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Tuesday, June 18, 2O!g

Neophyt.- congfessmen
learn .tepe,$:,,,6 f'. 1@4,1+qg
J!tE;.f+ou$q of,.,Reprbsent+Gves;,,in with,,$e Uai-:'.
te*iry.,o{. *e,,tfrifippinee'National: :Co1lege of 'Public,:Admr1-,,.
istrati6n.,.an riG ernaace'{{jP-NCFAG}, yes,terday bggac its. ,.
*tt..duy orientation for the members of the 18th G"$.ss
-t'o r-',r, evoh'ed and we are quite sure that
,::,A,tb,talo,f:14,*eoBh ,ffie,;firstdayof
the;e cfi1! 61rrsi..on.]e$$hti.q i :,is,,.hdd,at,,tfie:B:tasanI:,, all your needs as legislators for the
ft*fi nsa,:; efufC,,:th€,,1op.ening of ertety Congress.,iti,:shov thi ,. ,
next three years will be attended
, ffiS,,the,, Opee.,Of,..{a ,,,:,,,,.,:.
,,,:,,,t,::,,,,::,,::.,.::,:l:,: ,. to," he said.
,..,.UF CF, G.,DCarr..Ma,.,.Fe.iV.ilt+ineiof.Me*doae said tie ori- Maling said the new lawmakets
entadon will also include a mock."mmitee meeting and mock srill also meet the House Secre-
ptenary sission. tariat officials, with whom they
,:,:,,:Sht:Said &e: will closely work with for the next
,:nttidry,ffi.,aU. the'lawmakers to
eraft, theii lpgis.lative,,a.genda:iio:::Ser+e,,a.s,itheii blueprint. thtee years.
.... b:.4 d.,.ql1!,,,bci:h'dld,,in, tl*ee,,bai June 17 to
es;,,,fiqm The fitst batch of neoPh-\'te
1 9, June 24 ro 26 and on July 1 to 3, iust be fore rhe opening of lavrmakers is comPosed of the
e,i..Can$iesi:.ot,.j 5.,22r,.wh'bn,Pfes.idehi,Durcrti delivers
followinE: RePs. Gil Acosta Jr'
ffi .S te. of , e Naribfi fiddibbs.,,($oNA).;.......i.'.i..i.,.....i'.i.
(Palawani; Micirael Edgar Agl-ipay
:,,$4enUdri..,*u"rl55ed,.fhe, fice t.t.fb .:iof,:.,. egi€Iativi + Balindong
Bfafi&,i;b.Coaind.n;f:,fte,a$etb;, hes.,of.,c.f
ier, niwa;; Yasser
(I-tt"o del Sur); Eugenio Angelo
,#q.publiii..b bct la rs,.to,:b{.epppbd,l,ffi.,fg Agel,r
ilarba (Ilocos Norte); Fernando
and skills for the iob,
Cabredo (AIbaY); RudY Caoagdan
"The public trust that you arg all qualified, competent and
tnac you-[ be able to clo your loD - you-re a cut al'rove the rest. OJorth Cotabato);
Maximo Dalog Jr. (Mountain
Youi,bb fiSrtd. 9.,uug$iq,h .i.ofi.cdngic$$i fmlbelo :to an ;
Ptovince); Alfredo Delos Dantos
; :

instirudon, whichis a:coegual branch of Governmgnt, So since

(PL, Ang ProbinsYano); AIan
,youlcq qU,ali edi.. O
ent:'..ffi;.yW.ha+t.if.OlXf..i aiids,:w€ ,,:

bulali Pavao del Norte); Nestor

expectyou to do your iobs thg bestof your abilities," she told
.i : :;

thg hwtnake s.
Fongwan lBenguet); Carlo Gonza-
:,::.h{Eh biu.u*id;'.ft4;,Upecudvp;1toffi$e. ;efl*blnrffie.;i$c .i:.:.1i les (PL, Marino); CesarJimenez jr.
Meqbe5 s.gye t{re Filipino people by teaching
fousg lo.bgtter (Zamboznga Ciry); Jose Antonio
them how the legrslativg rni[ wor]s,
*$fe1,1 I-apez QL, Marino); Ronnie Ong
.'ffiil e. li.ffiql*[bcS.. ,..sorn€: bf the tsols,.,,i 1Pi, Ang Probinsyano); Alberto
of uigra ii:nn tibil.: cfll.ils01.fffiarise,i1€sr,withthe),,,,i Pacquiao (?L, OFW FamilY); Hec-
wor .bf,,ffi€i.rF{0q$bii:lbdEeUUa.l' ; .";",.Uternatpioceise* tor Sanchez (Catanduanes); John , a *t:thet av€ibworkon;rr:sfie,,sai ., ,
Reynald Tiangco (I'{avotas); Ro-
enic$;i€m#ks.Houseacdngsecretaryge*e*il,Da,,,, land Valeriano (lvlanila); Gerardo
Robertg th9 House Secretariat has been wotling on
\{a,ling said Valmayor Jr. (I'.legros Occidental) ;
rmproving the orientation progra{rr.
Wilton Kho (I\dasbate); and Ciriaco
,. :. lT,etrne,ffi,&is assffiefhg.1wein *e Secreadat,have, *uo i,,
Gato Jr. (Batanes).

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