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nertrs TUESDAY I JUNE 18,2019

Teachers' s alory increase,

aster r e silience top
Got priority mensures
By..PAOLO ROMERO The MaTasakif Center is a
continuing Program of the ad- Go, who-distiibuted cash
ministrati6n seeking to make assistance and grocerY and
The proposal to increase the food items to24/frre affected
salary 6f t6achers and institu- it easier and faster forindigent
patients to avail themselves of families in BrgY. 2 Poblacion in
tionalizins disaster resilience Bacolod Citv-on SundaY, told
top senatSr-elect ChristoPher inedical and financial assis-
reporters thdt he would not tol-
"Bong" Go's list of prioritY tance from the government bY
bringing together in one room erlte the "illegalbusinesses" of
measures he will push in the his election supporters.
Senate. all ciniern"ed agencies, such
ui ttt" Departme'nt of Health, "Even if votihelPed me dur-
Co vesterdav discussed his ine the eleitiory I will not helP
olan t6 increase the salarv of Deoarfment of Social Welfare
in& oevelopment (DS\\'D), vo"u if vour business is illegal,"
bublic school teachers aftei the "Go raid, although he assured
imolementation of the fourth Philippine Charitl' Sn'eeP-
stakei bffi." and PhilHealth' help to those engaged in legal
utril finul tranche.of their com- busineses.
pensation adjustment in 2019, The creation of the DePart-
More than 200 houses made
bursuant to Executive Order' ment of Overseas FiliPino
Workers is also a PrioritY, ac- of lieht materials were razed
2r s. zore as amended by EO , bv fi"re recentlv in Purok Ca-
76 s.2019. "' 'l cording to Go. The ProPosed
s'avcav' Brsv-' 2 Poblacion,
Aside from public school I deoartmentwill serve as a one-
Ctii"hich, according
stdp-shop in Providing legal Baloto'a
teachers, he said he is also
assistanc6 for overseas FiliPino to the polici:, is a drug-haven.
looking into increasing the sal-- :

The fire victims are now tem-

arv of all civilian personnel ot workers in distress; to arrange
oorarilv stavinq at the covered
thb eovemment in consonance -a firli migration cycte approach
in promoting migrant's rights
lourt df thd Ridres Bonifacio
witfithe principle of equal pay Elementarv School.
for workof equal value and to i from pre-employment to on-
On the bther hand, Go re-
attract and ritain comPetent' site and reinteg*atio{r.ser- ouested that the DSWD, Na-
and committed civil servants. l vices; and to launch a shared
"No one should be left be- tional Housing AuthoritY as
"database system that contains well as other government
hind. We must have a holistic important information of all
asencies helP the fire victims.
approach to include other or- OFWs to aid in tracking their " "Wu m.ttt do whatever good
dinary workers in the govem- ,status and fast-hrack the deliv-
' ery ol assistance, especially to we canextend to othersbecause
ment," he said in a statement. ,

we iust live once. I believe that

The senator-elect will also distressed workers.
service to man is also service to
oush for measures to address The senator-elect is also
planning to push for the exten- God," the senator-elect said'
broblems of informal settlers and
Go, who was accomPanied
brovide affordable houses for all, sion of the term of the current
',r"pu.iuUy tttu poor and homeless. baransav officials whose terms bv movie actor PhiliP Salva-
need a long-term af-

*ere &ri short due to the post- dbr, was ioined bY Bacolod
fordable housing program," ponement of the last bar"t g"y aitv M;ydt Evelio Leonardia,
elections. He said two years is Baiolod"Rep. Greg GasataYa,
he said.
outsoins ReP. Alfredo Benitez,
Go stressed that various not enough to compleie their
Neiros bccidental Vice Gov-
forms of housing intervention programs-and projects that will
ern"or-elect ]effreY Ferret Ba-
should be pursued so that each benefit their constituents.
colod Councilor Em Ang and
Filipino fimily will have its Go added that he is looking
, businessman
own roof. forward for the mbnthly ririni ]erry SY'
- l'Vith Gilbert BaYoran
He is also pushing for the Legislative-Executive Devel-
creation of a Department of
Disaster Resilience to scale uP
opment Advisory Council (LE-
DeC) meeungs io facilitate the
r PAeo -8'
the country's resiliencY and passage of key measures that
oreoaredness when it iomes may be considered priorities
io riatural calamities and man- by Congress and the adminis-
made disasters, and a law that tration. He cited Senate Presi-
would enable the establishment dentVicente Sotto III's support
of Malasakit Centers in more of the monthly mini LEDACs.
provinces and strategic urban Meanwhile, supporters of
ienters inthe countrv and allorv Go who may resort to illfgal