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Techlok clamp connector

Product range

Techlok® clamp connector

Techlok Clamp Connectors are the most effective and economical pipe connection system
available today. Typically several Techlok joints can be installed in the time it takes to
assemble a single standard ANSI or API flange. Conventional ANSI or API flanges with
their 4 to 24 bolts require accurate alignment to ensure a seal, whereas Techlok
Clamp Connectors have only four bolts, no alignment problems and require
less bolt loads. High pressure systems are not a problem, with Techlok
Clamp Connectors working in applications where pressures of 60,000psi
and above are found; Techlok’s low weight is a real advantage - a factor
applicable in any industry where weight and overall installation
cost is a consideration.

Clamp Sealring Butt Weld Hub *


• Up to 75% lighter and significantly smaller than a

comparable ANSI or API flange.

• Less bolting, no alignment : only 4 bolts to tighten * also available : Blind hubs
and threaded hubs

• Radial bolting : allows 360° orientation around the pipe.

Design codes & regulations
• Lower bolt torque : typically 50% less than that for a ring joint flange.
• ASME B31.3 / ASME VIII Div2 Part 5
• Minimise maintenance downtime : quicker assembly/dis-assembly. • API 6A / ISO 10423
• PD 5500
• UK Offshore Regulations
• Reusable sealrings : giving greater flexibility for hydro-testing and
• Customer’s special requirements
commissioning prior to service. • Country codes
• Norsok
• Support/Interface with 3rd party equipment such as valves, pumps • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
and metering equipment.

Pressure energised sealing

The Techlok sealring offers seve-
ral advantages over conventional
gasket types; for example, the
gasket forces and seal diameter
are minimal, meaning that the
load capacity of the components
is maximised and the lack of a
conventional flange gasket gives pressure energised seal streamlined bore guarantees
a gas-tight metal-to-metal seal. a smooth transition

Techlok clamp connector
Product range

Weld-o-hubs, Sweep-o-hubs and Tees Tapped blind

Weld-O-Hubs, Sweep-O-Hubs Vector International’s tapped
and Tees are a standard range blind hubs can either be used
of Vector products in their own for end of line blanking appli-
right and are incorporated cations, or if tapped with the
within our standard product appropriate tapping as a pres-
brochure. sure monitoring fitting. Sizes
range up to 30”, larger on appli-
cation, and in any material grade.

Pulling head Adapter spool

Vector pulling heads are Available to connect different
adapted from blind hubs to connector types and sizes.
function as part of a standard For example : Techlok-Techlok,
Techlok clamp connection. Techlok-ANSI and Techlok-API.
Vector pulling heads are Transition spools can be sup-
designed using Finite Element plied in various lengths to
Analysis (FEA) to meet custo- suit client in-situ applications.
mers’ application requirements and every pulling head is load Hydrostatic pressure testing of spools can be undertaken upon
tested prior to release. request.

Orifice connectors Thermowells and Quills

Techlok Metering (FE) orifice Thermowells and sample/
connectors can either be sup- injection quills can be sup-
plied with ‘D - D/2’ or ‘flange’ plied with either a parallel or
tappings. In either case the tapered shaft of any length
branch tapping can be integral in any material grade and
in the form of a female tapping are used as an integral part
(threaded, socket weld or butt of Weld-o-hub and Sweep-o-
weld) or as a hub/flange. Vector also offers a range of Restric- hub assemblies. Calculations can be supplied in accordance
tion Orifice (RO) connectors. Sizes offered range up to 30” and with PTC19.3(2010). Thermocouple tappings can be supplied
pressures in excess of 20,000psi. in any format.

1) Metering orifice connector 7) 4-bolt Techlok clamp closure

2) Sweep-O-Hub with injection quill 8) Weld-O-Hub with tapped blind
3) BW tee with thermowell 9) Spacer
1 4) Hubbed elbow 10) Spade
5) Hubbed tee 11) Slimlok slimline clamp
6) Clamp to flange adapter spool

Spade/Spacer Nozzles
Components are available for Techlok Nozzles are available
all hub / clamp sizes. For smaller for use with pressure vessel
sizes spade/spacers can be construction to provide a con-
fabricated into “spectacle venient system for connecting
blinds”, however, for most pipework. The nozzle is used
applications the spade and for “set through” construc-
spacer remain as separate com- tion providing reinforcement
ponents. The length of the Spade/Spacer will be slightly greater for the pressure vessel wall. Nozzles are manufactured from
than the width to allow two clamps positioned side by side. forged steel and are available in all sizes and materials to suit
client needs.

