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A character with Glamour is paranaturally gifted so that all sapient beings
perceive him as moving with unearthly grace. His countenance always seems radiant,
and his voice is soul wrenching and laden with emotion. People may describe him as
angelic or fairylike, and everyone he speaks to cannot help but feel moved and
inspired. Sapient beings always respond with awe, deference, and kindness to the
character as long as he does not act hostile. The character adds 2 to his Social
limit and has a +1 dice pool modifier to all Social Skill Tests, with the exception
of Intimidation. This quality renders the character particularly memorable, and he
suffers from the effects of Distinctive Style quality (p. 80, SR5).

Whatever Distinctive Style the player selects makes her character easy to remember.
Anyone who attempts
to identify, trace, or physically locate this character (or gain information about
him via legwork) receives a +2 dice pool modifier for relevant tests. If an NPC
makes a Memory Test (p. 152) to determine how much they recall about the character,
reduce the Difficulty Threshold by 1, to a minimum of 1.


Speed kills, but quickness and agility can be the key to avoiding a speedy death.
This quality allows the character to use their Agility in place of their Willpower
attribute while using Full Defense.

The First Impression quality enables a character to slide easily into new
environments, situations, groups, and jobs. Whether infiltrating a gang, making
contacts in a new city, or wrangling an invite to a private meet, the character
gains a temporary +2 dice pool modifier for relevant Social Tests such as
Negotiation and Con during the first meeting. This modifier does not apply to
second and subsequent encounters

Local Fame (4 Karma): City politics, hometown sports teams, and local news stations
are some of the
most common sources of local fame. Select a single sprawl at character creation to
be the base of the character�s fame. In the public eye of that sprawl, the
character gains a 1-point increase to their Social Limit and a +1 dice pool
modifier on all Social Skill tests to positively influence someone who knows of
their fame. The downside is that anyone from the chosen sprawl can identify famous
characters with an Intuition + Logic (2) Test, so characters need to be careful
about who sees them when they are on the job. The character�s Public Awareness is
increased by 2. If the character has the Day Job quality, they multiply
their income by 2

A Double-Jointed character has unusually flexible joints and can bend and contort
his body into extreme positions. The character receives a +2 dice pool modifier for
Escape Artist tests. The character may also be able to squeeze into small, cramped
spaces where less limber characters cannot. They�re also great at parties and bars.

Low-light vision: This accessory allows you to see normally in light levels as low
as starlight. It doesn�t help in total darkness, though.

When dealing with the target of their prejudice, a character receives a �2 dice
pool modifier per level of
severity of the Prejudiced quality for all Social Tests. If negotiations are a part
of the encounter, the target receives a +2 modifier per level of the Prejudiced
quality. So if a character who is radical in their prejudiced views against the
Awakened tries to negotiate with the target of their prejudice, they receive a �6
to their Negotiation Test while the target receives a +6 dice pool modifie

BONUS: 10, 17, OR 25 KARMA
For the character with this quality, the rewards of a job well done are the finer
things in life. Unfortunately, one can quickly get attached to the comforts one has
acquired, making the fall seem ever so higher. At the 10 Karma level, the character
is used to a Middle Lifestyle, at the 17 level a High, and 25, it�s Luxury all the
way, baby. For every day that the character must spend �slumming� it in a lower
Lifestyle category, the irritable character suffers a �1 penalty to all Social and
Healing tests per Lifestyle category below his chosen level. For example, if the
character takes this Quality at the High Lifestyle level and is forced to stay in a
Squatter Lifestyle, he will suffer �3 to all Social and Healing tests. Life just
isn�t worth living without Cognac.

The character has an obsession, something that drives them forward. Everything they
do is designed to bring
them one step closer to solving the enigma in their life. This can be finding a
disappeared loved one, discovering a hidden truth about themselves, or even getting
revenge on an old enemy. Whatever the cause, when faced with a clue or opportunity
to advance their quest, the character must make a Willpower + Logic (4) Test to not
immediately drop everything and pursue this new information. Unless the character
succeeds, they will sacrifice anything and anyone to get closer to the truth. On
the other hand, such single-minded obsession makes the character a tough nut to
crack. As long as the character is actively working a lead, he gains +1 to his

If the character sets up residence in a certain location for a sustained period of
time (more than a season, though the gamemaster determines the specific time
period) he gradually becomes attuned to the place and his surroundings. While this
grants the character a preternaturally intuitive understanding of the environment
and its inhabitants, the bonding can be fatal when it occurs in polluted or
desolate urban environments. In game terms, the character�s biorhythm and senses
gradually adapt to the environment (Essence x 100 meters in radius) around his
permanent residence�the place where he spends most of his time.

The character makes a Body +Willpower (3) Test each month; if they succeed, they
are attuned to their environment. If they fail, they are unattuned and left to feel
incomplete or
lost. It may be that the area in which they live is one where they do not want to
be attuned and they want to actively resist the attunement. In that case, they get
a �1 dice pool modifier on the test.
Once the bond is formed, it can only be broken if the character changes his home to
form a new bond. They
have to live in the new place for a full month to have a chance to break the old
bond, and the bond is not broken until they succeed at the Body + Willpower (3)
Test in the new neighborhood.

Symbiosis provides the character with preternatural insight and connection to

everything living within his
sphere of attunement. This grants him a +1 dice pool modifier on any Skill Test
involving the Outdoor Skill
Group as well as a modifier to all Social Tests with individuals residing within
the area. In addition, the character possesses an intuitive grasp of what�s going
on around him, and he is emotionally affected by the condition of the land. If a
fire breaks out, he instantly becomes alarmed. If all inhabitants in the area
coexist peacefully, he is blissful and healthy, providing +1 to any Healing Tests
performed while in the neighborhood. On the other hand, environmental and social
problems�like drug abuse, gang violence,
and pollution�produce a somatic response in the character, leaving him sick and
depleted; treat as a persistent Mild Allergy until the situation is rectified.