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Sport annual plan example

Anywhere school sport annual plan example

Annual plan strategic activities

This section focuses on major new initiatives for the year to enable the school to achieve its strategic outcomes (3-5 years).

Strategic Strategic KPIs Annual KPIs Strategic initiatives Cost Responsibility Timeframe Results
outcome (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

Participation By 2017 60% of In 2015 40% of - Netball, hockey and badminton will be the focus for Teachers in November
(primary students will students will 2015 charge (TICs) of 2014
outcome) represent the represent the school - Promote an additional year 9/10 team in each of sport February 2015
school in one of in one of 12 codes these codes Sport coordinator April 2015
Building 12 codes offered. offered. - Manager and coaches of these teams will receive (SC)
capability induction and operation manual, and attend sport TIC sport + SC
Community forum. Additional training opportunities (at least 1) April 2015
relationships facilitated
(secondary - Develop partnership agreement (based on shared SC + Principal October 2015
outcomes) planning and alignment) with local volleyball and
hockey clubs
- Nine future codes for 2017 and 3 targeted codes for Sport council
2016 will be identified.

Building By 2017 30% of In 2015 20% of All senior players will be aligned to a group from TICs
capability students will have students playing junior teams to provide guidance during coaching (Junior team
(primary officiated sport will have sessions. managers and
outcome) managed, officiated, managed, coaches)
coached an coached an Senior PE students will receive training and sport HOD PE + teacher
interschool team, interschool team, leadership opportunities through in-class lessons, Year 12 PE and
game or event. game or event. NCEA credits and young leader award. Year 13 PE

(1) List relevant strategic outcome (2) Record long-term KPIs for the strategic plan period (3) Determine relevant KPI for the year (4) Determine major initiatives required to achieve annual KPIs
(5) Determine the budgeted cost (6) Identify who has responsibility (7) Identify timelines (start/finish dates) and key milestones (8) Record results at the end of the year
Annual plan ‘Business as usual’ activities
This section focuses on activities that occur on an ongoing basis and do not represent significant new initiatives.

Key Results KPIs Major Actions Cost Responsibility Timeframe Results

Area (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Lunchtime 20% of students  Structured lunchtime activities run on average 2 times PE department as Ongoing
recreation participate in lunchtime per week part of school
recreation activities. duty. Training
 Equipment loan system (administered by trained
(Participation) Sport coordinator February
senior students) available on all fine days.
(SC) with peer Ongoing loan
support leaders.

Interschool NZSSSC data maintains  Student registration process includes a commitment Student/parent February
sport current participation. pledge signed by student (and parent/caregiver for Overseen by SC
year 9/10s) October
 Data in school electronic management system is
TICs with SC
signed off by teachers in charge of sport.

Sport 30% student will be  One in 3 form classes complete survey on sport Sport council August
experience surveyed on the activities they participated in – level of challenge, level
appropriate level and of enjoyment, recommend improvement
(Participation) quality of the sport  Annual induction and training programme for new SC March
experience. supporters.

Targeted 3 minority groups (2  Annual focus group of student in minority group to SC or member of September
students ethnic e.g. Pasifika and find out what opportunities they want, the barriers Sport council
grouping Asian + student with they face and suggestion for overcoming barriers
disabilities) participation
 One suggestion (decided by Sport Council is enacted
(Participation) level is maintained. Sport council + SC October
 Participation level identified in school electronic
management system.

Post school All school leavers are  Local Club Directory is provided to all school leavers. Year 13 dean November
opportunities aware of sport options
communicated post school.
Representative Pathways provided for all  Code information provided to all registered students TICs + SC Start of
Honours students to reach that includes information on progress from school season
regional representative team to regional, Island and National school and club
(Achievement) honours. competitions and events (includes dates, selection
processes, and further coaching opportunities).

Acknowledging Student achievement is  All teams select students who provided greatest $25 per Team manager End of season
performance provided at all levels. contribution to a) the team performance and b) the team SC Weekly
Recognition of team culture. School award given.
(Achievement) achievement is provided  All results published on school noticeboard and SC Ongoing
at all levels. website each Monday
 Follow policy where achievement identified in
assemblies and media releases will include an equal
share of first teams and junior team results.

Supporters 50% of schools teams  Regional Sports bodies that run coaching workshops $50 per SC Beginning of
and deliverers (coaches, officials, or are communicated to people supporting school sport team summer and
access training managers) will attend at  Annual induction and training programme for new 4 TRD per winter
programmes least one training supporters year SC seasons
(Building session.
capability)  Budget for volunteer supporters and teachers to Sport Council November
attend training courses.

Supporters 50% of schools teams  Annual budget for the purchase of coaching videos, $500 per SC November
and deliverers (coaches, officials or handbooks, etc. year
access training managers) will access  Database of coaching support resources held by school Library staff Updated 2 x
resources training material held by library. per year
(Building the school.
capability)  List of resources held in library given out to coaches, SC
official, and managers as part of induction/sport
management package.

Team Leadership and  A full time sport coordinator (SC)/director will be $50K Principal By December
managers and administration of sport is appointed
leaders fully staffed with
 Teachers willing to support sport will be appointed to
(Building personnel to lead and Principal Ongoing
teaching positions
capability) manage sport and all
schools team/events will  Parents/caregivers indicate willingness to support SC February
have capable adult sport on enrolment form. SC will contact all who
leadership. responded
TICs Start of
 Follow policy where sport/events that do not have season
capable adult leadership are not offered.

Partnership Partnership agreements  Annual meeting between representatives of school $1000 Sport council Once per year
agreements with 3 local sport clubs sport council and club committee to access shared hireage
(name) will be resources, equipment and knowledge. subsidy
(Community maintained.
 Value of actions as a result of partnership agreement
relationships) SC Once per
will be profiled in the school newsletters.
 Clubs and community groups with partnership Bursar
agreements will be offered free use of school facilities. November

Community All local clubs are  Local club directory is updated and placed on SC – with help Ongoing –
information profiled noticeboard from RSD/RST summer and
(Community winter
 Annual community sport forum where local club
relationships) SC
personnel set up display.
End of term 2

(1) Identify Key Results Areas for sport and recreation in the school (2) Determine the KPIs for each Key Result Area (3) Outline the major actions required to achieve the KPIs
(4) Determine the budgeted cost (5) Identify who has responsibility (6) Identify timelines (start/finish dates) and key milestones (7) Record results at the end of the year

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