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FOG HORN June 2019

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Streamlight’s TLR VIR II

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Streamlight’s TLR VIR II 2019

Streamlight’s TLR VIR II – white light located eliminating the need for the shooter to
and IR illumination with laser in one sleek break his or her grip to operate the light.


By: Sal Palma

Streamlight announced its addition of an all

new VIR light in January. The TLR-VIR II does not
replace the original TLR-VIR, introduced in 2011;
instead, it supplements the VIR line of tactical

The TLR-VIR II Gun Light brings Streamlight’s VIR

line to three weapon mounted offerings
supporting the IR spectrum. The company
Accessing the mode selector is equally simple as
currently offers the TLR-VIR Pistol, the TLR-VIR
all controls are located underneath the housing,
Gun Light and the TLR-VIR II Gun Light;
and with excellent tactile. The shooter has three
however, it’s only the later that includes an
modes of operation to choose from, consisting
aiming laser.
of VIS (visible light), OFF and IR.
The picture1 on
the left is the VIR
II’s aiming laser
projected on tree
foliage at roughly
45 yards from my
position. There is
some dispersion
but as seen
through the NVD it’s very visible and certainly
When the operator selects the IR mode, he
useable to direct or control fire.
activates an Infrared LED operating in the 850
Streamlight’s designers clearly had the new SIG nanometer spectrum, with 600 miliwatt
SAUER M17 and M18 pistols, recently adopted intensity and concurrently activates an IR laser,
by the U.S. Army, in mind when they decided on which operates in the 850 nanometer range at
a form factor that fits both platforms like a pair an output power less than .08mW. This is a
of Bally Barnis. Activation paddles are perfectly Class 1 eye safe laser. Although I have no issue
with that arrangement, I would have liked 4
modes of operation to include IR illumination
The actual image is your typical NVD green but I
needed to decrease tube brightness to keep the dot
from washing out.

Copyright 2019, Twobirds Flying Publications, All Rights Reserved

Streamlight’s TLR VIR II 2019
The visible light mode provides a 300 lumen M.S.R.P. is $600 but you’ll find it at several
beam of well collimated light; with online retailers at a significantly lower price
Streamlight’s signature tightly focused hot spot point. If you need weapon mounted IR
and an abundance of peripheral lighting. capability this is a light that will fill just about
any need.
Zeroing the aiming laser can be conveniently
accomplished with the windage and elevation –SP
adjustments, in 3 mrad increments. Zeroing the
laser is efficient with excellent tactile and no Manufacturer Specifications:
observable interaction between windage and
 White LED delivers 5,000 candela; 300 lumens;
elevation adjustments. runs 1.5 hours.

 Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a

concentrated beam with optimum peripheral

 Infrared LED - 850 nm, 600mW/sr (min) radiant

intensity provides optimum illumination when
using night vision equipment.

 Infrared Laser - 850 nm, Class 1, eye safe IR Laser

with 3 mrad adjustment increment markings;
output power less than .08mW

 IR Illuminator/IR Laser runs 12 hours

 Windage and Elevation adjustment screws

provide tactile indication.

 Powered by one CR123A lithium battery

The TLR-VIR II has a significantly smaller
 Operating temperature: -25°F to +140°F
footprint than its TLR-VIR sibling. Performance
is comparable in the VIS mode; however, the  IPX7 waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes
TLR-VIR edges out the VIR II in the Infrared
 3.3” (8.39 cm); 3.82 oz (108 grams) with battery
spectrum with its 1000mW of output intensity.
The TLR-VIR does not have an aiming laser.  Limited Lifetime Warranty. Visit
for full warranty information
Both of these lights are constructed from 6000
 #69191 - TLR-VIR ll with rail locating keys and
series anodized aluminum and are IPX-7 water CR123A lithium battery - Box – Coyote
 #69192 - TLR-VIR ll with rail locating keys and
Streamlight’s TLR-VIR II continues Streamlight’s CR123A lithium battery - Box - Black
tradition of excellence and its ability to deliver
exceptional value without compromising quality
and durability. The TLR-VIR II places
professional grade versatility on your weapon’s

Copyright 2019, Twobirds Flying Publications, All Rights Reserved