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Chapter 0

The commander of the third unit of the Stars, Alexander Arcturus. He was assigned to sabotage in Japan
and he successfully got there on a transport plane USNA army, but soon after landing, he was attacked and
since then was unconscious.

He had a feeling that he dreams of a long sleep. But it also had a feeling that he slept for just one moment.

When Arcturus came to, he was in complete darkness. Absolute, total darkness, without any light. But the
darkness was not something heavy and enveloping. He did not feel the weight of this darkness ... he did
not feel anything.

He could not tell whether his eyes were open. He could not even feel if he has eyes. He was separated
from the physical body, from the physical world.

"...I died?"

So thought Arcturus, being in this absolute isolation, in this absolute solitude.

"... This is the" Death "?"

"... After the death of the person is not waiting for the court, and the non-existence?"

"... The wicked do not burn in the fires of hell, and are absorbed by the darkness of the void?"

While despair gradually accumulated in it, he suddenly felt uncomfortable feeling.

"... Why do I have one?"

"... Am I alone?"

Arcturus is only now noticed that hears the voices of his "relatives."

Since then, he has become a parasite in his mind, in his ego penetrated "whisper" that rises from the
depths of consciousness. And now he did not hear it. The only thoughts that arise in the mind of Arcturus,
had his own thoughts.

"What does all of this mean...?"

Arcturus was the parasite against their will. He was forcibly assimilated when it penetrated the spiritual
form of life.

But the merger with the parasite does not mean a complete capture of a spiritual life form. The parasite is
not dominated by one-sided on Arcturus. Control operated in both directions.

Through this merger with the spiritual form of life, he ceased to be a man. But he still remained Alexander

Merging with the parasite changed his way of thinking and sensitivity. However, the integrity of his
consciousness was preserved.
Arcturus has preserved the memory of what it was before he became a parasite. And he has not lost the
memory of what happened after he became parasites. He could remember in detail how it is essentially a

Parasites do not have their ego. More precisely, it had not completely absent, it had defective. He does not
have the "personality" that separates it from other beings or objects.

Parasites are separate and yet one. They have a separate consciousness, but their thoughts are always
mixed with thoughts of their relatives. Thoughts of other individuals like a whisper in the depths of
consciousness. Unlike telepathy, thought interlocutor here will be heard, even if it has no intention to
transfer them.

In the beginning, you can still distinguish your thoughts from the thoughts of other individuals. But over
time cease to distinguish coming from the depths of the mind thoughts of their own. Even an ordinary
person, if every day to inspire him the same ideology, eventually becomes convinced that this ideology is
part of its system of values. But the minds of parasites linked. It is not just forcing the voice, and the other
level of awareness to distinguish themselves from others.

In addition, unlike parasites already merged with the people Parasites are more spiritual form of life, much
less distinguish the individual from the general whole. And all these feelings Arcturus is now experiencing
for yourself.

Parasitizing on humans spiritual form of life - a bunch of information, seeking to find a real, physical
body. The information does not exclude the presence of other people. Unlike physical resources using a
property with shrink and consumed at the common use of information, it only gains its strength and
continues to exist.

To ensure its existence, which is both spiritual and informational life form parasite looking for a host with
strong thoughts.

And to ensure that the duration of existence, you need a positive attitude to the common system of

As if there was some kind of pressure that has forced this exchange of ideas and merging of

Now Arcturus noticed that he was released from that pressure.

"Really ... I'm from the parasite became a man again?"

With this thought, he felt not joy but fear. It was the fear that he was a different view and has ceased to be

Although initially it was a man, but now he was a parasite. Between the transformation of a person in the
parasite and the return of the parasite to man there is no difference in the sense that you become a being of
another species. In living creatures have the instinct of self-preservation. This is the principle of survival,
which retains a living being such as it is. Every living creature will strive to avoid not planned in advance
the changes themselves.

However, Arcturus could force will suppress this desire instinctively arose avoidance and has mobilized
all the resources of his mind to analyze what is happening with him.

But the assessment of the situation is not as progressed as he had expected. Apparently, he was still half
asleep. Functional cognitive abilities were only one-fifth of normal. And just as the character of a dream,
he did not doubt that his abilities have deteriorated.
The awakening came suddenly.

July 8, 2097, 14:07.

Arcturus enveloping darkness shuddered. he did not know that it was the result of the surging wave of
excess psions from "Bang Ocean" Ichijo Masaki.

Enveloping his mind the fog lifted. Thoughts immediately cleared.

"It was psion wave?"

"Most psion wave rocked psion shell?"

"I'm locked inside your own body psion information?"

The body - a prison of the soul. So Plato said. However, Arcturus mind was now locked in a prison of the
physical body in a sense, a bit different from the words of the Greek philosopher.

With the help of ancient magic on his body was burned printing spell. It separated his mind from the
physical world. Arcturus studied not only the modern magic, he also inherited the ancient magic of the
indigenous peoples of the Americas. Therefore, he was able to understand what kind of equipment it

He also realized that this technique has been very strong, and that with his skills, he will not be able to
cancel it in ancient magic.

"But even if you can not break the seal ..."

Fetter its ancient magic used the connection between the mind and physical body to bind the mind from
the physical body.

"In this case, if cut off the connection between the mind and body ..."

By using only his mind Arcturus prepared to use magic. Lack of physical sensations confusing, and it just
barely, but to construct a sequence of magic. Activated magic called ...

"Astral Projection"

Instead of using CAD, he said the inner voice commands, to start the magic, spiritual body is projected
outward from the physical body.

He was not the first to use this magic. It was impossible to say that he "used to use it", but his experience
was enough to maintain control.

It felt as if holding its hook pulled.

Arcturus tried to get out of the physical body as he usually did when using the "astral projection." This
usually occurred indescribable feeling of "getting up from his own body."

Now, however, there was a feeling that had never happened before. The feeling of resistance, if it keeps
the web.

In his imagination, he put his hand on the invisible network and tore it.
Suddenly he opened eyes.

In front of him was a transport aircraft ceiling. If he did not remember correctly, it was the cargo bay.

He could see behind him without even looking back.

On the floor was a "coffin" in which lay his own body with a pale face.

The "astral projection", which he enjoyed before this incident, "he" and his physical body tied a thin

But now he could not find the "thread". Communication with the physical body to give any response.

He wondered, and not whether he broke the "thread", together with the recent "network"?

"I'm dead?"

Teach him this magic grandmother told him that this thread binds the body and the soul. Japanese monk,
with whom he studied in his youth, said that if the thread will tear, then he will not be able to return to his

Arcturus was in turmoil only a moment. He remembered the current circumstances and the fear of death
was gone before was realized and brought to panic.

empty darkness in which he was separated from the whole. If you think that he could be locked up there
for the rest of his life, the current state in which he can see, hear and feel the world is incomparably more
preferable, despite the fact that the current it is actually a ghost.

But his life as a human was over, when he became a parasite. He seemed obscenely ridiculous attempts to
get back to life at a time when it was too late.

He thought instead that he must do something, as there is in the form of the ghost and retains
consciousness Alexander Arcturus. Such was the course of his thoughts.

Arcturus defined their identity as a soldier of the army USNA.

Even as a man of the parasite, he remained "a" to the extent that it served as a native American in the role
of a soldier. It was closer to religion than a way of thinking or principles.

Arcturus wanted to be, "Alexander Arcturus" as long as aware of himself. In his mind he prayed about it.

What do I need to do?

"... It would be nice to perform the assigned me the task."

And what a task entrusted to him?

"... Destroy the plant with the installation of the reactor Star Tatsui Sheba and create a situation in which
he can not refuse from participation in the Project Dion. That's what was assigned to me."

Magic can be used even in a state of the astral body. It will not be able to use magic, require physical
weapons, such as "Dancing Blade". But the activation of magic, intervening in a fluid or electromagnetic
waves, no problems. And to use the spell system of mental intervention in the form of the astral body, on
the contrary, it is more convenient.

... Arcturus came to this decision after about an hour after waking up in the dark.
At this point, the attack on his fellow Miyakidzimu already failed. The physical bodies of three of them,
Regula, Vega and Deneb were erased Tatsu, and they were sealed in a state of spiritual bodies.

Chapter 1
Part 1

Minoru stole Minami.

Miyuki called for help, and Tatsuya flew with Miyakidzimy.

Flight on air car Miyakidzima the island, in the early 21st century is included in the Izu archipelago to
Chofu, Tokyo suburb, it takes 20 minutes. This time Tatsuya wasted.
He understood that Miyuki has experienced a strong shock, therefore, could not explain everything
orderly. For Tatsui it was obvious that we should not continue to ask, as this will only cause additional
strain on it.

- Yes, this is Ozaki.

Tatsuya came to communicate by radio with the guard Yuki Ozaki Chiho. After a brief greeting, he asked
her to explain the current situation.

- Minoru Kudo attacked the hospital, taking with him a puppet-parasites. Carrying out suicide bombing
parasite dolls, and thereby releasing the true body of parasites, they attacked passers-by of people.
Dzyumondzi family was forced to react to it, and Minoru Kudo took a moment to break through the
defense line. So he entered the hospital.

- Yuka-san went to help cope with parasites?

- Yes, it was an order Miyuki-sama.

Chiho tone of voice was a little apologetic.

We can say that such a justification was really effective. After all, if it was a decision Miyuki, then
Tatsuya could not complain about it.

- Minoru's opponent was only one Miyuki?

- Yes. We have not yet established the details of what happened at the hospital, but Miyuki, she remained
unharmed. All four dolls parasite, which Minoru Kudo took with him to the hospital, were completely
incapacitated Miyuki-sama magic. Sakurai Minami was kidnapped Minoru Kudo.

Explanation of Chiho became clear the approximate course of events. But the hidden details of the
incident Tatsuya could not understand.

Obviously, the doll-parasites have been neutralized "Cocytus" Miyuki.

When Tatsuya was printing, it is supported by the power of Miyuki. Simultaneously with the release of the
print Tatsui, Miyuki also got the freedom to use their magical powers to 100% at any time.

Cocytus Miyuki can damage the true body Parasite - it was actually confirmed during the final battle with
the parasite in the winter of last year in the first training school forest. With people always Parasite
"drained" and puppets parasitic protozoan parasite takes hold and does not merge with them. Therefore
dolls parasites should not be able to resist the magic Miyuki.

It was not clear why Miyuki admitted kidnapping Minami, and she stayed with the unharmed.

Tatsuya was puzzled by this more than the fact that the minor escaped.

Cocytus - this is the magic that does not allow indulgence. Only the expected outcome of the preparation
of a direct blow to the magic of this - it is death. Other result does not happen.
With magical powers Minoru using the "Parade", he may be able to withstand a single blow. But a second
chance will be gone.

The aim of Cocytus is "information" as "activities of the mind." This magic stops "intelligence work"

Magic, too, is "intelligence activity" is no exception. If Minoru protection against direct impact Cocytus
by a parade, it will not be able to use the parade again. But even if it was not a direct hit, and "blow
casual", he still had to suffer from a temporary reduction of magical power.

Miyuki have no reason to kill Minoru. She has no reason to take away from the magic of Minoru. In truth,
it should not quarrel with the parasite. At that time, as the parasites - is a threat to all humanity, Miyuki -
it's just a fragile creature that can be destroyed at any time.

For her it would be okay if she supported Minoru love, if he tried to turn in Minami parasites. And she
Miyuki, certainly thought the same way. If Minoru come pick Minami, and she agrees, only Miyuki
smiled wish them good luck, and let them go. This girl had a younger sister Tatsui.

However, you can also see that it was not to be trusted Minami current Minoru. If Minoru will not
abandon the idea of transformation in Minami parasite to treat it, then Miyuki will have to stop him.

There was no guarantee that Miyuki necessarily win the battle against the minor. If she decides to apply
the Cocytus, Minoru defeat is inevitable. But if the magic Minoru Miyuki reaches up to this point, you
have already lost it.

Of course, regardless of the distance between them, Tatsuya not allow Miyuki was wounded. At that
moment, when the attack on Miyuki is about to begin, Tatsuya feel it. Feel, recognize and eliminate the
decomposition of the very attack. If this is an attack that can not be expanded, it will erase the enemy is
carrying out this attack.

However, since his departure from Tokyo and up to this point in the "field of view" Tatsui there was no
direct attack on Miyuki. And Chiho words that "Miyuki unharmed" only confirms it.

Miyuki is not fought with Minoru and overlooked the time of the abduction Minami ...?

Or something unexpected happened, which is why she could not attack Minoru?

Tatsuya could not imagine what it must be for the situation.

- whether the current location is known Minoru?

Aside conjectures, which were insufficient to arrive at any conclusion Tatsuya switched his thoughts to
prosecute minor. This was undoubtedly the most important task at the moment.

- Details on the used vehicle are unknown, but found that he was moving to the west along the main road.
Chapter-sama family Dzyumondzi already finished preparations for prosecution.

If unknown appearance, or at least the type of vehicle used for the escape, the street cameras and
surveillance cameras on stratospheric platforms will be useless. Communication with the traffic control
system, too, certainly, cut off. This question has given rise to the following question Tatsui.
- On what was based the conclusion that it is moving to the west along the main road?

- This is the result of observation by a "radar for parasites."

The effectiveness of the so-called "psion radar to search for parasites" was not yet at a level that it can be
called a completed product. In order to determine the exact location with the help of multi-point search is
not enough observation points, so you can install only the approximate direction.

However, at the current stage of development of this technology, it should not have been cut through the
parade Minoru and grasp its true signal. ... So it would be if Minoru was in perfect condition.

- Minoru was damaged in a battle?

Deterioration of magical abilities. It is temporary and will remain for a long time as a side effect? It was
magic damage to an external system, attacking the mind, or whether it was an attack, surpassing his
defensive abilities, thus causing overheating of the magic calculation zone?

Most likely, he got hit Cocytus Miyuki. But regardless of the cause, if the parade Minoru weakened, it
could be a great opportunity not only to return Minami, but also to catch Minoru without killing him.

Tatsuya still could not bring himself to kill Minoru. It was impossible to say that the reason was not that
he had the kind of emotional attachment. But much more important was the fact that he could not predict
what would happen at a time when Minoru will be killed ... that is, at the moment when his body is

Minoru has retained its identity merged with the parasite, and absorbed the specter Zhou Gongjing
District. Obviously, he was a creature that is different from both deserters from the US Army, which
fought Tatsuya last winter, and the wizards from the stars that just defeated Tatsuya that. Yes, wizards
Stars First Class magnitude were sealed with "seals the spheres." But this does not mean that this method
will work on Minoru when it turns into a spiritual body. It may even lead to the fact that in this world will
be released a mighty spiritual form of life.

Tatsuya did not want to take that risk. Minoru catch alive and keep it in a state where he can not use magic
(for example, in a long dream with the help of medicines). This was the most reliable at this point a way to
deal with this problem. At least, so I thought Tatsuya.

However, the capture of live much harder manslaughter. Even if it would be a battle for life and death,
Tatsuya was not sure he could win Minoru if he will be in perfect shape. Tatsuya thought that he should be
ready to kill Minoru next battle, whether it be good or bad.

However, if the magic power Minoru weakened, then Tatsui is a good chance, even if it is a temporary
effect. It was necessary not simply return Minami and resolve this issue definitively today.

It is with this intention Tatsuya asked the question.

- It seems that at the moment masking and hiding the magical ability Minoru Kudo weakened. How long
will such a weakened state - is unknown.

This was the response Chiho.

Tatsuya through carelessness had almost said aloud their thoughts, saying, "it's a chance."


Tatsuya arrived at the clinic Chofu Aoba (hospital in which lay Minami) exactly 20 minutes after the
communication session with Miyuki, in which it requested help. Spent time was a little less than twenty-
something minutes, which went on a flight from Chofu to Miyakidzimy. Flight to the island was a
response to an emergency request from the main house Yotsuba family. The fact that the way back took
less time, showing internal priorities Tatsui.

- Onii-sama!

Miyuki ran to him. I could not see any wizard Dzyumondzi family, including himself Katsuto in the area.
It looks like they went in pursuit of the fleeing Minoru. However, Yuka and family Tsukuba staff
remained in place. In the presence of a third party to use the appeal "Onii-sama" would be undesirable,
however, Yuka and her subordinates just took it as a sign that Miyuki still in turmoil.

- Miyuki. I'm glad you're not hurt.

These words Tatsui were not planned in advance. They just spontaneously burst from his mouth. Do not
expect such words Miyuki's eyes widened in surprise, but he was surprised that Tatsuya is not less than it.

His concern about Miyuki was a natural, and does not in itself surprising. For Tatsui surprise that he was
in uncharacteristic manner just said openly and honestly, I think about.

- Thank you very much.

Perhaps Miyuki response was inappropriate in this case. However, these words of thanks were also natural
thoughts that arose in her mind.

First Miyuki looked down sheepishly, but then quickly picked it up again.

- Tatsuya-sama!

It seems that this short exchange of phrases played a role in the suppression of her panic. In other people's
eyes change from "Onii-sama" to "Tatsuya-sama" was proof that Miyuki regained composure.

- It does not matter what happened to me, because ... Minami-chan!

Miyuki leaned against him and froze in a pose, as if calling her a hug. Tatsuya gently placed his hands on
her shoulders.

Palms Tatsui passed on to a slight tremor.

- You tell details later. Now the main thing - to return to Minami.

- ... Can you return it?

- I can not promise.

One could easily say soothing words. But Tatsuya did not want to be insincere with Miyuki.

- Minoru strong. In addition, its parade better than Lina. Even if his magical abilities and weak, I can not
say with certainty that I just can detect it.

Tatsuya briefly paused and bit his face from Miyuki, to look into her eyes.

- But the more time will pass, the harder it will be to save her. The best thing would be to go for help now.

Miyuki body shake, Tatsuya passed through his hands, stopped.

- Save ... Right. What is trying to do, Minoru-kun - wrong. Yes, and Minami-chan ... what she thinks ...

Miyuki words have raised doubts in the mind of Tatsui. If Minami Minoru went to on their own.

But he kept this doubt in my head, so it did not affect on his face.

Not this problem had to be solved now.

- Clear. I'm going immediately.

- Tatsuya-sama! Please take me with you.

This request Miyuki was within expectations Tatsui.

Miyuki feels guilty in the kidnapping of Minami. If it is from the outset not hesitate to use "Cocytus"
Minoru, it is not apparent to those feelings Minami, in which she did not understand and would not
Minoru took advantage of this moment turned up. Such was the thinking of Miyuki, she blamed herself in
all this.

So she stubbornly refused to correct his foolish by their own hands.

This state of mind could even comprehend Tatsuya. Because he himself would have wanted to go to the
chase in this case.

- I can not.

However, he did not give his consent.

- I'll chase through the air with Unchained suit. Agility air car leaves much to be desired.

The refusal was not because of the possible danger, but because of the lack of suitable equipment.

- ...I understand.

Miyuki was able to use the magic of flight is not worse Tatsui. However, without a suit with the function
of the flight it will be a burden for Tatsui. Miyuki realized this and did not beg.
- Tatsuya-sama, be careful. Take care of Minami-chan.

- I flew.

The short answer Miyuki Tatsuya took off and moved to the west.


Compared to the "mobile suit" SDF developed family Yotsuba flying bronekostyum entitled "Freed suit"
has no power assistance function and inferior in quality to the data channel, but the effectiveness of
protection it is the same, and maybe even higher. A stealth flying efficiency and ability he is much higher.

The data channel is also second only on the processing function of a large number of concurrent
connections, and with the usual processing of external data problems it does not. Therefore, we can even
say that Freed suit is more suitable for the pursuit than mobile suits.

In view Tatsui was displayed semi-transparent map of the area. Map of West Kanto region Buso as a red
circle with a diameter of about one kilometer displayed approximate location Minoru obtained on the basis
of data from psion radar tuned to search for parasites.

He was not going to waste time by staying near the hospital in Chofu, but five minutes had passed since
his arrival. Backlog from Minoru was almost 30 minutes.

However Tatsui had the advantage of a flight in a straight line, and Minoru were forced to go on the road.
Besides, he could not move freely, including those due to other cars on the road.

Translucent circle, showing current location Minoru, currently moving west near the mountain Takao. To
catch up with him for five minutes, Tatsuya increased flight speed up to 400 km / h.


Taking Minami from the hospital, Minoru headed west along the main road on the family prepared Kudo
car. It was a separate van which is not transported dolls parasites. This was the so-called "Van Con" - a
car, van indoor type, which the space occupied by the rear seats and cargo compartment, has been
transformed in such a way that turned out a kind of "home on wheels".

People inside the car were only two: Minoru and Minami. The driver was fighting gynoid (not doll-
parasite), which looks exactly like a man. Minami sat on a long bench, played the role of a bed, and
Minoru took the front passenger seat.

For Minami no one keeping an eye. Although the circumstances were such that she could not jump out of
the car traveling at high speed, but even if it were not so, Minoru did not intend to follow her.

If she wanted to escape, then Minoru would think that so be it.

It was not a compulsion about it, he did not lie. Yes, her kidnapping was a selfish thing to do, but he was
not going to force her to do anything beyond that.

Minoru wanted to talk quietly with Minami. He wanted to know the opinion of Minami without
interference from Tatsui or Miyuki. It was the desire to Minoru.

What really thinks Minami?

Just "I do not want to die"?

Or "I do not want to lose the magic"?

What she chooses, "be a man" or "to be a wizard?"

Even if Minami answer "I do not mind losing the magic" or "I want to live the rest of life a simple man,"
Minoru decided not to persuade her not to force. He vowed that he would never do anything like Minami
forced transformation into parasites.

Minoru just wanted to do something for Minami.

He just could not watch without doing anything quietly. Such coercion was definitely a manifestation of
selfishness Minoru.

If Minoru was a little dumber, or if he had such character, in which you only see in front of you and you
do not notice the details, his life would be much easier.

But being smart, he realized that even the mere stealing from Minami Tatsui and Miyuki is a disregard of
its intentions.

That's why he did not want to in any way limit the Minami ...

It was also interesting to him now, which is now in Minami expression.

If she is angry?

Does it not show disgust?

Does it looks with contempt?

Concerned by these issues, Minoru did not dare to sit down next to mine, to show her that he did not limit.

However, the reason that Minoru sat in the front passenger seat - apart from Minami - this was not only
his youthful fastidiousness.

The magical power of Minoru greatly diminished after it struck Cocytus Miyuki. He was not too shocked
by this feeling of weakness, because there was a certain feeling that all this is only temporary. However,
its current state is not encouraging.

he always felt from the very beginning of his escape on a currently pursuing his "mechanical view".
"Information", identifying it psion waves transmitted through the "information measurement".
In the current situation, where the effectiveness of the Parade deteriorated due to lowering of magical
power, Minoru could not completely avoid detection psion waves in hardware. Trying his best, he could
only reduce the detection accuracy.

Accuracy with a radius of 10 meters. Such was the efficiency of the Minoru tracking radar, which he
learned from information obtained through feedback.

He is currently distorted response from him to such an extent that the detection accuracy had a radius of
500 meters. And it did not mean that he is at the center of this circle. Constant displacement psion false
signal source in different directions - forward, backward, left and right - decreased stability of detection

While on the highway were no speed limits, but an unnatural increase in the rate will be clearly seen.
Therefore, as if he did not hurry, it was impossible to go too fast. The only way to get away from their
families and chase Yotsuba Dzyumondzi were involved weakened parade in full force. But if Minami sat
next to him, his mind would be distracted by it, and he could not concentrate on magic.

And to maintain a false image has become more difficult recently.

"Look" was directed at him.

Minoru quickly realized that they were "spirits Eyes" Tatsui.

But simply understanding that nothing could help.

In its current state Minoru could not get rid of "sight" Tatsui.

Minoru had to make every effort to at least prevent the accurate determination of its location.

Regardless of the thoughts Minoru, Minami was grateful for the fact that he kept his distance. Because if
she felt the warmth of the person sitting next, she would involuntarily clung to him. Something like
Minami evaluated his mental condition.

Her tormented guilt.

She betrayed Miyuki. ... She could not believe it.

Why did she betray her mistress Miyuki?

Why did she betray Miyuki protecting Minoru?

"This is because Minoru likes you more than Miyuki" - is similar to the justification for the view
expressed by others of her "self" that is in the depths of consciousness. However, she could not agree with

You could not say that she did not have the feeling that she just does not want to admit it. However,
somewhere inside she remained confident that "it is not so."
Emotions towards Miyuki and in relation to Minoru were completely different type.

Miyuki for Minami was the hostess.

Similarly, it was in the beginning.

But now she thought of it as a family, as her older sister. She wanted to protect her with his life, not
because it was her duty, but because it has become important to her man.

During protection against sudden attack magic Strategic Class "The mist bomb," she was able to show the
power that exceeds its limits, it is because of these feelings. It was incontestable truth, despite the fact that
Minami still did not understand why she behaves.

On the other hand, unfeigned truth was that Minami "did not really understand" their feelings to Minoru.
What does she think about Minoru? Minami constantly thinking about it. And I still did not come to any

If you just ask her like it or not, Minami answer "like."

However, if you ask "how much do you like him?" She would not be able to respond immediately.

Her thoughts were still only at this level.

Minami frantically tried to remember a time when she had betrayed Miyuki.

But despite the efforts, she could not remember what she was thinking at that moment, when faced Minoru
Miyuki and asked, "Please stop!".

The only thing she was sure that's what she would have chosen Minoru, if we compare it with Miyuki.

She was firmly convinced that it is not abandoned its loyalty towards the Miyuki.

"Do not hesitate" and "trust" - mentally told myself Minami ...


To fulfill its mission of sabotage at the plant with the Star reactor Arcturus decided to begin to unite with
their colleagues.

But even though he has turned into an astral body (the spiritual body, keeps the information about the
physical body), this does not mean that it is free to fly anywhere.

Physical limitations were not determined. No sea, no mountains were not an obstacle for him, but speed
was limited to this, what he experienced on personal experience. A Arcturus had to visit the site of the
second supersonic fighter pilots.
However, the state of the astral body could not use the navigation system automatically sets the
destination. If you do not know where to go, then whatever the speed, it will be only a waste of spiritual

His movement should have noticed.

And he could also see how far are his associates. ... Or rather, I should have understood.

However, like Arcturus did not bother his perceptions, he could not detect signs of the presence of

This is because I have ceased to be a parasite? I really became a man again?

Arcturus puzzled intangible bowed his head.

He decided to try to search again. This time he was looking for the wave activity of a living body with the
help of his subordinate ancient magic perception of the system. This external system magic passed among
Native Americans and works regardless of physical distance. The strength of her response was dependent
only on the distance information.

For example, if you only know the person in the face, then you are only vaguely aware of him, even if it is
in the next room. Conversely, close friends, relatives, sworn enemies of the tribe and even animals,
hunting of which failed, and they wounded hunters in response - all of them and others like them are given
a very strong response even from a distance greater than 100 kilometers. And no matter the person or not.

However, he still could not locate Regula. Even despite the fact that they worked together in one group
more than five years.

"Was he killed? ..."

Arcturus came to mind is pessimistic assumption.

However, for a long time he did not have to grieve.

"What is this feeling !?"

Arcturus detection network caught something that has a strong connection with him.

"The same as in the time !?"

It was a "sworn enemy", which attacked the transport plane immediately after arrival, and sealed the
physical body of Arcturus.

"This is the enemy."

Arcturus Magic could not tell who is the enemy.

Not knowing what the enemy is the ultimate purpose of his mission, "out by Shiba Tatsuya" Arcturus
rushed after the figure of flying in the sky, to avenge the fallen soldiers and friendly for yourself.
Chapter 1
Part 2


Flying around Takao mountains, Tatsuya slowed.

"I definitely catch up" - so he thought, when the reader Eidos Minami through a filter, which prevents his
view. Tatsuya following information is for Minami.

If there was no interference, Tatsuya would be able to determine the location of Minami even on the other
side of the globe. Was so small distance information between Tatsuya and Minami, who lived in the same
house. Although the exact coordinates were hidden magic of Minoru, but Tatsuya managed to read this
approximate information as "the distance between them."

Minoru was wrong, believing that Tatsui glance directed at him, because Tatsuya Minami pursued
information with which it had a deeper connection.

Tatsuya turned off the display of data on the visor and looked at the highway.

In order to observe directly for themselves psion waves.

Even when using a masking magic in a weakened state Minoru does not emit unnecessary Psion, which
can be detected from a distance.

But if the "radar Parasites" is able to detect its signal, it means that he is not completely suppresses
parasitic waves emitted by them. This seems to be the consequences of damage inflicted by Cocytus

"...Here it is?"

Tatsui gaze settled on an unusual wave oscillations is clearly different from the human waves.

Tatsuya went lower, to try to identify the source of these psion waves propagating like a mist.

However, he stopped the descent, when he felt left signs aimed at him magic.
Instead, he began to climb sharply as if jumped straight into the air.

Directly beneath him slipped a thin lightning created magic.

Tatsuya turned to face the source of this magic.

the activation point of the magic and the exit point of activation sequences were almost identical.
Someone shot lightning straight out of his hands, as if from a gun charged particles. In modern magic,
except when using the weapon devices, this form of magic was the least preferred.

This meant that the enemy - a magician of ancient magic. However, the appearance of the enemy appeared
to Tatsui unexpected.

The enemy was not material.

Spiritual body copying the shape of the physical body, has rejected the hostile intentions towards Tatsuya.

"Psion body storing a someone's will ... Ghost? No, Astral Projection !?"

Tatsuyu attacked the next magic. It flew rotating lance of compressed air to the sharpness.

Since the air itself was not the purpose of magic, Tatsuya using Dispel neutralized directed him an air
spear, scattering sparks plasma, located on the surface of the air mass.

Dispel Magic - it's magic, analyzing structural information sequence of magic and break bonds between its
constituent particles psion. In the first stage, it retrieves the information that describes the sequence of

And along with information about the contents of the magic happens also to obtain information about its

Although the astral body replicated the shape of the human body, but the small details on it have not been
reproduced. For someone who does not realize who he was dealing, it looks like a simple human

Now, however, deciphering enemy magic, Tatsuya found out his identity.

"The stars, the wizard class first magnitude, Alexander Arcturus."

This realization gave astral body more clear and detailed outline.

Psion body in the form of a man, hovering in front of him in the air, took the form of a wizard of a large
build, with Tatsuya who fought in the transport plane on the basis of Zama.


Minoru immediately caught the signs of magical battle begun in heaven.

"One of them - this is Alexander Arcturus ... And he ... fought with Tatsuya-san?"

One of the fighters exchanging magical attacks, he recognized immediately. After all, Minoru sealed
awakened mind Arcturus.

He immediately realized that the shape of the waves psion fighting in the astral body, the sky is the same
with that of Arcturus, which he printed almost finished filming. However, it is also understood that the
release of the print was incomplete.

Incidentally, the astral body core, released from the physical body is formed of the same information
pushionov body as a parasite. And it also had to take refuge if his "clothes" as psion information body.

Minoru felt Arcturus is not due to the perception of the body pushionovogo information. And due to the
recognition of the activities accompanying psion information body.

And the fact that the second person was Tatsuya, Minoru could only guess, with due directly opposite
situation with Arcturus.

He could not find psion wave Tatsui.

Arcturus opponent definitely used magic, but no psion waves is not emitted. He spent psionic only
intervene in Eidos by magic, after which there were no residual effects of any information, either in the
physical dimension.

This "stealth" is not carried out through the use of high-level magic, but through the use of high-level
magic. This, of course, can be called "art" technique.

