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Troy 24 Overview

Scene Setting Characters Summary Similarities/differences with The Iliad

Scene 1 The battlefield beneath Patroclus Patroclus, disguised as Achilles in his armour, This same event occurs in The Iliad. In The
the walls of Troy Reporter 1 storms through Troy with his warriors. He Iliad Achilles instructs Patroclus to wear his
Hector challenges the Trojans to meet him in single armour but only to drive the Trojans back
combat. Hector takes up the challenge and from the ships. This is implied in Troy 24 in
overpowers Patroclus who then removes his Achilles’ monologue on p.17: “Drive the
helmet and reveals he is not actually Trojans back from our ships… then return.”
Achilles. Hector kills him anyway.
A difference between the two is that The
Iliad mentions the intervention of the god
Apollo in the fight between Hector and
Patroclus while Apollo is not mentioned in
the scene in Troy 24.

Another difference is that in Troy 24

Patroclus asks for a challenger to fight him
whereas in The Iliad Hector sees Patroclus
dressed as Achilles and challenges him
Scene 2 The television studio.  Phoebe. Phoebe and Perses are reporting the events
 Perses. of war turning the last day. The major news
was news was the death of Patroclus,
Achilles friend and army commander. His
death will have a great impact on the war
No connecting
and on prince hector. Troy 24 will
conduction interview with Therator

Scene 3 Outside the city gates.  Hector. Hector recalls the events that led to Patroclus was killed by Hector in both the
 Patroclus. Patroclus’s death. Hector respected him as a book (page 14 and 15) and the Iliad
soldier of great courage.
Scene 4 The television studio.  Phoebe. Phoebe and Perses are reporting about the
 Perse. events that happened between Hector and No connecting
Patroclus and how Hector killed him they
also talked about how Hector is still waiting
for Achilles to return to war.
Scene 5 Achilles’s camp.  Achilles Achilles and Myrmidons are upset about The revenge happens in both the book and
 Myrmidon 1 Patroclus death by Hector and want revenge the Iliads
 Myrmidon 2 for him.
 Myrmidon 3
 Myrmidon 4

Scene 6 The television studio.  Phoebe Phoebe and Perses were discussing why

Achilles withdrew from the fighting. Chreysis
told them about the plague that cursed the
No connecting
 Omeros Greek troupes
 Announcer 1
 Announcer 2
Scene 7 Press conference  Nestor During the press conference, Agamemnon They had a conflict in both the book ( page
 Agamemnon and Achilles had a big argument about the 21-24) and the lliads
 Correspondents (6) way Achilles told him that he was treated
 Achilles badly.
 Patroclus
Scene 8 Television studio  Phoebe Omeros is describing the way the Greeks set

up their camps around Troy. Also, he
described how the Greek failed their attack
No connecting
of Troy
Scene 9 The battlefield  Greek soldiers Trojans are attacking the Greeks now. The in the illads Odysseus encourages the
 Reporters Greeks soldiers want to run away but Greeks to pursue the fighting and he did the
 Thersites Odysseus spoke to them and now they want same in Troy 24 on ( page 26 and 27)
 Odysseus stay.
 Ajax
 Menelaus
 Agamemnon
 Diomedes
 Aeneas
 Sarpedon
 Hector
 Trojans
Scene 10 The Television studio.  Omeros Phoebe and Peres are interviewing Omeros
 Perses
 Phoebe
and asking him about Patroclus. Then they
showed a film about what happen at Achilles
No connecting
Scene 11 Achilles tent  Patroclus Patroclus and Achilles are fighting, the trojan In the illads it doesn’t say that Achilles are
 Achilles soldiers have reached Nector’s ships and are fighting and nothing about Nector’s ship
kill Greek soldiers. Patroclus told Achilles
that he will dress like him and go to war.
Scene 12 The television studio.  Perses Perses and phoebe are in their studio on

their break when suddenly Thersites entered
but they did not recognise him. He wants to
No connecting
 Thersites be on air.
Scene 13 The Television studio.  Sp. Reporter 1 The reporters in Sparta are tell us about how
 Sp. Reporter 2 Helen Was taken by Paris because it was a Difference:
 Helen gift for the gods. In the book troy 24 (page 40) did not specify
 Paris who are gods but in the illads it says that
 Menelaus Menelaus is declaring war on Agamemnon the gods are Aphrodite, Hera and Athem. In
 Agamemnon and the trojans because Paris took Helen. the illlads it is also munched that Eris throw
 Diomedes an apple and Paris or the most beautiful
 Odysseus man had to choose from the three gods and
 Nestor had choose one of the gods and he choose
 Ajax Aphrodise who promised him the most
 Aeneas beautiful woman.
 Euphemus
 Sarpedon Similarities:
 Reporter 1 Helen is taken by Paris
 Reporter 2
 Acamas

