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Hithadhoo/ Addu LESSON PLAN – 2017

Week: 6 Date: 14-01-2019 Duration: 50mins
Lessonplan No: 1 Classes: 12 J Subject: Maths
Topic: Trigonometric methods
Teacher : Mohammad Rashid
Prior Knowledge (what students already know about the topic):
 Concept of surface area and volume
 Surface area and volume of sphere, cone and cylinder
Objectives of the lesson:
At the end of the lesson students must be able to:
 Solve combined mensuration problems

Materials required Type of activities students will be engaged in

 Edexcel AS and A Level Modular

mathematics (C12 text book).  Cooperative learning Hands-on/ practical
Peer tutoring Technology integration
 PPT Discussion Project work
Simulations Role play
Group work/pairing Others (specify)


Recalling the volume and surface area of regular shapes

 length of an arc of a circle s = rθ

 area of a sector of a circle A = 2 𝑟 2 𝜃
Time/min  volume of a cylinder V = 𝜋𝑟 2 ℎ
20 mins  total surface area of a cylinder TSA = 2𝜋𝑟ℎ + 2𝜋𝑟 2
 volume of sphere V = 3 𝜋𝑟 3
 surface area of a sphere SA = 4𝜋𝑟 2
 volume of a cone V = 3 𝜋𝑟 2 ℎ
 curved surface area of cone CSA = 𝜋𝑟𝑙

Solving different types of mathematical problems related with areas and surface
area of solids
25 mins 1. The diagram shows an example of a plumb bob that is manufactured as a
casting by an engineering organization

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 Oral questions and class exercise.
10 mins


 Summarize the topic by highlighting the key points.

5 mins KEY POINTS:

 Surface areas of cone, cylinder and sphere
 Volume of cone, cylinder and sphere

Reflection / Remarks
 The lesson was completed
according to the plan.

Feedback by HOD (put a  if the following are evident and cross X if not )
Lesson plan submitted on time

Lesson plan prepared according to the scheme of


“SMART” objectives are written in the lesson plan

Lesson plan is detailed for successful delivery

Reflection written

Checked by

Head of Department Date Time Signature


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