"... No, if you think about all that way. So good use of magic can only Tatsuya-san."

Perhaps he overestimated it. could well exist in the world, and other skilled craftsmen with magic skills
better than Tatsui. Now, however, the sole possessor of skills is so efficient use of magic among the
famous Minoru wizards was only Tatsuya. At least, except Tatsui Minoru one else I knew this.

... Tatsuya tries to catch up with me.

This realization led Minoru very nervous.

Minoru was aware that his own magical abilities temporarily weakened. However, he was not sure he
could win Tatsuyu, even if it is in perfect condition. If his catch until it is in the current weakened state, it
is likely he will be taken away Minami.

Will be taken straight out of his hands.

"Things are bad," - thought Minoru.

He has not heard the answer Minami.

Not satisfied her feelings.

In matters of magic Minoru I never rely on other people.

One he gave only a question of abnormal pain of his body.

Only that he had left on the other.

But in the case of magic he did not have that experience, that he could not do anything about it and had to
ask the help of other people.

For Minoru it was the first experience in this matter.

"Please! ... At least for thirty minutes. As a Hold Tatsuyu-san ...!"

Minoru begged, referring to Arcturus, continue to carry out reckless attacks.

Minami noticed approximation Tatsui not because noticed echoes of magical battle in the same way as it
did Minoru. And not because they could not find psion wave Tatsui unfamiliar to Minoru.

... watching me.

Minami felt it intuition, but not magical perception. It was a sight Tatsui, seeing everything. Under this
view, it was on a daily basis both at home and on the territory of the first school.

Under this view, it is for no reason shrinks from fear is only in the very early days.

However, this fear has not disappeared completely, but since then it's been more than a year.

Speaking of fear, it was not fear that she scolded. On the part of Tatsui never had even a sign that he was
going to punish her.

It was terrible to just what it can see and know everything about it.

Minami knew that she was far from perfect. Including in the work, and character traits. Inept "I"
incompetent "me" lazy "me" ugly "I". It was a lot of "I", which she did not want to see themselves, and
especially did not want to have other people know.

And it seemed to her that when Tatsuya was watching her, he sees so much that even notice all those "I".

Minami knew that wind the problem out of nothing. She has long been reported that the force Tatsui not
able to reach the mind. In addition, after living with him under the same roof, she quickly realized that it
does not have such a character, in which people like to learn small secrets of other people and use them for

However, it was also a fact that Tatsuya had some strength, the ability to see through the secrets. Even if
he could not look into the thoughts, but he could "read" the sins committed by man. If the judge in hell. If
an angel that serves the public prosecutor at the Last Judgment.
Although, it seems, there was a limit of 24 hours, but it does not comforting. When they lived in the same
house, there was not a single case that they had not seen for more than 24 hours.

And now...

Less than one hour since Minami committed such a serious crime as betrayal.

It is no longer just looked down in despair, and cringed, hugging herself shoulders.

Minami feared.

But do not punish Tatsui.

And that Tatsuya did not condemn her for her sins.

What he will say that it is not worthy even to accuse her of these sins.

That it will be thrown away as useless people, to whom no one cares.

That's what scared Minami, feeling the gaze Tatsui.


Arcturus from the astral body in Tatsuyu flew another magic.

All this magic Tatsuya easily neutralized interruption of spells and dispelled.

Tatsuya found out the identity of the holder of the spiritual body. He identified the enemy as the
Alexander-star Arcturus, which fought as soon as he arrived at Zama base.

Therefore, he could not help feeling the irrelevance of what is happening. The astral body is able to
Arcturus used more diverse magic than when he had a physical body. He even tried to attack the mind by
an external system of magic, which is not used in the last time.

In other words, of him it was much more trouble than the last time.

In the use of magic without a physical body was not surprising. An example of a well-known spiritual
body, using magic, was a parasite.

However, the existence of someone in spirit form does not mean that its magical ability to rise. At least, in
experiments conducted in Japan in the past, it has not been confirmed that the power of magic and the
activation speed is increased in a state of astral projection. These experiments were carried out and the
family Yotsuba and Tatsuya twice attended to them. As a result, it was concluded that the speed is not
changed, and the power, on the contrary, reduced.

Catching Dispel "Blades of hot wind" - air blades, heated to a plasma state by adiabatic compression -
Tatsuya again reflected on the current situation.
... Why did not he use this power in the last time?

The fact that he was inside the aircraft should not be the reason. At the time, Arcturus holed shot their own
airplane. That is, he was not afraid of damage to the aircraft body.

The presence of friendly troops he, too, was not the cause, because Tatsuya laid his teammate right in
front of him.

As such an increase in power was hard to believe.

He somehow increased their strength in the time of disposal of the press?

"It must have broke the seal Minoru Mikihiko ..."

Tatsuya could not activate the ancient magic, sealing parasites. However, he understood its nature. It was
impossible to break from the inside.

"Together with the removal of printing some spell that increases the magic power was applied?"

Tatsuya did not know about the magic that can raise the level of magical ability of another person. But he
realized he did not know about the absolutely all the magic in the world.

"... I'll think about it later."

Arcturus attacked by bullets from an uncompressed air. This magic shells which give an effect opposite to
the atmospheric pressure, since the forcibly spherically scattered at the time of collision with a target. This
attack causes damage with a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure and cooling as a result of adiabatic

With Dispel Tatsuya magic sequence spread portion, wherein the forcible dispersion was determined.

As he expected, the strength of interference phenomenon Arcturus was wasted without producing any

It was not the protection by neutralizing magic and by wearing down the enemy. But it still was a defense
rather than attack. Do not turn to fight back Arcturus simply defending himself against his attacks.

Tatsuya abruptly pulled forward to the astral body Arcturus using magic flight. He aimed not at the very
spiritual body, and storing the information on the physical body psion information in a person's body

Arcturus seemed to foresee that Tatsuya tries to close the distance.

At the same time directly in the path of Tatsui came burning hot wall, as if the enemy just that and waited.

High-barrier of adiabatically compressed air.

Tatsuya sequence spread compressing gas using magic dispelled.

Release of heat and shock wave were blocked Unchained armor suit.
On approach to a distance of less than 10 meters, a shot Tatsuya Arcturus psions powerful stream.

Interrupting spells.

If the opponent was a man having a physical body, then taking on psions stream, it would be escaped with
only a temporary disturbance of the senses.

The physical body is a solid protective shell that protects the mind and body psion information is
combined with the physical body to ensure stability.

If a piece of information "blow out" break the spell, then this defect will be eliminated immediately by
referring to information from the physical body.

But the one who has no "refuge" in the form of the physical body, should not be able to recover his body
psion information.

For example, if information is damaged body pressure psion stream.

The astral body Arcturus sustained interruption spells Tatsui. Human silhouette a little "lost", but that's it.
Information titled "Alexander Arcturus" will not go away.

Arcturus estranged from Tatsui.

He did not run away. Just a little distance scored.

Then he produced a series of very thin needle-like lightning, which was difficult to see with the naked eye.

Instead, use Dispel Magic, Tatsuya evaded them by means of maneuvering in the air.

The distance between them has gone beyond the reach of Interrupts spells.

In Tatsuya began to accumulate impatience.

Car with Minami continued movement westward.

In certain Minoru it was prepared shelter, hidden by magic. It was unknown how long the reduction of
magical power Minoru. Maybe after 5 minutes it becomes impossible to determine the location of

However, if you do not fight back the enemy, blocking the way, continued the chase will be impossible.
And Tatsui has not yet been clues as to defeat this enemy.

In Tatsui was rich combat experience. If you do not pay attention to age, it can be described as an
experienced veteran.

The experience of fighting against wizards using astral projection, he also was present.
But he was confronted with strong astral body for the first time. Astral projection is usually classified as
magic to find the enemy. It is not magic itself for combat.

Initially, the astral body is tied to the physical body, and activities in isolation from the physical body can
be called an unnatural state. If you only use passive abilities, then no problems. However, if you use the
magic is active, it is usually impossible for a long time to maintain this "unnatural state." Even if well-
trained magician to use this spell, the duration of the battle will be limited to two or three minutes.

However, the astral body Arcturus did not show absolutely no sign of reducing its presence, despite the
fact that from the time of his attack's been five minutes. Even now, he continued to produce magic to
attack Tatsuyu.

In addition to this Tatsuya has not met the immaterial body, which was able to withstand the interruption
spells. Even a direct hit by a spell interrupt does not destroy the spiritual body. However, all intangible
body, which Tatsuya fought in the past, received from him the damage, after which their owners could no
longer maintain separate from the physical state of the body.

External System ancient magic of the enemy tried to draw Tatsuyu in the illusion of madness. This is also
a problem.

Magic, aimed at the mind, one can not avoid by any physical means. In Tatsui, unable to use magic mental
hiding but neutralize the enemy magic itself had no other way to counter this.

At the time of using Arcturus magic mental intervention Tatsuya each time was forced to activate
dispelled. In other words, it was a situation where he not only could not attack, but also distracted by the

If nothing is changed, then the situation will become worse and worse. At the moment, Tatsuya neutralize
all the magic of Arcturus (or shied away from it). However, if the energy of the enemy will not end before
the Astral projection is canceled, it is likely that Tatsuya lose this battle.

In Tatsuyu again flew magic, offensive mind. "Chaos Illusion". It's magic, which reproduces in the
consciousness of the subject such psychedelic visions and sounds, which he would have experienced while
under the influence of a hallucinogen. It was originally a medical magic, developed for the treatment of
psychiatric disorders without physical side effects. Then it is called not so dangerous called as "Chaos
Illusion" and innocuous title "Illusion of disorientation."

Although most of this magic was not deadly force, it would produce a fatal advantage in battle, so Tatsuya
again laid it dispelled. In this magical system Dispel ranked "catching up". After all, the process of
analyzing the structure of the sequence of magic enemy and its further expansion could not begin to attack
the enemy.

To overcome this impasse, it was necessary to start to attack itself. The astral body Arcturus attacked not
only the magic of external system. Magic, aimed at the mind, too, it was impossible to avoid, but only to
defend themselves. And if he is attacked by wave, energy or air missiles, it was an opportunity to evade
them and counterattack.

"But the distance is too great for that."

The disadvantage Interrupts spell is its short range.

In principle, the magic is not tied to the physical distance. If the distance in space and seems to be an
obstacle to the magic, it is only because there is a feeling of magic in the minds of the operator, that the
purpose of "far" and the magic it can not reach. It's a kind of self-restraint wizard.

However, interrupt spells exception to this "rule of distance." This magic ... or rather, psionic
manipulation technique is really limited to the physical distance. The size limit depends on the user, but
immediately after reaching this limit distance psion stream attenuates and loses its ability to cause damage
psion information bodies.

In Tatsui current limit was about 30 meters. This restriction was only for Interrupts spells and is seriously
inferior to the limits of other kinds of magic.

At the moment, Arcturus kept distance from Tatsui more than 50 meters. Although it seemed that the
recent rapprochement at 10 meters interruption of attack spells caused significant damage, but it seems the
attack was enough to alert the Arcturus.

As a result, I had no choice but to reduce this distance. And once the spell interruption inflicted at least
some damage but he had no longer any effective means of attack. Because the magic of decomposition
does not act on the spiritual body ...

"... But why does not it work?"

This question arose in my head Tatsui as he continued to neutralize the magic of Arcturus.

"I can not use the" decomposition ", because it can not recognize the structure of the mind."

"Mind -. This information pushionovoe body I can not" see "the structure formed from pushionov."

He himself had answered his own question.

This was the limit Tatsui, who was known to him. But now his mind was unwilling to agree to such a

"I can be decomposed body of a man."

"However, I do not look directly at the structure of the human body. I can not see and understand
absolutely every microscopic cell of the body, absolutely every molecule that makes up the cell."

"I can also be expanded and other substances, not only the human body. In this case, I do not recognize the
direct molecular connection."

"During the disassembly of the mechanism into its constituent parts, I do not see how to combine these
components to each other."

"I" see "only psion information body, which contains the same information on the substance. I understand
and then decomposed structure psion only this body of information, nothing more."

It was not any special understatement of its merits. Such was the magic itself.
copying technology, storage and substitution information about phenomena that exist in this world. This is
the magic. Family Yotsuba determined the "Expansion" Tatsui as "no magic", but in its fundamental
principle of action it was nothing more than a magic.

"I can not see the structure of matter. But the" Arrange "him as I can."

"In that case, why it is believed that the magic of the expansion will not work only because of the fact that
I can not directly" see "the structure of the mind?"

Tatsuya asked himself.

"What I am now seeing in front of you - what is it?"

The fact that it is recognized as "Arcturus", was psion structure that stores information on a physical body.

However, there are stored not only the information on substances of which was formed by the physical
body. It has not yet been fully elucidated, but it is believed that the main function of psions for living
beings is to ensure the connection between belonging to the material world and the physical body existing
in another dimension of intelligence.

Psions not interact with the physical world. However, there is one exception to this rule. Psion waves can
be generated in cells of the brain electrical signals and vice versa, the electrical impulses marrow cells can
generate psion wave. Due to this nature, Psion can provide a link between the mind and the physical body.

The phenomena are accompanied by information. the phenomena the information is recorded in the Psion.
This also applies to the phenomena caused by the psionic. In psion information body, which contains
information about the physical body, should also contain psion information used for communication with
the mind.

In the observed Tatsuya psion Arcturus body was recorded a "pass" that allows the mind to work in this

"For starters, why there is a need at all to the spiritual body was accompanied by an information psion

Tatsuya asked myself another question.

He stopped trying to maneuver with the aim to get closer to Arcturus for Interrupts spells (the only
available means of attack against Arcturus), and returned to a strategy of interception and evasion attacks.
Tatsui intuition told him that he should not now interrupt his train of thought. Hear the voice of reason, he
began to build a hypothesis.

"This enemy - is not just a body of Alexander Arcturus true parasite also always covered psion shell.."

"The mind can control the body directly. And also can not directly detect the information that the body

"Mind - pushionovoe information body - gives orders to the physical body by radiation psion waves and
receives the collected information to the physical body by accepting psion waves."
Arcturus attacks became more violent, as if he thought Tatsuya did not even consider it necessary to
counterattack. Mechanically neutralize the enemy magic, Tatsuya plunged into the depths of thought.

"Is everything the same way, if there is no physical body? The mind can not directly intervene in this
dimension and not be able to directly receive information from this dimension?"

"In modern magical science major is a hypothesis according to which the concept of" information
measurement "does not mean that there is another world, separate from our Information Measurement -. It
is only a platform on which information is recorded on the phenomena It's like the reverse side, the other
side of the world. . "

"So, the spiritual body can not get direct access to the information dimension in the same way as the
material dimension?"

"It gets access to the material and to the information measured using the passage created inside the
structure formed from psions serving as a medium-conductor?"

This idea came into my head Tatsui like divine revelation.

"In this case, if the expanded structure psion serving access point for the reason, that reason will be cut off
from this measurement !?"

Tatsuya immediately tried to try it.

First, he directed the ability to recognize informational bodies "spirits Eyes" on the astral body of

Inside the astral body he found the structure responsible for the connection of the mind with the
information dimension.

Information about the physical body ... does not fit.

Information on the sub-body psion information used to communicate the physical body with the mind ... is
not appropriate.

Information about the "Gate", producing a sequence of magic ...

"... No, not that."

"Gate" existing between the lower layer region of consciousness and the uppermost layer of the
subconscious region - an exit through which the intelligence having a physical body wizard produces a
sequence of magic its magic calculation zone being Eydos purpose. However, who left his physical body
to activate Arcturus did not use the magic recorded in the astral body "Gate."

Apparently, "The Gates" - a kind of modification of the channel of the mind due to the physical body.


From Arcturus in Tatsuyu flew attack magic of mental intervention.

Involved at full capacity "spirits Eyes" Tatsui caught release of this magic.

Due to the fact that he was distracted by observation, to neutralize the magic was late for an instant.

Tatsuya was attacked by a hallucination, forcing to lose orientation in space with the help of deprivation of
a sense of direction.

Falling just two meters, he had already laid out the sequence adhered to his magic of illusion, thus
restoring their spatial orientation and control of the magic of flight.

"What now...?"

Adjust your consciousness, so that it is not too concentrated on the goal, Tatsuya sent his "look" at a
newly discovered psion structure.

This spiritual body channel output sequence of magic though it were a one-off, as only slight traces remain
of it.

At the moment, no connection through it was not there.

But next to him, he found another acting channel.

Neutralizing another attack Arcturus, Tatsuya studied this "pass" their "eyes". "Inside" of the astral body
with very short pauses (ie, almost continuously), sends the power of intervention in the phenomenon.

Arcturus attacks continued.

Apparently, if you do not hurry, it will be possible to find other channels, but at the time it was not. It was
impossible to lose a second time, and finish the fight as quickly as possible, to continue the pursuit of

Tatsuya aimed "look" to found a "pass" for an intervention force in the phenomenon.

Channel structure analysis.

Giving a lot of time information bodies physical and material phenomena, as well as qualitative
differences in the structure of magic sequences, Tatsuya eventually realized what this is constantly
working channel.

"... This is a" pass "in order to maintain the spell" Astral Projection "?"

Around the same time, his analysis was completed, Arcturus attacks became even more intense.

His behavior, too, felt the impatience.

Perhaps Arcturus somehow felt that Tatsuya "looks" at him, and regarded it as a threat.

That is why Tatsuya did not change their actions.

Decomposition of enemy attacks.

Preparation of their attack.

In the expansion of Eidos different physical phenomena is usually a small difference. And in the
expansion of various psion information tel no fundamental differences.

You could even say that the scheme of the decomposition of bodies of information, information related
bodies, similar to the scheme of decomposition magic sequences.

Having made such a conclusion Tatsuya applied the new knowledge in the construction of the sequence of
magic spells dissipation.

design time was twice the usual (but it was still less than half a second). Tatsuya released into the astral
body of Arcturus magic degradation information tel.

Its purpose was not only astral body and magic channel supporting Astral projection.

Effect ... it was.

He "saw" as a passage for the intervention force in the phenomenon was destroyed.

From the respective places escaped pushionovye waves on the astral body. Tatsuya pushiony could not
visible as particles and could recognize both pushionovye wave signals, however it could feel the presence
or absence pushionovyh waves.

"The true nature of the forces of intervention in the phenomenon - it pushionovye wave !?"

The strength of the interference phenomenon in the field of the wizard merges directly into the
subconscious Eidos goal. Himself a magician can not realize this event in any way, except "I pour the
power of intervention in the phenomenon."

Now, however, Tatsuya, destroying became undisguised intervention force in the Canal phenomenon,
perhaps, was the first magician who "watched" on very power of intervention in the phenomenon.

- So in the magic they used not only Psion, but also pushiony ...? - Unconsciously he muttered aloud.

The power of intervention in the event moves instantly, as if teleported, so even able to see pushiony
owners of super-powers (such as Tatsui classmate Mizuki) could not understand that in fact it
pushionovye waves.

Even magic, filling the space itself the power of intervention in the event (such as a zone of magic
suppression, for example), it is observed only after the intervention already made in the area as "magic".

This does not mean that the nature of the intervention force has not been studied in the past. The
hypothesis that guide intervention force in the phenomenon is not psion and pushionovoe information
body, also existed among the magic researchers, although its supporters were in the minority.

Nevertheless, it was the first time when the nature of the forces of intervention in the phenomenon
observed in the form of pushionovyh waves. Tatsuya if not wrong, then this would be a great discovery in
the field of magical science.
However, in this situation, his curiosity as a researcher gave way to his understanding of the situation as a

Tatsuya turned his attention to the collapsing force channel interference phenomenon on the overall
situation with the astral body.

Changes came quickly.

Astral body Arcturus, up to this point are continuously attacked by the magic stopped moving.

And not only will have ceased to move in space. Activity psion information body, too, was not observed.

Density psions from which the projection astral body has been formed, began to decrease.

It lasted about 10 seconds, and finally the astral body Arcturus disappeared as if it was sucked into the

Closing the power supply lines interference phenomenon has made it impossible to continue the support of
astral projection, spiritual and Arcturus body was thrown back into the physical body.

Chapter 1
Part 3


... But the battle was to my advantage ... - Caught in the darkness, thought Arcturus.

I met the one who is the enemy of my comrades and me.

I was trying to avenge his best.

The enemy was only one way to attack the spiritual body. A range of this attack on the standards of magic
was quite small. The enemy also had powerful means of neutralizing magic, but at least I would not have
lost, if kept a distance and continued to attack.
So it should be.

Suddenly he felt a lot of pain.

Although Arcturus had no experience of tooth extraction, but the pain is felt, he compared it with the pain
during tooth extraction without anesthesia.

There was a feeling as it implies "something" is directly related to the life - not blood, but like it.

Suddenly, the field of vision darkened. No, not just sight. All five senses, reproduced in the astral body,
suddenly extinguished.

The reality was suddenly parted.

But when Arcturus knew it, he was already in the dark.

He quickly realized that the darkness - it's the same nothingness.

He remembered this darkness, completely isolated from the outside world.

... I went back to the sealed body?

I thought I had died. I thought that the relationship between mind and body is completely cut off.

Apparently, I was wrong. It looks like "I" and my body are connected to some communication unknown to

... While Arcturus thought about it, his mind fogged. Thoughts became more and more vague. As a result,
to think and reason become impossible.

I think, therefore I exist.

If it's a famous saying of Descartes is true, it means "I" disappear in the moment stop to think, think.

Arcturus fainted. His thinking stopped. His "I" drowned in the darkness of the void.


...That's all?

Tatsuya, though with difficulty, but managed to cope with the astral body of Arcturus.

However, frequent use of Interrupts spells and dispelled his seriously depleted.

If recklessly steel himself, then you can continue to fly.

However, he could not now go to the recklessness and fall exhausted.

... We need to save Minami.

He himself thought so, but Miyuki wanted it more than he did.

For Tatsui Miyuki had a higher priority than the Minami. Now if he falls, exhausted, in the event of an
emergency can not save Miyuki.

Tatsuya could go on reckless act only for the sake of desire Miyuki, or when she is in danger.

Arcturus rebuff to continue pursuit of Minami, but as a result of losing power to the persecution - it was
quite ironic outcome. But that was the reality, and no choice but to accept it.

Tatsuya landed on a deserted wasteland at the southern foot of Mount Takao, not far from the old Koshu
Highway. Air battle began when he was north of Mount Takao, flying along the main road, that is, during
the battle, they moved to the other side of the mountain.

Causing the information display suit, he looked the current time.

"The battle lasted for about 15 minutes ...?"

It took more time than thought Tatsuya.

"And then I lost my freedom of action" - thought Tatsuya.

"... In the end, I was right, that he did not overdo it?"

"I can not deny that I was seized with a sense of defeat" - thought Tatsuya, checking their condition.

"I can still fly. However, if you start another air battle is sufficiently effective, I can not show you. It
would be better for a while to stay on the ground." - In the end, he came to this conclusion.

Flying battle suit "Freed suit" worn by the Tatsuyu was carried out like a normal commercial sled suit, so
he did not look out of place on a public road. Although the walk to the "motorcycle" suit makes you feel
uncomfortable, but walking on the side of the road it did not cause the surprised looks.

Given that he resumed the pursuit, it was better not to take this suit. Think about it, Tatsuya took only a
helmet and not to shoot down the breath, leisurely pace toward the west.


Group wizards Dzyumondzi family headed by Minoru Katsuto pursued with a stern expression on their

Following the decision of the Conference of the main clans, Minoru they waited in ambush near the
hospital, which was lying Minami.
Dzyumondzi family role was to capture Minoru joint effort with the family Saegusa. But Saegusa family
was completely useless in today's attack Minoru. A family Dzyumondzi Minoru outwitted, despite the fact
that the head of the family Katsuto personally led the defense.

Wizards family Saegusa, not even had time to get in touch with Minoru, on the orders of the head Koichi
family returned to their temporary residence. In turn, Dzyumondzi family did not succeed, "Minoru thwart
and catch him" and allowed to steal the bait became Minami. So they Katsuto including himself, chased
Minoru on cars.

Pursuit squad consisted of eight persons, distributed over four two seven-seat SUV, converted from
military models. As such, the order of battle seemed to be understaffed, but in connection with the initial
task of the family Dzyumondzi - defense of the capital - they could not send any more people.

However, with Katsuto it was Eight most elite fighters Dzyumondzi family. One can also say that they
arrogantly thought that more people would be required.

The reason is that they have lagged behind Minoru in Chofu, had become hostage to urban residents. The
fair battle, they would not have lost. And out of the city from the enemy will not have to resort to a trick.
Katsuto and his subordinates blazed fighting spirit, wanting to wash away the stain of defeat.

When Yotsuba family with the help of radar to the parasite established escape route Minoru and
Dzyumondzi family under the leadership of Katsuto went in pursuit, since as Minoru stole Minami, it's
been 10 minutes.

To reduce the gap on 10 minutes, Katsuto ordered subordinates to go as fast as possible. Their cars were
no police cars or ambulances. While on the highway there was no speed limit, but this road is not only
drove them. They should be afraid of the attention of police because of "dangerous driving". Their pursuit
squad moved to the west with the actual limit of the vehicle speed.

And after such a folly, Katsuto suddenly ordered the driver to turn onto a public road. The second car, he
ordered to continue the pursuit, and his SUV sent the route from Hachioji junction to Koshu highway ring
road Ken-O.

None of his subordinates did not express doubts. Wizards Dzyumondzi family knew the reason and
without explanation from the Katsuto.

They felt the signs of a fierce magical battle in the skies over the southern slope of Mount Takao. From
the point of view of the old administrative divisions, they were still within Tokyo. Wizards Dzyumondzi
family - defense bases capital - they simply could not ignore something.

Compared with superior active force intervention wizarding family Dzyumondzi, their ability to passive
acceptance was a step worse. The capture of residual psion waves generated at the magical battles, they
too were not very skilled. In doing so, they relied mainly on the head of the family, Katsuto.

There was a chance that the battle that they had just felt, started much earlier. Due to the fact that they
noticed it only when approached so she could battle has come to an end.

But they still could not pass by, without understanding.

In fact, the role of family Dzyumondzi is to protect the capital against armed attacks. The list of risks
requiring response includes not only attack with physical weapons but also attacks with magic.

Minoru Kudo is undoubtedly those with a high probability becomes a threat to all States. It was impossible
to ignore the decision of the Conference of Major Clans.

But it is also impossible to ignore the detected signs of magical battle, because it was the capital region,
although most of its suburbs. As head Dzyumondzi family Katsuto personally had to deal with it.

However, after they turned south at the junction of Hachioji and were driving on the highway ring Ken-oh,
the signs of battle disappeared. It seems that the battle could finish without their intervention. They had a
choice: continue on the ring road, or to resume the chase. But in any case it was necessary to turn to the

The last battle echoes were observed in the sky to the south-west of Mount Takao. Katsuto commanded to
go in this direction.


Heard behind me the sound of an approaching car, Tatsuya stopped and turned around.

Not because a passing car in the wilderness was a rarity. And because he felt inside it features a familiar

He raised the question: why Dzyumondzi Katsuto, which was supposed to go to the west of the main road,
chasing the car Minoru, drove along the ring road to the south-west of Mount Takao? However Tatsui
recently survived a battle, it was necessary to restore power, and this "coincidence" was a good
opportunity for him to rest.

Tatsuya stopped and turned around.

Less than two minutes later a massive SUV approached Tatsuya and stopped in front of him.

- Sheba?

Tatsuya As expected, those who opened the window of the front passenger seat and turned to him, was

- Dzyumondzi-senpai. If you pursue Minoru, could you take me with you?

This brazen request Tatsui Katsuto said one word: "Sit down."

Tatsuya sat in the second row on the left. Right behind Katsuto.

Since then, both Tatsuya burned left hand Katsuto in Izu, less than two months (although it Tatsuya this
hand and restored). But despite all this, I turned to Katsuto Tatsuya back and showed no sign of alertness.
Was it courage, kindness, or some other way of thinking, it is not such as ordinary people?
Tatsuya himself also did not reflect the feelings of Katsuto and just sat on the specified location. From this
point of view, and Tatsuya Katsuto they may have been similar to each other.

- Sheba, who are you fighting?

It was the first thing asked Katsuto at a time when the car made a U-turn by 180 degrees.

- With converted into parasites soldier USNA army.

In Tatsui was no special need to hide it. Therefore, he honestly answered that question.

But in that reply I felt innuendo.

- True Parasite body who has left the host, could reach even here?

What Katsuto recently who had to deal with the bodies of the true Parasites come to this erroneous
conclusion it seemed obvious.

- No, I think it was not the true body of parasites. I have no particular view, the ability to discern the
spiritual body, so I can not say for sure, but it could be the astral body who has left the physical body with
the help of "astral projection."

Tatsuya and he noticed that his previous explanation was not enough, so he gave a comprehensive answer.

- Astral projection? Parasites?

- It is unclear whether he was or was not a parasite.

- ... But you yourself said that it was a "soldier in a converted Parasite"?

- It's true. It was the second of my battle with the enemy. The first time it was definitely a parasite.

Before that Katsuto I ask questions while sitting facing forward. But now he's turned. Showing his face in
profile because of the head restraint, it is sharp eyes looked at Tatsuyu.

- ... You're saying that maybe parasite became a man again?

- I can not prove it is nothing but his own experiences, but we can not completely exclude the possibility
of this.

Katsuto turned forward, folded his arms and sighed softly. Initially, parasites was not known virtually
nothing. The possibility that the parasite can again become a man, would add a new way to counter the
people infected by these creatures from another dimension.

- ... This American soldiers killed?

This question is meant Katsuto temporarily put aside thoughts of the parasite.

In Tatsui was no objection to this decision.

- I think I was able to neutralize it for a while.

- Clear.

Katsuto nodded.

- As you say, we pursue Minoru Kudo. Another car at the moment, according to information provided by
the Yotsuba family, moving in the direction of Lake Kawaguchi surroundings. - he added, looking at the
navigation screen.

- It will be troublesome if he will call on the suburban streets ...

- Compared with the city center will be a small damage. To some extent, this can be called a rational

It seems Katsuto decided to act, taking into account the possibility of the involvement of third parties.
Perhaps the reason for this determination is that Minoru use of urban residents as human shields outside
the hospital in Chofu.

Katsuto eyebrows lifted her. But it was not due to the fact that the situation has worsened.

- Looks like they took to the freeway. However, this route does not lead to urban areas. Their destination -
the forest "Sea Aokigahara trees"?

Tatsuya put on a helmet in his hand.

On the glass of the helmet display the same data that was Katsuto.

Circle showing the current location of Minoru, still had a great error of 1 kilometer. Now he was south of
town on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi, and moved to the west. With such a course really could assume
that in the "Sea Aokigahara trees" have some shelter. Tatsuya also come to this conclusion.

In the last century about Aokigahara rumors that "out of the woods it is impossible to get out." But if you
know that "there is someone there", the search will not be so difficult.

But for some reason, Tatsuya could not bring himself to look at it with optimism.


Van with Minoru and Minami driving on a narrow road, which runs through the trees.

Although it was a dirt road, but the bumps while driving is not felt.

The left and right walls were of wood. Over his head - green canopy. The road has a width of one car and
at the same time was a winding, so viewing distance was less than ten meters.

"In 'The Sea of Trees" at Mount Fuji is such a way? "

Even immersed in samouprekayuschie Minami thought today could not do anything except his eyes
opened wide in astonishment.

