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Zhiguang Xia was born on January 4, 2000, in
Hefei, Anhui Province. He is a male singer and
actor in China. He is a member of the "X NINE"
which is a male singer group. Zhiguang graduated
from the Shanghai Theatre University. In 2015, as
one of the 16 players, he participated in the talent
show "X-Fire Boys". [2] In September 2016, he
joined the “XNINE” as the main dancer; after that,
he launched the digital album “XNINE” with his
group [5]; on December 10 (Zhiguang’s airport look, source: Zhiguang’s
official Fan Club)
of the same year, he obtained the Tencent video starlight with “XNINE” and got the
"Youth Team Award". On April 2, 2017, his Shanghai concert was held as the name of
“The Name of Oneself”; in September of the same year, his online film “Oh! My
Emperor Majesty” was published. In January 2018, the second album "Keep Online"
was released with the group; afterwards, the "Keep Online" tour concert was held. He
also appeared in the aviation inspirational youth TV series "Love of Nine
Kilometers". In 2019, he participated in the recording of the youth group training
show "Produce Camp 2019".[3]
 Introduction
 Basic information
 Young-age Experience
 Personal Experience with Group
 Personal Experience as Individual
 Recent Activities
 Main Works
 Social Activities

Basic information
Chinese name: Zhiguangxia 夏之光
Nickname: Guang guang 光光
Nationality: China
Nation: Han
Constellation: Capricornus
Date of birth: January 4, 2000
Education: Shanghai Theater
Group: XNINE, R1SE

when he attended “Produce Camp 2019”,
source: Tencent game official Weibo site.)
Young-age Experience
The Young-age Experience tells about Zhiguang Xia’s early experience like
education before 18 years old. His young-age experience is totally different from
other children.
Zhiguang Xia, who had no dance skills at young age, was selected by Ping Wang,
a teacher at Hefei Yao Hai Youth Activity Center. Then, he joined the first men’s
dance team in Anhui Province and learned dancing for three years with teacher Ping.
[6] In 2010, when he was in the fifth grade of elementary school, the dance school
affiliated to Shanghai Theatre University came to recruit students. According to the
recommendation of Ping, Zhiguang Xia participated in the interview and successfully
entered the dance school affiliated to Shanghai Theatre University to learn folk dance.
The daily life of him is to repeat dancing again and again and this practice gave him
strong skills. [3] In 2018, Zhiguang successfully got into his dream school Shanghai
Theatre University. [6]
Personal Experience with Group
Most of Zhiguang’s experience as an idol came with his group “XNINE”, so this
part would introduce how the group formed and relative activities when he was in the
In 2015, Zhiguang took the opportunity of training to sign up for the talent show
"X-Fire Boys", and he passed successfully. On November 2015, the "X-Fire Boys"
was published on Zhejiang Satellite TV. In the same period, he and the other players
attended the live show "Youth Channel" produced by Tencent Video. On December
31st, Zhiguang Xia appeared as a member of the “X-Fire Boys” to show in the
Zhejiang Satellite TV show "Running 2016” New Year Concert. He performed the
string performance "Get Down" and the theme song "Be a Man". [2]
On February 6, 2016, the final episode of "X-Fire Boys" was published, and
Zhiguang’s team finally lost to the Yuchun Li’s team with a total score of 476 points.
On September 24 that year, the XNINE’s first digital album “XNINE” was launched.
The album included four songs, “The Name of Yourself”, “BOYS”, “Yong Zi Ba Fa”
and “Be a man”, which sells very well. The amount is over 10,000. On September 28,
2016, he participated in the XNINE's debut conference and officially debuted as main
dancer. On November 6 of the same year, in the annual fan ceremony, the XNINE
group won the Star Power Group Annua Award. [5]On November 19, 2016, the online
show "XNINE Channel" was showed on Tencent Video. [3]
Personal Experience as Individual
On January 20, 2017, Zhiguang joined Hunan Satellite TV's Spring Festival
Evening and performed the adaptation of the Xiaohu team’s song "Happy New Year"
to send the New Year's greetings to the audience. [6] On February 18, 2017, the guest
interviewing variety show "Happy Camp", which was recorded in combination with
the group, was broadcasted on Hunan Satellite TV. In the program, Zhiguang showed
his personal dance talent. On March 24, 2017, the entertainment talk show "Everyday
Up" with the theme of "Where is Spring" was broadcasted on Hunan Satellite TV with
the combination. On April 2, 2017, Zhiguang’s concert was held in Shanghai with the
theme of “In the name of oneself”. On April 7 of the same year, the star reasoning
variety show "Star Detective" was launched on Mango TV, and Zhiguang served as a
detective assistant in the program to help solve the case. [6]On April 28, 2017, with
the combination of the third anniversary of the Tencent game "Daily Dread", the
theme song "Drunk Youth". Later, in the Asian Golden Melody Awards and the Asian
New Songs List, he won the “Most Popular Group Awards of the Year”. On December
31, 2017, he joined Jiangsu Satellite TV's "2018 Let Happiness Illuminate You" New
Year's Concert, Skewer Performance "Gone Stars" and "We Want What We Want".
On December 10, 2017, Zhiguang participated in the Tencent Video Starlight Awards
Ceremony and won the "Youth Youth Team Award". On December 31,2017, the song
"B.O.Y.S" was performed at the "17 Ju Happiness" New Year Concert of Jiangsu
Satellite TV. [6]
Recent Activities
On April 6, 2019, Zhiguang attended as a new player in the youth group training
show "Produce Camp 2019" and won the fourth prize.[1] Then, he debuted with the
new idol group “R1SE” which had eleven boy members.[6]

Main Works
 X-Fire (his first album)
 B.O.Y.S
 YongZi Bafa
 Oh, My Majesty (his first TV drama)

Social Activities
Social activities include activities that have positive influence on the society.
Most of them are public welfare activities which are beneficial to the society.
In November 2018, Zhiguang participated in the "Supernova National Games"
which was created by Tencent Video, Tencent Sports and Jingdong Company. The
participants in the game was trained by famous coaches Guoliang Liu, Xiaopeng Li
and Bingtian Su. In preparation for the competition, the game hopes that more and
more young people will be involved in sports. [5]
In January 2019, Zhiguang attended with Jianyi Li and Jun Hu to launch a public
welfare micro-film with the theme of "New Year means ‘Together’". This film tries to
promote Chinese traditional festivals and culture.[5]

(He is attending the “Produce Camp 2019” now, Zhiguang in on the left. Source:
Produce Camp Official [3])

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