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Lesson Plan

Day: Tuesday Date: 19/03/2019 Time: 11:30 Year: 9

Learning Area: English Topic: Persuasive techniques introduction.

Curriculum content description:
ACELA1553: Understand that authors innovate with text structures and language for specific purposes and
ACELY1740: Listen to spoken texts constructed for different purposes, for example to entertain and to persuade,
and analyse how language features of these texts position listeners to respond in particular ways .
ACELY1811: Use interaction skills to present and discuss an idea and to influence and engage an audience by
selecting persuasive language, varying voice tone, pitch, and pace, and using elements such as music and sound
ACELY1744: Use comprehension strategies to interpret and analyse texts, comparing and evaluating
representations of an event, issue, situation or character in different texts.

Students’ prior knowledge and experience:

Prior to today’s lesson, students completed their unit of work on short stories.
Learning purpose: The purpose of today’s lesson will be to introduce students to persuasive texts and their
conventions. There will be a focus on the contention of persuasive texts.

Learning objectives: Evaluation:

On completion of this lesson, students will be able to: Worksheet requiring students to write their own
Identify the conventions of persuasive texts and begin to contention in response to what they have watched
understand how they are used to argue their respective and read.
Students will be able to identify the contention of a
persuasive text.

Preparation and Resources:

Prezi on the conventions of persuasive speeches (
Video of MLK ‘I Have a Dream’
Video of Emmeline Pankhurst
Fox Culling article
Contention of the article or speech (worksheet).
- Example of how they know what it is.
- Write their own contention for the same issue.
Timing: Learning Experiences:

Greet students at the door, wait for them to finish speaking and explain to them that we
5 mins
are beginning a new unit of study.
Tell them they will need their notebooks and stationary. They will also need their
devices. Invite them into the classroom.

Sequence of learning experiences:

15 mins
First 15 minutes of class will be silent reading.

15-20 mins Explain persuasive texts using the prezi

- What students think their purpose is in a brief discussion.
- Do they know any persuasive texts?
- Do they know what a persuasive text is?
- Have they ever had to persuade someone to do something?

LOOK AT CONTENTION and explain what it is.

10 mins
‘I have a dream’ video
Emmeline Pankhurst ‘Freedom or Death’

Between each video ask students what they think the contention was.
Management of behaviour:
As per what I have observed, asking students to be quiet by name and by stopping and
looking at them. Moving them if they continue to talk.

Lesson conclusion:
A brief discussion to reaffirm the meaning of contention to ensure that students are
beginning to grasp it and understand how to identify it.

Lesson Evaluation:
My time management for this lesson wasn’t the best. The discussion I had with the class about persuasive texts
went on for too long.
In regard to organisation, I should have had copies of each speech and the article I wanted them to refer to ready
for them to go.
My management of students was not the best in terms of behaviour. This was my first class with them so it is
difficult not knowing their names.
I did enjoy the discussion with the class, however, I need to mindful of selecting the quiet students to give them
an opportunity to talk and give their opinion.