Minami did not even notice the moment when they turned this way. Driving along the road, which runs
from east to west south of the lakes and Saiko Kawaguchi, they moved south on the road that circles the
western side of Mount Fuji. Given how long they are on their way, when they turned on the narrow
winding road?

If they had met traveling toward the car, then they would not be able to miss each other - so narrow was
this passage. However, apart from their car there were no signs of other vehicles or pedestrians. If the road
was so well-groomed and smooth, it certainly was to be used by tourists for walking.

Suddenly, before twisting his head from side to side Minami unexpected sight presented itself.

Overview suddenly opened. On quite spacious and equipped area was one-storey wooden house.

The road ends at the house, and on the other hand did not last. Although the house was not luxurious, it
was felt in some exotics.

That is, a narrow road on which they had just passed, was intended solely to get to the house or leave it.

The territory was a perfect circle in the trees, and there is no fence or gate was not there.

The van stopped in front of the main entrance.

Involuntarily looking back, Minami was surprised for the third time.

Narrow passage through which they had come here, had disappeared.


- Uh? - dubiously mumbled Katsuto.

There was no need to ask him why. Tatsuya is now felt the same way.

Circle of light showing the response from Minoru, suddenly disappeared from the screen on the glass of
the helmet.

Tatsuya took off his helmet.

Katsuto contacted by radio with another car.

- ... I see. I got it. Wait for me there.

After completing the session, Katsuto turned to Tatsuya.

- It looks like a car, which ran off Minoru Kudo, eventually disappeared from sight. the vehicle in front
has lost the signal before the cave Fuji Fuketsu.

- They turned into a "sea of trees", but it is unknown to the west or east?

- Unfortunately, this is so.

Tatsuya did not say anything else that could be interpreted as a rebuke to the side Dzyumondzi family. He
had not forgotten that he himself likewise missed Minoru sight.

- There are two possible options.

- Yes. Or Minoru Kudo returned the original magic power, or hiding in the shelter, it has a powerful effect
of hiding. Or both options at once.

There was no Tatsui objections voiced Katsuto three options.

- In any case, we can only look for traces on the ground.

All agreed with this conclusion.

When Tatsuya Katsuto and caught the first car, pursuing Minoru heels, it was already 16:20.

Summer solstice has passed, but the days were still long. Although the dense forest, towering along the
edges of the road, and eclipsed the sunlight, but he was not so dark as to require artificial lighting.

Katsuto some time looking alternately to the left, then right at the wall of trees, and in the end, a little
breath, and he turned to Tatsuya asked

- ... Shiba, have any ideas?

- We need to check something.

Tatsuya, who stared at the trees standing in a row in the same way as Katsuto, moved to the western side
of the road and entered the woods.

Seeing that this happened, subordinates Katsuto slightly surprised, but said nothing.

Tatsuya did not go to a place where the trees were large gaps and thick as a wall to the bush. His body
went branches and trunks of trees through, though he did not interfere.

Tatsuya spread his hands apart and turned around slowly.

Make a half-turn Tatsui hands have not touched any branches or leaves.

And if reacted to it, standing next to him the trees were gone.

Instead they had a road which was so narrow that it was barely enough for the passage of a vehicle.
- Illusion? - Asked Katsuto have returned Tatsui.

- Yes. It's pretty powerful magic illusions, which can not be detected until right up close. Based on the fact
that nearby there is no trace of the presence of the wizard, you can assume that it uses a magic item Relic

- magical objects?

- I do not know what it was. It could also be some kind of unknown to us secret technique of ancient

- Hmm ...

Katsuto crossed his arms and thought. The magic that hides the entrance, was dispersed, but it was not
known what other spells lie ahead.

In addition, it could not be the only hidden passage. It was impossible to say with certainty that the minors
went exactly this way.

Still with his arms crossed, he looked at Katsuto Tatsuyu.

- Even if we seek from the air, you still do not find, right?

Under the gaze of Katsuto on Tatsui face floated a faint bitter smile.

- Yes...

If it would be an illusion, which can be detected from the air, the reconnaissance satellites or stratospheric
platforms has already made to it. Self-Defense Forces would not leave it unattended. "The Sea of Trees
Aokigahara" - is not only a tourist destination but also a military facility regularly used by national
defense forces for forest training sorties.

Conduct exercises in the woods, where it can be installed not know whose illusion - it's pretty stupid thing
to do, endangering soldiers. They should not have let this spell to continue working.

However, the illusion of actually installed on the site. Even if it was not remiss in mind careless, self-
defense force is still actually made a serious mistake. But if you look at the situation from a different
angle, this meant that the observation of the sky over the territory could not reveal the magic set here.

- nominate. While getting into the Tiger's lair does not guarantee a tiger cub, but if we now turn back, then
the situation will not improve.

- I agree.

Perhaps Katsuto and needed help Tatsui. But as Tatsuya agreed with the Katsuto, wizards Dzyumondzi
family returned to their cars.
But, unfortunately, the phrase Katsuto "hit in Tiger's lair does not guarantee a tiger cub" was prophetic if
on Murphy's Law, which states: "the case, which has even a slight chance of failure, (always) will fail."

The narrow road ended abruptly in the middle, and they could not find anything, though, and checked the
entire route several times.

Chapter 2

When Tatsuya and Katsuto back in Chofu, it was about 8:00 pm. Tatsuya already regained strength
enough to be able to fight in flight. But in order not to irritate the law enforcement agencies, it is with the
permission of Katsuto drove back to the car.

Miyuki was waiting for him at the hospital. Almost at the same moment, when the car is parked in the
parking lot from the main entrance of the hospital came Miyuki, Tsukuba Yuka and guard Yuki Ozaki

Miyuki looked hopefully at the out-of-car Tatsuyu. Soon, however, she looked down in sorrow. Only
when he saw the tense face Tatsui, she guessed, that the salvation of Minami failed.

But it is the depressed state did not last long.

- Tatsuya-sama, thank you for your efforts.

With a straight face, but still with a smile, Miyuki said Tatsuo gratitude.

- Sorry. I failed. - Sorry Tatsuya. A short phrase seemed rude and indifferent, and showed no desire to
correct his mistake.

However, Tatsuya from the heart regretted that he could not meet the expectations of Miyuki.

- Not.

Miyuki did not reproach Tatsuyu.

She did not show frustration.

- This is from the outset it was my fault.

Miyuki's voice was filled with a self-incrimination.

Saying goodbye to Katsuto and his subordinates, and Tatsuya Miyuki sat in the parking lot air car parked
on the hospital and returned home.
Drive along the road during normal vehicle operation took a little less than five minutes. Conversations
between the leading car and Tatsuya sitting on a nearby site Miyuki almost was not.

- I quickly cook dinner, wait a bit, please.

As soon as they entered the apartment, immediately Miyuki said this and left the kitchen.

Tatsuya began to feel that she avoids him.

"There's nothing you can do about it" - thought Tatsuya.

He could not keep his promise to return Minami.

Miyuki after people. She should not be out emotions, even such an accusation Tatsui.

Contrary to the opinion of the most Miyuki when it arises the urge to accuse in something Tatsuyu, she
begins to blame herself, to suppress this urge.

She knew that her Tatsuya notice these thoughts.

"Onii-sama is not guilty."

"Because that Minoru-kun ran away, I am guilty."

Miyuki told herself such thoughts.

These thoughts haunted her constantly.

But if we now Tatsuya says "you're not to blame," it will only backfire. Miyuki did not want to blame
Tatsuyu and made himself a villain.

Tatsuya and it, too, could understand.

However, he could not find the right words to talk to Miyuki.

He sat down on the sofa in the living room Tatsuya felt helpless.


Dinner at Minoru started a little earlier than Tatsui.

And it was engaged in the preparation of Minami. Minoru was about to leave the kitchen cooking
automated, but Minami, before almost did not say anything, insisted on his own, and took the kitchen.

Minami started cooking after 7 pm, when they were convinced that Tatsuya and Katsuto left.

When she had finished cooking, it was already more than 8 hours in the evening. We got used to cook
food Minami it took so much time. Perhaps this was due to the large number of unfamiliar spices, caught
up in the presence in the kitchen. In addition, apart from the usual products and kitchen utensils, this
kitchen was full of special items used in Chinese food restaurants.

This indicated that the shelter was prepared Zhou Gongjing District. Manipulating faction of reconciliation
with Great Asian Alliance Self-Defense Forces, and the setting in all the key points of magical amulets, he
lured here 16 expelled from the continent wizards. Using spell astrological type *, feed on human life, he
created a kind of "parallel world in a limited space", built on the sacrificed wizards. And so secured a plot
of land the house was built. Moreover, to ensure non-disclosure of this secret, the workers who built the
house, and "material" steel to reinforce the barrier.

[* In the original "Thin-jutsu", it is written in "Thin Cimon".]

As a result, the spirits of the place has become so strong that Zhou Gongjing District began to appear here
only in order to replace the supply of perishable products. These spirits do not cause harm Minoru
precisely because he enslaved ghost Zhou Gongjing District, whom they recognized his master. Because
of this Minoru had the opportunity to use the shelter, equipped with powerful magic masking /
concealment, which would not be able to organize their own.

dishes in the style of Chinese food were placed on the dining table. Of course, some extreme degree of
sophistication was not in them. In contrast, Japanese and European cuisine, Minami was not very
experienced in Chinese cuisine.

Fortunately, Minoru exquisite dishes preferred the most common. This was due to the fact that before
becoming a parasite, he was often ill and spent much time in bed. In addition, if these dishes are prepared
Minami, they seem Minoru delicious in any form.

Minami sat on the opposite side of the table Minoru. She is not stubborn enough to refuse to dinner with

But frankly its behavior could not be called.

Minami never start a conversation first. She was used only to answer to the posed questions, and
something in her voice was only the necessary minimum of words. Besides, even though they were sitting
opposite each other, she tried not to look even Minoru's eyes as he spoke. Shyly look away, she just
quietly moved chopsticks.

For a guy his age Minoru eaten albeit slowly, but not enough. But it was more of a habit, because from
early childhood he often ate in bed.

In turn, Minami was not a foodie, so eat very fast. In addition, the term gur (mana) * was misplaced,
because she was female. From early childhood, it was raised on the role of the maid, so she did not have
the habit to waste time on food. And this has not changed even after she had lived for more than a year,
together with Tatsuya and Miyuki.

[In the original, there is a word that takes the "glutton", but to reproduce the author's "joke" about the end
of "man" (man, man), I had to take the closest alternative.]

As a result of the combination of these two factors, it turned out that there they had finished almost
- Thanks for the food.

- Sorry for the modest meal.

- Nothing like this! It was delicious.

- ...Thank.

Minami cheeks red from this literally radiant smile Minoru.

- Sorry, you do not want there any drink after a meal?

First, he wanted to say no to the question of mines, but decided against it, thinking that it would be

- I think that black tea will do.

- As you wish.

Minami stood up and rearranged the dishes in the cart. This "truck" was a non-human robot helper for
household, are part of the home automation. Minami followed this self-propelled trolley and hid in the

Gently sigh, Minoru so if released from itself the accumulated stress. Lack of sight like Minami gave him

Minami has returned with a cup of black tea. She did not use a cart and carrying a tray with his own hands.

Many times she did not take it, but this pause was enough to Minoru became determined.

- I beg.

- Thank. Minami-san, you also sit down.

- Good.

Minami obediently followed instructions Minoru.

Between them there was a tense atmosphere that has nothing to do with hostility. It happened because to
Minoru back strain, and the mood was passed Minami.

Minoru silence twice drank tea from a cup before you return the cup on the tray. After that, he looked
straight at Minami.

The silence lasted for some time.

And after a long silence, Minoru finally spoke.

- ... Minami-san.
Minoru's voice was slightly hoarse.

- Yes, what is it?

Minami's voice trembled slightly.

But Minoru did not notice. He could not now ignore anything.

From a close distance you could see that he caught his breath.

- Minami-san, I want you to tell about his true feelings.

- ......

Minami looked at Minoru with a serious, but noticeably pale face.

- I...

Minoru hastily reached for the cup, to moisten the dry throat. Hot tea obzhog throat and choked by

Minami did not laugh at this awkward situation, which was minor.

- ... I want to Minami-san became parasites. To heal your body, Minami-san, without taking away the
magic from you.

- ......

- Minami-san, I'm not going to force you to accept my idea. Although late to say such a thing after I took
you by force, but I do not want you to force this. This is absolutely true.

- ...Yes. I believe.

Minoru's eyes widened from these unexpected words Minami.

- ...Thank.

Minoru drank tea residues. This time, without choking.

- Minami-san, what do you want? Become a parasite, not to lose the magic? Or spend the rest of the life of
a person ceasing to be a wizard?

Minami looked down.

Minoru could not see her face because of the bangs hanging down, and hastened to clarify his words.

- Formation of the parasite does not erase a person. I guarantee it. I found a way to get their hands on the
ability of parasite, while maintaining their own "I".

- ......
Minami remained silent with his head down.

Impatience Minoru gradually increased.

- fairness, it should be noted that Tatsuya-san probably not wrong when he said that life will be nothing to
threaten, if we abandon the magic. You can stop being a wizard and continue to live an ordinary human

With hope and anxiety at the same time on the face, Minoru looked at Minami hung his head.

- ... Please, give me some time.

Minami said, without raising his eyes and in a low voice so that it was impossible to hear, if you do not
stretch the ear.

- M-real.

Minoru is so confused that he looked very sorry.

- S-Sorry! It's too important an issue to make a decision here so quickly.

Minoru abruptly rose from his chair.

- I'm glad you decided to think about it! I'm ready to hear the answer at any time.

He took a cup of tea and a brisk pace, as if running away, hid in the kitchen.

Mines continued to sit, frozen in position, with his head down and did not even try to stop him.


Tatsuya listened Miyuki detailed story about what happened at the hospital. More precisely, if we exclude
its attempts to confess, then he just let her talk.

I had to do several things.

Send family headed Maya detailed report on today's events.

Read sent from the main house to report the details and results Miyakidzimy defense.

Leaving the next day that he had to finish today, Tatsuya left his room and went to the canteen to quench
their thirst. On it was already night clothes - T-shirt with short sleeves and shorts.

The time was nearly midnight. It was too late to start writing a report, but this has nothing could be done.
Miyuki feelings had higher priority in his mind than report to the main house.
Although Miyuki, and returned to a more or less normal state, but it was clearly only superficially. Not
only Tatsuya, but also any other person would have realized that she was smiling through force.

It is appropriate to say "fortunately" in this situation, but it's no notification that the temporary closure of
the school associated with the invasion of the New Soviet Union canceled.

"Tomorrow I'm home all day ... to spend it with Miyuki ...?"

During these his thoughts Tatsuya heard the soft sound of the door opening.

At the moment in the apartment inhabited only two: Tatsuya and Miyuki.

- Onii-sama ...

Even before Miyuki spoke, it was clear that she came out of her room.

- Miyuki, are you still awake? - Tatsuya asked, trying to keep his voice did not sound judgmental.

- I'm sorry ... For some reason I can not sleep.

At Miyuki, which appeared in a nightgown draped over a negligee, was a little vague tone of voice. In
Tatsui impression that her feelings are not allowed to sleep, despite the fact that the body and mind are

- Let's talk a little bit?

Standing next to the table Tatsuya came to a halt at the entrance to the dining room Miyuki.

- ...Good.

Driven by Tatsuo shoulders Miyuki obediently followed in the living room.

Tatsuya commanded HAR (Home Automation Robot) bring herbal tea.

He had shrunken gesture stop on the other side of the sofa Miyuki, hastily tried to get up.

Motorized vehicles brought two cups of tea, made from a mixture of orange peel and chamomile.

Tatsuya quickly got up, took a hand in every cup, set on a saucer, and put one of the cups in front of

- Thank. - shyly thanked Miyuki.

- It's my pleasure. - Tatsuya waved his head with a smile on his face.

Seeing that Tatsuya picked up his cup, Miyuki also took her and took a sip. Perhaps the taste of brewed
herbal tea HAR was unsatisfactory because Miyuki did not express their experiences words *.
[* The Japanese right manner (or even the usual norm) is considered to praise aloud food / drink. And if
you remain silent, it is considered rude to cook.]

Discontent was clearly, but not so strong that it was showed on her face. It looks like she's still considered
the taste tolerable. Due to this the sudden feeling of indifference, thoughts in my head Miyuki calmed
down a bit.

Tatsuya had no such intention. But in the end it has created an atmosphere suitable for the breaker.

- You can not sleep because of worry Minami.

It was not a question, and not an attempt to clarify. Tatsuya said in a tone as if merely stating a fact.

- Yes.

It was not a question but a statement, so she could not deny. Miyuki did not bluff, and answered honestly.
As a result, she did not pretend.

- ... I'm in something wrong, right?

Miyuki finally opened plagued her feelings.

- From Minami-chan it is well treated. I believe that ... not only do I think of her as a real member of the

- Right. Miyuki, not just what you think.

Tatsuya put my words are not in the form of speculation, but in the form of a statement.

Miyuki smiled. ... Hardly noticeable.

- I also believe that I understand her feelings for Minoru-kun. He drew the attention of Minami-chan. And
even if it was not in such a form that she realized her love, but it was obviously not one-sided feelings. I
do not deny it unconditionally.

Miyuki stopped and lowered her head. But quickly picked it up and back with hope in his eyes looked at

- In this I was mistaken?

Before Tatsuya could answer, Miyuki continued to ask.

- I had to order the Minami-chan does not fall in love with Minoru-kun? For example, I should make her
think Minoru-kun - an enemy ceases to be human and does not take other people's opinions?

- Miyuki, you're not mistaken. Feelings - it is something that comes from the heart. Although there are
exceptions as when values arise spontaneously over time, but in general it does not happen without the
influence of others. Sorry for such a vulgar word at a time, but there is public opinion, "the greater the
obstacles, the more inflames love." When feelings develop into true love, no talking no longer help.
- The greater the obstacle, the more inflames love ... Really.

Miyuki lightly chuckled. It was no longer so painful to watch as her previous a smile.

Perhaps she remembered something from his past experience, and it is convinced.

In love Miyuki to Tatsuya existed huge obstacle called "blood tie between brother and sister." Miyuki but
still could not give up his love.

And now, when they tricked "eliminated" close kinship and became the bride and groom, for Miyuki was
a real miracle that she did not have to hide their feelings. But if it will be to blame, blame the "forbidden
love", even if it is forced to marry another man, Miyuki never give up my feelings for Tatsu. It will always
keep them in your heart.

- But then it means that Minami-chan's still in love with Minoru-kun and opted for it instead of us ...?

Miyuki felt that sense of Minami to Minoru has not yet reached this stage. She did not see how it
happened, but it was too late. Whether it was long before reluctantly Minami forbid all these things?
Miyuki thought about it with sincere deep regret.

- I'm too soft and indulgent?

- Do you think so, because you could not order Minami refuse good intentions with respect to Minoru?

Miyuki shook her head.

- Should I ... was to target "Cocytus" Minoru-kun?

This question is meant literally: "I should have killed Minoru."

Those who applied to "Cocytus" Miyuki, did not die in the truest sense of the word.

"Cocytus" - this is the magic forever stopping activity of the mind.

Mind on who used this magic, never to reopen. Even dreams of that person will no longer see.

From the point of view of other people, this is no different from death.

And if the man himself remains in place in the middle of a passing his time. This is also no different from

- If I was in a similar situation, and have had at this technique, which allows to do away with the parasite

Miyuki look stuck to Tatsuya. He approached Tatsu.

Miyuki posture has not changed. And from the couch she did not get up.

But Tatsuya felt as if only her eyes closing in on him.

- ... I would have killed Minoru.

But that's why Tatsuya could not afford to stumble at this point.

- But before that, I would have warned him. However, unlike you, I encouraged him to run away, I offered
to surrender.

Taped to Tatsuya look Miyuki momentarily faltered. It was impossible to say that Miyuki did not feel
guilty about the fact that instead of catching Minoru asked him to escape.

- And then in the end, I still would face exactly the same situation as you, Miyuki.

- ...Clear.

Miyuki gaze lost its strength, and she lowered her head.

Perhaps her little consolation that even Tatsui in such a situation would be the same result.

- Besides.

However, Tatsuya has not finished talking.

Miyuki lifted her head vigorously. In her eyes was visible anxiety.

Miyuki was afraid of what will be said next. But escape is now, she could not.

- If I had been there at that moment, I would have stopped you. In the same way as it did Minami.

- Just like Minami-chan ...?

Miyuki's eyes widened.

Not because I could not believe the words Tatsui, but because they could not understand, he's talking

- Miyuki. I can not let you commit murder.

Tatsuya said in a soft voice.

Still remain wide-eyed, Miyuki slowly covered her mouth with his hands.

- Minami defended Minoru, closing it with his back. And I would have stopped you their backs. That is
the difference between my feelings for Minami Minoru and feelings to him. But I think that the desire,
which became the basis of these actions, we have the same. Do not let you become a killer. I do not want
you to suffer from the fact that we had to raise a hand against a person with whom you were well

Life is an unknown enemy is not equal to the life of another. That's what he meant by Tatsuya.

From the point of view of justice and humanity, it was an outrageous statement.
"But it's true," - thought Miyuki.

Miyuki felt that it was true, that is the reality.

- As the next chapter Yotsuba family, you may have made a mistake. But Miyuki ...

Tatsuya Miyuki looked into his eyes.

- Yes...?

Miyuki dropped her hands and replied to the appeal Tatsui.

- For me it's not a mistake. You're not wrong. That's what I think.

- ...!

Miyuki again, this time by a sharp movement, covered her mouth with her hands.

tears ran from her eyes.

Tatsuya got up and walked over to Miyuki.

Miyuki hugged Tatsuyu.

Tatsuya too Miyuki clasped hands and pressed it to his chest.

Miyuki Tatsui buried her face in his chest and began to cry, sometimes softly sobbing.
Chapter 3

Tuesday, July 9, early in the morning.

Halfway between sleeping and waking, Miyuki felt that freedom of movement is limited to her body.

No, she was not related. Well, that is, the experience of being connected with a rope she was not, but she
somehow knew it was something else.

Perhaps these feelings best be described as "locked in a tight narrow cage."

But have not yet had time to become clear why consciousness is not infancy no sense of danger.

Even if it is stolen, it is the position she felt comfortable and enjoyable ...
When Miyuki had almost returned to the garden of dreams, as if someone saw it, and holding her grasp
suddenly loosened.

"Oh, no ... Do not let me ..."

Miyuki was greatly shocked by this his inner voice.

Though it said a pervert who enjoys suffering from abuse.

This nervousness helped accelerate its revival.

Miyuki jumped sharply. Holding her hand did not prevent her getting up.

Realizing the identity of the person who held it, Miyuki quickly turned around.

- Good morning.

Beside her lay Tatsuya.

On the same bed.

Miyuki panic turned to Tatsuya back.

She heard behind Tatsuya got out of bed.

However, Miyuki was far from the state of mind in which she would be able to give an answer to a
morning greeting.

In bewilderment, she looked down at her body.

Although negligee was slightly dented, but the times were not decoupled, and the top button was buttoned.


Mentally sighing, Miyuki realized that it was not a sigh of relief, and a sigh of disappointment. Her face
flushed with shame.

- Slept well?

Tatsui voice came from above the back. Apparently, he had already got up and was standing on the other
side of the bed.

- Y-yes. ...Good morning.

Miyuki led breathing in order, got up and turned to face Tatsuya. Although she was ashamed to show his
face more red, but it took so long to respond to the greeting was more shameful.

However, to raise his head after bowing very reluctant.

While Miyuki's face was hidden in her hair, she remembered what happened late in the evening just before
they went to sleep.

Miyuki cry on his chest Tatsui, right there and went to sleep.

Tatsuya took Miyuki arms, carried her to her room and laid her on the bed.

At this point, Miyuki woke up, grabbed Tatsuyu arm and begged: "Do not leave me alone."

As a result, they slept together with Tatsuya.

That night she had spent in the arms of Tatsui.

Miyuki seemed that her face is now melt and explode.

She realized that her whole face lit up to the tips of the ears.

Now she really could not lift his head and show his face.

- It's too early. You can even get some sleep. - he said Tatsuya and Miyuki got out of the room. He did not
touch it her suspicious behavior.


When Miyuki came out of her room, she met Tatsuyu dressed in a tracksuit and walking toward the exit.

She was still in a negligee, but threw over his coat and combed his hair.

- Onii-sama, you're in the gym?

This multi-storey building was built as a family base Yotsuba Tokyo. Inside the building it was equipped
with a full training center used to train combat personnel.

- Yes. I go for a little popoteyu. - Tatsuya answered without even turning around, but then, as if about
something thought, he stopped and turned around. - Do you want me?

- With you?

Hearing invitation Tatsui, Miyuki's eyes widened.

- With the transition to the third grade it was because you have fewer opportunities to move actively?
Especially, there is no training to prepare for the Tournament of nine schools this year. This is a clear lack
of exercise.

Tatsui face at first glance looked serious. Miyuki But this could not be fooled.

The literature often uses the expression "do not smile but his eyes." But in this case it was the opposite.
Tatsuya was smiling eyes only.
- Where do you see a lack of exercise?

Miyuki untied bathrobe belt and provocative widened it. Of course, a joke. After negligee, which was
under the robe was not of a transparent material and has no design, in which laid bare large areas of skin.

- I, too, in their own care about their beauty and figure.

In response to this unexpected counterattack Miyuki Tatsuya only smiled wryly.

- However, it is very valuable invitation. Roughly will refuse, but I need to get ready. Wait a moment,

Miyuki easy walk into the bathroom. Although the words sounded, she reluctantly agreed, but in reality
only one of the gait can be understood that it is in a good mood.

A bitter smile Tatsui become a normal, sincere smile.

Grueling workout with Tatsuya well helped distract and change the mood. Miyuki came to breakfast
looked a lot better than yesterday. ... The probability that dream together was more effective than exercise
was automatically ignored consciousness Tatsui.

- Miyuki, what are your plans for today?

- My plans for today? It seems that the school is closed today, too, so very no plans and no ...

The issue turned out to be a surprise for Miyuki, and when she answered, she had a suspicion on his face.

She looked Tatsuya's eyes, as if trying to understand its purpose.

And by that her eyes Tatsuya slightly hesitated and suggested:

- Then how about a ride?

- Ride?

- If you want to relax at home, I do not mind. I was also a little rest.

Miyuki finally realized intentions Tatsui.

- Onii-sama, I really appreciate your concern.

From such a serious look on Miyuki Tatsui face was embarrassed.

- Onii-sama, could you instead devote their time rescue Minami-chan? I do not think Minoru-kun will turn
Minami-chan in the parasite against her will, but we can not say when it may occur temporarily insane,
because of which he makes a mistake, after which salvation would be impossible.

- I agree.
Tatsuya admitted that it turned out to be a naive plan and Miyuki law.

- Common mistakes are not worth attention, but if she refuses to humanity, salvation is not possible in the
literal sense. For starters, I use all my strength, to determine the place where the hidden Minami.

Although Tatsuya not finished breakfast, he put his wand and looked at Miyuki.

Miyuki also put the sticks, straightened up and looked into the eyes of Tatsu.

- Miyuki, will help me?

- If I can be of any help, I'll do anything.

Miyuki replied without hesitation.


When Minoru woke up, it was already more than 7 o'clock in the morning - no earlier and no later. We
often spending time in bed Minoru was not in the habit to get up early and exercise. In addition to morning
exercises to do nothing special, so he usually got up at about this time.

No confusion on what the bed and the room in which he woke up, different from yesterday's, he left the
room, washed, and went into the dining room.

There he stood on the spot to appear before his eyes an unexpected picture.

- Good morning.

Lay the table Minami turned to him and said the morning greeting.

- ... Good.

Minoru somehow managed to get rid of fossilization, and at the last minute forced a response to the

Minoru has not forgotten about the existence of Minami. This morning, after waking up, he has a lot of
time thinking about it.

Minoru because of its beauty remained at a distance from the surrounding women, and as a result of his
experience with the girls did not match his age. For such kind of Minoru girl his age, cooking breakfast in
the apron was quite a shocking event.

- Breakfast is ready. You will eat right now?

- Y-Yes, thank you. - slurred said Minoru.

... I hope I'm not looking unsuitable?

With this concern in mind, Minoru sat at the table.

Facial Minami was no sign of such improper conduct as a surprise or envy towards distant from reality
Minoru appearance.

She's quick movements put on the table a plate of rice and soup.

- ...Enjoy your meal.

- Yes, please.

Minoru, this time without hesitation said standard sentence before a meal, and Minami replied with the
most amiable voice, and facial expressions.

Minami Minoru sat opposite and folded her hands together. Whispering currently "enjoy your meal", she
took the chopsticks.

Minoru barely managed to look away from Minami. As a child, he often ate with his older sisters, but the
kind of girl about his age sitting with him at the dinner table, for some reason, much stirred up in his heart.

Employing even more Parasite resources to strengthen their willpower, Minoru focused on food.

Between sitting across from each other and move chopsticks Minoru and Minami was virtually no talk. In
recent years, Minoru often came to the table alone, and did not have the habit of enjoying a conversation
while eating. A Minami has always been not very sociable. Two years ago, she lived on schedule servant,
trying to quickly something to eat in the short breaks between work. Therefore speaking skills at the table
she did not.

In this awkward atmosphere, the two finished eating and put chopsticks. Subject "parazitizatsii" did not
rise during this breakfast. Minami is clearly not yet decided, and Minoru was afraid that would give the
impression that he was forcing her.

- Go for a little look around outside.

After finishing served him tea after a meal, said Minoru and stood up. Because of his attempts to be
friendly with Minami, the atmosphere in the dining room became uncomfortable.

- Yes, be careful.

Minami felt the same way.


- I do not get ... - Minoru murmured, standing on a platform in front of the house and looking at the sky.
This bright overcast clouds sky there was a real air. Continental East Asian ancient magic at a height of
about 10 meters (3 chang for East Asian system measures) dissipated reflected from the surface
electromagnetic wave (including visible light) that create the effect of visibility of white clouds.

Needless to say that the "inspection" was just an excuse. Check the barrier masking / concealment of the
truth and it was necessary, but he could do it without leaving home. It was magically locked space, but
still want Minoru "breath of fresh air."

- I should have more to think carefully about what to do next.

He complained to itself. Until yesterday Minoru thought only of kidnapping Minami. In his mind it was
only a desire to talk to Minami where they do not interfere with Tatsuya.

In general, Minoru could only praise. First of all, outsmart Tatsuyu was very difficult. On top of that
interference were also family Saegusa and Dzyumondzi.

Although Minoru became determined from the moment he became a parasite, but the surrounding
circumstances were so severe that he had to use all his wisdom and strength to pick Minami.

Besides, it does not mean that he expected that everything will go the way he wants, when he will be mine

Minoru was convinced that becoming a parasite - the best choice for Minami.

But he was not going to put pressure on Minami. It was not for show, it was really going to be treated with
respect for the opinion of Minami. If Minami decides not to become a parasite, then Minoru was going to
give it back Tatsuo intact.

The aim was not to obtain Minoru Minami. He just wanted to save her from the fear of sudden death. And
with that he wanted her to, if possible, has not felt this feeling of disappointment and frustration from the
fact that you can not use magic, being a wizard.

Why Minoru so far gone for Minami? Even he gave up his humanity.

In truth, Minoru himself poorly understood cause. A genetic defect, which affects Minoru, when there was
a man, by nature different from the current problem of Minami.

