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Detailed Lesson Plan

Date: September 17 -21, 2018 Grade/Section: Grade 11

DLP No.: Learning Area: H.O.P.E. 1 Grade Level: 11 Quarter: 1st Duration: 60 min.
Learning Competency/ies: Recognize the value of optimizing one’s health through participation
PAs. Code: PEH 1FH-1d-t-14
(Taken from the curriculum guide)
Key Concepts/
Understanding to be Value of optimizing one’s health through participation in PAs.

Identify the value of participating in participating in physical activities.
Describe the characteristics of a responsible leader in fitness activities.

Attitude Explain the health benefits of participating in physical activities.

Values Share concern for others.

2. CONTENT Exercise for Fitness a. Aerobic Activities

3. LEARNING RESOURCES Pictures/videoclips of the different physical activities

4.1 Introductory *Picture analysis (Picture of different events)

Activity *Guide questions:
(_5 minutes) 1. What were the activities/events you participated a week ago?
2. Share your experiences (big group sharing)

4.2 Activity/Strategy *Assess your PA…

( 5 minutes) Direction: Instruct the students to close their eyes and think of all the activities that they do for
the whole day. Ask them to list all in the table below and tell whether the activity is healthy or
not by putting a corresponding emotion on the provided table.


Ex: Scrubbing the floor 

4.3 Analysis 1. How many healthy activities have you done the whole day? Do you think they are
( 10 minutes) enough for you to be considered an active teenager?
2. What do you think should you do with your leisure hours to maximize your physical
3. Do you think that the activities you have for the day can improve your health and
make you physically active?
4.4 Abstraction 1. What is the difference between physical activity and exercise?
( 10 minutes) The term “physical activity” should not be mistaken with “exercise”. Exercise, is a sub-
category of physical activity that is planned, structured, repetitive, and purposeful in the
sense that the improvement or maintenance of one or more components of physical fitness
is the objective. Physical activity includes: exercise, as well as other activities in which involve
bodily movement and are done as part of planning, working, active transportation, house
chores and recreational activities. Due to the rising technological advancement in our
country, the physical activities of teenagers have become limited and are often neglected.
Motivation and involvement is needed for them to be active.
2. What are the characteristic of a responsible leader in fitness activities?
Teenagers may also join groups like community youth clubs, such as scouting, which will
keep them physically active while getting new knowledge or learning new skills. This groups
often do lots of physical activities be it indoor or outdoor. They are good training grounds for
future leaders, particularly in developing responsible young adults as they motivate them to
have the initiative to do and finish tasks.
4.5 Application *Where do I belong?
( 8 minutes) Directions: In the box below is a list of different physical activities. Instruct the students to
classify; the activities whether it is moderate activity or vigorous activity. Write the activities in
the appropriate column on the table.
Walking Dancing Playing Football Cycling Swimming
Playing basketball jogging gardening climbing doing aerobics


Ans: Ans:
Walking Dancing Jogging
Dancing Playing football Climbing
Swimming Cycling Doing Aerobics
Jogging Swimming
Gardening Playing basketball

4.6 Assessment (15 *Physical Activity Benefits

minutes) Directions: Below are jumbled letters/words of the different values they can get from
getting enough physical activity and the conditions that they are at risk of when they have
an inactive lifestyle. Ask the students to re arrange the letters to form the correct word and
tell them to put them on the corresponding table where they belong.
Trongs nobes odog turesop neyitax thyealh ightwe bisetoy duceer serests
Betisdia romdpive peels ehtlhay reath gihh dolob srespure
Lopedevedarlipesh likls presniodes

Benefits from doing physical activities Conditions from not doing physical
Ans: Depression
Good posture reduce stress Anxiety
Strong bones healthy heart Obesity
Healthy weight Improved sleep Diabetes
develop leadership skills High blood pressure

Assessment Method Observation

4.7 Assignment 1. Lists at least five (5) career opportunities in health and fitness.
( 2 minutes) 2. Choose one or two that interest/s you.
4.8 Concluding Song “ Walking with Jesus”
( 5 minutes)
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