Scene 14 The television studio.  Phoebe Phoebe and perse are talking about the war
 Perses and how it lasted 9 years and may even last
even more and they are talking about Helen
No connecting
and how is she called Helen of troy not
Helen of Sparta.
Scene 15 Helen’s apartment Helen Helen got interviewed by correspondent and Helen doesn’t get interviewed
Correspondent she said that see is trapped and people Helen is not bored in castle because she is
 Aethra blame her for causing the war but, according in love with Paris.
to her it is Paris’s fault because he got her in
love with him and caused all the trouble

Scene 16 The television studio.  Phoebe Phoebe and Perse are asking questions
 Perses about Helen and ask if the war is only about
Helen or is there another reason that war is
No connecting
going on.
Scene 17 The trojan camp  Reporter 1 The reporter is asking the Trojans and There is no reporter in the Illiads, but they
 Trojan 1 Hector about the convinces and preparation were going to fight the Greeks in the illads
 Trojan 2 for the war in the next day. and Troy 24
 Trojan 3
 Trojan 4
 Hector
Scene 18 The Greek camp  Reporter 1 The Greeks joked around with reporter 1 for There is no reporter in the Illiads, but they
 Greek 1 fun before the war. were going to fight the Greeks in the illads
 Greek 2 The Greeks left and reporter 1 asked and Troy 24
 Greek 3 Odysseus about his convinces and
 Greek 4 preparation for thee war the follow day.
 Odysseus
Scene 19 The television studio.  Phoebe In the battlefield Reporter 2 is try to Perses

Announcer 1
and phoebe when suddenly the connection
with them stops, thy think in it is from the
No connecting
 Announcer 2 electric storm that Iris told them about.
 Omeros
 Iris At this point Phoebe is freaking out about
 Achilles what to put for the viewers.
 Hector
 Reporter 1 Phoebe and Achilles are saying cheer for
 Reporter 2 Achilles.

Perses and hector are saying a cheer for


Scene 20 The battle  Hector The battle had begun Hector order Aeneas, Hector order Aeneas, Euphemus to take
 Aeneas Euphemus to take charge of the left flank, charge of the left flank, Glaucus , Acamas ,
 Sarpedon Glaucus, Acamas, take the right. While he take the right. While he stayed in his place
 Reporter 1 stayed in his place. did happen in the illads
 Reporter 2 the dealt hof reporter 2 did not
 Thersites Thersites tricked Reporter 2 to stand in the
 Achilles middle of the battle.
 Euphemus
 Acamas A Trojan solider was killed by Achilles
 Ajax
 Diomedes Greeks kill reporter 2
 Trojan 1
 Greek 2
 Greek 1
 Glaucus
 Acamas
Scene 21 The television studio.  Phoebe Perse and phoebe are freaking out about

The boss
what had happened to reporter 2 and are
scared of the boss disappoint.
No connecting

Scene 22 The battle.  Achilles Achilles and hector meet face to face and Achilles kill hector in both the illads and
 Hector give their speeches. Troy 24
 Patroclus Hector want Achilles to promise him to
“Give my body back to troy let my parent
bury it with full honour” page 78
Achilles instead said that he will tie his died
body to his chariot drag it around the city
and then leave in dust to rot and the dogs
will drink your blood and eat your bones.
Page 78

Achilles soldiers kill hector.

Scene 23 The television studio.  Phoebe Peres want to leave because of the job and

Announcer 1
how the boss put Patroclus voice.
Phoebe convinces him not go
No connecting
 Announcer 2 The scene end with Achilles last statement:
 Achilles “And still it won’t be over” page 81