Frequent Minoru health deterioration occurred due to the fact that at too high a physical body activity
Eydos psion damaged by pressure, and this caused a feedback in the form of deterioration of the physical
body. On the other hand, the "disease" Minami is that "security mechanism" of its area calculation magic
is broken, and there is a fear that the power output will exceed the magic limit that can withstand Minami.

Deterioration Minoru happened regardless of the use of magic. And in the case of mines, if it does not use
magic, then sudden death should come to her.

They have in common was only that they could not use magic as they want, as well as the method for final

If you become a parasite, you can use magic without having to worry about anything.
Perhaps, "without having to worry about anything" - this is an exaggeration. When turning in the parasite
will inevitably change body. But the corrosion of the individual parasites can be avoided. Minoru himself
became a guinea pig in an experiment and proved that to maintain the "I" is possible.

If Minami learn how to become a parasite and get its power, it can not be afraid that her "I" disappear ...
Minoru was sure of it. Perhaps this technique and difficult to use alone, but Minoru was also confident in
the fact that the assimilation of the parasite is guaranteed to be successful, if he is to manage the process
and send Minami.

However, just the words "I want you to be able to freely use magic" - this is a very weak motive. Minoru
and he thought so.

The question "what drives me," he set aside for later, put it in the depths of consciousness. Probably, this
is what led to the current awkward situation.

If he really wants only to know the opinion of Minami, he should just wait for it to take a decision. And if
in fact he is, then he does not need not wait for an answer from her worry about what decision it will take.

It was natural to expect that Minami is a loss.

Although it retains its identity, but will cease to be a man. Therefore, it is natural that for a decision takes

But how could he do mine until it makes a final decision?

Minoru just now realized that did not think it through.


The house looked like a built more than 20 years ago. Kitchen equipment is as good as a restaurant but it
was outdated models. However, neither the House nor the equipment or furniture, or household items were
not worn. If all economy all the time is maintained in good condition. ... Maybe able to maintain a magical

In any case, she tried to use this equipment - and it worked. Fully automatic dishwasher worked without

However, Minami washing dishes by hand.

Unconsciously stopped the hand movements, Minami sighed. She did not use automated equipment,
because if it does not move during the work on the house, you start to think about something too much.

But unfortunately, the desired effect is not given. More precisely, we can say that the effect of "do not
think about the extra" was. Because all her thoughts were filled with guilt before Miyuki.

"What is thinking Miyuki-sama about me ...?"

If Minoru looked now Minami mind, he might have been shocked.

Now thoughts Minami Minoru simply did not exist.

What should I do now? Agree to become a parasite? Refuse? Such important questions about which she
had to think now, completely lost sight of Minami.

Her heart was filled with remorse.

And so it began it's not just now. More from yesterday Minami drowned in the depths of remorse and

... It was a betrayal.

... I betrayed Miyuki-sama.

If at that point it would just stop Miyuki, the Minami right now would not suffer so much. It looks like she
could in some way calmly look back in time and ask, "what I was thinking."

But in the end Minami is still closed a minor.

Closing Minoru back, she stared at Miyuki, if the enemy.

Anyone who would see this scene, would have come to the conclusion that she had betrayed Miyuki and
sided with the Minoru.

Looking back on his actions, she Minami thought so too.

"Forgive me."

"Forgive me."

"Miyuki-sama, forgive me ...!"

In Minami thoughts again and again and again there is a word of apology.

"I did what I can not fix."

"How am I going to apologize for that?"

"What do I compensate for this negligence?"

One after another, these negative thoughts arise, reflecting its desire to be punished.

Does she realize?

That the penalty - a payment for forgiveness.

Is Minami noticed that she just afraid to be thrown Miyuki?

Minami still did not understand why she was so scared. Scared so much that it seemed abnormal.

Unfortunately, the goal of "Minoru prevent kidnap Minami" has not been achieved. Yesterday also ended
in complete failure plan for Minami use as bait to catch Minoru.

However, the reason why the ten main Clan Minoru considered dangerous, was not that he wanted to steal
mine and turn it into a parasite. Conference main clans decided to grab Minoru because of its ability, as a
parasite, can cause social unrest.

The reason for hostility to the Self-Defense Forces Minoru also did was not mine. Shock infantry platoon
from the First Division Self-Defense Forces, known as the "Order with drawn swords," glowed hostility to
Minoru primarily because he was a criminal who killed their revered Kudo Retsu.

And the fact that the minor was a relative Retsu - his grandson - only reinforces their anger. The murder of
a relative - is an unforgivable crime. In addition to this, the spread in the unit information that among all
the children and grandchildren Retsu most loved was Minoru, greatly spurred their desire for revenge.

However, the self-defense forces were given the green light to the sending unit persecution Minoru in a
regular operation is not due to sympathy for Kudo Retsu. Their motive was the same as that of the Ten
Major Clans. Not out of personal interest, but because of the judgment that the existence of Minoru can be
a threat to the state.

Neither the Ten main clans or self-defense forces were not going to stop just because Minami was

July 9, 8:00 in the morning. The location of the shock infantry platoon standing in readiness at the foot of
Mount Fuji, and has no precise information about the movement of Minoru, received a tip from the top ten

Chiba Naotsugu and Marie Watanabe were selected participants of the operation to capture Minoru Kudo,
although were still only students of the Defense Academy. Now they sat in a conference room on the
urgently convened meeting.

8:30. Appointed time.

From the back door there was the commander of "Squad with drawn swords." Naotsugu and Marie rose
simultaneously with the rest of the soldiers saluted and confronted the soldiers lined up to the commander.

The commander of the soldiers sat back and after a short introduction to the main topic moved.

- Information was received about the location of Minoru Kudo. Information provider - Dzyumondzi

Around Naotsugu and Marie heard the quiet whispering. This shock infantry platoon and was called
"detachment with drawn swords," because this unit was a group of wizards fighting, fighting with
"kenjutsu" - magic skills melee. Even net of the aspect of the worship of Kudo Retsu, the names of the
heads of each of the ten major clans were natural to them knowledge.
In addition, his kenjutsu they studied at Chiba family, and that was the reason why the operation was
attributed Naotsugu and Marie, do not have special feelings for Kudo Retsu, and exhibiting a total respect
for him.

- Yesterday Minoru Kudo appeared in Chofu, and was last seen on the road, crossing the "Sea Aokigahara

Among the soldiers climbed even stronger noise than before. they are all equally demonstrated their anger
over the tarnished pride.

shock infantry platoon was located in this area, not in order to prevent the invasion of Tokyo seen in Nara
Minoru. They chose this place as a base for not carrying out roadside checks, and in order to quickly start
to move when the tip about the location of Minoru is obtained, presumably still in hiding west of the Tokai

Therefore, they do not need to be ashamed of the fact that the minor came to the east of them.

However, the fact also is that they allow him entry to the capital right under their nose.

Another goal was not to have a convincing excuse.

In addition, the estimated location of his hiding place as the soldiers acted on the nerves.

"Sea Aokigahara trees" was practically a stone's throw from the training ground "East Fuji". Perhaps
Minoru did not even know that there were ready asylum to his unit, but all of soldiers with drawn swords
was now inevitable feeling that "they neither set at naught."

- Dzyumondzi-dono did not come to a final conclusion, it hides Minoru Kudo sure it is in "The Sea of
Trees". However, judging from the data of pursuit, the probability of this is quite high.

Whispering exchanged among the soldiers stopped completely.

The views of all those present, including Naotsugu and Marie, gathered at the commander.

- Today at 09:30 we start the search all over the territory of "trees of the Sea." By this time, each
participant has to know their area of responsibility and the search procedure. At this all go away.

Embarked eyes and saluted the soldiers lit up the long-awaited order of presentation.


Great changes occurred in the situation, not only to the west of Tokyo.

Almost at the same time there was activity in the sea east of the Kanto.

Released from the port of Yokosuka aircraft carrier "Independence" she was to return to America, but
turned in the coastal waters of the Boso Peninsula.
"We will join the battle and help repel the invasion of the New Soviet Union, based on the US-Japanese
union agreement." That was the essence of the message sent by the Japanese government with the

In a bid to fulfill allied commitments, there was nothing strange about it. Conversely, the absence
yesterday of the same desire to join the fighting could be called only a violation of the union agreement.

The government has even raised the issue of doubt about the seriousness of the offers of assistance. But
most importantly, what to avoid during the war - it's insulation. The days of "splendid isolation" are long
gone. At least with the current their national resources, Japan could not afford a policy of self-isolation.
The more so that the enemy has great power - the New Soviet Union. Option "to abandon the war" simply
did not exist.

And this is also the reason for the silence in relation to an act of aggression has occurred as the day before
the attack belonging to the USNA Navy vessel on which is Japanese territory Miyakidzimu.

The belief that it is necessary to demand from the USNA apology for the attack on Miyakidzimu
belonging to minorities in the self-defense forces. Even the leaders of the "war faction" not favored
demand an apology.

During the invasion of foreign territory can not apologize only words.

Indemnification. Rights to resources. Consent to be unfair and unfavorable trade and diplomatic terms. In
other words, it was necessary to require such "useful" material and financial excuses that usually imposes
the winner of the vanquished. If you do not demand such from the invading hand, it will be like an
invitation for new invasions, including those from other countries.

To publicly announce the fact of the invasion for the purpose of invading the country to criticize, you must
be prepared for hostile relations with this country. If you do not have ready in the end to reach the war, it
has no choice but to do nothing.

And under the current international situation, Japan should avoid hostile relations with the USNA. At least

Among the higher ranks of the self-defense forces had no such officers, who did not understand this. For
any military considered the highest disgrace what has to pretend that it was not such a fact as the invasion
of sovereign territory, and not in the air space or territorial waters and on land. But no country will be able
to conduct military affairs to their advantage without deterring similar emotions.

For this reason, many of the officers in self-defense forces have suppressed his feeling of disappointment,
and some of them even tried to avoid the theme of the proposal to join the Independence War.

About the case intrusion attempts converts into parasites agents through Zama base was known to officers
team 1-0-1 and other senior officers, approximate to the commander of the brigade, Lieutenant-General

Transport ship attacked Miyake Island *, met in the sea with Independence. It has not been confirmed that
they came close to each other, but it was impossible to say for sure that the hostile vehicle Midway vessel
activity against Japan had nothing to do with Independence.
[* Another version of the name "Miyakidzima". Jima (or shim) = island.]

A squad of American soldiers sent to Midveya on a small boat and landed on Miyake Island, consisted
entirely of parasites. It will be natural to suspect a close connection between the agents try to invade
through Zama base and a detachment to attack the island of Miyake.

- ... So, Your Excellency, do you think that the assistance Independence - it's just an excuse for the
introduction of the agents?

Cabinet 1-0-1 brigade commander of national self-defense forces. This question was asked by Colonel
Kazama standing with serious face in front of the hostess desk cabinet, Lieutenant General Saeki. For her,
he was one of the most loyal subordinates.

Although the request was in the form of a question, but the answer was clear and so. It was a kind of
replica to maintain a conversation.

- We will fight them as reinforcements. Even if they do not actually make a single shot, they still need to
put pressure on the fleet NSS.

- But it's not limited to?

- You're right.

Saeki nodded, then took a deep breath. And it was not acting game, designed to show that any Kazama.

- Attacks on the territory of our country are not allowed in any case. Even if it is a small remote island.

Silenced, Saeki showed his indecision.

- Just what?

Kazama had to ask Saeki continue, because it showed obvious signs that you are talking.

- It's hard to deny the fact that our side was a factor stimulation and incitement of America. At the
moment, his behavior even from my point of view a little outrageous. He too highlighted.

- You mean the special officer ... that is Tatsuyu?

Kazama not hesitate to call aloud to the person's name, which the superior officer veiled as "it."

Saeki pierced Kazama reproached look. However, seeing that Kazama does not look guilty, she just sighed

- ...Right.

After a sigh, she admitted that a mistake is not Kazama.

- I believe that Tatsui also have their own motives.

- Of course. It would be problematic if it is his behavior was reckless. - irritated voice said Saeki in
response to this attempt to protect Tatsuyu Kazama. - But whatever his motives, we can not allow a
private individual to harbor a fugitive officially recognized by the State Strategic wizard class.

- Because it is the same thing, that the promotion of the hijacking of a submarine nuclear missiles. -
Answered Kazama unemotional voice.

"He really agrees with me or simply assents?"

Saeki tried to read the answer to this question in the Kazama's face, but she did not succeed.

- But that's why I believe that we can not afford to ignore the possibility of introducing enemy agents.

- That's right, Colonel.

Saeki agreed with the argument voiced Kazama. His face is still impossible to see his true intentions.

- When I filed the request, in the intelligence department has to enforce a plan for monitoring the

- You want to be a debtor of the department of intelligence?

- Needless to worry about it. Because it is their duty to me countless more.

If Kazama was undisciplined soldier, then he would have whistled.

- What needs to be done by me?

This time Kazama actually showed his reaction, little eyes wide, before asking about my order.

- If you find the penetration of agents that neutralize them. Secretly and quietly.

- Quiet?

Kazama almost said "it will be difficult."

- Roger that. However, I believe that the intelligence department to intervene.

- If the intelligence department can deal with it yourself, then you do not have to do this. There is
something more important ...

Saeki paused and looked at Kazama look as if to say "you do understand what I mean?".

- Do not let the ... Tatsuya create more problems?

- We can not afford a further deterioration of the US-Japanese relations because of the actions of our civil.

Under the "civil" Saeki he meant not just one Tatsuyu. In her eyes was read a strong desire to avoid
arbitrariness standing behind Tatsui Yotsuba family.
Chapter 4

Shortly before 8 am of the first schools received an official notice that "today too, the closure of schools."
The first lesson begins precisely at 8 am, so it was too late to report that "from now on classes resumed,"
but if the class still be renewed, it is clear that school officials would take care that they began on this day
just after lunch.

9:00. Temporarily returning to their rooms, Tatsuya and Miyuki put in order your body and mind, then
met and sat down on his knees next to each other in the room in Japanese style.

They were both sitting in the correct position on the Japanese kneeling (seiza). Their clothing and
accessories did not have any special grace. Tatsuya was a T-shirt with short sleeves and long pants to the
ankles, and Miyuki - in a light summer dress. Miyuki dress was quite frank and emphasizes the lines of the
body. Only now, left with Tatsuya alone, she could afford such a provocative appearance. However,
Tatsuya and not led eyebrow when he saw her.

This room is not normally used, but no debris or even dust was not there. They did not use a pillow for
sitting, and sitting directly on tatami mats clean.

As mentioned above, the expression Tatsui face was emotionless. But Miyuki's face was slightly red in the
eye area.

- I dressed, because you said to choose something comfortable for everyday wear ... Onii-sama, m-I just
do not need to remove it?

Miyuki said it embarrassed voice, but still did not take his eyes from Tatsui. She behaved so because it is
already faced with a similar situation in February this year.

Then Tatsuya full capacity mobilized "spirits Eyes" - his ability to see the "big picture (the shape)" Ideas.
Because of this he was able to find a place to hide Gu Jie - the organizer of the terrorist act at the Hakone,
which hosted the conference, head of the Clans, and the culprit of many other acts of sabotage against the
wizards in Japan, arranged by his subordinate, Zhou Gongjing District.

Tatsuya came to the conclusion that for the detection of Gu Jie is necessary to use all its power the ability
of information perception. However, to monitor threats in relation to Miyuki, he constantly sends to it a
small part of the resources the ability to "Eyes of the spirits." He needed to convince yourself that you can
redirect these resources to find, and there will not be any problems, if only briefly take the "look" by

For this it was necessary to feel that Miyuki is protected by something other than this "vision". And the
way that Tatsuya chosen to achieve this goal was to sensation of the presence of Miyuki through the skin.
More specifically, the Tatsui act was pretty reckless: he was in some batches, and hugged from behind
Miyuki, who was in his underwear.
However, the desired effect has been achieved, and he was able to find Gu Jie. Therefore Miyuki thought
that if today we have to achieve the same results, it is necessary to repeat the same process.

She totally did not think about wanting to appear before Tatsu in underwear.

Tatsuya too well aware of this.

- and so will descend. Unlike last time, now I got rid of the printing.

- B-that's it ...

Hearing the answer Tatsui, Miyuki was greatly embarrassed. With thoughts of himself as some kind of
exhibitionist, she could no longer look into the eyes Tatsuya. She folded her hands together, putting them
on her hips and lowered her head shyly. Ears that could be seen in the spaces between the hair, blushing to
the tips.

On Tatsui face who saw such Miyuki, also showed signs of embarrassment. On that day, during the search
Gu Jie position it was necessary, but he suspected that Miyuki has made such a face, remembering what it
was then. Although he was limited in the emotions, it is not meant that he could not feel a sense of shame
and understand what happened.

If this continues, over time mutual awkwardness will only accumulate.

- To start searching. - Announced Tatsuya not even a business, and the military tone, and then closed his
eyes to the half-open state.

He left eye ajar in order to continue to monitor Miyuki normal vision. In the case of Gu Jie I had to
completely move its field of view in the information dimension. In other words, he became blind in the
usual sense, so he needed to feel Miyuki touch - a touch of their skin. Moreover, one he could not only
normal vision to be sure not to Miyuki approaching danger.

But now everything was different. He knew that when they sit opposite each other, there is no need to
send it to the "eyes of spirits." He could at maximum volume perceive two dimensions: both material and

Watching him sitting near Miyuki, he pulled his gaze to the measurement information.

search target - Eidos Minami.

Tatsuya did not prepare any "object" has a deep connection with Minami, but it was not necessary,
because he himself had "ties" linking him with Minami.

Following in the path of these "ties", "vision" Tatsui overcome space separating them.

Since the beginning of the search took less than five minutes.

"Information" Minami came to the attention Tatsui.

"The eyes of spirits" Tatsui - a rare ability, but not the only one he could use it. Magic - a recognition
information related phenomena (Eidos) and its temporary overwriting. Wizards use magic, have the ability
in varying degrees to perceive this "information". "Spirits Eyes" should be called the most high-level
version of the abilities of perception available to absolutely everyone wizard.

If you improve a wizard for this fundamental ability to perceive information that eventually can reach the
level of "Eye of the spirits." Minoru, who had in the days when he was a man, a good ability to perceive
information after conversion into Parasite raised its level and also obzavolsya this "vision".

"This is ...? Tatsuya-san !?"

Observation - a kind of "impact". Information has been added to the target observed them "look at it". It
was a very minor change, but anyone with the same ability to "spirits Eyes" would have noticed this
change, if it "look" was sent there at that moment.

At the same time, when Tatsui eyes already approached the information accompanying a man named
"Minami Sakurai," Minoru also unknowingly zeroing in its "look" at Minami. Therefore, at this point he
was able to quickly notice that Tatsuya tries to uncover the current location Minami with the "Eye of the

"That's bad...!"

Minami came to the attention Tatsui almost at the same moment, when Minoru noticed the "look" Tatsui.
The delay time in the physical dimension was less than half a second. However, in this short time, I look
Tatsui deeply dug in Eidos Minami.

"We should at least not allow to disclose this place!"

If there was time, then, following the return journey towards Tatsui view, could try to counter the magic of
mental intervention. But now Minoru tried hard not only to find out the location of the shelter.

This place is guarded by Zhou Gongjing District erected a protective formation of several of magic. It was
a large-scale hides the barrier created by using knowledge of the East Asian mainland ancient magic
"Sekihey Hatidzin *". Camouflage effect of this barrier, not only prevented the approximation of the earth,
but also hindered the search for and discovery of a magical air.

[Approximate translation: "The remains of the order of eight soldiers"]

But his power is not enough to fool the "look" Tatsui. And Minoru understood it.

It was to be expected that a sharp look Tatsui discovered "the eyes of the spirits" Minoru, pierce the
barrier Zhou Gongjing District in such a short time.

When the location is determined hiding barrier becomes useless. Even the magic of "Kimon thin"
distorting the sense of direction, will not prevent the invasion Tatsui.

Guided by this sense of danger, Minoru applied the "Parade".

The purpose of masking - information about the current location of Minami. Tatsuya already discovered
the "image" of Minami in the information dimension. Minoru came to the conclusion that at this stage it is
impossible to mask all the information about it, so he decided to increase the power of disguise, by
selecting only one item of all information.

The Eidos Minami false location information was recorded.

Minoru their "look" to check the information about Minami. Now she allegedly was at Lake Kawaguchi,
10 kilometers from this place.

Minoru felt at the same time "look" Tatsui deviated from the "Sea Aokigahara trees." "Parade" has
successfully managed to stop the search for "Eyes of the spirits" Tatsui. ...For now.

The thoughts Minoru did not have a sense of relief.

Fake was the only information about the location.

Even now, the "look" Tatsui continues to target the body of information Minami.

- It is too early to relax. - Minoru murmured aloud, warning himself.


- This is the "Parade" Minoru ...?

Tatsuya realized this fact at the same time as his "look" was Minoru allotted magic.

- Minoru-kun is trying to stop you? - heard muttering Tatsui unwittingly asked Miyuki, until this moment
trying not to make even breathing sounds.

- Yes.

Tatsuya did not reproach her for it, and opened his eyes and answered her. Then he returned his eyes to the
half-open state.

He took into account from the outset, that the minors will use the "Parade". If he had not imagined that the
minor will interfere with, the first thing would not have wanted this seat next to Miyuki for her safety.

In Tatsui before many times we had problems with the "Parade". Tatsui tactic is built on the ability to read
Eidos, so he has a bad compatibility with the "Parade" magic. It can even be called its natural enemy.

- But I'm not going to lose him forever. - Without opening his eyes half-closed, Tatsuya muttered, as if
trying to cheer himself.

He expected intervention Minoru. This means that he had prepared countermeasures.

"What? What is he" looks "?"

Coming from Tatsui "look" suddenly split in two. Sensing this, Minoru was puzzled.

"The eyes of spirits" Tatsui still continued relentlessly to look at Eidos Minami.

But now we add to this another one "look", parallel to the first, and has focused on the minor.

"No ... he does not look at itself to me. He watches my magic?"

magic sequence recorded on the surface conditions on which this magic exerts its effect. magic sequence
if covers the outermost layer of Eidos - surface in contact with the "world".

Based on the information, "stuck" on the outer layer of Eidos, "the world" wrongly perceives this
phenomenon as "something else". Magic cheating "the world" because it comes from "the world" in direct
contact, and that is why the sequence of magic literally be called a "splurge".

"Parade" - is also magic, so it is a sequence of magic also paraded. However, the "Parade" has the effect of
hiding the information of the body, so you can not detect its sequence of magic.

Although the sequence of magic and put on display, but if you do not know where the object is
overwritten, it is unable to detect it.

In the information measuring distances and sizes have. Regardless of the physical distance, if you know
where the target of observation, for it is possible to observe in detail the real-time mode.

Conversely, if about an object or phenomenon (even located at arm's length) is not known, that "it is over
there" or "there is something", it is impossible to watch it in the information dimension.

In principle, the true essence of which it is possible to get information about events, not installed, or the
phenomena, the location of which is unknown even after tracking information links these phenomena.

However, in this world of flowing time.

"Everything flows, everything changes".

Phenomena in the material dimension changes every second, never staying in the same state. Information
about them, respectively, is updated too. If not able to view the stream of time to accumulate in the
information about the past, it is only through information communication alone will not find
"information", the location of which is unknown.

"Even Tatsuya-san will not be able to go against the flow of time."

Minoru thought so on the basis of the properties he had received "Spirits Eye".

"But in any case, I should support" Parade "as" look "Tatsui-san will not leave."

Minoru increased its focus to have activated the magic is not interrupted.

At this stage, Minoru mistaken two things.

First, his "spirits Eyes" is different in nature from the "Spirits Eye" Tatsui.

While in Ikoma, Minoru caught the incident is far from it - in Izu - a clash between Tatsuya and
Bezobrazov, although his attention was not even sent to the other side. In "Eye of the spirits" Tatsui no
such passive acceptance. Instead Tatsuya may go against the flow of time and view the history of changes
of Eidos.

These differences are likely to come from magic, in which the good are these two.

"Parade" does not target the specific people, it must have an effect on everything sent to the user's
"views". It can be called passive magic in the sense that it is a substitute for the information, regardless of
who and how to look at the user.

In contrast, the "Restore" Tatsui works on the principle of the return back to the history of Eidos changes.
This is precisely the magic of sailing upstream time.

The ability to recognize Eidos, "perfume Eyes" - this is just part of the magic skills. Recognition of Eidos
magician - an indispensable process of using magic. "Spirits Eyes" - this is only the most high-level
version of the abilities of perception available to absolutely everyone wizard. Minoru developed his
passive acceptance for the use of "Parade" and Tatsuya received recognition ability with time as an
integral part of the "Recovery".

However, premature to say that the minor should be accused of rashness only because of that one moment.

"Spirits Eyes" - this is an extremely rare ability with a very small number of people who can be cited as an
example. In the current circumstances it was not possible to compare their "spirits Eye" with strangers to
identify differences in the properties.

And second, more significant error Minoru was that he wrongly assumed objective of the second "sight"

Tatsuya knew that it is difficult to directly detect the sequence of magic "Parade". He understood it on a
personal unpleasant experience.

He began the current search, taking into account the obstacles in the form of magic. He did not want to
repeat past failures helplessly.

Tatsuya was not looking for the sequence of magic "Parade".

He tried to find traces of modification phenomenon of "Parade" - that is, information that "information
was disguised magic."
The phenomena are accompanied by information. Information about the phenomenon recorded in the
Psion. This also applies to the phenomena caused by the psionic.

Magic - a technology overwrite information related phenomena, using the sequence of magic built from
psions. Are modifications of phenomena by magic - is not nothing but a phenomenon caused by Psion.

When using magic, in addition to the information about the event, altered by magic, and information
remains that Eidos has been overwritten.

Tatsuya noticed this fact during a battle with Arcturus. To be more precise, more appropriate to express it
is not the word "fact" and the word "law".

He was looking for in the information dimension record that "magic overwrite the location information."

Tatsuya could go back on the history information. Although the restriction existed in 24 hours, but in this
case it does not become a bottleneck. Because there was no need to go back by as much as 24 hours. We
had to go back just for a moment ago.

Wizard realizes modification phenomenon only during activation, but the magic continues to work until
the termination condition is satisfied.

"Peace" has a recovery force that returns everything to the original form in which it should be. During that
time, while the effect of magic is active, it continues to modify the appearance, speaking against the
restorative force of "peace".

Therefore, to read the fact of changing anything magic, we need only go back to a moment ago in the
history of Eidos.

However, the detection of a modification of the phenomenon of traces does not mean that the "Parade"
will be interrupted.

Tatsuya found "Eye spirits" Eidos Minami, but observed at the moment inside information about the
location has already been overwritten "Parade". magic sequence "Parade" was "glued" to the real-world
coordinates "Eidos Sakurai Minami". The coordinates listed in podmenonnoy information, there was no
magic sequence, requiring neutralization.

However, the information that something "changed" contains not only the subject but also the object.

"What" and "what" has been changed.

And it's not something ambiguous, such as "location information" has been changed simply "magic". In
this case, in the "world" information should be recorded that "information about the location of Minami
Sakurai" was re-recorded "Magic Parade sequence".

If we analyze the following changes, you can get information on the sequence of magic "Parade", the
masking information about the location. Tatsuya did not observe directly the sequence of magic, do not
recognize the information on its structure. Instead, he decided to neutralize it, having received the
necessary information indirectly, based on the results of the sequence of magic.

- ... Kx!

From abruptly flown pressure mouth Minoru burst groan.

- ...What was it?

The pressure that he felt it was not physical. It was not pressure on the physical body, and a strong sense
of oppression exerted on his mind.


Pressure struck again. This time, he did not cry out, because he expected a second attack, but the tension
in his mind it was still extremely strong.

Such pressure can not be ignored.

But before we look for the true nature of the pressure, Minoru decided to check whether there was any
more the effect of concealing information about the location, create a "Parade".

Work his magic is not interrupted. However, the interruption of magic when hit by a wizard in a stressful
situation occurs quite often.

"... Eh !?"

"Parade" to function properly. Magic has not yet been canceled. But she was obviously in such a state that
may break at any time.

The sequence of magic has become fragile, as if eroded. In fact, the sequence of magic usually dissipate if
the magician ceases to control them, but Minoru had no sense that he interrupted the control of "Parade".

"Why I did not notice that he was in such a state !?"

He asked himself, while being on the verge of a confluence of confusion. At the same time, he hastily
poured force in "Parade".

He decided not to maintain the spell, and lay on top of it is the same.

Overwriting one another magic magic is commonly called bad move. So it considered, because for each
rewrite require more and more powers of intervention in the event that had the magic effect.

However, if this is the magic that gives exactly the same result, the required strength of interference
phenomenon does not increase even if the re-activation.

The new sequence of magic masking information about the location of Eidos overwrite the old sequence
of magic on the verge of destruction. "Parade" returned to its strength.

Only Minoru sighed with relief, when suddenly ...

"Wow! Again !?"

Pressure raided a third time.

And it was more than the second time.

Instead of checking the state of camouflage magic Minoru immediately restarted the "Parade".

"... It's the attack Tatsui-san?"

This conjecture occurred to Minoru, after he made sure that the new "Parade" creates the desired effect.

Tatsuya - the user the most effective countermagic "Dispel". Minoru learned this from personal

This Countermagic directly destroys the very sequence of magic. By its nature, the magic sequence on
display in the information dimension, so of "Dispel" can not defend themselves.

However, if you can not directly target the sequence of magic, the "Dispel" will not be used. In addition, if
you destroy the sequence of magic "Dispel", then it should not be left in a "dilapidated" state. It
decomposes without leaving a trace.

"But if it is not" dispelled ", then what is he doing ...?"

He could feel that activated the sequence of magic weakens and becomes brittle. But what happens
exactly, and then it happens in such a state of transition - he still could not understand.

Because magic - it is something that is under construction without the participation of consciousness.

Even the magic user does not know the details of its construction. He knows only that it is in general, and
how it works. From this point of view too, Minoru was an ordinary wizard.

- ...!

Unfortunately, Minoru did not have time to calm reasoning.

Pressure, leading to the destruction of the sequence of magic, if it is left in a weakened form, returns

And to cope with this, Minoru every time we had to restart "Parade".


"... All the same can not be done just as well as the direct targeting?"

Detect traces of modification effects with magic, go back the recorded actions of a compensatory sequence
information of magic, and erase it.
The result was unsatisfactory for Tatsui.

The study of magic sequence structure in the wake of the modified its effects - this is only an indirect test.

Compared with the direct supervision of the sequence of magic, its accuracy is much lower.

"Expansion" is based on the recognition Tatsui detail information structures, and its effectiveness is
reduced if the low accuracy of the information.

Moreover, the sequence of magic, identified by indirect analysis, is the version that worked in the past,
though, and just a moment ago. Tatsuya tried to destroy the magic sequence, functioning in the present,
using the information about the sequence of magic from the past. Currently no avail.

A certain response was. There was such a sense that it is completely missed. But in fact, he still could not
determine the location of Minami.

"Damage psion Relations apply. However, do not manage to achieve complete separation ... This whole

Tatsuya able to recognize in detail the structure of the magic sequences. It was the power of perception, he
received along with the "decomposition" and "Restoration". But this ability is also only available if you
can "see" the purpose of the analysis.

In a situation where the location of the sequence of magic hidden "parade" can only speculate, based on
the response after using magic.

These guesses will not always be correct. Now, however, there was no other way but to trust your feelings.

If the "eye" can not be relied upon, then there is nothing left but to proceed blindly.

Tatsuya began his fifth attack.


