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tiie Introduction of 3G Technology and Expansion of 2.5G Network Telnate TELETALK BANGLADESH LIMITED Introduction of 3G Technology and Expansion of 2.5G Network Provisional Acceptance Test (PAT) Report For Name of the Test: RTN 900 Microwave Link intel (oiieesy AiinRarar, Brake . Contract No: (TBL/PROCI (04/83/2010) 1h. EO Introduction of 3G Technology and Expansion of 2.5G Network TOL mali Provis Acceptance Tesi Repo: Link Names Gnidleutroln relia 4 See Local End Sito Name & Dsus lcs Far End Site Name & Il Commencement Date of PAT: 4:09: Ending Date of PAT: General Description about PAT: ‘As per the Leller No. TBLI3G ProjeclO2Planning/PAT/2011-12/02 Date 27 February 2014 a provision ‘Acceptance Test (PAT) commitee was formed with the folowing members: 1. Provash Chandra Roy, DGM, 36 project Convener 2. Rashedul Hasan, Manager 3G project - Member-Secretary 3. Mohammed Sarituzzaman , Manager , BSS-1, SO ~ Member 4, Md. Mohsin Miah JE, BSS-1 , SO = Member 5. Md, Omar Zahid Asst. Manager, 3G Project - Member (N.B. Zonal officer of the PAT committee nominated by the respecting General Manager) The Committee conducted the PAT on —-/-----/ 2014 and completed it on the same date. The Commitee contractor the PAT following the approved ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) and the TOR of them. With the help of the Contractor M/s CMEC, the Committee conducted the possible tests at sites for verifying the technical specification of the respective items, The Committee also verified BOQ without price of the items for that site which are attached to this report, the committee has also identified the snag items which are marked as “Major” and ‘Minor’ Snag List of the PAT (if any): Major: ] Minor: oe racecar Introduction of 3G Technology and Expansion of 2.5G Network Te pate pero Qi—owKo b &9— Recommendation: (Regarding issuance of PAC) Since the supplied equipment jncluding all related works and services ty ‘commissioning of the Link(Name :S2siath.. thi ates PALANIO Baris ‘hrem has suscéssfully meet the required technical specification and the BOQ, the tested items are gece) - Ne ennen < reetenbte Provash Chandra Roy N’Manager/Assistant, DGM, 3G project & Convener {Manag ork PAT Committee '3G project &' Member Secretary PAT Committee M jammad Wali Hasan Maneger, System Operation Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd, Dhaka Zonal Station Manager, Respective Zonal Office Member PAT Committee (MD/AM/JE), SO, Member PAT Committee Assistant Manager/ Junior BReeutive, 4G Project & Member PAT’Céinmitice