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Shawnella Bautista

157 Chalan Kilites St.

Dededo, GU 96929
(671) 977-0606
Dependable and mature high school graduate, hoping to seek part-time under
sales/retail or under the tourism industry to further studies under interested

- Observant &
Nikko Hotel Guam, Tumon — Housekeeping Intern
- Organized & Punctual
FEB. 2019 – MAR. 2019
- Excels in
Worked as office clerk and linen attendant. Answered phone calls, mathematics
organized documents daily, and set up amenities for the following day. - Technologically
Operated hotel computers and systems and assisted in cleaning rooms Literate
during weekends. - Knows how to
operate Microsoft Word, Excel,

Pacific Islands Club, Tumon — Front desk Intern and Publisher

- Independent
FEB 2018 - APR 2018
- Adaptable
Assisted front desk with guest complaints, answering phone calls, and
preparing hotel packages for incoming guests. Operated computer
software and provided guidance around the hotel to guests when needed.

Onward Beach Resort, Tamuning — High School Intern
MAR 2017 GCC Certificate of Mastery-
Lodging Management Program
2-day field trip to study hotel operations in certain areas. Positioned at
front desk, pool recreation, F & B (Le Premier), and housekeeping. National Career Readiness
Answered phone calls, greeted guests, and assisted in satisfying guest Certificate – Platinum Level
Certificate of Completion –
Completion of 4 years in TriO
Upward Bound
Certificate of Proficiency in 3
Areas – Proficient in Reading,
John F. Kennedy High School
Language Arts, and Mathematics
 Top 50 percent of class
 GPA: 3.9 in ACT testing

 National Technical Honor Society: 2017-2019

- Club President: 2018-2019
- Club Treasurer: 2017-2018 INTERESTS
Arts/Creative Arts
Tourism and Travel
World History/Mythology