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Teacher Vacancy


May 17, 2019

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Following is known teacher vacancy. Any current teacher interested in being considered for this position should respond as indicated below.


Goal:This position will oversee and direct all band activities at the middle school. Other teaching duties during the school day may include, but are not limited to, instructing Piano/Guitar, Music Theory and Beginning Band classes.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Evidence of experience and pedagogy in instrumental methods for instructing and conducting the middle school concert and jazz ensembles at the MSBOA Class A level preferred.

2. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Music Education with a valid Michigan Teaching Certificate with JQ or JX endorsement.

3. Minimum of three years comparable experience is preferred.

General Duties:

1. Direct and supervise all middle school band performances, including beginning band (co-taught with HS director), 7th grade band, 8th grade band, jazz band, solo and ensemble.

2. Plan and use appropriate instructional and learning strategies, activities, materials and equipment that reflect understanding of the learning styles and needs of a diverse body of students.

3. Plan and execute effective recruiting strategies with HS director across a large district.

4. Maintain current inventory of all school owned instruments.

5. Maintain an inventory of all music in the music library.

6. Attend and support all MSBOA meetings and activities including festivals.

7. Attend and support all Instrumental Booster Club meetings and activities.

8. Create an environment of appreciation and understanding of a variety of music styles.

Specific performance expectations:

1. Participate in MSBOA Festivals, including: District Solo & Ensemble Festival, District Band & Orchestra Festival, and any State Festivals if applicable.

2. Four major concerts: Fall (October), Winter (December), Festival/Pre-Festival showcase(February/March), Spring Concert (May).

3. One annual travel performance (one day, not overnight).


1. A Michigan Teaching Certificate with the appropriate and required endorsements.

2. Must meet NCLB High Qualified requirements.

3. A demonstrated willingness to work collaboratively with members of the MPS Music Department for the purpose of curricular alignment and recruiting strategy.

4. A demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and successfully with parents/guardians of students.

5. A willingness to commit to ongoing professional development

Any current staff member who meets these qualifications and is interested in any position should send a letter of interest or email to Cindy Flynn:, Administration Building byMay 23, 2019.


, Administration Building by ​ May 23, 2019. Approved: , ​ ​ Superintendent, Monroe Public Schools.

,​ ​ Superintendent, Monroe Public Schools.


It is the policy of Monroe Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, religion, height, weight or marital status in its programs, services, employment, or any other activities. For information contact the office of the Superintendent of Schools, 1275 N. Macomb St., Monroe, MI 48162, 734-265-3010.