"... Oh! It is becoming harder and harder."

It was the seventh attack Tatsui aimed at the sequence of magic "Parade". oppression feeling nasedat mind
Minoru, was more like a heavy blow than pressure.

It is still in the yard Minoru helplessly down on one knee. The load in the form of frequent reactivation of
magic - a peculiar state of constant vigilance - not only a drain on mental energy, physical stamina but also

- Ha ha ha, well, I went outside.

From his mouth samouprekayuschy burst of laughter.

"... Because of this, Minami-san did not see me like this."

Supplementing this thought his previous words, Minoru put his hand on his knee and stood up.

- I have not given up. - determined voice, he said.

- Force Tatsui-san, after all, are not infinite.

At Minoru there was no evidence that the attack comes from the pressure Tatsui. But he was sure that this
is so.

- I still can not afford to lose. - said Minoru himself.

- I have not yet received a reply. If you give up now, then everything that I have done before, will become

The head Minoru floated the image of his grandfather Kudo Retsu lying dead.

Struggling to restrain repentance, tears from the depths of consciousness, Minoru return it filled my
thoughts morale.

- I can not lose. - Once again, Minoru murmured, then flexed his legs, which are already barely stood and
stared up at the sky.


Minoru assumption was groundless, but not wrong.

Of course, Tatsui powers were limited. In addition, they were also on the wane.

- Onii-sama, if already time to stop ...?

Miyuki restless voice suggested to interrupt the search. She reached forward with his right hand with a
handkerchief and wiped the sweat accumulated on the forehead and temples Tatsui.

But he was sweating, not only the forehead. On his T-shirt were wet stains are soaked in sweat fabric. His
pale face reflected the exhaustion caused by the limiting concentration of the mind.

- A bit more...

According to these Tatsui it was not clear whether he was responsible or Miyuki turned to himself.
Tatsuya did not follow the advice of worrying about his condition Miyuki, and decided to start his ninth
attempt to storm "Parade".

He has studied the camouflage pattern. The Eidos Minami supplanted only location information. Although
it is possible to read the contents of the information prescribed in the body, but its structure can not be
read, because you can not see the very body of information. It was the most unpleasant property "Parade",
and this was the reason for its extremely poor compatibility with Tatsuya.
... Read the following dub magic of overwritten information about the location.

Reading is not "information about the phenomenon" and "the information that the phenomenon has been
changed." Tatsuya this technique opened recently - during yesterday's battle. However, he has not yet
reached such a level in it, to be able to say what he had fully mastered.

... Analyzing the tracks recorded in the information dimension, to build assumptions about the magic

Possess any magic processes need to call this phenomenon the read modification? In fact, it resembles the
process of design magic, giving necessary to achieve the purpose of modifying the effect of the
phenomenon. However, in this case, the difficulty level was several orders of magnitude higher, because it
was necessary to play other people's schemes, not to design your own.

... Of the estimated process further assumed structure of magic sequence.

In fact, at this stage, too, all reminiscent of the process of the development of magic. That is, here too it is
necessary to identify the structure of the sequence of magic designed by another person.

Tatsuya could understand the structure of the sequence of magic the other person, "looking" at her
directly. Indirect analysis appeared to be difficult, probably because the usual analysis of magic sequence
structure does not cause him any problems.

... is aimed at no one knows where located the sequence of magic, having presumably just such a structure.

Tatsui decomposition Magic is based on a detailed understanding of the structure of information. Not only
that, he could not get the desired effect, applying the "Expansion", based on the fuzzy pattern recognition,
but his mind is also experiencing a serious load of "return."

Tatsuya was so much exhausted because of the summation of these negative factors. Especially that before
neutralization "Dispel" informational bodies, not "visible" directly was not possible at all for him.

But Tatsuya still decided to repeat it for the ninth time.


- rxy u ...!

It was a violent blow, it is incomparable to the past. Cry of pain, Minoru fell this time on both knees.

"" Parade "... broken !?"

"Parade", hiding information about the location of mines, has cracked. Such sound fancied Minoru.

"I still can ... still can!"

Collecting the remains of magical power, he mentally yelled at himself and his weakness.


"A little while, and ...!"

Tatsuya felt exactly broke the magic that hides the location of Minami.

"No, like last time."

On the other hand, he himself coolly pointed out that he had reached his limit.

Abnormal state of his body was connected to the limit concentration of mind and the concomitant decrease
in respiratory rate. If you take the pressure off, he quickly restore power. In this sense, his life not

However, Tatsuya knew that in addition to appearing in the stress of consciousness, in the depths of the
subconscious as major changes may occur.

It is impossible to understand the area of subconsciousness. Therefore, it is called the subconscious.

However, the wizards can consciously use the area of the subconscious. Through the function of so-called
"magic calculation zone."

Now his magic calculation areas have been signs of overheating.

This was the effect of the reckless use of "Dispel" a few times in a row, while not having sufficient

If he'd had experience in such a situation and would have been accustomed to this, the risk of overheating
can be avoided, even though the lack of conditions. But today's experience could be called "performance
without training (improvisation)."

Target the "information" that can not be "seen" and expanded its structure.

His magic skills were not enough, so he could easily crank out something.

Perhaps to determine the location of the mine and the truth was only one step.

But this one step could inflict a fatal wound.

Stop here or continue?

It was important for Tatsui choice, literally "a matter of life and death."

But he made this decision.

- Onii-sama!

At the same time a cry, a common vision Tatsui (through half-open eyes) completely darkened.

But this does not mean that his eyes were closed and he lost consciousness.

Tatsui face was covered with a feeling of softness and elasticity.

This Miyuki pressed his head to his chest.

- All stop! Even for Onii-sama continue to be dangerous!

- ......

- It is true that I am worried about Minami-chan. I believe that you need to save it as soon as possible,
without wasting a minute.

Miyuki pressed even stronger Tatsui head to his body.

- But Onii-sama for me is much more important!

Eyes and mouth were closed Tatsui Miyuki's body, so he could not say anything. Instead, he took Miyuki
waist with both hands and slowly pulled away.

Standing on his knees Miyuki did not resist it, and returned to the sitting position on his lap.

Tatsuya opened his eyes.

In the eyes of sitting in front of him he saw Miyuki tread tears.

Tatsuya could not ignore the tears.

- ...Good. Come to the finish today.

Tatsuya stopped being prepared for activation "Dispel".

Miyuki felt it and smiled. Accumulated in her eyes the tears flowed down her cheeks.


"The pressure was gone ...?"

Minoru felt the pressure, is trying to crush it, gone.

"I survived ..."

"I survived the attack Tatsui-san, who was trying to destroy my magic" - thought Minoru.
And at the same time with the idea consciousness Minoru sank into darkness.

"Parade" shut down, and now only barrier Zhou Gongjing District hide Minoru and Minami.


Tatsuya was ready to cancel the "spirits Eyes" aimed at Eidos Minami.

And at this moment in front of the "eyes" Tatsui has information on the coordinates in the "Sea
Aokigahara trees."

This information points to a small area of a radius of about 100 meters.

With this in mind, Tatsuya has closed one of the "sights".

Chapter 5

As of July 9, NSS fleet still remained in the sea near the Noto Peninsula. Military threat has not passed.

But despite the fact that all sunk last 12 warships were only small vessels, such a result is still very
encouraged by the Japanese people. However, the main enemy forces, including aircraft carriers, are not
affected, so the tension is not weakened and the mood of the people was far from optimistic. However,
within the country is still dominated by the mood of "not to be afraid of HCC."

One could understand the desire of people to know in what way this was accomplished, so the desire to
give it publicity media was a natural.

Anxiety citizens will continue to decline, if they understand that it was not an accident. The government
has come to the same conclusion. The fact that the enemy fleet was sunk by the magic of the Strategic
class, it was reported yesterday, although in the form of assumptions. The government is officially
recognized, and then decided to adopt Ichijo Masaki officially recognized the state of the Strategic wizard

10 am, hall for press conferences of the Ministry of Defense. Responding to questions from the assembled
reporters, Defense Minister announced the existence of "Bang Ocean", one volley Flood group of small
ships of a new Soviet Union, and said the name to apply this magic wizard.

- ... Speaking of Masaka Ichijo-dignity, you mean Ichijo-san from the Third School of the National
University of magic?
A female reporter from a fanatic gaze is said the minister. With an impartial point of view, Masaki
appearance was not as pronounced as that of Minoru. However, unlike Tatsui, he still was a popular
handsome. In the narrow circles he was even known as "young, handsome magician."

- Ichijo Masaki-kun is now a third-grader at the school of the Third National University of magic. The
Government has approved it as the second officially recognized the state of the Strategic wizard class of
our country.

Defense Minister gave a positive answer to this question is a female reporter.


10:15. Members of the media have already identified the location of Masaki and crowded around the
Komatsu base.

- Why should I do ...?

- Do not say that! Are not you my friend? George, you're already used to the press conference?

Behind the scenes meeting rooms Masaki pleading tone calmed complaining Kichijoji.

- Reporters came to interview you, Masaki. I guess they do not call me.

- This is not true. "The explosion of the Ocean" has created you, George. They will want to hear what the
developer will tell.

- ... Oh ...

Masaki sigh Kichijoji patted on the shoulder.

After the base said the employee "time for you to" Masaki went to the center towering over the rest room
scene and stood in front of a microphone.

Erasing all the emotions from his face, Kichijoji followed.

Two guys in the form of the Third School bowed, and at the same time the hall was filled with light
flashlights. ... With a sensitivity of modern cameras, they do not need additional illuminating equipment,
and there was a feeling that the press conferences flash is used only because everyone thinks it is an
integral part of these activities.

From this abundant light Masaki frowned. Kichijoji face, on the contrary, has not changed. Masaki really
was not mistaken when he said that Kichijoji "used to press conferences."

Masaki and Kichijoji sat on the chairs provided to them, and the press conference began.

- It's kind of a feat. People inspired by your achievement, Ichijo-san.

- I am honored to be of service to you all.

- You volunteered to intercept the fleet NSS?

- Yes. I volunteered in the Self-Defense Forces from my father's consent.

- This was due to the fact that you were sure that the new Strategic magic class destroy the enemy fleet?

- Yes. It is because I had "The explosion of the Ocean", created by sitting next to me Kichijoji.

At this point the interest of reporters switched to Kichijoji.

- Kichijoji-san. It is true what you have developed a new Strategic magic class "Explosion of the Ocean"?

- Yes.

- Kichijoji-san, you do not just learn in the third high school, but also works at the Institute of Natural
Sciences and magical Kanazawa. Development of a new Strategic magic class was an initiative of the

- Not. The Institute of Natural Sciences, Kanazawa and magic are not carried out military research.

- That is, Kichijoji-san, you have developed "The explosion of the Ocean", regardless of the Institute?

- Yes.

- This was due to the expectation of the invasion of HCC?

Kichijoji a little confused by the question.

- Like you said, "The explosion of the Ocean" was preparing to resist invasion fleet NSS.

- Alone, to develop a new Strategic magic class, as expected from the "Cardinal George" - a genius who is
proud of our country.

From this phrase well-informed reporter Kichijoji face was no longer a little, and completely confused.

Then he said the words, for it is a manifestation of honesty. And for a man who was said in these words,
they meant trouble and inconvenience.

- No, I have developed "The explosion of the Ocean" is not alone. The basic part of this magic I gave
Shiba Tatsuya-kun from the First High School.


- It was more than ... - involuntarily grimaced in frustration Tatsui, staring at the television press
conference Masaki and Kichijoji.
Seated next to him Miyuki did not object to these words. In another case, she would have said something
like "I am glad that the achievements Onii-sama evaluated properly", but this time she knew the real
motives Tatsui, because of which he sent Kichijoji basic design of the new Strategic magic class.

And that recognition Kichijoji violated Tatsui plans, she also knew.

- Be honest and sincere - it is not always the best way of life.

Continuing to complain, Tatsuya distorted the English proverb "Honesty is the best policy (honesty - the
best policy)". He was not going to say something like "the end justifies the means", but maybe in his head
flashed the thought "word - silver, silence - gold."

- Probably, Kichijoji-kun did not want to remain in debt to Onii-sama.

Tatsuya offering iced coffee, Miyuki discreetly reassured him.

- ...You're right. It looks like I'm wrong imagined his character.

Realizing that the state claims the TV is useless, Tatsuya this short phrase has finished his complaints.

Miyuki carefully turned off the TV.

Tatsuya looked away from the wall display, which until then were news.

- Onii-sama, do you want a muffin?

Tatsuya put the glass with just one sip, and Miyuki offered him a roll of those that were prepared for
afternoon tea. ... Rather, they planned to file with more suitable for summer dessert - ice cream.

- Indeed. It can be a little snack.

- As you wish.

Although the dinner was even earlier time, but the battle with Minoru in the information measuring
Tatsuyu exhausted physically. He decided to accept with gratitude the ingenuity Miyuki.


Press conference and Masaki Kichijoji broadcast on domestic television in Japan. However, it was open,
public channels. In a country with which there was a war, we could not help but be interested in
information about the Strategic magic class.

Not in the sense that the higher ranks of the government army and the NSS watched the news with
subtitles in real time. Collection of information involved intended for this purpose the department. And the
challenge for management is to examine the results of the work of their subordinates.
But ugliness which can be considered as belonging to the top of board NSS, being in a luxury hotel in
Khabarovsk, from the very beginning of the interview staring at the monitor showing the intercepted
broadcast press conference.

"Can not be..."

"Again, it is!"

"He stole my magic !?"

He makes every effort to keep their emotions and do not shout it out loud.


Minami, without any reason chooses to watch the news in between chores, pressed the off button on the
remote control as soon as Kichijoji named the Tatsui.

The screen is a small TV, standing in the dining room, went out.

Of course, it was not because of hatred for Tatsu. Just now, for Minami it was painful to even hear the
names or Tatsui Miyuki.

Guilt again popped into her mind. Minami has not tried to deny it, and it is pointless to resist. On the
contrary, she told herself that she should take this heartache.

But again, turn on the TV for some reason she could not.

Minami decided to get out of the house.

Minoru Minami not forbidden to leave the house. Even if you leave Minami barrier limits Minoru will not
blame her. Minami knew that intuitively. She felt that the said Minoru "I do not force you" can be trusted.

Besides, now it is not going to run away from Minoru. However, this did not mean that she wants to stay
with Minoru. The current state of mind of Minami consisted of a simple thought: "Even if I run, I have
nowhere to go."

She betrayed Miyuki can not just pick up and go back "home". So Minami was absorbed by these

If it was only one in the head this problem, it would come to the surface before, not afraid to stumble upon
a minor.

They temporarily live in the same house, sleep under the same roof, so we can say that it was impossible
to continue to avoid him. Moreover, Minami was not going to do that.

Just now, she did not want to come face to face with Minoru. ... Or rather, I did not want to show his face
Although Minami spent with Minoru night in the same house, all her thoughts were only about Tatsuya
and Miyuki. Or, more precisely expressed, only Miyuki and her companion Tatsu.

Some of her classmates from the first school incorrectly understood this, because interest Tatsuya as there
was to the opposite sex in Minami. But she had long learned to ignore it. For Tatsuya Minami was a
former elder brother and now her fiance housewife Miyuki.

Miyuki for Minami was all about. And that is why Minami could not get rid of deep remorse that betrayal
Miyuki not cost her own life.

Minami she did not even suspect, but her mind has been designed so that it is up to the end was devoted to
just one owner. And it was done not by genetic manipulation or drugs. To add just one point in a person's
system of values is not necessary to resort to such extraordinary methods. You just have to prepare an
isolated environment and to ensure that person carefully organized education and training.

Minami, who was brought up from birth in the main house Yotsuby, did not think his unusual sense of
loyalty to Miyuki appointed her mistress. She just could not think.

Mentality driven into Minami head, was that human betrayal, appointed its master - it is something
impossible. Tatsui reasoning about reason that prevented Minami magic Miyuki, were probably correct.
Unfortunately, the very Minami could not think of yourself as well. Despite the fact that out of the
situation was, but if she had not seen him and tormented himself reproaches.

Reluctance to meet today Minoru was also part of this work it samouprekayuschey mind. She did not want
to appear before the person is not a family in such an ugly appearance, which arose as a result of the fact
that she is a traitor, he was unable to get his punishment. Such a female, rather girlish heart to build a wall
between themselves and Minoru.

"It's all right ... Since then, he said, he would go out to check the barrier, it's been almost two hours ..."

Minoru should be back to his room. It was rather a desire, not a guess. And before she could do and one
step from the front door, as is the desire was smashed to pieces.

However, as she wanted to, he could not see her Minoru.

Because he was on the ground.

Minami hurriedly rushed to Minoru.

- Minoru-sama !?

There was no answer. He looked unconscious.

The question "what to do?" Minami wondered only a moment.

Minami took from his pocket apron CAD and activate the magic weight loss.

She raised her become visibly lighter body Minoru and carried him to his room.

She persuaded himself that the mild pain that occurred in the depth of the head - it is just her imagination.

... The second developer Strategic magic class, stop the invasion of the enemy fleet, proved Shiba Tatsuya,
previously mentioned in the news about the Taurus Silver.

Such material should have to earn decent ratings, so pass him the media simply could not.

- I would very much like to Tatsuya-san commented. FLT The main office and your old home in Fuchu
surrounded by reporters.

- ... I apologize for the inconvenience.

Making submissive person Tatsuya bowed smiling screen videophone Maya.

Maya is clearly interested in this situation. Otherwise she would not have to call in person because of
something so insignificant.

- In fact, I even admire them this maneuver. I had no choice but to assess the diligence of the media
masters. However, obsessive attempts to interview will bring a lot of trouble.

Tatsuya was of the same opinion, but now he was afraid to agree with that. Because he is in a certain
sense, it was also responsible for the problems that have engulfed FLT office and neighborhood of their
former home.

- However, it seems that his excellency satisfied with today's result. I heard from him words of praise.

- Thank you.

Speaking of "His Excellency," Maya meant Todo Aoba, a major sponsor of Yotsuba family. In return for
what the old man would support "ESCAPES" project, Tatsuya promised him to become a military

If the treaty was carried out exactly as described above, it would mean that Tatsuya must personally
substitute a blow and to cope with the invasion fleet NSS. However, the old man Todo, apparently, did not
object to such indirect participation Tatsui as providing another wizard's magic Strategic class.

It may well be that it was because part Tatsui revealed in this way.

- The only thing to worry - it's safe Miyuki-san ... It's okay, as long as the school is closed, but ...

- ...Yes.

Tatsuya here, too, could not afford to argue Maya.

Currently, members of the media are rather restrained in comparison with the pre-war days. Perhaps they
are afraid of the authorities, but at the moment no one else is poking a microphone in the face of
uncomplicated people just because they are learning with someone in the same school and live in the same
area, or work together.

However, the fact that Miyuki - cousin and fiancee Tatsui, you can see if a little examine public data.
Miyuki hit by the onslaught of wishing to interview was inevitable.

Even if the media will just bother Miyuki, it has been for Tatsui unforgivable. But even more disturbing is
the possibility of the killers or kidnappers who pretend to be journalists who want to interview.

Value itself Miyuki incalculable. But under the current circumstances, there will be many people who
decide to get Miyuki, so as to neutralize Tatsuyu. For Tatsui it was totally unacceptable that Miyuki would
be at risk due to his fault.

- Tatsuya-san, Miyuki-san, I have one suggestion.

Interlocutor Maya was Tatsuya, but the front of the camera next to him stood and Miyuki. Maya
mentioned Miyuki because Miyuki was also an interested party in this matter.

- How about to put to Miyuki-san's new bodyguard to escort girl in school?

- Bodyguard ...? - Miyuki asked. The tone of her voice meant passive desire to give up.

Minoru stole Minami yesterday. And the next day appointed a new guardian. For Miyuki it looked like
Minami simply thrown away after use.

- This is only a temporary measure, until such time as the situation calms down.

It seems that these additional words were to reassure Miyuki because Maya had seen through her current

- Thanks for work.

Tatsuya also not objected to the proposal of Maya.

- But if you can so quickly to prepare a competent person?

Miyuki surprised reaction Tatsuya for a moment, looked at her, and then asked Maya about the specific
details of its plan.

- I believe that it is possible to translate Ayako-chan in the first school.

"Not bad" - thought Tatsuya.

Ayako Magic can certainly fool the eye and members of the media, and mixed with them enemies.

- I think, for the sake of Ayako is not necessary to do so.

However, he did not agree with this plan. The reason was exactly what he said. Miyuki was the most
important person for him, but Ayako was important and valuable ally. Although there were other similar
alternatives, but he had no desire to force the allies to become victims.
- Ara ... Then, maybe Tatsui-san have any thoughts on this?

Tatsuya answered the question of Maya without hesitation.

- Yes there is. How about to put to Miyuki being under the protection of our family Angelina Kudo

- Angelina-san, say ...

Maya corners of lips lifted slightly and she took a thoughtful look.

- She has a "Parade". Not as effective as that of Minoru Kudo, but I think her skills will be enough to fool
the eyes of murderers.

In fact, Tatsuya wondered about the possibility of the use of Lina as a bodyguard Miyuki even before
Maya raised the topic of protection.

In particular, he thought about it right at the moment when the interview ended Kichijoji.

Leave the combat potential of Lina no case was a waste. In the future, as a result of political deals, you
may have to return it to the USNA, so he wanted to use it effectively, while it's in Japan.

Lina had a fighting force comparable to Miyuki. She has a special ability that could deceive the eyes of
even the high-level wizards. This extremely talented man could be trusted with a calm heart Miyuki. ...
Although some traits of her character is of concern, but Miyuki is accompanied by side, it compensates.

- But is it possible to return the Angelina-san in Tokyo?

- American soldiers should have noticed it when she helped to repel an attack on Miyakidzimu. I believe
that to leave it on the island, on the contrary, it is risky.

Speaking of risk, Tatsuya did not mean that Lin is in danger, and that he came to the conclusion that
Miyakidzimy security will be threatened.

- Hu-hu, really.

This short laugh Maya seems to have been due to the fact that she knew his true intention is not voiced
them aloud.

- ...Good. I authorize to appoint Angelina San bodyguard Miyuki-san.

- Thank you very much.

- With regard to its admission to the first school, I'll talk to the right people in the name of our family.
However, it would be better if you, Tatsuya-san personally go out to pay homage to the most Momoyama-
It goes without saying that the "Momoyama-sensei," said Maya - a director of the First High School,
Momoyama Azuma. Director of the Momoyama period was a man who could not hear what was said to
him, even if all power Yotsuba family talking behind his back.

- I understand. I'll take Lina and go to him with a request.

- We perevezom Angelina-san to you tomorrow. Suit you if we will settle it on the same floor with you?

On the top floor of the building in which they lived with Miyuki Tatsuya, but their apartments were also
three separate living quarters for servants. In one of them was a room Minami, and the other two were

- Of course.

- Then I will arrange it clean.

Tatsuya and Maya discussed the exact schedule of cases.

A Miyuki just confused standing next to Tatsuya.


Between the aunt and her nephew and niece of the family Yotsuba this issue was resolved in a peaceful
atmosphere, but the "recognition" Kichijoji caused an increase in tension not only in the new Soviet

The base of the Stars - the most elite military units in USNA wizards - was located in a suburb of Roswell,
New Mexico. This military base, in addition to the headquarters of the Stars themselves as was the
headquarters of a conventional army, and the commander of the base was not a magician, and not even an
officer assigned to the Stars. According to the original chain of command system, the base commander
had no right to give orders to the Stars, but as long as the position of commander in chief took
inexperienced in the role of the military Lina, Base, Colonel Paul Walker commander went beyond mere
assistance and began to actually run the Stars, except the command directly in combat .

And now, in the absence of major Canopus, in fact the acting chief, Walker took a part-time real post
commander Stars. The direct cause of this situation was the emergence of a large number of parasites on
the base, but he Colonel Walker was not infected with parasites. Also, apparently, the spread of parasites
at the moment stopped. The White House and the Pentagon are also no signs of the spread of infestation.

Walker is now sitting at his desk and stared at the ceiling. Shortly before this he sat, clutching his head in
his hands. He simply refused to think further, because no matter how much he did not care, it does not
solve the problem.

He was at a loss. The reason for this was an order that came from the General Staff. He was a military
man, so when he was assigned to carry out the operation, he always acted according to the order, and just
sent subordinates on the job. However, orders received recently left for Walker even drafting operation
At the command of the army USNA (and the government, too) at the moment seriously conflicted
between a fraction of reconciliation with Japan and the fraction of the hard policy towards Japan. More
specifically, the first advocated the use of the Strategic wizard class Shiba Tatsui in the global world of
America strategy, and the second took the position that it should be considered a threat, so it must be

Walker did not remain neutral in the dispute. One can not deny the fact that Colonel Walker came under
the influence penetrated the Stars parasites, so I think that Tatsuyu should be eliminated. But the more
significant factor in the formation of his opinions was that Walker, a military-nevolshebnik that monitor
the activities of the Stars, felt threatened by the existence of the Strategic wizard class that is equal to the
power of an entire army. He decided that Tatsuya too dangerous.

He had no personal animosity towards Tatsuya. He believed that ohladevshaya to Lina America and
secretly cooperate with them in this moment of ugliness, they both must also be eliminated.

Therefore, Walker felt that hardliners fraction showed impatience has gone too far. And when they are
aware of the threat of a new Strategic magic class, then decide to add to the list of goals of its user Ichijo
Masaki and completed its development of Kichijoji Shinkuro. Some time ago, it was found that the Shiba
Tatsuya has engineering skills. Because Shiba Tatsuya - a Taurus Silver.

"Within a month, to develop and implement a plan to eliminate Tatsui Sheba." Walker believed that if the
order came only because Shiba Tatsuya took part in the development of the Strategic class magic to stop
the invasion fleet NSS, it is not look too sharp reaction. Do not just "to develop a plan for a month," and
"carry out the plan within a month."

But Walker did not feel dissatisfaction with these deadlines.

- ... Can we now rely on the results of Illegal OAB?

Sabotage in the factory with the Star reactor, unfortunately, it ended in failure, however, is already
preparing the next operation was carried out. Even without guidance from the hardliners fraction of the
General Staff, and Walker himself making continuous efforts to remove Shiba Tatsui.

... We do not even need a whole month.

... Shiba Tatsuya must be neutralized as quickly as possible.

Even before receiving the order today, Walker planned to finish this business much faster.


Tatsuya Miyuki promised "to end on today," he finished, but only an indirect search through your
information dimension. Physical search itself Minami, he was not going to stop.

During the day, when his health troubling Miyuki finally ceased to hold, Tatsuya went to the road crossing
"Sea Aokigahara trees", located at the western foot of Mount Fuji. He arrived at the place where the last
detachment of persecution Dzyumondzi family lost track Minoru.
Today Tatsuya was also dressed in a "Liberated suit", but did not fly with the help of it. He rode on the
ground on a motorcycle "Wingless" which can be said, this is part of the costume. So he did, so as not to
attract attention.

At the last moment of the battle that took place in the information dimension, "Parade", masking
information about the location of mines, disappeared.

Tatsui attacks were unsuccessful. Minoru he turned off the "Parade", or, for whatever reason, no longer
able to maintain the magic?

In any case, the location of Minami was narrowed down to a small area of a radius of about 100 meters.

"The remaining obstacle - it Cimon thin?"

This is also not encouraging. Tatsuya still could get Kimon finely only by firing marks in the information
dimension. Whether it is the radius of 100 meters or 1 meter, but if the target coordinates can not be
determined, it is impossible to hit the target psion projectile through the information dimension.

"Nothing is left but a thorough search of the entire area ..."

Barrier Kimon Thinly built on this land, was a magical maze, distorting the sense of direction with the
help of high-quality charms. In addition, it covers the area of illusion, which can not be distinguished from
reconnaissance satellites.

"A semi-permanent illusion? That's the problem."

Rather, it is administered in a class of amulets Relic. They can be described as an improved version of the
storage system magic sequence built into Star reactor. Therefore, to be honest, it is very interested in what
exactly the principle they operate ...

"In any case, these pieces do not fit a replacement."

Almost certainly it is a shelter built Zhou Gongjing District. With high probability, there was used the
same technology as in the "Generator" and "amplifier magic." This technology, which uses men as
material, was unacceptable on ethical grounds, and personal feelings Tatsui also said he did not use it.
Although intellectual curiosity and a sense of good / bad - this is the concept of completely different areas.

However, the effect of this magic was powerful. It can not be bypassed, even by using the detection of
electromagnetic or sound waves. As a result, nothing left but to approach to a distance where you can feel
the presence of traces of the barrier.

Tatsuya rode on a motorcycle right in the illusory wall of trees.


Came the alarm of the approach of the offender to the barrier.

This alarm is transmitted by thought waves, awakened consciousness Minoru.

- Minoru-sama !? You woke up !? You know who I am !?

- Minami-san !? What are you ...

- Oh, thank God!

Minami smiled with tears in his eyes and stood up from his chair, leaning against the bed.

- Now I'll make a refreshing tea. Please wait a bit.

- Minami-san?

Minoru Minami tried to stop saying "my mind has cleared," but before he could do it, Minami already ran
out of the bedroom.


At this point, Minoru noticed that there is a failure in the memory.

"I had to be in the yard ..."

"" Parade "almost broke under attack by an unknown magic Tatsui-san."

"I barely managed to survive the attack Tatsui-san ... Yes, everything is clear."

"... I lost consciousness there."

Minoru panicked glance at the clock.

Antique-looking wall clocks (some their parts were really old), this was built in the old style of the
building have been installed in every hallway and in every room. That their arrows always show the
correct time, apparently, also achieved with the help of magic.

All times are GMT - 13:58. He did not know exactly how much he had lost consciousness, but since it
would take more than three hours.

- What's the barrier !?

Minoru jumped out of bed, but felt so dizzy that even grabbed with one hand behind his head.

In an attempt to reposition the leg to keep from falling tottering body, he touched the bedside table, and he

Fortunately, on the table there was nothing but falling on the wooden floor, he made a rather loud sound.

- Minoru-sama, what's wrong !? Are you okay!?

The sound could be heard even with the door closed. And because of this door came the excited voice
- All is well! I just dropped the table!

Minoru said, so as not to cause undue anxiety, but the effect was the opposite. This only increased the
excitement of Minami.

- Excuse me, I go!

The door opened, and through it came Minami with panic expression. However, it did not publish too
much noise, and out of the cup, which stood on a tray, which she held with one hand, not spilled not a
drop. One could say that nothing more is needed for the recognition of professional maid.

Even seeing the messy appearance of Minoru, Minami remained impassive to the last. She put the tray on
the desk and only then ran to Minoru.

- Are you really okay? Or you feel bad ... again?

- I'm fine. Wait a bit...

Minoru stopped Minami hand, which she tried to help him stand on his feet, and sat back on the bed, stop
trying to conquer.

Then he closed his eyes and concentrated his mind on the barrier that protects the house.

Several wizards went back and forth right next to the concealing barrier. At this point, Minoru first noticed
that the army scours "Sea Aokigahara trees."

But this is a special excitement he did not cause. Yesterday, until they disappeared inside hiding barrier,
they were pursued by cars Dzyumondzi family. That "sea of trees" will be the purpose of the search was to
be expected. He chose this place as a shelter, because I was sure that it would not be found even after a
large-scale search.

He was more worried about other things ...

"... Excellent." Kimon thin "is still functioning properly and efficiently."

Was broken magic "Kimon thin", which hides the house, or was not? More specifically, it was if a spell
concealing barrier neutralized hands Tatsui, who came here to perform a search, or not?

