumbling in her stomach whenever she sees Bran. Shireen realized that her feelings
for Bran has never fade; she love him so much that's why she did what she thought is for
the best . She confessed her feelings on Bran not minding what will happen with them, to
their friendship. But then Bran is just waiting for the right moment to also confess his feel-
ings on her bestfriend; Shireen. All along Bran and Shireen have the same feelings; they love
each other more than bestfriends. Shireen can't contain her happiness and just hug Bran so
tight and kiss him on the lips. Then Bran told her, that he will be the one to protect her
forever and always. He'll be knight and she'll be the princess of his life. For Bran, Shireen is
the love of his life.
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