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Moss C.


Practical Research 1



This subject Practical research 1 is very useful in our

daily lives as a student. When we have a problem and we want

something to be answered we can use what we learned in Practical

Research 1. When we want to learn something deeper we can

research for it. As a student we are the hope of the country and

new problems arises as we improve our society so as early as

possible we can solve our problems and to know the steps in

determining the main problem for it to be solved for us and

future researcher. With the help of Practical Research 1 I can

now personally conduct study in my concerns and problems like

when I want to know why I have problems in managing my time, our

group in Practical Research 1 conducted a study about time

management and I read in the Related literature that we gathered

is that I have poor time management skill. Being a student is a

step to become a professional with the help of research I can

specifically determine what I want in my life. Research is a

tool that everyone should learn because it helps us solve

problems and determine scientifically phenomenon that wrongly

taught by our culture. Life is full of challenges and problems I

learning the process in research we can easily make our life

better and easy.

Learning insights in Practical Research 1

This semester I have learned so much in Practical research

1. I know now the difference about primary sources and secondary

sources; I learned that primary sources are better because it is

more credible. I have learned the difference between

Quantitative research and Qualitative research. In this semester

we focused in Qualitative research and I learned the different

approaches in qualitative research and how important is research

design in a research. I have learned all the different sampling

techniques in qualitative research that it is important to

follow the step by step process in research. I have mastered the

parts of chapter 1 and chapter 2 in a research and made an

impact on me now that I know how important research is in a

growing country. I learned practical research 1 is stressing

when you do not want it but when you have the characteristics of

a good researcher it can be fun and challenging. Ma’am marjonet

is fun when she teaches and I at least I learn something from

her not like when I just review to get a high grade. When she

teach I learn something that I master even if my notes are

closed. I learned that cooperation and teamwork should be always

present to finish task faster and I learned when you solve a

problem another problem arises so in my perspective Research is

part of life that is why it is added in our curriculum. Research

can help us solve our problem because no one can help us but

ourselves that is why research is made and taught so we can help

ourselves in making our life better and easier.

What are your significant contributions in your


I am the leader in our study so I initiated the cooperation

and teamwork in our research study. I made sure they have parts

to do in the study and we had fun in our research study. We got

closer to each other as classmates. I have contributed to all

parts in the research like checking their outputs and guiding

our group because I was the leader.


Hannah Marasigan 10 10

Jameya Aguinaldo 10 10

Jade Clemente 9 9

April Jardin 9 9