Minoru did not doubt that Tatsuya come here to search for. Minoru believed that the battle in the
information measuring ended its temporary victory. But he was sure that this Tatsuya not retreat.

From the moment I woke up Minoru, he suppressed the urge to send a "look" at Tatsuyu. But it was a risk,
and this should be avoided. If he would send a "look" that Tatsuya be able to track the way back and finds
the location of the house. Instead Minoru set up a barrier so that he sent him an alarm at a time when it is
destroyed at least one layer of concealment spell, consisting of 16 layers.

The only wizard passed through the barrier, was Tatsuya. Minoru was convinced of this. From an
objective point of view, it could be called a limited horizon, but in any case, Minoru thought that if
someone has broken through this barrier, it is proof that Tatsuya close.
Right Now it was broken by only the outermost layer of the spell. In addition, this layer is quickly
regenerated. ... As long as everything is in order.

Minoru finally got some free time to calm Minami.


While Minoru got free time, Tatsuya, on the contrary, had the feeling that came to a standstill.

Stretched hides the magical network of this earth was the product, far surpassed his expectations.

Tatsuya thought as he approached the place where the hidden mines, he in some form be able to feel the
signs of modification effects magic. But in reality, he had several times crossed the detection area radius
of 100 meters, and could only vaguely feel the presence of illusions. Their dispersion gave no further

He could not deny that prepared enough. He had to admit that before that he underestimated the East
Asian mainland ancient magic.

The basic principles of ancient magic are the same as in modern magic. In this there is no doubt. But even
if the basics are the same, ancient and modern magic - these are two completely different technological
systems. In addition, the Japanese ancient magic and East Asian continental ancient magic, though
classified as one and the same "ancient magic", but the principle of their work is also very different.

"It is possible, of course, take the time to deepen their understanding of the topic, but to come here without
any training, believing that you can undo the spell unknown system - this is how one looks, it was
overconfidence" - Tatsuya thought, smiling bitterly.

"I should have more seriously explore the magic and Gongjing District Zhou Jie Gu ...?"

Time is at Tatsui was not. When he has free time, he devoted all his intellectual resources ESCAPES

Tatsuya had to understand that he has not had the opportunity to do this.

But he could not help but feel regret because of this.

As a result, in this area 100 meters radius Tatsuya was not able to find cover, which was hidden Minami.


A squad with drawn swords, who spent all day in search of a broader territory than Tatsuya, was unable to
find any clues about the whereabouts of Minoru. According to the results of this search Troop with drawn
swords I have come to the conclusion that "Minoru Kudo is not hiding in the sea Aokigahara trees."

It was after 17 pm when the search party went out of Self-Defense Forces Sea trees. Minoru could not dare
to "look" at Tatsuyu, so he did not know of his movements, but interference in hiding barrier finally
stopped after 15 hours.

Minoru sighed with relief when he realized that now they, too, have found.

Minoru was now in the room, which Zhou Gongjing District prepared for personal use. It has a bedroom,
bathroom with cabinet. It is also attended by the operating equipment and communication devices that
Gongjing District Zhou used to work, when was still alive. And they still worked.

The media did not report the death of Zhou Gongjing District. He was not a celebrity, to the same for a
long time hiding, not to betray the secret of his ageless body. A shop in Chinatown in Yokohama, which
he managed, was a system that continued to function even without the owner.

Authorities cleverly concealed the death of Zhou Gongjing District, the former mediator for the entry of
illegal immigrants from the Great Asian Alliance. This was done to identify the routes of illegal entry into
the country.

Because of just such circumstances, Zhou Gongjing District partners with whom he led the deal, did not
know about his death.

Therefore, even now, requests addressed to Zhou Gongjing District, came to his email. And in the room
which is now used Minoru, too, could receive and decode these messages.

This message came to Zhou Gongjing District terminal when Minoru break from a busy day, sitting at a
table. He half-heartedly read the decrypted contents of the letter. The lack of zeal could be called natural,
because Minoru was not going to take the job Zhou Gongjing District.

However, after reading this message Minoru took a serious look. But this did not happen because it
awakened the desire to profit. The letter was not a simple request for illegal emigration.

The letter was a request for the assistance of the entry of a secret agent of the Grand Army of the Asian

- They want to help the penetration of the agent ...? It seems that the signature belongs to the Army
Special Forces commander Great Asian Alliance, Chen Syanshenyu. And the agent who must infiltrate - a
"man-eating tiger" Lu Ganhu ...?

First of all, this case was interesting because this message has unveiled the existence of certain secret plan,
which can cause serious damage to Japan. Minoru thought that from the point of view of national interests,
he can not leave it unattended.

However, he soon changed his line of thinking to the contrary. Even ceasing to be a man, he could not
take the side of the enemy, when it was a question of love for the motherland. Instead, he decided to try to
use this secret plan of a foreign country, to win for themselves a little time.
Chen Syanshen of the Great Asian Alliance has requested assistance in penetrating Komatsu base.
Although no details, but no one is no longer a secret that escaped to Japan Liu Lily - is officially
recognized by the state of the Strategic wizard class Great Asian Alliance - under the protection of the
army on the basis of Komatsu. Although the Japanese government officially it did not recognize, but this
fact has already spread to the global network in the form of "breaking news". The purpose of the Great
Asian Alliance was either reset, or the murder of Lily Liu.

Minoru thought that the probability of the second is very high. But whatever plans Syanshenya Chen,
Minoru was sure that the self-defense forces will try to prevent it. If Lou Ganhu successfully penetrate into
the country, the case clearly comes to the battle, which will draw attention to himself.

Tatsuya has previously crossed paths with Chen and Lu Syanshenem Ganhu. He can not completely
ignore the hostile actions of these people. If we succeed at least a little to distract his attention from this
place, that you may be able to move from here to the next shelter.

Minoru has already come to the conclusion that to continue to stay in this place will be difficult. Or
"parade" or "Kimon thin" can not hold Tatsuyu long. Such at Minoru had a premonition.

Minoru Chen sent Syanshenyu response with the agreement by putting it signature Zhou Gongjing

Chapter 6
Part 1

Tuesday, July 10, early in the morning.

For the first time after a long absence, I visited Tatsuya Yakumo temple.
- ... In short, do you want me to teach you a method to overcome the "Kimon thin"?

- Right.

And he came here not for taijutsu practice. To break the deadlock, he decided to ask for instructions from
Yakumo, an expert on ancient magic.

- You should know that you have no right to ask me about it.

However, the response was callous refusal Yakumo.

- I know. I ask to depart from this principle.

Tatsuya expect that will be denied. But so easy to give up, he was not going to.

- Um ... Why do you need it?

Tatsuya did not understand the meaning embedded in Yakumo this question.

- To return to Minami kidnapped Minoru Kudo.

Therefore, he could only answer that.

- I do not understand...

Yakumo teased Tatsuyu. He honestly was puzzled. Tatsuya somehow felt it.

- You really need to go that far for Sakurai Minami-jo? So much so that you wish to acquire knowledge
even to bypass the rules? Did you know that the price for this will be high?

- Minami - a family member.

- Not. It is simple maid.

These words sounded rather strange, and Tatsuya even a little confused. But the anger that statement
Yakumo he felt.

- Your family should be only Miyuki-kun. It is enough to you to protect only Miyuki-kun.

- I...

If you need a reason to return to Minami, now it could be called immediately once three.

First, even if it's not a real member of the family, these two years they lived together as a family.

Second: Minami was in the current situation, because she defended Tatsuyu and Miyuki magic

Third: Miyuki asked to return Minami.

However, if Tatsuyu ask if he neglected for the sake of protection of the debtor and become Miyuki
Yakumo, he can not immediately give a positive answer can.

- Minami-jo - is not Honami-dzosi *.

[Jo and dzosi equally translated as "Miss", only the second girl is older, and indicates that the speaker does
not know, "Miss", or she. "Mrs."]

Tatsuya gasped.

- ... Of course.

Of course, it is. Of course, he had to understand it.

However, this short phrase has caused a strong shock to the heart Tatsui.

- True?

- ...Yes.

Even when he was asked again, he could not answer immediately.

- Hmm ... And yet, I can not fulfill your request. If you so want it, then shave nalyso. If you accept a monk
and be my disciple, I will teach you what you want.

If you become a disciple of Yakumo, the communication with the outside world will be limited. Not to
mention the rescue Minami, he was not even able to freely defend Miyuki.

Tatsuya could not agree to this.


July 10, 6:00 am. Move south of the Sea of Japan USNA aircraft carrier "Independence" stopped on the
high seas around Yamagata. This position was chosen to restrain from the flank of the NSS fleet, holding
the position in the open sea near the Noto Peninsula. Naval aviation was on the take-off the deck in the
constant standby to fly out at any time, if necessary.

7:00. Carriers that are in the back row of HCC invasion fleet, as well as their escorts began to retreat.

9:00. The government held a press conference and announced the complete withdrawal of the fleet NSS.

State has not been canceled on high alert. The situation, because of which was sent to the NSS fleet (the
Japanese government's refusal to extradite fugitives from BAA) has not changed. However, martial law
was suspended. Intensity and alertness decreased slightly, but it was necessary for the normalization of
social activity.
At 9:30 am, the government announced the normalization of air and sea communications. Temporarily
toughened entry control was returned to the standard. An hour later, we have already begun to fly planes
from neighboring Asian countries, and in the ports by the Sea of Japan began to go fishing and cargo

This does not mean that the Self-Defense Forces intelligence department or police department of public
security have weakened their vigilance. However, at the time of transition from the full provisions of the
wartime (requiring the most strict measures) to the paramilitary position (when you need to be able to act
so as not to impede economic activity), will necessarily be a slight disruption in the precautions.

And they took advantage of it this time.

At 10 am in the country illegally infiltrated a little subversive detachment Great Asian Alliance, led by
Lou Ganhu.

At 11 o'clock in the Airport Haneda landed a passenger jet taking off from Taipei airport (Taiwan
Taoyuan International Airport). Among the passengers who have passed the entrance control, there were
10 people from the platoon "Head of horse", belonging to the American squad combat illegal wizards
called "Illegal OAB."

So they completely outwitted and management of self-defense forces (including Lieutenant General Saeki
of team 1-0-1), and counterintelligence officers who believe that the aircraft carrier "Independence" will
be associated with the penetration of agents.


Let's go back a little bit back in time.

Shortly after the normalization of air traffic from Haneda Airport in the direction of the Izu Peninsula flew
a small passenger aircraft. To be more precise, his destination was the island of Miyake. His passenger
was an employee of the Ministry of Defense, the aim of which was to examine the damage from the day
before the invasion a warship "unknown" accessories, as well as measures to prevent the repeated

Called the sent Shibata Katsushige employee. He was heir to the head of the Shibata family title, the side
branch Yotsuba family. In addition, he was a wizard, possessing the most powerful combat abilities
among the side of families.

- Katsushige-sama. Welcome. We were waiting for you.

- Sakuma. Thank you met.

In this special airport for small planes Katsushige met a longtime servant of Shibata family. Their house
was not "butler" in the main house, but the middle-aged man named "Sakuma" served in a family Shibata
roughly the same duties as a butler Hayama in the main house.
Katsushige had official status of an employee of the Ministry of Defense, and he was officially sent on a
business trip to Miyake Island for the purpose of a long stay there. In fact, it should not have to meet with
the personal hospitality, but at this point there was no one to condemn them for it. And those who hide
their criticism, too, was not there.

And the reason for this was simple. This airport is only people Shibata family.

Miyake Island was actually the property of Yotsuba family. Official owner was a real estate company,
which has its headquarters in Tokyo, but the company has been under the full control of Yotsuba family.

Until the day before yesterday that island ruled Mashiba family, it is also one of the side branches of the
Yotsuba family. However, during the invasion of Stars many people from families Mashiba injured, which
led to the transfer of management of the island Shibata family. Mashiba family well-controlled methods of
surveillance and research using psychological intervention of magic, and the Shibata family was good in a
real fight - that is, murder and destruction. family replacement Mashiba family Shibata and so has long
been scheduled for a time when the island prison for wizards criminals will finally turn into a secret
research center Yotsuba family.

Accompanied by his former guardian, and nowadays the bride's Tsutsumi Cotonou, as well as her younger
brother and acting guardian Tsutsumi ropes, Katsushige got into the car and headed to the building of the
administration of the island.

When Lina was informed of the arrival of Katsushige she had finished collecting things in his room.

- I'm ready to go at any time.

Lina polite tone turned to Hanabishi Hyogo, is currently the assistant Tatsui. Today, he was assigned the
task to bring Lina in Tokyo.

- Then go.

Hyogo Lina took the suitcase, opened the door and asked her to follow him.

At the entrance Lina looked back at his temporary home, which she took less than a month, something
quietly muttered and walked out of the room.


Lin arrived at the location in Chofu Tokyo headquarters Yotsuba family before noon. She left luggage
shipping to Hyogo, and first of all visited the apartment Tatsui and Miyuki.

- So, why I was summoned to Tokyo?

Now she was sitting at a dining table, together with Tatsuya and Miyuki. By that time, like Lin came to
visit them, for it was already prepared food.
- I want to entrust you with the protection of Miyuki.

Tatsui answer was straightforward, but it seems it was not enough to understand the essence of Lina.

- Tell me ... the whole situation.

Naturally, Lina asked for an explanation. And, of course, that was not too lazy to tell Tatsuya.

He said that he was worried about the killers of antimagic movement that can mingle with journalists
trying to interview about the new Strategic magic class of foreign agents, who may be planning
kidnapping Miyuki attacks anti-government terrorists.

And not to fend off these attacks, and to avoid them, you need a "parade" of Lina.

Tatsuya did not reveal all the details, but frankly (to the extent that she did not feel the lack of
information) Lina told about the reasons why it is asking to become a bodyguard for her.

- ... Okay, I get it. But are you sure? Do not you will not be in trouble if I show in public?

Lina - aka Angie Sirius, American Strategic wizard class - at the moment the army USNA considered a
deserter. Although the fact of desertion lurking, but USNA government requires from the Government of
Japan issue "Major Angie Sirius." If it becomes known that they hide Lina (and at the moment it is "well-
known secret"), then Tatsuya risks make their enemies as the Japanese and the US government.

Tatsuya did not have to see in this situation, nothing optimistic.

- I do not care.

However, Tatsuya answered without hesitation.

- Army and the government know that we'll hide. But America has demanded extradition of a man named
"Major Angie Sirius." Until then, until Lina has not publicly announce: "I - Angie Sirius", nor the
Japanese nor the US government formally can not do anything.

- I'm not going to do anything. ... But what about the unofficial side of the issue?

- If you're talking about things behind the scenes, you can not be afraid.

From this categorical statement Tatsui again said without hesitation, the face of Lina briefly froze.

- R-really ...? If Tatsuya says it's not a problem, then I do not mind.

- Thank you.

- Lina, too, is not afraid of the government? It sounds promising.

Miyuki, before silently to listen to conversations Tatsui Lina, with a smile on his face turned to Lina.
Although it was quite unexpected words, but Lin did not specify their meaning.

- I have noticed on Miyake Island.

If the location is disclosed, then there may be zero in the Japanese and US authorities. It was clear and
without much explanation.

- I think the new assassins would be sent only if I continued to hide there. Indeed, in the center of the city
sent these people can not act noticeably.

Her voice was filled with despair a bit.

- Okay, but what exactly should I do? Every time Miyuki will leave the house, I will need to change her
appearance, "Parade"?

Turning to Tatsuya, Lina back to the main topic of conversation.

- Yes.

Tatsuya nodded in response to her question. Of course, a nod, and the word "yes," it's over.

- Lina, I'd like to see you again visited the first school.

- Uh? You want me to become a senior pupil !?

- ... What's so surprising about that?

Miyuki involuntarily again intervened in the conversation with your question.

Said Tatsuo was unexpected, but Miyuki still thought that Lina too much amazed.

- Well, because ... I was too late to go to the high school ...


Miyuki bowed her head, puzzled, not knowing what is the indecision of Lina.

- Lina, you're the same age as me? I think that for us there is nothing strange to be pupils of high school ...
Or maybe you hide your real age? And in fact, you're a lot older than me?

- Nothing like this! I really only 17 years old!

Now July. Born in January, Lin and Miyuki was born in March have not yet celebrated their eighteenth

- Then what's the problem?

- On the job's okay, but I was too late to go to high school ...

- ... You mean that even work, so learn too late?

- Working ... W-well, something like that.

- But I've heard that in the United States transferred to the reserve soldiers often come to universities and
business schools.

- In the universities!

- So, you're worried that it was high school?

- Y-yes ...

Miyuki opinion aimed at Lina, seemed to her somehow cold. It is a strange feeling of "numbness" that Lin
felt, could not have been just her imagination.

- Lina, enrolled in the first school you can be considered part of your work bodyguard.

Tatsuya decided to take part in persuading Lina's probably because the conversation no progress.

- Although it is not an army task, but if you consider it as a kind of means to perform their assigned work
to you, you do not have to worry about how it looks.

- Work ... I see. I in fact took over the job of a bodyguard, so wrong to be ashamed of all that you need to
do the job.

Lina looked as if struggling to agree, but her face was barely visible signs of joy. And Tatsuya and Miyuki
thought actually Lina might want to visit again in the first school.

- So, do you agree? Then we go to the first school.

- Um, right now?

Lina rolled her eyes and repeated Tatsuyu.

- Yes. Prior consent for your entry has been received, but also need to personally come and voice request.

- Yes, I understand.

Lina knew it was reasonable and did not resist.

- Miyuki go with us. Lina, I'm sorry that so soon, but I rely on you.

- Change the appearance Miyuki "Parade"? Will be done.

Lina enthusiastically responded to this request Tatsui.

Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina went to the west along the main road by car, sedan, driven by Tatsuya. The
destination of the trip was the first school of the National University of magic, located in Hachioji.

And they did not go on the air car and a conventional electric vehicle. The fact that the air car,
unfortunately, was only a double. More precisely, there was a back seat, but if you sit in the car in three
people, then everything will be very crowded. Currently, the research center on Miyakidzime rapidly
collect "Quadruple" air car, but by the promises of engineers, it will be ready only after ten days.

And so today they went not on air car and a conventional electric sedan. However, "normal" in this case
meant that he "can only move on land routes", but he had a very powerful engine and passenger protection
is provided not only bullet-proof and impact-resistant armor, but also the gas filter.

Miyuki usually sadivshayasya front-Tatsu is now sitting in the back seat together with Lina. Sitting next to
each other, they looked like twins with different hair color.

A very similar face on Lin girl with hazel eyes and collected in the tail light brown hair. So Miyuki looked
at "Parade" Lina. Hairstyle, as well as hair and eye color have been different, but otherwise, saying,
without exaggeration, they were exactly the same.

- When you look, you can just think about what you are close relatives.

Tatsuya expressed his impressions of the paintings he saw in the rearview mirror: Miyuki with altered
appearance and Lina, looking as usual. The image of the Tatsui was also completely changed. Now he
looked like a nice young man exotic foreign appearance. From it was quite a different impression. You
could even say the opposite of normal.

- But if we do we are so similar, we will not, on the contrary, to attract attention? - Asked at Tatsui
Miyuki, who returned his gaze to the road. With the current appearance it still remained beautiful despite
the fact that the change of the image of "good" to "mobile" Woman.

- ... No, attracting the attention of people in some degree better observers creates the impression that it is
someone else. A person who tries not to get people in the eye, on the contrary, will raise the suspicion that
he is trying to covertly get without attracting attention.

- That's how it ...

Miyuki did not argue. Though not entirely, but it's her seem convinced.

- Although one thing I can not understand why Lin models is their appearance?

- ... If you do not like it, I change ...

Lina pouted and turned to the window.

- Not necessary.

Tatsuyu mood Lina was not embarrassed, and he replied indifferently. In this case, not even said anything
in the sequel.

- ... It is very difficult to create from scratch the exterior is completely fictional person.

Not knowing how to respond to this silence, Lina began to defend.

- And to model itself that you see every day in the mirror, the other way around easily?
- Especially that Miyuki and I was about the same figure.

As Lina and said difference in their growth was less than one centimeter. The volume of the chest, waist
and hips, too, about the same. His chest was Miyuki little more, but in such a range, there was no
noticeable difference in the clothes. For Lina really faster and easiest way was to hide under Miyuki
illusion based on his body.

- A exterior Onii-sama, too, is taken from some of your close friend?

Miyuki asked a question with an obvious dissatisfaction with the fact that the present appearance Tatsui
was not really in her taste.

By the way, before Lina Miyuki used treatment "Onii-sama", instead of "Tatsuya-sama." From this point
because they will be for some time to live together. Instead of constantly correcting myself, just to say "I
can not get rid of old habits" - that was the plan proposed by Tatsuya, when the two of them discussing
what they do with it.

- Face Tatsui taken from a young musician from New Mexico. It specializes in live performances and did
not appear on TV or on the network, so you can not be afraid of being recognized. And even if there are
those who would be able to recognize him, they still take it for looks like a man, because the haircut and
physique are different.

- ... I mean, you just could not finish it to the end?

- Nothing can be done ... I've never reproduced the shape men. - Lina was justified in response to criticism


Just before they left the house, it was reported that classes resumed tomorrow from the first school. But it
also means that today it is closed. The school now has not been not only students but also teachers and
other workers. At school there were only the guards, and part of the teaching staff, having any concrete

But, despite all this, the electric sedan with Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina drove through the gate without a
problem. The person who is driving Tatsui different from his photo on the identity, but they are kindly
requested to inform that attend school in a disguised form, so he passed the identity verification through

Electric sedan parked in the parking lot, and all three went into the school building through the main
entrance, intended for school personnel. When they arrived at the school reception staff, Miyuki took off
her scrunchy cherry color, which was assembled tail.

Light brown straight hair blossomed on the back. And the next moment, the long hair painted in the color
of black silk. A hazel eye color became black as pitch obsidian. Facial features were also completely
different, while maintaining the attributes of beauty.

Now to the staff reception was well known to them first president of the school board of the school.
All three employees have been fascinated by this reception of her transformation. When they finally
noticed Tatsuyu standing next to Miyuki, in their views to read the questions "where it came from?".

Tatsuya was visibly pleased with those directed at him a suspicious look. In the sense that "disguise turned
out good." Externally, did not show his mood, Tatsuya appealed to the employee in the window: "We
want to meet with the director."

- We've heard about you.

Employees are not to treat them carelessly as other students. An employee whose Tatsuya voiced request,
immediately got up and went out into the corridor and motioned that she was ready to take them.

Tatsuya did not argue and left her the role of conductor.

Director's office was located on the ground floor near the main entrance. The arrival of these three of the
reception, it was reported on the intercom. At the sound of the employee responded quickly.

- Sorry for the intrusion.

Employee remained in the corridor, and Tatsuya, Lina and Miyuki entered the office. Incidentally, Tatsuya
and Miyuki were dressed in summer uniforms, and Lina was wearing a formal shirt with a thin ribbon, tied
in a "tie", and pleated skirt knee-length.

In the study, two were waiting for them: at the table sat the director of the Momoyama and the side of the
table was the deputy director of Yaosaka.

- Come on. - Do not get up, I ordered Momoyama haughty tone.

Following the instruction, Tatsuya went forward and stood in front of the table. Lina stood behind his
right, and Miyuki - left behind.

- Thank you so much for your time today, despite employment.

At the same time with a low bow Tatsui (bent at the waist), Miyuki and Lina also bowed politely (nod).

- I heard about your business from your mother.

Momoyama wasted no time on formalities.

- In that case, I will repeat the request. Could you take in our students here this girl, Angelina Shields

- I'm aware of the situation. - Momoyama replied, moving his sharp gaze with Tatsui at Lina.

Lina involuntarily froze under the influence of this view.

Maintaining a strict person, Momoyama turned to Lina serious voice.

- I myself teach in the walls of the school. I do not reject those who seek knowledge. If you really want to
study here, as responsible for the first high school, I will accept you as a disciple.

- Really want to! - Immediately Lina said. This energy was unexpected even for her own.

She even rolled her eyes from such their behavior. Momoyama it did not bother and not amused, and he
nodded in satisfaction.

- Frankly, the Ministry of Defense has tried to put pressure on us, that we are not enrolled Shields Coon

- I ... I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

Tatsuya could not hide his surprise. He could not even think that the military dare to act directly.

- Shiba-kun, you do not need to apologize. Of course, I do not intend to comply with these stubborn.

On the face of the Momoyama, as usual, there was not a hint of a smile, but at the same time, there also
was not cowardice and lies.

- I can not afford to let the wizard made it impossible to get an education. Shields-kun, your grandfather
Ken Kudo-si also believed this.

- ... Did you know my grandfather?

- We have your grandfather were like-minded in matters of how it should be carried out to train young
people born wizards. He was respected for my older friend, almost like an older brother.

His eyes lit up like Momoyama soft light of a sense of nostalgia.

Lin was stunned by this unexpected familiarity.

- Kudo Retsu, the elder brother of your grandfather Ken Kudo, fought for the protection of the rights of
wizards, using their status in society. Ken Kudo, too strongly insisted that wizards received human
formation. During this Kudo Retsu he was forced to withdraw from the rank of Lieutenant General, and
before that Ken Kudo actually been expelled from Japan and shipped to America. But what he did was not
in vain. The current policy, which adhere to our high schools at the University of magic, is the result, to a
certain extent achieved by Ken Kudo.

- I did not know that.

- It is not allowed to disclose publicly.

After that, an honest statement Tatsui, Momoyama smiled for the first time. Even though it was a smile,
known as "bitter smile."

- I also share the belief Ken Kudo. Therefore, Shields-kun. I will not let your army to undermine the right
to education. No matter what country the army it will be.

- ...Thank you very much.

Lin bowed with a submissive person.

- But.

Momoyama but this is not yet finished.

- If you find that your goal is something other than training, then in that case you can not hope for any

- I really want to learn. I want to go to this school.

- I Momoyama Azuma, complied with this request. Of course, assuming that you have successfully hand
over entrance examinations.

- In this case, let it pass these exams.

Tatsuya was surprised it did not previously shown enthusiasm Lina. But he hid it surprisingly calm voice
asked for it. But no longer the director of the Momoyama period, and the Deputy Director Yaosaki.

- If Shields-san does not mind, we will organize entrance exams right tomorrow.

- Tomorrow ...

Lina has completely changed in the face and muttered it stunned voice. It was not a question, but the
realization of the fact aloud, but Yaosaka Lina smiled, ignoring the tone of her voice.

- The exams will be on magical theory and practice. If you do, Shields-san, retained its ability that showed
in the first year, you confidently hand over the exam. The enrollment will be made on the spot, and you
can start to go to school the day after tomorrow.

- ...I will try to. - Reply Lina formal tone.

When they left the office director, Lina sighed with relief. She seems very nervous. Tatsuya and Miyuki
did not touch on this subject, interpreting its behavior so that the orders still others in the army.

- Do not worry, Lina. I'll help you with the preparation.

- I ...

For a moment, Lina looked as if he wanted to escape.

- ... Yeah, thank you.

But eventually agreed to the doomed person.

- In this case, zaymomsya their studies immediately as the return home.

Although Miyuki was with them in order to test the "Parade", but if I had access to the room of the school
board, is also scheduled to receive questions from past tests to simplify the entrance examination. But
unfortunately, it turned out that even the president Miyuki school board can not use school facilities at its
discretion at a time when the school is closed. Therefore, they have now had no reason to stay in school.

- Lina, please.

- OK.

At the same time as Lina nodded in response to a request Tatsui, Miyuki withdrew with a wrist dark blue
elastic band for hair and collected hair in a ponytail.

Miyuki nodded looking at her Lina.

Transfiguration was instantaneous.

Black hair Miyuki become light brown.

Scrunchy was the cherry (dark red) color.

eye color changed to a light brown.

There was a girl, quite different from Miyuki, and very similar to Lin.

- How many times I see it, but it's also delicious.

Express their impressions out loud Tatsuya also changed and became similar to a beautiful foreign youth.
Even his voice had changed so as to correspond to that person.

- I'm so over talking? - a strange voice asked Miyuki having someone else's face.

- No, now Miyuki face for me the best.

- ...Thank you very much.

However, the confusion on his face and gestures from the usual no different.

The tired face of Lina, watch these two, too, did not differ from the usual.
Chapter 6
Part 2


When they returned home, Miyuki just dragged Lin in his room. In order to prepare for exams, as it
promised back in the school building.

Entrance exams tomorrow. Less than half a day. Tatsuya thought that now it makes no sense to stuff the
head knowledge, but they did not stop. Miyuki has brewed this mess, and Lin agreed to this. He had no
reason to stop them.

Tatsuya went to the "meditation room", located in the same high-rise building, on the same floor as the
gym. As evident from the name, it was a room for meditation associated with the practice of magic. In this
world there is no such system, as in some video games, when with the help of meditation increases the
level of magic. In reality, meditation - it's just a way of strengthening their power of reason, the control

This room was isolated from coming from outside light, sound and vibration, are the cause of distraction.
There is maintained a constant temperature and silence below a certain level. In other words, there is a
favorable environment for the use of magic, which requires high concentration of the mind was created.

Needless to mention that Tatsuya came into this room to clarify the current location Minami. However,
unlike yesterday, today it was not going to break the power of magic through the masking Minoru.

Yesterday at the end of the "parade" was canceled, and Tatsuya able to obtain information about the
whereabouts of Minami. However, as a result of searching on the spot, he had not managed to find shelter
Minoru. It makes no sense to break only through the "Parade", as long as he does not appear a way to
neutralize the local magic of hiding, presumably built Zhou Gongjing District. Tatsuya realized this during
yesterday's searches.
But significant results were yesterday too. Full details of the exact coordinates of Minami he could not get,
but he was able to obtain information about its current state.

Minami was still a man.

She did not become a parasite.

Tatsuya no known way to prevent the measurement information via conversion to the parasite. He did not
know whether it is something that is possible. But it made sense, if only because that way he can be
confident in the safety of rescue purpose. If you're going to know exactly what "not too late", the
willpower and desire to save will not run out of ideas to give up on the fluctuations and uncertainty.

Tatsuya sat down on the wooden floor. This spacious room on the 8 tatami he is now one.

Miyuki was not within direct reach, so he could not use all the power of "Eye of the spirits" to search for
Minami. But from yesterday's experience, he knew that he could gain access to the Eidos Minami, even if
you do not use the resources of perceptual abilities that are involved in the protection of Miyuki.

Tatsuya mobilized all available resources to the discovery of the "spirits of the Eye" and directed the
"look" at Minami.

"The physical evidence is still human."

"In the form of waves psion see nothing inherent in the parasite."

The first thing he saw that Minami has not yet turned into a parasite.

"The information about the coordinates of no change. All the same forest Sea Aokigahara trees, the error
radius of about 100 meters."

"... Coordinates changed? Minoru noticed my observation?"

Tatsuya knew Minoru intervened in monitoring their "Parade". But, in contrast to the previous day, he had
to recognize the hidden area before her disguised, perhaps because one has seen her.

"I can read the information about the physical state of Minami, even if it is locked" Parade "."

Yesterday, his attention was directed to the definition of Minami position, so he could not recognize the
other information. Tatsuya also came to the conclusion that there was not enough yesterday collected and

Giving part of his consciousness to maintain self-discipline, Tatsuya continued observation.

Minoru magic was slightly unstable. Tatsuya suggested that this is because Minoru baffled why now it is
not attacked. And, apparently, because of this instability, structural information "Parade" was seen more
clearly than yesterday.

