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Zone 11 144 San Juan Village Agdao,

Davao City, Philippines
Contact # + 639197482825

 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Year Graduated : October 25, 2005

School Graduated : Mats College of Technology Davao City
Address : R. Castillo St. Agdao, Davao City Philippines

An experience and suitable qualified engineering technician with through knowledge of
electrical legislation code and standards of practice experience in the installation ,repair and
maintenance and testing of electrical system and equipments in domestic industrial and
commercial and environments , able to carry-out physically demanding work and posses own
methods of transport and prepared to travel .Have an in-depth knowledge of safety procedure
for both construction and maintenance project . Now seeking to further a successful career by
working for getting expanding company.



Company : Mintrade Corporation

Location / Country : R. Castillo St. Agdao, Davao City Philippines
Position : Electrician
End of Contract : July 10, 2002 – July 9, 2003

Company : Universal Robina Corporation

Location / Country : KM 10 Sasa Davao City, Philippines
Position : Electrician
End of Contract : August 13, 2003 – June 15, 2004

Company : Apex Mining Co, Inc.

Location / Country : Maco, Masara Comval Province, Philippines
Position : Shift Leadman mine electrical
End of Contract : March 1, 2006 – September 1, 2009

Company : Al-Othman Industrial Company

Location / Country : Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Position : Electrical Supervisor
End of Contract : January 29, 2010 – February 18, 2012

Company : Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd,

Location / Country : Papua New Guinea
Position : Electrician
End of Contract : April 24, 2013 – January 29, 2014

Company : South Sea Fishing Ventures, Philippines Inc.

Location / Country : Papua New Guinea Fishing Ground
Position : 834 Vessel Electrician
End of Contract : January 9, 2015 – August 14, 2015

Company : Globalaire Technology Corporation

Location / Country : Door 3 3TR BLDG Pioneer Drive Bajada Davao City, Philippines
Position : Project In Charge and Safety Officer
End of Contract : June 16, 2017 – August 31, 2018
Job Description at Mintrade Corporation Located at Mintrade Drive R. Castillo St. Agdao, Davao
City Philippines

 Trouble shoot generator.

 Installed and lay-out for generator for load.
 Monitored instrument of generator.
 Monitored instrument generator when operational.
 Operate genset generator for operational.
 Installed CCTV camera including fire alarm, smoke detector and it’s power line.
 Lay-out three phase 440/220 volts power line supply for load motors.
 Lay-out single phase 200 volts power line supply for lightings.
 Tapped and installation of branches circuit breaker 220 volts. Panel board supply for
office building loads.
 Monitored of all electrical operational facilities.
 Installed of fire alarm.
 Installed of motor control.
 Conduct preventive maintenance of all operation electrical facilities including substation
area in even quarterly of months.

Job Description at Universal Robina Corporation

Located at KM 10 Sasa Davao City, Philippines

 Operate genset generator during change power.

 Trouble shoot genset generator during defective.
 Monitored genset generator during operational.
 Conduct preventive maintenance of genset generator.
 Lay-out power line of genset generator for operational electrical facilities.
 Maintenance of building wiring loads.
 Trouble shoot / repair motor control.
 Tap Installation of branches circuit breaker supply for 220 volts load.
 Installed of motor control
 Monitored all electrical operational facilities.
 Assists mechanical preventive maintenance in operational electrical facilities in every
quarterly of months, Wiring lay-out 440 volts power line supply for motor loads

Job Description at Apex Mining Co. Inc,

Located at Masara, Maco Comval Province Philippines

 Conduct preventive maintenance of genset generator.

 Tighten of contract point of genset generator in every quarterly.
 Troubled shoot of genset generator of electrical power line.
 Troubled shoot/repair of jumbo drill machine control at underground tunnel.
 Trouble shoot Blower motor, Submersible pump at underground tunnel.
 Lay-out three phase power line 440/220 volts supply of building office at surface area.
 Installed motor control start stop forward reverse, main wye delta.
 Monitored all electrical operational facilities at underground tunnel.
Job Description at Al-Othman Industrial Company
Located at Riyadh Saudi Arabia

 Report to head department.

 Supervise the man power.
 Conduct safety meeting before start of operational work.
 Submit to department manager of our electrical reporting.
 Conduct preventive maintenance of main substation.
 Conduct routine inspection of electrical operational facilities.
 Preparing requisition of spare parts & inventory supplies.
 Request of our personal protective equipment.
 Submit to department of computation electrical loads.
 Conduct megger of all operational electrical motor every quarterly of months.
 Required to man power for housekeeping before and after duties.
 Conduct preventive maintenance of our genset generator.
 Monitored genset generator during operational.
 Installed of motor control 220/440 volts.
 Installed and lay-out power line supply.
 Installed of cable tray for power line supply.
 Installed of panel board supply for 220/440 volts.
 Monitored all electrical operational fault.
 Installed and lay-out wiring of building accommodation an office.

