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I- Direction: Write T f the statement is correct and F if the statement is wrong.

_______1. Trees provide man fruits which are good sources of nutrients.
_______2. Materials like lumber can be supplied by trees.
_______3. Seeds are good sources of carbohydrates and fats which give us energy to perform our tasks.
_______4. Some trees are such an eye soar and not beneficial.
_______5. Trees help prevent soil erosion and flooding.

II- Multiple Choice. Choose the correct answer and write the letter before each number.
_______6. It is an orchard where its facilities focus on growing fruit trees.
A. Fruit Orchard C. Seed Orchard
B. Nut Orchard D. Vegetable Orchard
_______7. An orchard includes a large variety of facilities that produce nut-bearing trees.
A. Fruit Orchard C. Seed Orchard
B. Nut Orchard D. Vegetable Orchard
_______8.This orchard focus on growing trees that produce seeds rather than nuts or fruits.
A. Fruit Orchard C. Seed Orchard
B. Nut Orchard D. Vegetable Orchard
_______9. Suitable soil for orchard planting is _______.
A. clay C. clay loam
B. Sandy D. sandy loam
_______10. Good plant materials come from trees that are_____
A. old C. young
B. small D. mature
_______11. Provide water for your seedling by _____
A. drying C. watering
B. feeding D. fertilizing
_______12. Orchards are usually situated ______
A. in the malls C. in the forest
B. in the city D. near bodies of water
_______13. It is a way of plant propagation where the bark of the stem is removed and is wrapped with damp
moss or coconut husk with soil to encourage roots to form.
A. grafting C. budding
B. marcotting D. cutting
_______14. Among the various material resources available in the family, which is considered as the main
A. Money C. House
B. Car D. Lot
_______15. Which of the following is an example of real income?
A. Dividend of an insurance C. Interest of savings
B. Land property D. Salary
_______16. All of the following are examples of mandatory expenses that can’t be eliminated except _____.
A. Monthly Bills C. Child Health Care
B. Property Taxes D. Gambling
_______17. Mrs. Ramos considers needs of her family in preparing budget plan rather than wants. Which is
considered as wants only?
A. Magazines C. Cleaning supply
B. Laundry detergent D. Toothpaste
_______18. This income is also called as enjoyment income, experienced over a given period of time by the
proper utilization of money income and real income.
A. Money C. Real
B. Psychic D. Supplementary
_______19. It consists of money income received over a certain period of time and the real income received
during the same period from other sources without spending one’s own money income.
A. Money C. Real
B. Psychic D. Total
_______20. It is a basic needs which is a fiber and textile material worn on the body to enhance personal
appearance and protect it from extreme temperatures and elements of various climate.
A. Food C. Clothing
B. Water D. Shelter
_______21. Human beings need ______ for protection against natural threats, such as extreme weather and
dangerous creatures, and even as security against other human beings.
A. Food C. Clothing
B. Water D. Shelter
_______22. It fuels the human body. Without it, the body cannot grow or perform at its best, the organs will
stop working properly, and the body eventually dies.
A. Food C. Clothing
B. Water D. Shelter
_______23. Which of the following belongs to measuring tool in sewing household linen?
A. Pin cushion C. Tape measure
B. Sewing needles D. Fabric
_______24. It is is a measuring tool used to measure and draft lines on a fabric or pattern.
A. Ruler C. Tape measure
B. Tailor’s Square D. French curve
_______25. It is a marking tool with saw tooth blade used to transfer the marks from the pattern paper to the
cloth. A. Tracing Paper C. Soft Pencil
B. Tracing Wheel D. Tailor’s Chalk
______26. It is a process of using a lathe to make various forms and shapes of wood.
A. woodturning b. hand carving c. pyrography
______27. It is a method of creating designs on the wood using sharp object.
a. Pyrography b. hand carving c. flocking
______28. This is considered a decorative technique in which powder is applied on wood or other materials.
a. Embossing b. painting c. gilding
______ 29. It is considered the simplest way of decorating wood since there is a variety of colors that you can
choose from. a. Embossing b. painting c. gilding
_____30. is a method of transferring a design on metal using a hardened steel tool called burin or graver to
cut into the surface of the metal. a. Etching b. Engraving c. Texturing
______31. In this technique you will need hammers, metal stamps, stencils, and other materials to create
imprints on the metal. a. Embossing b. Engraving c. Etching
______32. Which refers to the proceeds from selling a product?
A. Capital B. Sales C. Income D. Expenses
______33. Which refers to the proceeds earned after the expenses for the productions and operations are
deducted? A. Capital B. Sales C. Income D. Expenses
_____34. The total expenses in making a certain product is P150. If is sold at P200, how much is the interest
profit that was gained? A. 33% B. 50% C. 25% D. 133%
______35. It is the amount earned from the sales of products and/or services after operating costs and
expenses have been deducted . A. Profit B. Sales C. Expenses D. Loans
_____36. What instrument is used to measure resistance, voltage and current that flow in a circuit?
A. Wires stripper B. multi-tester C. voltmeter D. ammeter
______37. Which is a safety precaution or practice when working with electricity?
A. Keep your hands moist when working.
B. Insert pieces of metal like coins inside a fuse box.
C. Keep the floor wet.
D. Report broken bulbs immediately to authority.
_____38. ________________________ has provided society with a huge range of new communication
capabilities, competence, and experiences. a. ICT b. email c. HDMI
____39. It is an electronic message sent from one device to another.
a. chat b. email c. text message
____40. __________________ is a type of meeting involving three or more people in different locations by
using computer networks capable of transmitting audio and video data.
a. Business meeting b. Entrepreneurship c. Teleconference
____41. ___________________ is a questionnaire created as web forms with database, which is completed
by the respondents over the Internet.
a. Online Survey b. Questionnaire c. Survey form
____42. All are advantages of online survey except one.
a. The distribution is quick and response time is faster.
b. The respondents of this method are only those who have Internet access.
c. You can save money on overhead like paper, printing, postage, data processing and others.
____43. All are disadvantages of online survey except one.
a. The results are available immediately for analysis.
b. Some participate on the survey for the sake of getting the incentive.
c. The respondent has nobody to ask for explanations to questions that are difficult to understand.
____44. You can make a survey or poll, or collect other information using ___________________.
a. Yahoo b. Google Forms c. Bing
____45. One of the free services provided by __________ is the Google Forms where you can4make forms for
survey or poll.
a. Skype b. Google c. Facebook
____46. _________________ provides you 15GB of free Google storage to save any type of file in one safe
place. a. Google Drive b. Flash Drive c. Hard Drive
____47. In a survey, we usually want each respondents to submit responses _______________.
a. twice b. how many times c. only once
____48. The respondent is required to log into their ________________ in order to access and fill out the
survey form. a. Facebook Account b. Group Chat c. Google Account
____49. There are ______________ different ways on how to view the responses of the respondents on the
survey form uploaded. a. five b. four c. three
____50. You can view the responses of the respondents through downloading the __________.
a. CSV b. DVD c. USB

1.T 26.A
2.T 27.B
3.T 28.C
4.F 29.D
5.T 30.A
6.A 31.C
7.B 32.B
8.C 33.A
9.C 34.C
10.D 35.D
11.C 36.B
12.D 37.C
13.B 38.A
14.A 39.B
15.B 40.C
16.A 41.A
17.A 42.B
18.D 43.C
19.C 44.B
20.C 45.B
21.D 46.A
22.D 47.C
23.A 48.C
24.A 49.C
25.D 50.A

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