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Wahyu Utomo

UK: 177 Grey Turner House, Du Cane Road, London W12 0UA
Indonesia: Sambeng Kulon RT 01/01 No.21, Kembaran, Banyumas 53182
: +6285336200122 : :
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An MSc Petroleum Engineering Graduate currently looking for a new challenging career in multinational oil and gas or energy
company. Experienced in the upstream sector of petroleum industry especially in plan of development, reservoir optimization,
production and drilling operation. Having excellent technical, critical and analytical thinking in problem solving and project
management proven in exceptional academic, organizational and professional records.

MSc Petroleum Engineering – Imperial College London, UK (2017-2018)
• Developing in depth knowledge and consolidated understanding of reservoir characterization, modelling and simulation, and
field management by formal lectures, problem classes, laboratory and computer exercises.
• Enhancing independent research, data collection and interpretation, hypothetical thinking, leadership and delegating tasks,
project and time management, report writing and presentation skills through group project and individual research project.
BSc (Hons) Degree Petroleum Engineering – Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia (2011-2015)
• Focused study in Petroleum Engineering, Production Engineering, Drilling Engineering, Petroleum Geology, Petroleum
Economics, Geothermal Engineering, Thermodynamics, Rock and Fluid Mechanics, Computer Programming and Engineering
Mathematics. Got First-Class Honours (GPA: 3.81/4.00) with thesis title: Effects of Mud Filtrate Invasion to Resistivity Log
Modelling on Gullfaks Field.
• Developed abilities of project and time management, critical, and innovative thinking from individual and group assignment.
• Enhanced analytical applied science and engineering principles from reservoir and production simulation software and lab
experiment such as: Petrel, CMG, Eclipse, Prosper, Fluid and Rock Properties Test, and Drilling Mud and Cement Test.
SMA N 1 Purwokerto (High School), Indonesia (2008-2011)
• Major: Mathematics and Science. Got First-Class Honours with National GPA: 56/60.

Work experiences
Jan 2019 – Now: Technical Assistant Reservoir Engineer – Pertamina Hulu Energi Siak & Kampar
• Proposed workover candidates for Kampar Block based on static model, log, historical completion and production data.
• Arranged contract for third parties regarding workover activities such as completion operation and wireline logging.
June – Aug 2018: Reservoir Engineering Intern – Schlumberger Abingdon Technology Centre
• Assigned in a project about modeling gas-oil gravity drainage in vuggy naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs (NFCR).
Developed the use of triple porosity model as a robust model of upscaling carbonate reservoir contains not only matrix and
fracture as in dual porosity model, but also connected and isolated vugs.
• Established correlations between vugs proportion and the key gravity drainage parameters (DZMATRIX and SIGMAGD) that
can be useful as a tool for reservoir engineers when modelling vuggy NFCRs.
Dec 2016 – Sep 2017, Dec 2018: Reservoir Engineer – Geological Research Centre
• Developed history matching model as part of dynamic model for KH Field owned by Star Energy to mimic the historical
production and production test data using petroleum engineering software (Petrel and Eclipse).
• Worked in a team with geologists, geophysicists, and petrophysicists to build a static model for Plan of Further Development
Project of Kampar Block owned by Pertamina Hulu Energi. Then, regularly reported and presented the technical advice and
provided knowledge support to the client concerning infill well and workover.
• Conducted an integrated study, research, processing data and analysis from reservoir fluids, petrophysics, well testing, well
completion and production data to propose the best scenario for field development planning to improve recovery factor.
• Employed production allocation, decline curve analysis and clustering method to estimate regional field performance.

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Apr – Aug 2016: Quality Health Safety & Environment Consultant – Proxsis Consulting Group
• Established and monitored implementation and certification of CSMS, ISO 9001:2015 QMS, ISO 14001:2015 EMS and OHSAS
18001:2007 OH&S MS in construction, transportation and manpower services, and oil and gas company.
• Conducted gap analysis in a company to evaluate existing condition about QHSE then presented and reported technical advice
about corrective action and improvement. Supervised in a site visit to monitor the implementation of QHSE Management System
in a client’s business process including staff, crews in a field, and a third party or contractor.
Feb – Mar 2016: Subsurface Data Management – SKK Migas & ITB
• Conducted subsurface (geology, geophysics, reservoir, production, and reserve) data acquisitions and inventory.
• Built subsurface data management system for the purpose of national reserve evaluation.
Oct 2015 – Jan 2016: Physics Teacher – KSM Tutoring
• Regularly taught physics subject in a class of 5-20 junior and senior high school students.
• Twice a year arranged the module and syllabus for teaching guidelines and made quizzes and problems for an exam.
Jun – Aug 2015: Drilling Engineer Internship Program – Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Duri Drilling Department
• Employed a statistical and experimental method to design chemical soaking type, optimum soaking time and washing time of
Lateral Clean-Up (LCU) well operation which is cost effective.
• Developed a new method for designing a cost-effective combination of lead and tail cement slurry interval in order to withstand
the pressure of the formation and maintaining the stability and integrity.
• Promoted drilling hazard mapping in Duri Field as a tool for clustering various types of drilling hazards to anticipate problems
of formation in the upcoming drilling operation.
• Assisted Drilling Engineer to make a planned drilling program included: mud component and properties, cement program, well
trajectory, well diagram, operational procedure, casing design, bit design, etc.
• Assisted Drill Site Manager to make daily drilling operation report and supervised technical and health safety operation.

Organizational experiences
2014 – 2015: Chairman of IATMI (Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers) SC (Student Chapter) ITB
• Committed to ensure all board committees functions properly and plans effectively and lead the organization to reach the vision.
2013 – 2014: Head of Administration Division of TOKEMA (Toko Kesejateraan Mahasiswa) KOKESMA ITB
• Ensured the appropriate supply of goods of minimarket and negotiating with the suppliers to deal with goods price.
2013 – 2014: Head of Sponsorship and Entrepreneurship Division of IATMI SC ITB
• Responsible to negotiate with company partners and coping ideas for fund raising.

Academic experiences
• 2015: Assistant Lecturer of Completion, Workover and Geothermal Subject – Petroleum Engineering Department.
• 2013: Assistant Lecturer of Thermodynamics & Informatics and Technology – PE Department.

• 2016: Postgraduate Scholarship from Indonesia’s Government (LPDP).
• 2014: 1st Runner-Up Petrobowl Competition at Petrofest Event in Yogyakarta.
• 2011 – 2015: Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement at the Undergraduate Program on Current Semester from ITB.
• 2011: Achievement and Educational Scholarship from Indonesia’s Government (Bidik Misi).

Skills and interests

• Petroleum Engineering Software: Competent with Petrel, CMG, Eclipse, and OFM; Intermediate experienced in IPM
Petroleum Expert (PVTP, MBAL, and Prosper), Winprop and Saphir.
• IT: Competent in the use of Microsoft Office and intermediate capability in Corel and Photoshop; Conversant with C++ and C
• Languages: Bahasa (Mother Tongue); English (Fluent) with IELTS score 6.5, Chinese (Moderate).
• Driving Licence: Clean Indonesia Licence.
• Other Interests: Enjoy playing sports and travelling with friends, work out at gym, and watching movies.
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