Job Description at Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co, Ltd.

Located at Papua New Guinea

 Report to supervisor.
 Assisted new building to determine electrical wires lay-out and ensure the property wirings.
 Pulled out wiring from building and replace in with new ones.
 Handle and repair and maintenance of electrical system and equipment.
 Checking of all electrical instrument in daily routine.
 Installed of transmitter with support.
 Installed of cable tray and fixing support.
 Cable dressing and termination of junction box terminal block.
 Testing and energized the electronic device.
 Installed motor control.
 Lay-out and installed the electrical power line supply 440 volts and 220 volts

Job Description at South Sea Fishing Ventures, Philippines Inc.

Located at Papua New Guinea

 Report to chief engineer.

 Functionally reports to – E&I C Superintendent (Technical Services Department).
 Observe & comply vessel’s safety policy sea corporate drug alcohol policy, risk assessment,
management, familiarize PPE & Job safety analysis before performing preventive/corrective
 Ensure that all E&I C equipment are maintain according to the general maintenance plan or
based on the OEM standard like alarms from main engine & auxiliary generator, navigational
equipment, lights, aircon, emergency generator, life craft, steering, communication equipment,
thrusters & other electrical equipment onboard.
 Conduct megger testing periodically in all motors, Schedule of testing & frequency subject to the
approval of E&I C superintendent.
 Respond to corresponding bill assignment according to specified emergency drills.
Job Description at Globalaire Technology Corpation.
Located at Door 3 3TR building Pioneer Drive Bajada Davao City, Philippines.

 Report to the officer in charge.

 Mobilize the project site.
 Prepare documentation and safety procedure.
 Conduct safety meeting before doing task.
 Supervise the manpower at project site.
 Installed the auxiliary components of air conditioning and heating units including their air ducts
and discharge valve.
 Developed preventive and general maintenance routines for commercial HVAC units that
included task such a changing filter vacuuming equipment and cleaning units.
 Assembled and mounted heating and cooling units according to manufacturer specification.
 Diagnosed problems in air conditioning units and performed the appropriate repairs return
them to good working order.
 Installed wireless programmable thermostats in home office building and industrial warehouses
to maintain a constant temperature and minimize energy usage.


 Siemens reliable solution to General Industry and technical seminar on process instrumentation
and analytics.
(Held at the Buffet Palace Davao City Philippines.)

 ABS Equipment Service and repair training.

(Held at Apex Mining site Davao City Philippines.)

 Medium Voltage ( 5.35kv) cable splicing terminating

(Held at Probinsya Restaurant August 10, 2007, Davao City Philippines.)

 IIEE 2009 11th Southern Mindanao Regional Conference

(Held at Grand Men Seng Hotel September 28, to 30, 2006 at Davao City Philippines.)

 IIEE 2009 National Midyear Convention and General Membership Meeting

(Held at Cap Conventional Center Anda St. Davao City Philippines May 21-23 2009.)

 IIF Incident & Injury – Free November 19, 2013, at Papua New Guinea

 Free Protection Seminar and Related Law in the field of fire safety Engineering.
(Held at Sangguniang Pang Lungsod August 23, 2014 at Davao City, Philippines.)

 Training of (COSH) Construction safety and health course for site safety officers
(Held at DCACI Office Unit 113 11th floor Lanco Building, Bajada Davao City, May 15-19, 2017.)

Age : 39 years old

Civil Status : Separated
Date of Birth : August 24, 1979
Place of Birth : Davao City
Religion : Roman Catholic
Nationality : Filipino
Height : 5’5
Weight : 56 kls.
Language Spoken : Arabic, English, Tagalog and Visayan


Elementary : San Juan Elementary School

Address : Nagsil Village, Mintrade Drive Agdao, Davao City (1987-1993)

Secondary : Mats College of Technology

Address : R. Castillo St. Agdao Davao City (1993-1997)

College : Mats College of Technology

Address : R.Castillo St. Agdao , Davao City
Course : Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering(October 25, 2005)

Vocational : TESDA
Address : Tibungco Buhisan Davao City
Course : Industrial Electricity (January 27-February 21, 2003)

Vocational : Ansuico Foundation Advance Technical School

Address : Km. 12 Panacan Davao City
Course : Automotive Servicing NC1/NC11 (TESDA)


Name : Fedilino Fornolles

Address : 32 Saint Martin St. Dona Pilar Village Sasa Davao City
Work : Electrical Manager
Contact #: 09505657739