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Vibrant Health &

A revolutionary program GUARANTEED to
produce extraordinary results in your body.

By Mark Anastasi

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
• Take care of and nurture your cells! Put your body back into balance!
• Give your body enough Oxygen, Water, and Nutrients!
• Maintain a positive state of mind!
• Eliminate the junk out of your life!
• Maintain your pH balance! Alkalize!
• Cleanse your inner terrain!

Everything shifts in your life when you put your body back in balance.

You will feel AMAZING. You will LOOK AMAZING.


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- Anthony Robbins, author of Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant Within, has
delivered his “Living Health” seminar in front of hundreds of thousands of people all
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- PLEASE GO ON A CLEANSE! START TODAY! I highly recommend you buy a book
on how to detox, and go on a cleanse.
You can start with The Vibrant Health & Energy 10-Day Cleanse below.

Conclusions & Next Steps

The Vibrant Health & Energy 10-Day Cleanse
For just 10 days… give yourself this amazing gift. Your life will never be the same again.

Your health and your life will be utterly transformed. You will feel phenomenal.

• Super-Hydrate your system! Drink plenty of alkaline water! (You can also buy ‘green
drinks’ at
• Take deep, slow diaphragmatic breaths for ten minutes in the morning
• Take a cold shower every morning
• Exercise 6 times in the next 10 days! (Warm up properly. Exercise at your proper
heart rate for at least 20 minutes. Warm down properly)
• Direct your Mind! (Focus on what you are truly grateful for in life! What are you

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
excited about? What are you proud about? What are your goals in life? If you had
no limitations and you knew you could not fail, what would you be doing right now?)
• Get some rest, get some sun, get a massage, do some Yoga…
• Optimize Your Nutrition (Stop digging your graves with your teeth!!!)
1. - Alkalize your diet! Eat loads of green vegetables, water-rich LIVE foods!
2. - Buy some nutritional supplements
3. - Eliminate Self-Destructive Habits from your life! – cut out sugar, salt,
vinegar, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and soft drinks for 10 days.
4. - Eliminate Your Intake of Unhealthy Fats and Cooked Oils
5. - Eliminate Your Intake of Animal Flesh
6. - Eliminate Your Intake of Dairy Products – no milk, cheese, ice-cream, etc.
7. - Ingest only fruit and juices up until noon, and only on an empty stomach
8. - Properly combine your meals – don’t eat carbohydrates and proteins
9. - Eat in a relaxed state (eat slowly!)
10. - Eat comfortable amounts
11. - Drink water before your meals, not during or after.

The Smartest People Are Taking Control of Their Health

Smart people are realizing that they need to take personal responsibility for
their lifestyle choices. They are educating themselves more and more about
Health, instead of leaving it in the hands of conventional medicine. They are
joining the gym, going to health food stores, eating LIVE foods, and taking
nutritional supplements. They understand the price there is to pay if they
don’t do this (a mediocre life filled with pains and aches, Cancer, Diabetes,
Heart Disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, etc.)

They are NOT willing to destroy their body, their health, their LIFE, for foods
that may taste good but that are killing them. Their life is too precious. They
value themselves and have high self-esteem.

The Truth Is Here, The Truth Is Now

There was a time not so long ago when saying that the Earth was NOT flat
was considered heresy, and you would be burnt at the stake.

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
The 19th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said that
all truth passes through three stages.

Firstly, it is ridiculed; Secondly, it is violently opposed;

And thirdly, it is accepted as self-evident.

“In the sciences, people quickly come to regard as their own
personal property that which they have learned and had passed on
to them at the universities and academies. If, however, someone
else now comes along with new ideas that contradict he Credo
(that has been recited for years and passed on in turn to others)
and in fact even threaten to overturn it, then all passions are raised
against this threat and no method is left untried to suppress it.
People resist it in every way possible: pretending not to have
heard about it; speaking disparagingly of it, as if it were not even
worth the effort of looking into the matter. And so a new truth can
have a long wait before finally being accepted.”
– Goethe

Final Thoughts
“There’s a revolution happening out there right now. People are bound and
determined to take an active role in their health care.
It costs them a lot of money when they get sick, but they have finally caught on to
the idea that they don't have to get sick.
There are things that they can do to keep themselves well – even safe - from such
things as cancer and cardiovascular disease. As a society we are tired of living in a
pharmacopoeia – a culture dominated by drugs and pharmaceutical companies. It's
become too expensive and unreliable.
Natural alternatives will revolutionize all of that.”
Dr. James F. Balch, M.D., in his foreword to the book “The Antioxidant Revolution”
If you want to be like everybody else, you will suffer what everybody else suffers:
Unhappiness, an unfulfilled life, frustration, overwhelm, being broke, fat, and dying
of heart disease or cancer.
If you want that, live like the majority of people do.

