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td ALOT OF LIVIN’ TO DO 237 Strouse/Adams 1960 C6 a7 Usotor 1st bars car There are girls just ripe for some _kiss- in’, and I mean And there's wine all read - y for tast- in’, and there's Cadillacs, Life’s a ball, if on - ly you know it, and it's all C7 js, F6 D-7 Dfe7 E-7 to kiss me a few, oh, those girls don’t know what they're — miss-in’, all shi-ny and new, got - t move, ‘cause time is. a -wastein’, just wait-in’ for you, you're a - live,- so come on and show it, AT D7 “G7 Bb7 A7_Ab7 G7 °G7 T've got a lot of liv- in’ to do. ‘And there's liv- in’ to Cc FA7 7 Bb7 EbS7.,__AbATED do. ‘There’s — mus-ic to play, plac-es to go, peo- ple to see, Bar F7 BT D-7 G7 oc.atanséna ne) ev- ry - = thing for -you - and me. Life's a SOMEBODY LOVES ME Gershwin /MacDonald 1924 ® G6 Bb? A-7 D7 GAT Bb-7 b7 GA? E-7 B7 p7 G Some-bo-dy loves me, I won-der who, I won-der who she can be———__ Some-bo-dy loves me, I won-der — who, A-T D789. Ga7 BboT —A-7 D7 G47 E-7 — CH-755F 479 B-7 GETS CHT FHT Some-bo-dy —_loves me, I wish I knew, who she can be wor- ries me— B- £7 A> B-75—A-7 B-7E A- A-@74-7 A-6 E-7 AT —— Forev-'ry girl who passes me I shout, hey, may - be, - you were meant to E7 a7 Av D9 B-7'5E79 A-7 D79 G6