"Completely different from the spell of Lina ...?"

The effect of masking the information was the same body. However, there were many detailed differences
in the variety of processes used to achieve this effect. Now Tatsuya it "saw".

"Will I be able to spread it now ... No, this is still not enough."

Tatsuya got a response that is more detailed than yesterday, explained the sequence of Minoru magic. But
it still was not enough to break down the structure of the magic sequence. To do this, we needed a more
detailed structural information.

Tatsuya even more focused your "look".

However, at this moment the magic Minoru ceased to fluctuate.

His "Parade" returned to its stability.

"Crack" through which structural information was seen closed.

Tatsuya tried to issue indirect "Dispel".

Based on the information that the "modification phenomenon has been executed," information
decomposed body carries out this modification phenomenon. Decomposed body of information itself
records the activity of this body of information - a technique, the idea for which Tatsuya received during a
battle with the astral body of Arcturus. And before he developed this technique, already it existed magic,
corrupting the information on the part of the body is called "mind" ...

"... It did not work?"

Not to mention even of bodies of information, in its current state Tatsuya could not expand the sequence
of magic, the location of which is hidden.

But Tatsuya no hurry and was not nervous, remembering yesterday's experience.

He decided to temporarily suspend the search.

"If you can not obtain the required information through observation, it may be possible to get information
about the structure of the sequence of magic in some other way?"

Minoru uses family spell Kudo. This error can not be. "Parade" and Lina spell Minoru differ, obviously,
because after Ken Kudo (Lina's grandfather and younger brother Kudo Retsu) went to America, Kudo's
family has enhanced its spell.

If he Minoru added any adjustments, the difference would not be so big. Even with such an outstanding
intellect like Minoru, it was not easy to go beyond long-term improvements to the scheme made by the
family Kudo ... or rather, by the Kudo Retsu.

If we manage to get away from family Kudo sequence of magic "Parade", the probability of overcoming
masking Minoru rise. Tatsuya interrupted his meditation, got up from the floor and immediately began to
ponder the plan negotiations.

About an hour after Tatsuya stopped its onslaught, Minoru relieved and relaxed. He was going to sit in a
comfortable position in a comfortable chair with a reclining back, but still could not help overexerted.
Again from exhaustion, he leaned back in his chair.

In today's attack was not the same pressure as yesterday. More precisely, in fact, Minoru felt the pressure
once at the end. All this seemed Minoru somehow eerie, ominous. He thought that perhaps he was not
attacked, but only watched.

Therefore Minoru did not give optimism. Even if him just watching, then, for sure, with some purpose.
Perhaps, to seek some vulnerability "Parade", unnoticed by Minoru. View Tatsui could disappear, for
example, because he found what he was looking.

However, Minoru was confident in his "Parade". Usage Minoru spell "Parade" was the magic worked in
the ninth laboratory, the degree of perfection which was further enhanced improvements conducted Kudo

They used to say that the younger brother of his grandfather is the user an improved version of "Parade",
so Minoru thought that his grandfather a long time continued to improve its consistency of magic to the
revised estimate. "Odzii-sama", which Minoru knew very proud of it.

It was magic, which has put his heart his grandfather, who was called "the most skilful in the world."
Minoru thought that even Tatsuya is unable to detect any defects in the magic sequence.

However, the probability of this, even though the most insignificant, but it was. Although this place is not
found, but the fact that the shelter is located in the Sea of trees, not only knew Tatsuya, but the Ten Major
Clans. In any case, it was necessary to move on. At this time, so that there was no pursuit. I thought about
all this, Minoru came to this decision.

He decided to help Lou Ganhu sneak into the country to ensure that the views of self-defense forces and, if
lucky, the ten main clans, focused on it. To complete this work, he got up from his chair, walked over to
the table and launched a special application designed for sending anonymous messages.


Shock infantry platoon from the First Division of National Self-Defense Forces, also known as the "Order
with drawn swords", stationed at a military base, located next to the training ground East Fuji now stayed
in their barracks in a depressed state after their futile efforts.

They remained on this basis in order to arrest the parasite Minoru Kudo, Kudo killed Retsu - a former
general of national self-defense forces.

They arrived here still the third of July. Including the day of arrival, they did not receive any clues for six
days in a row and were based around. But yesterday from Dzyumondzi family had received information
that the purpose of hiding in the sea Aokigahara trees. All the fighters on fire with enthusiasm and moved
to look for.
But in the end ... nothing.

Not to mention the shelter, they did not find even a single trace of the wheels, despite the fact that the
search was very thorough.

None of the soldiers did not know the family Dzyumondzi of providing false information, but the soldiers
were many who laughed over the fact that the ten main clans also have been fooled.

Officers came to the conclusion that "Minoru Kudo is not hiding in the sea Aokigahara trees." The
Mission capture Minoru Kudo returned to the beginning.

Today, everyone was ordered to wait in the provision of housing on the base. Freely could not get out, but
in fact it was a vacation. There were no soldiers, who would drink alcohol during the day, most of them
just to sit back, resting on yesterday's running around.

Came in the evening message caught them by surprise and forced to tighten both body and mind.

Hastily assembled in the hall for meetings soldiers already looked rested. It seems that they all effectively
used this weekend. It must be a sudden convening forced them to assume that the situation is not quite

The commander went up to the podium and ordered everyone to sit down. After a brief introduction, he
immediately went to the main topic.

- Approximately one hour ago on the base received an anonymous text message.

One-third of present soldiers looked at each other with sitting next to co-workers. The commander
continued to before could rise whispering noise.

- Analysis of the Intelligence Department has not revealed the source of the message, however, malicious
attachments were not there. But the main thing - it is the content of this message ...

The commander paused and looked around the sitting room in the soldiers. The hall was filled with an
atmosphere of tension.

- In Japan penetrated subversive detachment BAA. His goal - the murder fled to our country sorceress
Strategic Class Lily Liu. Commanded commandos Lou Ganhu.

At this time the uproar in the hall. Many of those present here, including Chiba Naotsugu and Marie
Watanabe unconsciously muttered in unison to hear the name "Lou Ganhu ...".

The commander ordered to support the interception of sabotage detachment Great Asian Alliance. two
goals were supplied. The first is to protect the Komatsu base, which is Liu Lily. And the second: the
capture or elimination of Lou Ganhu.
To this end, half of the "Squad with drawn swords" will travel to Komatsu, and will operate separately
from the main forces. Departure tomorrow.

The structure also includes half sent Naotsugu and Marie.


The door of the room preparing for tomorrow's sending Naotsugu knock.

It was a small narrow room, half of which is occupied by a bed and a wardrobe. Naotsugu reached the
door of the three steps and pull the door handle, he said, "come in."

Opened the door to the outside is shown standing in the corridor of a woman, a member of the same

- Sue, can I enter?

- Of course.

Naotsugu visitor in the room was his beloved Marie.

- I'm sorry to trouble you...

Marie spoke hesitant tone, because it was already late in the evening and Naotsugu should have been busy
preparing for tomorrow's performance.

- Mary, you've been collecting things?

- Of course, I finished.

- Just scored bag first came to hand a change of clothes?

Naotsugu so asked, because he knew that Marie was quite friendly with the things in order.

- How rough. I'm a woman.

- Sorry Sorry. But I do not think there is a rule that you should be able to maintain order just because
you're a woman.

During his apology Naotsugu smiled. Marie is not mad at that, of course, because of love, but also because
Naotsugu said was absolutely true.

Marie realized that a "woman without ladyaschey to restore order." But now they were in the army
premises. Here, she could not afford to be sloppy and organize the mess at home. Therefore, every day,
she kept in a bag ready laundered clothes, dried toothbrush and comb.

In other words, Mary was ready to go every day. That is why she prepared for tomorrow's departure so
- It is better to say, what did you want to talk about?

Naotsugu removed the smile from his face and asked it from Mary. He wanted to see the face of his
beloved, even if it has come without any cause. No, he, on the contrary, would be very happy if she had
come to meet him without any stupid things.

However, his lover was serious. She could not come late at night before sending it just to have some fun.

- Sue, I would like to know your opinion ...

Naotsugu motioned Mary to sit on the bed. Marie sat down and asked the question that is not significantly
different from the expected.

- Tomorrow's speech ... Is not it likely that it is a ploy to divert our attention?

But the content of the issue has gone beyond his expectations.

- ... Do you think Lou Ganhu penetration - is a fraud?

- This may be true. But why this information was sent here?

- For me it is also a mystery. Country illegally a message with an unknown source of information. I do not
know how much to trust the content of this message. Marie, then, do you think that message with
confidential data sent in order to prevent the search Minoru Kudo?

Marie hesitantly nodded in response to a question Naotsugu.

- I ... I think that Minoru Kudo still hiding somewhere in the sea Aokigahara trees.

- Why? After these searches?

- I do not think I could send Dzyumondzi unreliable information, Xu.

Marie opinion was sent to the floor. Maybe she did not have sufficient confidence to defend their opinion,
looking Naotsugu eyes. But her voice was no longer so indecisive as during her previous sentence.

- ... The current head of the family because Dzyumondzi was your classmate, right, Mary? I mean, you
know him well?

- I did not know almost personally. For example, what his hobbies, what is your favorite food and so on - I
have absolutely no idea. But one thing I know for sure - this guy will not make irresponsible statements. If
he does not know - he says he does not know. If something can not - he says he can not. If Dzyumondzi
said, "Minoru Kudo hid in Aokigahara", it means that Minoru Kudo is located in the "sea of trees". This
means that he is hiding behind an unknown magic.

Marie raised her head and looked at Naotsugu.

- ... Sue. I just can not think otherwise.

- Clear.

Naotsugu met his eyes glance Marie and nodded to her.

- I do not know the nature of the head Dzyumondzi family. But if you say that, Marie, it means that the
information obtained from Dzyumondzi Katsuto BBC is trustworthy. And your opinion about what
Minoru Kudo hid behind an unknown magic, too, is very likely.

- Sue ...

Naotsugu not looked away from those eyes filled with emotions of Marie.

- Who would not say that, Minoru Kudo - a magician, "Nine" won elder. Perhaps he is the owner of
abilities that allow him to freely use all the secret techniques "Nine." But...

- But?

- But even if it's a trick ...

Naotsugu overcame a barely noticeable hesitation and continued.

- We just can not give up the future performances.

- ... Because this order?

- Of course, and so, too. But more importantly, if there is a probability that Lu Ganhu entered the country,
I can not leave it unattended. We were with him, you might say, it links the fate.

Two years ago Naotsugu fought Lou Ganhu right before the incident in Yokohama. The bout ended in a
draw with injuries each, but if Naotsugu that time won many Japanese magicians would not have fallen
victim to the subsequent storming of the Kanto Branch of the Magic Association, and Marie had not been
to danger during the incident. So thought Naotsugu and regretted it.

- If he had entered the country, then this time you need to finish it off.

- ...Clear. But if we talk about the relationship of fate, then I is also a concern.

Marie also had time to exchange blows with Lou Ganhu. And twice before the incident in Yokohama and
during it.

Although it ended in victory side of Marie, she did not consider it his own achievement. The first time she
took advantage arising after Naotsugu struck the enemy wounded. And the second time the final blow
dealt Mayumi. At the heart of Marie since he lurked a shame what it swept around the finger.

The desire for revenge was Marie, though not as strong as in Naotsugu.

- If you think about it, personally I have no reason to chase Minoru Kudo. If not for the army order, then
from the beginning I would not actively intervene in it. In this sense, we can say that a new order has a
higher priority ...
- Really. We can not deal with two things at the same time. If you set priorities, then Lou Ganhu will be

Marie nodded in agreement with the conclusion Naotsugu.


Around the same time in a narrow room I had a conversation and Marie Naotsugu, Tatsuo Kazama called
to protest.

- Tatsuya, I will say it again. I want you to stop to make such stupid things as enrollment Angie Sirius in
school and exhibiting it to the public.

- As I have said many times, our family has taken care of Angelina Shields Kudo-san, not Major Angie

- And you really think that excuse will work?

- You think I'm joking?

Tatsuya said Kazama carefree tone, ask your question in a stern voice.

- Major Angie Sirius has a rather remarkable appearance, namely: height 170 cm, dark red hair and golden
eyes. I have heard that is considered a rare combination of blond hair and blue eyes, Lina, which even can
be called ethnic feature really is not common. However, this looks completely different from the
appearance of Major Angie Sirius. And if you do not even look at her eyes and hair, because they have a
completely different physique.

- Angie Sirius - user "Parade"! It can take any shape!

- The government has recognized this USNA? Angelina Kudo Shields - Angie is Sirius?

- ... No, they do not recognize.

- Then there was the embassy announced requirement for issuance of harboring us citizen of their country?
Or maybe it was a requirement for extradition?

- ... Nothing that was not there.

- In this case, time-san Shields - this is not Major Sirius, there is no need to transmit it America.

- Tatsuya ... Are you really going to quarrel with the army? Angie Sirius is so valuable to you?

- Colonel, do not get me wrong. I have no intention to quarrel with the military.

Tatsuya gave an immediate answer, and after a short pause, he added:

- At least from my side there is no animosity.


It was late, the date already was soon replaced with 10 to July 11.

Premises provided Lina, it was on the same floor as that of Tatsui and Miyuki, but in a different
apartment. It led to a separate lockable door, where there was a separate bathroom, toilet, living room and

But even now, at such a late time, Lina was still in the room Miyuki.

And the reason for this was not something like that Lina has not yet set a bed.

Simply, they were preparing for tomorrow's entrance exams.

Lina sat at the table, which is usually enjoyed Miyuki. Next to it (just like the tutor) sat Miyuki.

- Do we have time to finish?

After these words, Miyuki, Lina helplessly fell face down on the table.

- ...I'm tired...

Lina groaning voice was heard from under the head lying on the folded hands on the table.

- You're exaggerating.

Miyuki had to smile when he heard it.

- I'm not exaggerating! I categorically assert!

Lina jumped up from his chair and began to protest.

Miyuki bowed her head, puzzled by this belligerent behavior by Lina.

- I thought it was all so typically happens before the exam ...

Lina's pale face so that it could be seen.

- For you it's okay ...? True? Maybe it's because you're special, Miyuki ...?

- Yes, what's so special ... After all, we study spent five o'clock?

- If we look only at the time, nothing significant will not notice! Ordinary people are not able to maintain
concentration for so long!

- And Onii-sama is much more surprising.

- Tatsuya far from ordinary! Other examples can not cause !?

- Other people with whom I learn?

- Yes!

- Of course, I can. For example, Honoka, Shizuka, Minami-chan ...

Miyuki suddenly stopped.

At Lina's face was guilty expression, and she hid him by the hand.

She did not know the details about what happened, but I guess that was something unexpected. She was
interesting, but it does not touch the subject, believing that should not get involved in other people's
business. And now, Lina thought that somehow led Miyuki a minefield.

- Listen ... And what happened the day before yesterday?

She had a choice to go back to my room, pretending not to know anything. Perhaps this would be the most
reasonable choice. However, Lina dared to ask it at Miyuki.

- I've never seen such a face Tatsui. This person, who was with him the day before yesterday when you
got in touch with him. Miyuki happened to you something very shocking?

Miyuki's eyes fluttered helplessly. After much hesitation, she still nodded.

- The day before yesterday I was really shocked, but ... now everything is in order. With support for Onii-

Lina felt that this response was not true 100 percent.

Although it was unexpected, but if it is stopped for a long time, so this issue has left a deep impression in
her mind.

But it also was not a lie. It was obvious that it overpowers himself to say with a smile, but it was also seen
that the pain has become less.

- So ... You want to hear?

Miyuki was too interested in is to tell all Lina, not directly related to the events of the day before
yesterday. Probably, for it was proof that she was trying to overcome all this.

Miyuki detail told Lina about the events of that time, when Minoru stole Minami. And in the end he added
to the story Tatsui words, which he reassured Miyuki.

- ... I think the same as Tatsuya said. - Said Lina, finished listening to the story Miyuki.

- That said, Onii-sama - do you mean the word about the feelings of Minami-chan ...?
- Yes. I do not know what kind of person this Minami, but ... I can understand the words Tatsui about the
fact that he does not want to Miyuki killed someone known to her. If Tatsuya said Minami motive was the
same, I'm sure that's how it was.

Lin in the stars on a mission to eliminate fighting wizards who have committed serious crimes. Among the
eliminated its objectives were and her colleagues from the Stars.

Lina knew from personal experience that it is difficult to send weapons to the companion with whom he
had lived under the same roof, and pull the trigger. "I do not want to kill the friends' words reflect the true,
sincere thoughts Lina.

- ... Thank you, Lina.

- No need to thank me for something.

Lina shyly looked away from that aimed straight at her eyes Miyuki. Her cheeks flushed at the same time

Chapter 7
Part 1

July 11, Thursday. This week it was the first day of school after a three-day school closure.

Between students walking on the road from the nearest station to the building of the first school, the
uproar of chatter on the subject, which differs from the upcoming summer vacation.
Most of the students from the first and second years of study saying something like, "Who is this beautiful
blonde schoolgirl?".

And among third graders basic question was "why here Shields-san / Lina (-chan)?".

And absolutely all the students had a common question: "Who is this beauty with a ponytail hairstyle new

Senior School at the National University of magic, in principle, should not accept new students in the
middle of the school year. Excluded from school pupils usually remain without replacement.

However, there are so-called shuttle system. Since the adoption of this system in the past, even a few cases
of its use was recorded. The pupils were skeptical, but we knew about this system, so we could not
completely rule out this possibility.

The topic of their discussion was the girl with blue eyes and blond hair tied in two pigtails, and a girl with
hazel eyes and light brown hair tied in a ponytail. In addition, their faces were very similar to each other.
And who knew about Lina third grade, and did not know her mladsheklassniki believed that these two -

And watching them not only to the disciples. On the road as the school could be seen scurrying to and fro
reporters. The purpose of the media has been mining a new Strategic magic class "Explosion of the

Their main goal was to obtain comments of one of the developers of "Bang Ocean" - Tatsui. However,
Miyuki, his cousin, was also a target for an interview. The first thing the media descended in of FLT, but
getting there is an answer that Tatsuya today do not come to work, they went to the house in Fuchu. There
they also found only an empty house.

Of course, then members of the media did not give up. In order to obtain material for the news, they were
divided into three groups: one went on permanent duty at the FLT office, the latter remained to guard the
house in Fuchu, while others decided to try to catch Tatsuyu and Miyuki on the road leading to the school.

The fact that today resumed classes, for anybody was not a secret to the magic schools. It's even been
published on the official website. Reporters who wish to receive comments Tatsui and Miyuki, early in the
morning guarded the road from the station to the school.

But, unfortunately, they could not manage to find the target students. The views of members of the media
also stopped briefly to stand out from the general flow of a pair of girls with blonde and brown hair.
However, it was not known when will be their goal. They did not want to waste time on girls, who were
just a beautiful girl, and it was not clear whether they represent value to the news.

Therefore, the attention of the media quickly took on Lina and Miyuki. However, even after that it was
impossible to say that now those two have attracted the attention of other students only.

For going on the way to school Lena watched the two men about forty years with a casual appearance,
making them quite similar to reporters. they observed, sitting at a table by the window on the second floor
of the well-known nationwide network of stores.
- ... Though this Tokyo suburb, but a walk down the street so openly ...

Muttered one irritated voice. The second took the words of the first as a monologue, and instead of
answering, asked him:

- That's right, Angie?

The two talked in English. Their faces were East Asian, but not purely Japanese. However, it did not
bother either waiters or visitors of this institution.

- She has a remarkable appearance. So much so that the other person can not be mistaken for it.

- And the one with her, very like her, see? If not for the color of hair and eyes, then they would have been
exactly the same.

- Angie is fluent in disguise magic. Is the second - just a disguise. Only I can not understand why she did it
look like himself.

- Maybe it's the bride that guy?

- It's possible. Very possible.

Girl with blond and brown hair gone. The two men looked away from the window and looked at each

- But even if it's Angie ...

The first of the men, the one that at the very beginning raised the issue, continued the conversation careful

- Our job is not to eliminate the deserter.

The man, who called the name Lina Angie nodded in response to the first words of men.

- I know. But at the same time, we have to inform the authorities.

- With this I agree. But if the one with brown hair - is the bride of Man, it is more important.

- Yes. It is necessary to review the strategy, including the possibility of intervention Angie.

The two were members of the unit "Head of horse" of the illegal sabotage detachment "Illegal OAB"
(Illegal MAP). Having drunk a gulp of coffee residues, they got up from the table.


Miyuki, who came to school with Lina, did not go directly to the classroom, and went into the room of the
school board. Too, along with Lina.
Miyuki opened the door with ID-card and went inside, but the inside was already Izumi, standing face to
the entrance. She for some reason, came now, despite the fact that the work of the school board begins
later. Wall terminal was turned on, and the read information about the ID-card Izumi realized it came
Miyuki. So she got up to meet her.

- Good morning, Miyuki-sam ... pie?

However, before enthusiastically Izumi girl appeared with a completely unfamiliar face.

- Good morning, Izumi-chan.

The girl with light brown hair said Izumi though not voice Miyuki, however, with its tone.

As soon as the door closed, she pulled her hair wintergreen gum, thereby dismissing its tail.

Immediately after this was followed by the transformation.

Bright chestnut hair was black as a raven feathers.

Light brown eyes become pitch black.

This girl's face instantly changed, too, and before Izumi appeared her beloved "Miyuki-oneesama".

- Miyuki-senpai, what was the look of ...?

- It's because of all the annoying people.

Asking Izumi rolled her eyes, but after a short Miyuki response, she made an understanding face and said:
"Ah, that's it."

- I think that Izumi-chan understands that it is better not to tell.

- Of course, I have nothing to nobody blabbed.

- Thank.

Seeing that his expected reaction kohaya, Miyuki smiled thanked her.

After Miyuki pointed to Lin, head in the clouds Izumi finally noticed her.

- It's Angelina Shields Kudo-san. We call her Lina. She studied here on an exchange, when I was in first
grade. It is planned that tomorrow it will be back to study with us, now in the third grade. Lina, this girl -
Saegusa Izumi-san. Second-form girl. I call it the Izumi-chan.

Izumi came to life when Miyuki introduced her.

- My name is Saegusa Izumi. Nice to meet you, Shields-senpai.

- Angelina Kudo Shields. Nice to meet. You can call me Lena.

Lina tried to behave like a student of high school. Miyuki thought it was funny, but her face is not
affected, because it decided that Lin hurt if zasmeotsya here.

- Okay, Lina. Come to the Deputy Director? Izumi-chan, see you.

- Yes! Miyuki-senpai, Lina-Sempai, goodbye.

Mourners look bowed Izumi, Miyuki Returning his usual appearance, Lin led the staff room.


After seeing Miyuki and Lina before leaving the house, Tatsuya went on the underground floor.

In the basement of high-rise buildings in Chofu it was organized by the research floor, where more
efficient and sophisticated equipment was taken than had Tatsui at home in Fuchu. In fact, it was a
laboratory established for one Tatsui. Regardless of the feelings of the main house and the side of families
to Tatsuya, they could not ignore his contribution to the family income Yotsuba due to the achievements
of Silver Taurus.

Here Tatsuya wanted to try to put the results of two days of observation of "Parade" at the magic of
science, and to order them from a scientific point of view. Here, he hoped to deal with is not intuitive
recognition, and try to understand everything at the theoretical level, to find some clue that would help
break through the "Parade".

However, he spent the console only about an hour, and at about 9:00 am, he was forced to interrupt their
work due to the notification of unscheduled visitor who came.

From the laboratory located on the third floor of the underground, he climbed to the second floor above
ground, where there was a reception. There he waited Fudzibayasi Kyoko.

- Good morning. Today you are not in uniform?

- Good, Tatsuya-kun. Today is my day off.

At an open and good-natured greeting Tatsui Fudzibayasi also said in a friendly tone.

- Please, have a seat. ... So, should I call you Fudzibayasi-san?

- Yes, I will be very grateful, if you call the case.

Sitting on the sofa, Fudzibayasi confirmed that it came in the case as a private citizen, not as a military.
She called at the beginning of his real name, and not "special officer Ooguri".

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Recognizing Tatsui voice, say "Come in," the door is
automatically opened. He came into the room, pushing a cart, young woman in a long dress and a white
apron. Face it differed from Honami and Minami, however it created around itself about the same
It replaced the tea Fudzibayasi new and has set Tatsuya cup of coffee.

- Fudzibayasi-san, if you want another drink, then you will change.

- No, this will come down. Thank.

The last word was addressed to the maid.

Young woman wearing an apron smiled, bowed again and rolled the truck, this time out of the room.

- And she is quite skilled. I envy your wealth on talented people.

Fudzibayasi murmured after a woman has an aura not even maid and waitress disappeared behind the

- This woman - non-combat personnel. It is better to tell what you have today's the matter? Today, if you
did not come as a lieutenant Fudzibayasi, then your visit is not an attempt to continue yesterday's
conversation on the phone with objections about Lina?

After asking Tatsui Fudzibayasi straightened.

- Today I, as a representative of the head Fudzibayasi family Fudzibayasi Nagamasa, came to apologize.

Fudzibayasi changed the manner of speech to the official, and bowed deeply.

- Apologies? For what? I can not understand.

- I'm talking about the fact that the head of the family wants to apologize for all the intolerable outrage
that made a member of the family Fudzibayasi, Minoru Kudo, in relation to the Shiba family.

- You say a family member, but a direct relationship because there should not be ... - confusedly said
Tatsuya have Fudzibayasi.

Fudzibayasi Nagamasa, head of the family Fudzibayasi, is the father of Fudzibayasi Kyoko. Nagamasa
wife - is the younger sister of Minoru's father, Makoto Kudo. From a genealogical point of view, it makes
Minoru Nagamasa nephew, or rather the son of his brother's wife. Officially, the blood bond he has with
Nagamasa not.

And even if we talk about secret facts, Minoru was born through artificial fertilization wife Nagamasa
(younger sister Kudo Makoto) Makoto sperm. All the same, no blood relationship is not obtained.

Unlike family Kudo Fudzibayasi family should not have to feel guilty for Minoru actions.

- Even if there is no blood relationship, but if he is the son of the wife of the clan, he is a member of the
family Fudzibayasi. So says the head.

For a moment in his head he flashed the thought Tatsui "knew it", and it was quite natural. Makoto Kudo
and wife Fudzibayasi Nagamasa not commit such immoral acts as incest. They only provided the genetic
material. Tatsuya thought it was quite natural that Nagamasa also knew about it.
- ...Clear. However, Fudzibayasi-san, you do not come to a sorry pass? You do have some other thing?

- Do not matter, but rather something real ... Our apologies are not just words.

- Continue ....

Tatsuya slightly raised his eyebrows and asked Fudzibayasi explain.

- Here.

Fudzibayasi pulled from her purse a large capacity SSD in the form of a cube, and laid it on the table in
front of Tatsuya.

- It's a sign of apology Fudzibayasi family. Please take this. On the media written documents that describe
the sequence of magic "Parade", as well as methods of its application. Also there are present documents
on the East Asian mainland ancient magic "Sekihey Hatidzin".

Tatsuya is now no longer able to hide his surprise.

- Are you sure? After all, "Parade" - a secret technique Kudo family.

Fudzibayasi subtly frowned slightly and sighed.

- ... In fact, it Kudo family had to give it to you. To reach an agreement on the provision of information
was very difficult.

Pride did not allow the family to give Kudo secret technique Yotsuba family, located at approximately the
same level in the social ladder. Therefore, it was decided to do it as a gift from Fudzibayasi family. It
sounds silly, but they can understand.

- gratefully accept it.

Whatever their intentions, a detailed description of "Parade" was just the knowledge that he wanted to get
away from family Kudo. Whatever windfall as it may seem, Tatsuya was grateful that he was allowed to
use it.

Fudzibayasi said bow bow Tatsui.

- "Sekihey Hatidzin" - the spell that is building a large-scale barrier with "Kimon thin". - briefly
commented on it the second part of the contents of the data carrier.

- Do you mean that Minoru shelter built on this technology?

- So we believe.

- This is more than enough ...

If Fudzibayasi not lied, then Tatsuya once received all the required knowledge. Anyone in his place would
have thought that somehow it all too convenient.
- Tatsuya-kun, we do not expect that you will certainly catch Minoru-kun.

Feeling these doubts Tatsui, Fudzibayasi took off her mask alienated representative head Fudzibayasi

- Father and uncle want to catch Minoru Makoto-kun with his hands. They're not going to ask Tatsuyu-
kun for help, and they want you to, if possible, leave it to us.

- Can not we join forces?

- ... I'll tell my father that your request, Tatsuya-kun.

It was quite obvious that Tatsuya did not want to retreat. Having said that, it must hurry home to discuss it
with his family, Fudzibayasi got up and went to the door.


Prior to the beginning of entrance examinations Lina was very worried, but when morning written exams
are over, her face lit up.

- How was it? While I can see that you can not ask.

- For my abilities is a natural result.

Speaking figuratively, she so proudly puff out his chest forward, which could be bent so that would fall
back. This contrast with Lina, while preparing for the exams several times to fall face down on the table
with the words "I'm tired", seemed to stand beside Miyuki fun.

- Although still have practical exams, but like you said, with your ability you can not worry about.

- ... I've heard that you need to worry anymore for knowledge.

Lina narrowed her eyes and looked reproachfully at Miyuki. From such a reaction it all those present at
the table laughed.

Who it was lunchtime, and they sat at a table in the school cafeteria. Lina was wearing borrowed
temporarily spare uniforms Miyuki. As expected, it attracted attention.

At the table sat the same company all third graders. Of these Lina was not familiar only with Shizuka. So
naturally, the first thing they were introduced to each other.

- Lina exactly gets to the first stream. But in a class?

- I think that in our. We have less than all the disciples.

On this question, accidentally came to mind Eric, Honoka replied, deep and serious thinking.
In their class was the smallest number of students. This meant that there was the greatest number of
students expelled from school. At that time, when they moved into the second class of the students passed
the course on magical engineering, so the number of classroom corrected. In other words, the number of
students expelled from school in the class 3A was more just for this one last year.

Most departures were in class A, where I studied Miyuki, Honoka and Shizuka, monopolized the top three
among all students. Was it irony or trim balance? Probably, even the director of the Momoyama not know
the answer to this question.

- I did not know what to Lin-san came to Japan. Long have you been here?

When asked Mizuki face Lina jerked slightly, and she could not find the words to answer.

- Shibata-san, it's a little ...

- Mizuki-and. You, too, know about the circumstances of Lina?

Mikihiko a puzzled face and Eric with rebukes a person tried to stop Mizuki, and it is said that they are
aware of the fact that Lina - is "Angie Sirius."

And they are not alone. The entire company is now sitting at the table (including not participate in those
events Shizuka) know the full picture of the incident with the parasite, which occurred in the winter of last
year. And about the role played by Lina there, they are also known.

- Oh ... I'm sorry!

Noticing that it inadvertently asked question is effectively connected with a very delicate problem, Mizuki
panic bowed.

- Nothing wrong. ... But I'll be very grateful if you'll never be asked about this.

- Of course!

Mizuki nodded vigorously, and Lina, Mikihiko and Eric, each with its own facial expression, breathed a
sigh of relief.

- Lin transferred here because of me.

Brief Explanation Miyuki was not intended to lighten the atmosphere. And to distract attention she did not
try it. She had planned to announce this before, no matter went to a conversation in which direction.

- What do you mean?

First reacted to the statement by Miyuki Shizuka.

