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Genetics Choice Board

Choose and complete one activity from each column. You will be completing three activities total. You can work
individually or with a partner. Each option is worth 10 points and will be presented to the class.
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Create a song/rap/poem about Pick a physical trait that you Create an online survey for the class
genetics. You can create a inherited from your mother. Create to take. The survey will ask the class
song/rap/poem on genetics a slide on Google Slides explaining if they have a certain trait and if they
vocabulary, traits, alleles, or your physical trait and how it was are dominant or recessive. Once you
anything we have learned about inherited from your parents. have surveyed the class you will list
genetics. Provide information to the Describe if your trait is dominant or the statistical data and create a graph
listener. Be creative. You must recessive. Include a Punnett square online on Google Slides of the class
record yourself singing the song as a showing both parents traits and results.
video and present the video to the how you got yours, pictures, and/or Explain the results to the class with
class. The video must be at least two videos into your slide depicting the numerical data.
minutes long. alleles of your trait. Describe your
parents traits and how they are
different or similar to yours.

Option 4 Option 5 Option 6

Create a an online news article Pick a physical trait that you Create a social media page for
about genetics. Come up with a inherited from your father. Create a genetics. Describe what genetics is in
headline that will attract readers. poster either on poster paper or the about me section, it should be
Describe two interesting facts about digitally describing your trait, how it interesting and something genetics
genetics and explain how they was inherited, if it is recessive or a would be proud of. Be creative with
happen to inform the reader. dominant trait, and include a how genetics will describe itself on
Pretend that this is a new discovery. Punnett square showing both social media in an interesting way.
parents traits and how you got Post pictures that genetics would
yours. Describe your parents traits post and want to brag about. The
and how they are different or social media page must be created
similar to yours. online and presented to the class.
Some traits to choose from for Option 2,3, and 5:
Free earlobes/attached earlobes
Hair on fingers/no hair on fingers
Widow’s peak/ now widow’s peak
Curly hair/straight hair
Cleft chin/smooth chin
Smile dimples/no smile dimples
Freckles/no freckles
Hair color
Eye color

Some websites for free surveys for option 3:

Google slides:

Project Sign-up sheet:

Name:_______________________ Period: _____________________

Partner name: ___________________________

Which three options I chose: ______ ______ ______

Due date for project 1: ______________

Due date for project 2: ______________

Due date for project 3: ______________

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