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Thank you for riding with Meru
Report Srl No. M48820036

Trip date: 01 Jun 2019 Fare payable 
₹ 550.00

Customer  Booking Cab Mobile

Name Ref. No. No. No.

Vijay 58856796 DL1RY4599 9871097100

Fare Breakdown Trip Details

Fare 400.20
Discount 0.00 P5 Terminal 3
Delhi Airport 
Net fare 400.20
Convenience charges 0.00
Airport parking charges 110.00
Surcharge 0.00 Aiims

Total amount 510.00 Distance(Kms) 17.4

Taxes 39.81 Wait time (hh:mm) 00:07

Cab type Meru
Toll/Parking charges reimbursed 0.00
Total amount payable 550.00

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