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In this section, the proponents discussed the hardware and software and the resources

needed for the development of the project.

It is very rare to see small to medium enterprises under tailoring industry to use

information technology in their field of business. Majority of the tailors inside or even outside of

Tarlac City still utilize the manual process of taking up orders and doesn’t have the ability to

exactly meet the preferences of a client. The businesses don’t have their own website, and still

practicing the manual transaction and the common type of advertising.

The researchers aim to develop a generic Online Mass Customization for the said

businesses to advertise their range of products in order to improve the business. Through the use

of the website, they can add, edit, delete or update their products for the advertisement and for

the customization of their products design.

Technical Requirements

The following tables show the requirements needed to develop the project.

Table 1. Hardware Specification Used in the Developed System

Hardware Specification

Processor Intel(R) Core i3 processor

Video Card Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (1792 video memory)

Monitor 13.0” HD LED LCD

Memory 4GB RAM

Hard Disk Drive 250 HDD

Table 1 shows the hardware specification used in the developed system.

Table 2. Software Required for the Development of the System

Software Required for the Development Description

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) It is a style sheet language used for describing

the look and formatting of a document written

in a markup language. This language used for

the front end of the user interface.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) A language used to create documents on the

world wide web.

Adobe Photoshop It is a graphical editing program developed

and published by Adobe Systems. This is

used to design the website.

PHP A server-side scripting language designed for

web development but also used as a general-

purpose programming language.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC It is all-in-one visual development tool for

creating, publishing and managing websites.

MySQL It is an open source database, enabling the

cost-effective delivery of reliable, high-

performance and scalable web-based database


Windows 7 or 8 It is an operating system produced by

Microsoft for use on personal computers,

including home and business desktops, laptop

and media center.

Internet It is a global system of unified or interrelated

computer networks that use the standard

internet protocol suite to serve billions of

users throughout the world. It is very

important since it enhances or boosts


PHPMyAdmin It is a free and open source tool written in

PHP intended to handle the administration of

MySQL with the use of a web browser. It can

perform various tasks such as creating,

modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields

or rows; executing SQL statements or

managing users and permissions.

Table 2 shows the Software required for the development and operation of the system.

The researchers used the Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, PHP,

PHPMyAdmin, Dreamweaver and MySQL for the development of the system. The software’s

used for the operation is Windows 10.

Table 3. Operational Cost of the manual system

Material Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost

Ballpoint pen 5 Piece P 10.00 P 50.00

Log book (Sales) 3 Piece P 150.00 P 450.00

Receipts 5 Bond P 20.00 P 100.00

Total Operational Cost P 600.00

Table 3 shows the materials/supplies used every month of a typical tailoring shop.

Table 4. Estimated cost of the proposed system

Material Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost

Ballpoint pen 5 Piece P 10.00 P 50.00

Log book (Sales) 0 Piece P0 P0

Receipts 0 Bond 0 0

Bond Paper 1 Rim P 150.00 P 150.00

Total Operational Cost of the Proposed System P 200.00

Table 4 shows the materials and supplies used every month in the developed system.
There was an obvious difference in the total operational cost between the existing and the

developed system.

Table 5. Domain and Web hosting, and SMS gateway cost of the system

Item Duration Total Cost

SMS Gateway No expiration/1000 messages P 950

Domain and Web Hosting 1 Year P 3300

Total domain and web hosting, and SMS gateway cost P 4250

Table 5 shows the domain and web hosting, and sms gateway cost of the system in a


Table 6. Web hosting and SMS gateway Specification

Web Hosting and SMS Gateway Specification Unlimited websites

Unlimited storage

Unlimited bandwidth 1 sms = 1 credit

1000 credits = P950

No expiration

Table 6 shows the web hosting and sms gateway specifications for the proposed system.


The paradigm illustrates the development title for the generic Online Mass Customization

for Small Medium Enterprises under Tailoring Industry as shown in the diagram; the Input, Process

and Output of the Study. These studies show that the researchers must provide a good output.

Input Process Output

 Personal  Information stored in the  Login credentials

information customer’s database.

 Login credentials  Customize/Design the  Payment instructions

materials to be tailored. (Through the store, E-

Money, Money

Transfer or Bank


 Proof of payment  Tailor customer’s order.  SMS Notification

stating merchandise is

ready for pickup in

the store.

As stated in the above illustration, customer or the user could register in the website, if they

registered successfully, they could login to the system. Once they are recognized and logged in the

system, they could customize and design their desired clothes and garments matching their

preferences but before it is processed, payment must be settled first. The system will display

payment instructions and information such as E-money, bank deposit or money transfer depending
on the setting the owner of the business set. The customer must send an SMS to the company as a

proof of payment. Once it is verified, the ordered clothes and garments will be put to process. By

the time the order is finished, an SMS notification will be sent to the client stating the merchandise

is ready for pickup at the store.