The World, Circa 2050

I hold the belief that 40 years from now, Cancer will be a thing of the past.

We will look back in disbelief at how billions of people let themselves be conned by the
medico-pharmaceutical establishment for so long. We will wonder at how we could have
missed the glaringly obvious link between nutrition and chronic disease for so long.

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
And as the executives of the food industry and pharmaceutical industry stand on trial for
crimes against humanity, we will watch in amazement as some completely un-enlightened
individuals will still – despite everything – continue to poison themselves and their loved
ones with dead, toxic food, day after day.

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.

I sincerely hope that you realize – like I did – how truly BLESSED you are to
come across this information, for immensely powerful vested interests have
fought tooth and nail to keep it suppressed.

You now have a choice – you can use this information …or go on with your
lives as before.

Either choice will carry its consequences.

I know that you will put this invaluable information to good use.

This concludes my book, “10 Steps To Vibrant Health & Energy”.

I look forward to hearing how you have used this information to turn around
your health challenges and take back control of your life. You may email me

I wish you all the Health, Success, and Happiness in the world.
Mark Anastasi

Appendix I – About The Author

Mark Anastasi is a businessman, as well as an author and public speaker, specializing in
the area of Health and Nutrition.

His company LifeQuest Education has as its mission the promotion of life-enhancing and
empowering education throughout the world.

To that end he is setting up Inspiration TV – a global satellite television station devoted to

personal development, spirituality, natural health, and positive/inspiring news from around
the world – and LifeQuest Healing Centers®.

Please visit to find out more.

Mark Anastasi
Public Speaking
$4,000 an hour
Corporate events, seminars, exhibitions, conventions.

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
The LifeQuest Corporate Health-Check
$12,000 per consultation and delivery of training.
Benefits: drastically reduce lost productivity due to sick days. Massively increase energy,
creativity, and overall wellbeing of your staff.

Live Forever Clinic

$50,000 per intervention.
Only 12 clients a year.
The Live Forever Clinic is a London-based consultancy for high net-worth individuals
interested in longevity extension and physical immortality.
We use cutting-edge non-mainstream technology as well as esoteric principles to heal and

LifeQuest Healing Centers®

$200,000 per franchise
We are seeking investors to set up LifeQuest Healing Centers around the world, where
patients will be treated and healed through natural means, as well as empowered about
their health through education.

Appendix II – How Can I Tell Whether I Am Healthy?

Live Blood Microscopy
If you were to look at the average person’s blood through a microscope, you would most
probably see misshapen blood cells that are breaking down – the sure signs of a major
disease being on its way. A healthy bloodstream, on the other hand, should have big,
round, plump, and lively red blood cells.

Your blood is The River Of Life. This inner terrain needs to be alkalised, energized,
and cleansed! I urge you to do a live blood test – your blood does not lie.
(Please visit to find out where YOU can get a live blood test


The Pharmanex Biophotonic Nutrition Scanner
You can now measure the precise level of nutrition in your body by simply placing your
hand over a ‘blue laser’ device. This is a revolutionary new technology that will very quickly
tell you where you stand, health-wise.

If your scan scores below 20,000 points, you are almost certainly headed for a major
health disaster by the time you are 50. If you score above 40,000 you are probably safe,
but should still aim for 60,000 to 80,000 points.

Please visit to find out where you can get

scanned in your area and to read more about this scanner.

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
Appendix III – Further reasons why our cells might break down
ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF)

The key lesson in this ebook is that in order to be healthy, we need to nurture our CELLS.
As your cells go… you go.

Lack of oxygen, lack of water, lack of nutrients, junk food and self-destructive habits, a
toxic or acidic environment, lack of energy, as well as negative mental states, all contribute
to the destruction of our cells.

There are a few more things that can also affect our cells negatively.

One of these is disturbances in the cell’s electrical field.

If you disturb the electrical charges of the cell membrane (with one form of toxic substance
or another) you will damage this balance – this can stress, kill or mutate them.

Electro-magnetic fields can cause such disturbances.

We need to be wary of staying too long close to computers, cell phones, big electrical
devices, and power lines, for example.

Please make sure that there are no magnetic devices anywhere near your bed!

Your body is a delicately balanced electro-magnetic machine!

Anything that’s going to mess up that delicate balance is going to mess up your cells.

Personally, I use a Q-link and Purple Plates to protect myself from such fields and
energize my body (please visit and to find out

Nerve Impingement

Nerve impingement is a further source of disease.

