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108 YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG Gordon /Myrow 1946 ry Bb G7 C-7 F7 Bb Bo FIC FF ¢ You thake me feel so young youmakeme feel like spring hassprung——_ seek The mo- ment that you speak, IT wan-na go play hide and ‘You make me feel 'so young, youmakeme feelthere's songs tobe sung Bb7 B 'D-7 G-7C7 F7 Bb C7 and ev-'ry-time I see you grin, T'm such a bap - py in - divid- u- al. 1 wan-na go and bounce the moon, just like a 2D-7 G-7 C7 F7 Bist) e7 =F Bb BIT Eo7 You and I are just like a cou-ple of tots a toy bal- loon. o-7 C7D7_BS_E* FIG-FiMocaces fi F-7 Bb? A-75 p79 running a-cross a meadow, pick - ing up lots of for getme-nots__ - Bb7 Bb7,_E-6,_D-7 G79. C-7 F7 D-7_ G7 bells to berung,and a won-derfulflingto be flung. C7 F7 Bb D7 G7 C-7D-7 Andev-en whenI’m oldand gray, £bs7 F7—s Bb Tmgonnafeelthe way do to - dayr ‘cause you makeme feel so young I'LL GET BY ‘Turk/Ablert 1928, F6 Av |'D-7 G7 AT E79 c B-7 as dong as Lave you Though there be rain Pov-er- ty may come to. me that’s. true TU get by, D7 D-7 G7 D7 ~=G7 G Cc Cte? p-7 G79 and darkness too I'll not com- plain. I'll see it through. E7 EP D-7 Gmc B-715 A> ET Ad Say, Tl get by as_— long as I____ have you.