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MICROCODE VERSION 60-05-14-00/02

RELEASED 09/16/2009
Newly supported features and functions for Version 60-05-14-00/02
1. Mainframe & OPEN System

2. Mainframe System

3. OPEN System

The change of contents for Version 60-05-14-00/02

1 Data inconsistency in S-VOL on RCU side after a path failure

Phenomena When a host I/O was issued to an MCU volume of True Copy Sync
(TC), data inconsistency in an S-VOL on RCU side occurred after a path
failure occurred between MCU and RCU.
Severity (High, Medium, Low) High
Conditions of Occurrence The problem may occur when all the following conditions are met.
A. RAID600 all current versions.
B. TC (SYNC) for z/OS or OPEN.
C. A path failure between MCU and RCU occurs.
Affected Products/Version DKCMAIN: All
Fixed Product/Version DKCMAIN: 60-05-14-00/02
Category True Copy for z/OS or Open
Changed Part DKCMAIN

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2 Data inconsistency in secondary volume of Universal
Replicator in LUSE configuration
Phenomena When pair resync or swap resync operation is executed for a Universal
Replicator pair in LUSE configuration, the data is not reflected to the
secondary volume (S-VOL).
Severity (High, Medium, Low) High
Conditions of Occurrence Phenomenon may occur with all the following conditions (A) - (G) met.
A. RAID600 60-01-68-00/00 and higher.
B. Universal Replicator.
C. Open.
D. LUSE configuration.
E. In the LUSE volume, one or more LDEV(s) whose capacity is less
than 29.96875 GB exist.
F. LDEV(s) with less than 29.96875 GB capacity, which is other than the
end of the LDEV in the LUSE Volume, exist.
G. Pairresync or pairresync-swap operation is executed

Supplemental explanation1:
The LDEV capacity above is calculated based on 1 Kbytes=1024 Bytes.

Supplemental explanation2:
There are multiple management areas of differential information, and the
size of one management area is capable of controlling the difference for
29.96875 GB equivalent data capacity in the OPEN-V case. Depending
on the capacity of LDEVS, the required management area is assigned.
However, because this is a failure occurring when one management area
is assigned in one LDEV, LDEV with the capacity of less than 29.96875
GB is added to as an occurrence condition.
Causes and Updates In a processing to merge differences of the S-VOL (*Note), which is
performed during resync operation, due to a micro-program failure when
acquiring the differential information in the S-VOL for each LDEV in
LUSE configuration, the differential information is obtained from an
incorrect differential area.

*Note: the processing to merge differences of S-VOL is activated when;

- A write I/O is issued to S-VOL.
- A failure suspend or Purge request suspend (When the Journal data on
secondary site is accumulated).
(In the case of Flush request suspend, the phenomenon doesn’t occur as
the Journal data on the RCU side is completely reflected)
Affected Products/Version DKCMAIN: 60-01-68-00/00 and higher
Fixed Product/Version DKCMAIN: 60-05-14-00/02
Category Universal Replicator
Changed Part DKCMAIN

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