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March 26, 2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

With the enclosed application and supporting documents, I am expressing my sincere interest in
being accepted into the Master of Arts (Media and Communication Science) graduate program, at
Technische Universität Ilmenau.

I am extremely well equipped for graduate studies in Strategic Communication/Public Relations,

and I feel certain that I could one day become a distinguished alumnus of your institution. As you
will see from my resume, I hold a degree in Bachelor of Communications (Media Studies) with a
minor in Public Relations.

I was a member of my Alma mater's Public Relations Society, where I was assigned the tasks and
projects to develop public relations and marketing campaigns for various events and companies in
Kuala Lumpur. I was fortunate to be given the chance to present the campaigns to the companies,
and advocate for them. This gave me the corporate experience I needed to start my career.

After graduating, I was hired as a junior journalist at the organization where I completed my intern-
ship. This position allowed me to gain experience and insight into the world of marketing and
reporting, and capitalize on my English writing skills, as you will see in a sample of my work
enclosed with the application.

In addition to my advanced English communication skills, that serve me well in this field, I have
been fortunate to work as a Public Relations Coordinator for a not-for-profit welfare school in a
cosmopolitan setting; this has allowed me to acquire unique talents and abilities. In my time here, I
have had to work with extremely limited budgets and tight deadlines, which necessitated time-
sensitive, creative and innovative communication strategies, designed to reach and impact publics
of diverse needs, and backgrounds.

My goal is to continue to serve as a Public Relations practitioner in the field of education, and
contribute to research in this relatively less researched setting. I would eventually like to take an
entrepreneurial step in the direction, and set up a public relations firm that focuses on strategic
communication solutions for educational organizations.

I feel I would be a credit to the Public Relations community for my strong conviction that strategic
communication can help educational institutions significantly improve the quality of the service
they provide.

I believe my background thus far, combined with the graduate program at TU Ilmenau with its
interdisciplinary approach, and an emphasis on research, will help me achieve that aim. The
international student body of the University is also an attraction for me.

I am committed to my professional development, as you will see in my resume. I am currently

enrolled in an online Masters of Education (Leadership and Management) program, which will
allow me to better understand the issues and necessities pertaining to leadership and
management in an educational setting. This will help me to better understand the unique
requirements and demands made of Public Relations, with regards to education. This program
allows me to complete the course work over a period of six years, and will therefore not interfere
with my studies at TU Ilmenau. I am also enrolled in a specialization course at that
will add to my understanding of effectively creating and implementing engaging content for the
targeted audience.

I am interested in a masters degree from Germany because it will open new doors for me.
Germany is synonymous with excellence, with a 150 year history in Public Relations. In addition to
the attraction of learning a new language, I would consider myself fortunate to experience Public
Relations the German way.

Thank you for your consideration of my application.

Marriam Nazir