Slimline clamps Vector Industrial Closures

Available as an option to A full range of Techlok and
fit all hub sizes. The design Powerlok closures are avai-
allows for a reduced dia- lable, for pressure ratings of
meter envelope and also up to 15,000psi.
specialised materials, due to Powerlok closures are available
fully machined construction. in sizes 2-36” and incorporate
Used in conjunction with an integrated pressure check
“Pulling blinds” and also electrically insulated connectors. bleed screw and double interlock providing 100% leadscrew
redundancy. Techlok bolted closures are available as 4-bolt
closure for sizes 2-26”, and as 6-bolt closure for sizes 28-42”.
Both closure types can be provided with hinges, davits or lift
Hubbed Tees & Elbows eyes for horizontal or vertical opening and incorporate seal
A range of hubbed elbows, retention in the blind door to minimise the risk of seal damage
tees and cross pieces are avai- when the door is opened during use.
lable to help facilitate compact
piping layouts. Components
are manufactured in forged
steel with reinforced bend


Sealring types

Techlok Sealring Blind sealrings

The standard Techlok sealring Blind sealrings are an effec-
offers assured joint integrity tive means of blocking off pipe
first time, every time. The runs and can normally take full
gasket forces and seal dia- line pressure.
meter are minimal to maxi- Techlok blind sealrings are
mise the load capacity of the typically used as an auxiliary
components and the time- pressure isolation device,
proven pressure energised bore seal gives a high integrity rather than a permanent installation. Blind sealrings are not
gas-tight metal-to-metal seal. All Techlok sealrings meet NACE suitable for cyclic pressure.
hardness requirements.

Transition sealring Strainer/Acoustic Sealring

Transition sealrings are avail- Strainer and acoustic sealrings
able to seal two different are custom Techlok sealrings,
seat sizes. Normally this may designed and manufactured
accommodate pipe specifi- to the client’s specifications.
cation breaks of the same During start up phases these
nominal size, i.e. 6in46 hub can be used to protect high
matching a 6in52 hub would value equipment such as
require a 46/52 transition ring. Only certain sizes are stocked. valves, pumps and compressors. Strainer and Acoustic sealring
can be manufactured from any traditional material associated
with the Techlok sealring.

D-Seal compatibility Reverse Integrity Testing (RIT) Rings

All Techlok clamps are com- Vector has developed a means
patible with D-seal hub of testing any connector using
connectors. D-seals are a Techlok metal sealring in-
available in all sizes and are situ, either prior to, or in
incorporated into Vector place of, a line leak test which
Analysis software for full load saves time and ensures seal
evaluation. integrity.
D-seals provide an optional low profile sealing system within the There are two variations of this product, firstly a modified
standard Techlok hub geometry providing full face to face standard Techlok ring and secondly, an alternative design for
contact between hubs. D-seal connectors provide slightly those sealring sizes that cannot be modified. Both designs
higher load capacities and are compatible with other existing are available with or without an integral test pipe. The Techlok
designs. Full Pressure-Temperature tables are available for the RIT-ring with integral test pipe can be “retro-fitted” to exis-
Techlok D-seal connector range. ting equipment, whilst RIT-rings without a test pipe are used
in hubs/flanges with pre-drilled test ports and joints using
recessed seat pockets.

Techlok Lifting Frame Twin Torque Gun

EasiLift has been designed The Vector Twin Torque Gun
as the optimum solution to allows fast, controlled, tigh-
the continuous challenge of tening of two Techlok bolts
manoeuvring Techlok blind simultaneously. It ensures
hubs and clamps, safely and optimum and equal tension on
easily. EasiLift enables safe all bolts, and one gun will fit
assembly and disassembly of a number of clamp sizes. The
blind hub connections. It is also capable of safely retaining the Vector Twin Torque gun will allow tightening of both bolt pairs
sealring during assembly. There are a minimised number of on a 6” connector in just one minute.
moving and removable parts to aid reliability and the frame
itself is a rigid, welded structure, tested and certified to comply
with LOLER and PUWER regulations.

® TECHLOK & POWERLOK are registered trade marks of ™ VECTOR and the Vector style are trade marks of the
Vector International Limited (UK, US and other territories) Vector Technology Group