Your nervous system sends messages across your entire body (e.g. ‘There’s a challenge
here, send help!’), through your spine and your nerve connections. Very often certain
aspects of our spine become ‘mis-aligned’, which puts pressure on some nerves. Our
nerve flow of information and energy is then reduced.

The human body is designed to develop and maintain itself through motion!

Human bodies compensate for lack of motion to our detriment. Most of us are not moving
enough, not using all our muscles, and that’s where our structural problems come from.

You must support yourself in order to become re-aligned, so that the natural flow of
information and energy runs through your entire body.

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
Find a good chiropractor and get yourself structurally realigned!

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
Appendix IV – ‘Getting Old’ Is A State Of Mind!
I know 18-year-olds that seem to have the weight of the world on their shoulders. They
look old, and if you were to ask them, they would say they feel old, too.

On the other hand, I know some 70 and 80-year-olds that are simply the life of the party,
bouncing off the walls, acting with total child-like innocence, wonder, excitement, and

They are truly ALIVE! They experience the full juice of LIFE!

Age Is A Mindset!!!
Change your mindset!

The majority of people die within 2 years of their retirement – they feel like they lack
purpose, or that there is no meaning to their lives anymore, because they are not doing
anything that has an impact, that drives them, that excites them, that makes them feel


Seek out new challenges! Expand your identity! Break through your limitations and comfort

I don’t care what age you are at, you need to have a sense of purpose in your life. Ask
yourself frequently, the following question – probably THE most important question one
can ever ask – “If you had absolutely no limitations whatsoever and you knew you could
not fail, what you be doing right now?”

And then DO IT!

The Cultural Hypnosis of ‘Old Age’

You see people around you getting older and older…

They’re not getting ‘older’, they are getting more and more toxic!

They are over-acid and over-toxic, and this affects their bodies drastically! You don’t need
to experience any of that!

The good news it that you can halt or even reverse the ageing process, however old you

Do you want to reverse the ageing process? Easy!

Eat the right foods! Supplement your diet with glyconutrients and other high-quality
supplements! Alkalize! Detox regularly! Get loads of oxygen into your system!

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
Exercise! Do Yoga! Stretch!

Know this: making less demands on your body makes your cells atrophy and weakens the
body! What you don’t use, you lose. Seek out more challenge! Use your body & mind
in intense ways!

Studies have shown that you can create the same level of strength in people in their 70s
that is found in people in their 20s and 30s, by making an increased demand on the cells
of their muscles!

Don’t buy into the cultural hypnosis that would have you believe that because you are
over the age of 60 you are ‘ageing’, you must have less energy, and you have to
experience the same ailments that everyone else does! It all comes down to your mindset!

Most people see their friends around them get old, experience disease, and pass away, so
they start believing that THAT is what should be happening to THEM! They then
MANIFEST in their body the symptoms they expect to have!

As I mentioned before, your mind has an incredibly powerful effect on your body!
Imagine an 80-year-old person that is surrounded only by young and vibrant people all the
time, compared to an 80-year-old that is in a retirement home. How much of a difference
do you think that makes?

Please visit
to find out about Dr. Bob Delmontique, the healthiest octogenarian on the planet (!).

Whilst on the Educo website above, I strongly urge you to find out more about Dr. Tony
Quinn’s work.

Amongst his many accomplishments, he has had some amazing results from his
relaxation audio programs, using hypnotic subliminal suggestions such as ‘every day you
get younger and younger, your cells rejuvenate more and more, your body gets stronger
every day’, etc.

Finally, I would like to share with you 3 interesting pieces of information that I have come
across, that I would like to share with you, as I find them very intriguing and can expand,
perhaps, one’s awareness.

First of all, research has conclusively shown that if you give human cells the oxygen and
nutrients they need, and eliminate the waste (toxins) from their environment, they can

Secondly, in the book Conversations With God, God himself (herself?) states that the
human body has been designed to LIVE FOREVER, and that human beings used to do
that… before.

Thirdly, author Leonard Orr, in his amazing book Breaking The Death Habit, explains that
dying is a cultural hypnosis – we die because we see other people dying at a certain age
and we therefore EXPECT to end up the same way.

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.
He explains how, through spiritual practices, and complete physical mastery (breathing
exercises, yoga, cleansing, etc.) one can attain immortality. There are apparently many
hundreds of immortal yogis in Nepal, Tibet, India, and other oriental countries, that have
mastered the physical and spiritual disciplines necessary to be able to live off the sun’s

Maybe there’s something to all this, maybe not. Worth a look-in, don’t you think?

Mark Anastasi – All rights reserved.