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Submitted report
Page The state’s only data-driv-
0004 en teacher and class awards
Clip have been decided, accord-
resized ing to Alpha Plus CEO Jan
The 2019 Success with
OAS Awards recognize stu-
dents and teachers for their
achievements under the
Oklahoma Academic Stan-
dards (OAS) in mathematics
and reading.
Teachers from Kinta
Schools are among those
recognized, a media release
To choose the honorees,
Barrick said her Oklahoma
City-based team analyzed
current school-year assess-
ment data through April 15
from schools statewide that
use Alpha Plus tools.
Greatest OAS Growth
Math Class and Greatest
OAS Growth Reading Class
awards recognize classes
with the highest academ-
ic growth between the fall
baseline and spring sum-
mative benchmarks. A mir-
ror of the state tests, these
assessments help teachers
know each student level of
mastery at key points in
the year. Alpha Plus bench-
marks provide a true growth
model for ensuring progress
of each student throughout
the year, the release stated.
In Kinta, Sheila Caugh-
ern was recognized for a
math class and Martha Al-
verson was recognized for a
reading class.

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