- It's all because of the annoying people relentlessly follows on the heels.

- Ah, the media.

- It seems that the statement Kichijoji-kun about the joint development of a new outbreak caused
enthusiasm among reporters.

- Uh-huh. - Mizuki nodded, agreeing with the words of Erica and Honoka.

- They can not catch Tatsuyu, so we decided to settle on Miyuki-san? This predicament, it's impossible to
resist them by force. It is also associated with national defense secrets, so it's best to give the government a
settlement of this issue.

- Yes indeed. - With a sigh, he said Miyuki to this speech, Leo.

- And how is it connected with the transfer of Lina?

Shizuka from the first time called her Lina short name. Fairly rapid convergence, given that it was their
first meeting.

- Lina - Master of disguise magic. It can change the appearance on the appearance of a completely
different person.

The question Shizuka said Honoka.

- Even better than you, Honoka?

Honoka could also change their appearance with the help of magic, forming three-dimensional projection.

- Much better than I do.

- It's amazing!

- So you can transform not only ourselves?

Eric waited Honoka and Shizuka contract, and then turned to Lina.

- Yes, and apply it to another person, by the way, it is easier than for themselves. Unless, of course, that
man does not resist.

- Heh ...

- Because when it applies itself, the result can only be checked with the help of a mirror.

- Clear. And if the mirror is only one, then from the back you will not see yourself.

- That's it.

It seems to Erika Lina was easier to communicate with than others. Do not even say that once they were
trying to kill each other.

If we talk about something like that, then Lina and Miyuki also faced in a duel with the use of such
advanced magics as "Muspelheim" and "Niflheim". However, "Niflheim" can be used to neutralize the
enemy hypothermia, whereas "Muspelheim" for conventional enemy means instant death. But even if he is
lucky, and death is not instantaneous, it is likely to die from severe wounds.

- So, while you will walk together from the school?

I asked Honoka from Miyuki. She replied with a bit apologetically.

- Yes ... While the media did not lose interest, we will be with Lina return home from school only two of

- That is, we, too, it is better not to approach. If there will be a familiar face, you can open.

- Thank you, Eric.

Miyuki with appreciation in his eyes looked at Eric to take care.

Eric winked at her.


Today, classes resumed, not only in the first school, and in all nine schools of magic at the same time. And
third school is, of course, was no exception.

However, Ichijo and Masaki Kichijoji Shinkuro not come to school today. In order to avoid reporters, is
actively trying to get the material. Perseverance media for a new officially recognized by the State
Strategic wizard class and main developer of the new Strategic magic class was incomparably stronger
media interest Tatsuya and Miyuki.

If they come to school under such circumstances, it would have caused unnecessary trouble from their
classmates and mladsheklassnikov. After thinking it over, and Kichijoji Masaki decided to go on separate
early summer vacation.

Although the holidays it was difficult to call: Kichijoji engaged in the work of the institute, and Masaki
went on to play the role of overseer Liu Lily-based Komatsu. That is, they had a formal job, so the director
of the Third School Maeda gave them the official weekend.

A private high school, which goes a younger sister Masaki, Ichijo Akane really heralded the start of the
summer holidays today, because the situation with the external threat has not yet been finally resolved. To
be more precise, to the summer vacation, it was decided to add 10 days.

Thus, a brother and sister from the family Ichijo was conducted on the basis of the height of summer

Akane Liu and Lily became friends easily. But the relationship between Masaki and the commander of the
detachment accompany Liu Lily were very tense.
And now, too, sitting at a table in the center of the room, Liu Akane and Lily sat in a friendly shoulder to
shoulder. Before Liu Lily lay a textbook, in which Akane was in high school. Of course, it was not a paper
book, and the terminal in the form of a tablet. It looks like Lily Liu Akane told general information about

On the two opposite corners of the room for the two observed Masaki commander Lin. Masaki and he
knew that behaves like a child, but when he tried to speak with the commander Lin about the course of
further action, the conversation always escalated into a violent dispute. But they could not ignore the
presence of each other, so it was over the fact that they are pierced at each other from opposite ends of the
room, in the center of which sat Akane and Lily Liu.

Of course, the phrase "pierced views" does not mean that they are constantly looking at each other.
Vigilance must not be neglected, but in this room except subordinates Lin were also soldiers Komatsu
base. On any suspicious movement they would answer first. Masaki thought that, too, must act in
accordance with this rule. Therefore, free time he spent on self-education textbook, taken out of school to
take away (this was allowed to take it, but the majority of training materials barred from issuing from the

Although Masaki felt uncomfortable here, but he could not leave this room. Father entrusted him with the
care of Akane. If he notices a hostile action on the part of Lily Liu and her companions, he will have to
cooperate with the base of the soldiers to pacify them. Masaki chose "patience."

It was nearly 13 hours when Masaki stomach ache from hunger.

In the lobby of a residential building of special guests for the base, which housed a group of Lily Liu, it
was a visitor from another base.

This database is an airbase. A visitor was an officer in the ground forces. Lieutenant Chiba Naotsugu
shock infantry platoon from the First Division of national self-defense forces. Belonging to the squad
seems to have been temporary, but Masaki in this not particularly versed. But more important was the
information provided to you by the visitor.

Chiba Naotsugu was still a student at the Defense Academy, so the rank of lieutenant was granted to him
under special conditions. This was done because of his achievements, but also because of his fame as
"entering the top ten fighters in the world at a distance of less than three meters." He was awarded the rank
of officer, because he often participated in joint operations with the security detachment of the biggies of
the Allied countries.

Incidentally, the commander of the shock infantry platoon ( "Squad with drawn swords"), which is
temporarily assigned Naotsugu, holds the rank of lieutenant. And all four of the commander of separate
units - lieutenant.

In other words, Naotsugu had the same title as separate units commanders.

But the commander of the detachment system according to the senior "who lasts longer." Two of the
commander were also sent here, and now they are engaged in the coordination of organizational issues
with the command of the base.
As a result Naotsugu, as the highest-ranking among the remaining in the unit, the group came to Lily Liu
and explained the situation.

- we will attack on Lou Ganhu !?

- We have no proof that this report is true. But we came here, thinking that there is a chance of it. -
Answered Naotsugu, trying to calm the panic jumped out of his seat Lin commander.

He would never have made an irresponsible statement. It does not matter, it will be optimistic or

But his vague manner of speaking, it seems, is not particularly liked Lin.

- So you went from Tokyo, even without checking anything?

The first division, which is assigned to the squad with drawn swords, really is based in Tokyo. The main
reason for sending Squad with drawn swords at the base of Komatsu had received a message with a
message. Countering commandos BAA for the army had a higher priority than catching Minoru Kudo.

But such minor details, they should not have to explain to refugees from other countries.

- clear evidence there. But we still have to be ready for it. That's all I can tell you.

After such an answer Naotsugu slightly raised voice, Lin still did not look convinced, but most did not

- Please do not leave anyone out of the building until it is confirmed that it is safe.

- And it's a long time? - I ask itself Naotsugu Lily Liu.

- We are currently looking for Lou Ganhu with the assistance of the police. After a day or two we'll have
to find him and the others infiltrated the country saboteurs.

At a time when Naotsugu said that, in the eyes of the commander Lin showed signs of nervousness.

But this is only the notice Marie, who stood beside Naotsugu and intently watched the refugees.
Chapter 7
Part 2


It was the first day after a three-day closure of the school, and before the summer holidays was only 10
days. Also held during the summer holidays Tournament nine schools this year will not be. In general,
classes at school first, as usual, went to 15:30.

But as the tournament nine schools was canceled at the school board did not have so much work to stay in
school until late. Summer daylight hours long, so it was still light, when members of the school board and
students engaged in the activities of the club, left the school.

Miyuki and safely surrendered Lina exams went together to the station a little before everyone else. Of
course, Miyuki was once again in the same shape with light brown ponytail.

The remaining members of their normal company headed home after a meeting in the school cafeteria.
Initially, they formed a group around Tatsui and Miyuki, acting as the "core", but now they began to come
together, even when the two of them there.

About halfway to the school to the station, Erika suddenly looked at the window on the second floor of the
roadside coffee shops.

- Erika-chan, what happened?

Mizuki, marching along with Mikihiko behind Erika, noticed it, and turned to Erika.

Eric turned, slowed down and caught up with Mizuki.

- I felt a strange look.

- A strange look? - Mikihiko asked doubtfully, but with a serious face.

- I could not understand it clearly, but it was ... if something is looking at you from behind, writhing
behind you ... Evil. Yes, this is the right word.

- Evil Eye?

- What is it? Frighten you want?

The voices of Shizuka and Honoka read the signs of disgust.

- Eric, you're saying that I could not figure out if he wants to hurt ...?

It seems that it is more interested in Mikihiko than the phrase about the "evil".

- Maybe a little relaxed. I was not on guard, and when increased sensitivity, he just disappeared. It is likely
that this is just my imagination.

- relax and so lost sight of the enemy? She says "evil eye", or maybe just an eye on the mirror stumbled?

- Shut up, you piece of boob.

Eric Leo kicked in the leg.

Although she was not supposed to be the experience in the martial arts with the use of kicks, but Leo pain
clutched at one leg and began to jump on the other foot.

- ~~ Hey! You're there to put in your shoes !?

- Who knows...

- Oh you!

- Come on!

Leo looked as if at any moment pounce on Eric, and Eric stretched telescopic baton and stood in the
position ready to fight.

- Hey, you two !?

Mikihiko hastily stepped between them.

- Leo, calm down. You're also said too much.

- Erika-chan, violence - it is not for girls! And why, in general, so suddenly kicked?

Mikihiko reassured Leo and Mizuki Eric chided.

Thus, the question of "evil eyes" remained unresolved.

Only one only Honoka, which still remains concern on his face, turned to look at the window, which
looked toward Eric.


Man and woman sitting at a table by the window on the second floor above the coffee shop, turned his
head away from the window.

- ... We have seen?

- No, I do not think that people noticed. To the naked eye at this distance a person does not discern, and
use magic were no signs.

- But our presence was noticed.

- Yes. They exceeded our expectations.

The two were members of the US illegal sabotage unit "Horsehead". This pair was different, not the one
that was here in the morning.

- So, the report Angie was not an exaggeration?

- Even a small girl could become Sirius.

They talked in low voices. But even if there was someone who overheard them, he could not understand
the little-used Taiwanese dialect they spoke.

- What do we do?

- The final decision of the commander of the detachment, but I would prefer to avoid this swordswoman
of the Chiba family.

- Yes. I think so too. What about Mitsui?

- This girl is not necessary to erase from the list of candidates. In appearance she found nothing.

- Clear.

While talking, the two men did not even try to look again at a group of students, followed by the recently


Lieutenant Lin, the commander of the escort Liu Lily, with whom they fled to Japan, was actually a spy
for the New Soviet Union. Enemy spies are often at the forefront of organizational structures. This often
happens between countries with two longest common land borders.
And due to the fact that this happens often, all these countries are very closely monitoring the penetration
of spies. Grand Army of the Asian Alliance also paid the highest attention to vigilance in relation to this
issue. When choosing to accompany the official magician of the Strategic Class Lily Liu was selected
among many candidates suitable for this female soldiers. All of them have passed through brainwashing
by means of a truth serum, and many of them have lost their identity in the process of indoctrination.

But the possibility that some of them will still be a spy, too, is always there. Espionage and counter-
espionage - it is always a vicious circle. Just in this case the new Soviet Union was better. In particular,
the special ability Lin was stronger Lt. than antispyware measures army Great Asian Alliance.

Her ability - hypnosis. Not magic manipulation of consciousness, but a simple hypnosis. Compared with
magic, this technique is called "special ability" because it is an advanced technique is very high.

Hypnosis Lin could penetrate, not conceding magic manipulation of consciousness in the mind of the
subject deep. And to do that it could even suicide. What it actually did to get rid of the effect of forcing the
truth serum. Hypnotize herself, she passed the test of consciousness, the army carried out the Great Asian

If this skill it was magical, the BAA army would have noticed her trick. The invasion of enemy wizards
should not only state, but also many armed groups. Lin was a low-level wizard, and moreover, BAA army
did not find her means non-magical disguise.

In non-magical hypnosis was another advantage. It did not acted resistance to magic.

Residential house, provided the group Lily Liu, guarded by magicians. They were guards for the official
State the Strategic wizard class and its support unit. They were chosen by placing protivomagicheskuyu
defense and magic resistance of mental intervention in priority over attacking magical powers.

Therefore, if Lin technique would be magic, it likely would not have worked. And if I worked, then it
would be found too early.

- I need something that does not get inside the base ... It only takes one hour. You can obtain permission to
go outside?

Such a request to the soldiers responsible for guarding the residential building, voiced commander Lin at
the time when Lily Liu took a bath with Ichijo Akane.

The two soldiers looked at each other, puzzled. They asked that it wants to buy Lin, and she replied that it
was something necessary for women of BAA.

One of the soldiers said that he could go and buy it, but she rejected the offer, saying that "it's
embarrassing." And any further attempt to argue on the subject caused a confused response.

Another soldier asked: "Why at this time", and received the answer: "As long as Lieutenant Liu Lily in the
bathroom, I'm not worried that it would lead Ichijo Masaki". And both men are the answers for some
reason convinced.

As a result, supervisory soldiers allowed Lin to go out on the condition that they themselves will
accompany her to the store. Without receiving permission to do so from the base command.
The soldiers on duty at the gate Komatsu base in order to protect Lily Liu were put on enhanced vigilance,
waiting for an attack Lu Ganhu outside. Perhaps this is why Lin, going through the gate outside the base,
accompanied by soldiers from the surveillance did not pay much attention.

The truth was that for base personnel "addition" to the magician Liu Strategic Class Lily should not have
such worries unnecessary.

Marie watched with suspicion military machine convertible, passing by it, because some time ago, when
the situation told Naotsugu group Lily Liu, she noticed the concern momentarily flashed in the eyes of

- Xu.

Marie turned to Naotsugu, with whom they walked along a city street.

- Something noticed?

Naotsugu, discreetly keep track of all suspicious shadows in the county turned to Marie.

- In just a passing car was Lieutenant Lin.

Hearing Marie Naotsugu frowned.

- The commander of the guard Liu Lieutenant? I asked them to refrain from going outside ...

Naotsugu I not asked, "maybe you made a mistake?". So he trusted Mary. ... Perhaps it was foolish of him.

- With her were two soldiers of supervision.

- Then it is not surprising that she was able to leave the base ...

- No, it is strange. For refugees in such circumstances it is usually impossible to go outside without

- ... Yeah, it is.

Retaining alertness Naotsugu agreed with the argument Marie.

- Supervisory soldiers received from the commander Lin important clue about the penetrating agent? ... Or
they have some way to manipulate?

- The Magic of manipulation of consciousness? - With the pale face of Marie asked to express in his guess
Naotsugu. If the territory of the military facility snuck magic user manipulation of consciousness, it can
only be described as the worst nightmare. He will be able to mass-produce traitors, without spending time,
effort and money.

- No, if at the base has been used magic, it is quick to understand and to deal with it.
- ...Yes. I think it is.

- Too fast you calmed down, Marie.

Unlike sigh of relief Marie Naotsugu face, on the contrary, it became more serious.

- It is possible to manipulate other people, even without the use of magic, manipulation of consciousness.
You, too, it can, right?

Marie's eyes widened in surprise. As I said Naotsugu Marie held appliances which air flows via
manipulation mixes various harmless legal aromatics, and using the resulting odor selects the target
freedom thinking.

- Perhaps Lieutenant Lin manipulates soldiers supervising non-magical way.

- For example, the drug?

- No, on the territory of the base to smuggle drugs very difficult. woman - Lin lieutenant. She must have
used something that did not arouse suspicion ... for example, the use of hypnosis with precious stones.

- With the help of hypnosis and truth can impose its will on another person?

Marie's raised the issue, thinking about your technique as an example. Even if her technique of "mixing"
and may lower the resistance will but completely subordinate the will of others, she may not.

- I'm not familiar with the techniques of hypnosis, so my answer may be wrong, but ... Even if it is
impossible to fully master the personality of another person, but I think I will send it in the right direction
is possible.

- To direct the will? Mean, lead the thinking?

- Manage thinking?

Naotsugu thought and nodded, agreeing with this paraphrase Marie.

- I think this wording is more appropriate. Whether it was hypnosis or something else, but you can take as
an example a case where you need to convince the person with the opposite opinion. In this case, in order
to achieve our goal, we could just in words try to come up with arguments that would take the source. And
then, having received the consent of the word, we will be able to lead the interlocutor consciousness in the
required direction.

- Do you think ... so was it? Even hypnosis can not force the opponent to do something totally
unacceptable to him. However, if there is even a small possibility of this, it can cause a person to believe
in what you need, with much stronger than in the simple belief in words. And when a person thinks as you
want, it will do what you need.

- I think so too. Therefore, it is likely that she was able to fool the guards and get them to take themselves
to the base.

- Theory ... I understand.

Marie quickly gathered her thoughts and looked at Naotsugu.

- If the soldiers of supervision is manipulated, the case is serious, Xu.

- Yes. This was not the case when you can stand still and slowly everything discussed.

Naotsugu pulled without hesitation in the breast pocket portable terminal Army.

- Sue, what are you doing ...?

- Observation of these refugees - a task not of the usual categories. This specific, special assignment.

Naotsugu said Marie while writing finger commands on the screen of the mobile terminal (in army
terminals instead of pressure sensors and capacitive sensors for handwriting recognition used optical

- Given the nature of their job, the current location of the vehicle should be easily tracked. ... Excellent, I
found. Marie, temporarily stop searching Lou Ganhu. We leave for the lieutenant Lin.

- I Got it.

Naotsugu and Marie ran, using the magic of high-speed traffic.


Accompanying Lin men (or rather, to look after it) brought her to the drugstore Hong Kong
pharmaceutical network, located a short drive from the base.

Official diplomatic relations between Japan and the BAA was not since the last war. However, there were
relations of economic exchange in the private sector, and many companies are engaged in all kinds of joint

Lin said the two soldiers: "Please wait here," and went to the pharmacy. Front wall pharmacy was a glass,
and a road was clearly visible what is happening inside. The guards allowed Lin to go inside one, provided
that it is suitable only to the counter, and will not go further into the store.

Lin stood in front of the counter, and then behind the counter was a woman-seller in the form of more than
thirty years. Black hair, black eyes, her appearance did not cause the Japanese visitors any discomfort. For
it could not be said that it is linked to BAA or the NSS.

- I have to yellow sand problem.

Lin spoke with a saleswoman in Cantonese. It was a cipher. Her words meant "I'm afraid to attack the
armed forces BAA".

- True? I thought that the most stressful season has passed.

The saleswoman said, of course, also in code. Her words meant: "large-scale military activity was not

- It seems to me that a little yellow sand still avail. (It is highly probable that the small force on the

- Then, I give you a drug test? (You will want to take their reconnaissance search?)

As can be understood from this dialogue, the saleswoman was the contact person of the new Soviet Union.

- No, I would like you to prescribed me an ointment before symptoms manifest.

Lin inquiry meant: "I want to was not sent reconnaissance and counter the squad." The saleswoman said
unwavering voice, "As you wish."

- ... And what is the dosage?

By the way, Lin felt that the situation is a little strange, yet when approached the counter. She asked her
question, giving it meaning: "if anything unusual happened?".

- Lieutenant Lin.

The answer came from behind.

On hearing this voice that came from behind, from above, Lin turned in complete disarray.

- Captain Lou! - Lin shouted. And besides, she is more than anything could not speak.

Lin could not submit voice because a huge hand Lou Ganhu grabbed her by the neck.

- You did a good job. Do not need anymore.

Lou Ganhu appealed to the pharmacy saleswoman, who was an agent of the NSS.

A female agent Zapletal legs moved back inside the store.

Looking at this, Lin knew everything. This agent has obeyed Lou Ganhu. It seems, even tortured her. With
his skills Lou Ganhu could without causing external injuries give the victim much pain that she would
want to die. Becoming a nightmare, pain robs the victim desires to resist.

Lou Ganhu grinned.

Lin swept despair. She realized that it is waiting for the same unfortunate fate as the agent.

More precisely, some torture is not limited. In her case, it will lose in the end of his life ...

Last thin thread of hope was in the street, and Lin looked toward the window behind the soldiers. No, Lou
Ganhu they are not rivals. But they could at least buy some time so she could escape.
Two Japanese soldiers sat, heads down, in their places in the car with folding top. Though they looked
asleep, but they were already dead. Lin is intuitively understood.

- Betrayed, Lin Yiyi *.

[Who cares how it sounds (and written) in the original, insert it [林 衣衣] in
Google translator, choose translation from Chinese and press the left
(under the original) "listen"]

Lu Lin Ganhu named Lieutenant full name without the title. Their ancient culture of naming a person full
name instead of just the name or nickname meant dismissive attitude towards this man, or even a
manifestation of hostility to him.

- Call Lily Liu for help. - Said Lu Ganhu and loosened the grip of his hands behind his neck Lin.

While Lin clears his throat, she thought about the purpose of Lu Ganhu.

She could not think that his plan is so easy just to lure Liu Lily here and kill. The Japanese army simply
did not allow Liu Lily to get out from the base.

The objective of Lin as a spy NSS was Lily Liu escape to Japan, which can be used as a pretext for war.
This task is already completed. Speaking frankly, Lin NAC was a consumable item, and did not represent
a value to stretch her helping hand.

For the Japanese army is also of no value. The only thing that they feel it is a shame that a refugee was
killed on their land, but for the Japanese government is nothing more than a "complement" to Lily Liu. Lin
is now fully aware of it.

... Even if she would call for help, the Japanese army will not do anything that would expose Liu Lily

... Lou Ganhu too should understand it.

Ignoring the fact that Lin was baffled, Lou Ganhu free hand unceremoniously searched her body, pulled
out of her pocket a mobile terminal, and handed it to her.

- Pick you do not.

You could try to tell Lou Ganhu these obvious facts.

But Lin, as she was told, opened a channel of communication with its subordinates, remaining on the base.


Komatsu base was in chaos.

- Why Lin lieutenant released from the base?

Cries about similar content were distributed in different places.

- Lou Ganhu standing in the store in the middle of the city !?

- If this guy starts to run amok, the damage to civilian inevitable! This will be a repeat of Yokohama!

Someone exchanged such cries at the base.

- Why Lu Ganhu appeared in a place like this !? Though he "Tiger-eater", but now he's trapped, right !?

Among the voices were those doubters.

Lin Lieutenant Lou Ganhu was taken hostage. Komatsu part of the base command was of the opinion that
we should not notify Liu Lily of this fact. But if Lou Ganhu kill hostage Lieutenant Lin, the Liu Lily still
know about it for today.

And the probability of this was quite high. It is easy to imagine that if you hide this information, it will
lead to a deterioration of relations Lily Liu to the Japanese army. As a result, the solution of the base
command, Lily Liu also said that Lieutenant Lin is taken hostage.

- Let me go! - Lily Liu begged the Japanese soldier guards (guards). Such a reaction was quite predictable.

- Not allowed. You are protected by our army.

Answer soldiers responsible for security, and the same was expected.

- But if I do not go, then Lin-jie ...!

The fact that Liu Lily lost her self-control, can be understood from the fact that she was in a conversation
with Japanese soldiers used the diminutive treatment "Lin-jie" is used only in personal conversations
between the two. Therefore, it was natural that some of the soldiers bowed his head, puzzled, asking,
"Who is this Lin-jie".

- Lieutenant Liu, even if you go, chances are that Lin will release the lieutenant is too small. If you go
there, it's only hasten the moment when she would be killed as unnecessary.

However, Liu Lily lost the ability to think sensibly to such an extent that she could not understand these

- But then what to do ...?

She looked around with a plea for help in his eyes.

But no one responded to the sight of her. Not responded to any ordinary soldiers, nor magicians.

- ... Nii-san, you can not do anything?

Lily Liu hung her head and looked as if to cry at any moment. Looking at this, Akane asked Masaki is in
such a voice, as if she, too, will soon begin to cry.
This Akane's voice and the pathetic view of Lily Liu touched the heart of Masaki.

- I'm sorry, Akane.

However, he could not promise what can not be done.

- I have no idea why he showed up not on the basis of, and in the pharmacy in the city, and for what
purpose the commander Lin took hostage. But there is something that I know for sure. The ultimate goal
Lu Ganhu - this is Lieutenant Liu. And if this is so, even speech and can not be about to bring Liu
lieutenant from the base, as well as the fact that I was separated from it.

- ......

Akane stared at Masaki, but could not say anything.

Masaki bit his lip and averted his eyes from the sight of Akane.

Here there was a dilemma.

As Masaki and said it was quite obvious that the ultimate goal is to kill Lou Ganhu Lily Liu.

But at the same time, the Japanese army could not just watch the murder of Lieutenant Lin and do nothing.
They did not know that Lieutenant Lin - spy NSS. Japan Lieutenant Lin was a refugee, which must be

Also, by monitoring vital signs were aware that the lieutenant attached to the Lin-guards the guards were
killed. From the current situation, it was obvious that it was the handiwork of Lou Ganhu or his
subordinates. Both in terms of public safety and in terms of preserving the honor, Lu Ganhu was such an
enemy that could not be ignored.

The question was, how many people you want to send.

Will I be able to seize Lu Ganhu if you send people right now?

It was possible that Lou Ganhu using himself as bait, trying to reduce the number of soldiers on the base,
to weaken its defenses to attack by malicious users. If you fear this, you should avoid sending a large
number of people for Lou Ganhu. However, their opponent - fighting wizard, considered one of the
world's strongest melee fighters. In addition, it owns the technology "Steel Qigong", allowing it to reflect
the shots from a firearm. This is not the opponent, which can be stopped by a small number of people.

A small force could not be sent, and the mobilization of large numbers of people raises concerns.

They got into an impasse and can not decide to make your move. Out of this situation was concealed in
"accidentally" caught close aides.
Chapter 7
Part 3

Naotsugu and Marie arrived at the aforementioned pharmacy only five minutes after Lu Lin Ganhu

From civil conceal the incident. Inventing a plausible excuse, the police cordoned off the entire block,
limiting entry and exit from it.

Naotsugu and Mary were dressed in military uniforms, so the police did not stop them.

The two men moved under the influence of the magic of high-speed, so did not see the message about the
incident with the hostage.

Upon arrival to the target site, Marie began to look and saw Lin Lu Ganhu inside the pharmacy.

Lou Ganhu also noticed standing outside Marie.

Inside the building roared rumbling roar. It was the battle cry Lu Ganhu.

Lu Lin Ganhu threw the body in the pharmacy window, but Marie did not have time to take care of her.

Because Lin through the broken body of the window he jumped Lu Ganhu.

Although this rapid preventive attack seemed hasty and ill-considered, but Marie did not have time to get
into a defensive stance, and was to receive a deadly blow.

- Xu !?

But for a moment before the fist Lu Ganhu reached the body of Marie, swing Naotsugu sword stopped the

"Hesikiri" Naotsugu and "Steel Qigong" Lu Ganhu collided, throwing sparks invisible to the naked eye.

- So, we meet again, Genius Illusory Blade ... Chiba Naotsugu!

- Tiger-eater ... Lou Ganhu! Today, everything will be resolved!

- I really hope for it!

Chiba Naotsugu and Lou Ganhu considered one of the best magicians in the world of close combat.

The battle between the sword and the mad genius of a tiger started.

During the attack, Lu Ganhu Marie for a moment, was ready to die.

She has been fascinated for some time grand manner of his beloved, who saved her from this danger.

Hard fist Lu Ganhu capable like a whirlwind, to mow the thick trees and crush the rock.
And sharp blade Naotsugu who did not try to parry and cut the fist.

Naotsugu not resist the "hardness" Lu Ganhu using the opposite concept of "softness". He opposed it with
the "sharpness".

Marie's eyes were glued to the striking technique of swordsmanship her favorite.

At that moment, when the opponents have already managed to exchange about ten blows, Marie finally
came to her senses and hurriedly began to assess the situation.

First, she ran to the car convertibles on which Lin brought.

- Damn ... they're dead.

She confirmed that the two-guard warden dead.

Further Marie entered in the pharmacy, which jumped from Lu Ganhu.

Lou Ganhu had no free time to prevent it.

The battle between Naotsugu and Lu Ganhu was absolutely equal. Unfortunately, Marie could not help
because it was a fight on a level above its capacity.

At that moment, when Marie entered the pharmacy, there was a sound of a shot, crushed by a silencer.

But not aiming at her. Shot at Lieutenant Lin, lying on the floor. Gun held by an unknown woman.

This woman, NSS undercover agent saleswoman this pharmacy, pointing a gun at Marie.

But before she could pull the trigger, trohsektsionny Marie sword slashed at the outside of the palm of
your hand holding the gun.

The gun fell out of the hands of women.

By this time, Marie had already approached the woman-agent.

Trohsektsionny sword was Marie in her right hand. But towards the female agent, she sent his left hand,
which was clamped between his fingers three cylindrical metal container.

With the help of magic manipulation of air flow Marie sent odors emitted by these containers directly into
the nasal cavity of a woman.

And in the next moment the light will goes off in the eyes of this woman.

Supporting the body of a woman agent, ready to fall, Marie sat it on the floor.

Affirming that "smell" work, Marie went to Lin and sat next to her on one knee.

Lin was dead. The bullet grazed the vital organs, so it was instant death.
The battle between Naotsugu and Lou Ganhu lasted outside the building, too, was interested in Mary, but
first she decided to interrogate the woman, shot Lin.

The battle between Naotsugu and Lu Ganhu was absolutely equal.

Lou Ganhu used his usual fighting style, which consists in suppressing the enemy force destructional his

On the other hand, fighting style Naotsugu consisted in fighting off powerful fists Lou Ganhu lightning
strokes of the sword. And it was different from his usual style, for which he was known as the "genius of
the Illusory Blade", or simply "Illusory Blade".

Using inertia control magic complete immobility of the position without any delay dialed maximum
speed, followed by a full stop without braking. Repeat these movements until podvernotsya chance - a
favorite strategy Naotsugu.

But now Naotsugu led the fight in another way: by using a strong blade of the sword, he interrupted the
enemy's attacks, but not by force, but due to the sharpness of the blade.

The so-called technology "genius of the sword" (skillfully hiding preparatory movements, not to give way
to know his next move, not only his opponent, but even outside observers) worked perfectly.

However, the technique of "Illusion of the sword" (to drive the enemy on the path of self-destruction,
calling it false suspicions with the help of sudden deceleration and acceleration of their movements), it
seems, could not be used. From the look of it came the impression of a certain nervousness, if in this battle
he wants by all means to hack to death his opponent - Lou Ganhu.

But who's really nervous, so it's Lou Ganhu.

Naotsugu came here because Lieutenant pursued Lin crimes committed by suspicious activity.

But initially he walked through the city with the task to find a Komatsu Lou Ganhu.

During the search, he stumbled Ganhu Lu Lu Ganhu. This battle can be called a continuation of, the next
stage of his mission. That is, Naotsugu was finally motivated to deal with Lou Ganhu more from the time
that he received the order of presentation in Komatsu.

Lou Ganhu, on the contrary, did not expect a battle with Naotsugu. His mission was only one: do not let
the wizard class Strategic Liu Lily get into the hands of the Japanese. He was supposed to execute it, to
"Thunder Tower" does not become a weapon in the hands of the Japanese.

Attack Lou Ganhu Marie was not for the purpose of revenge for the fact that she won it in Yokohama. It
was just to get rid of a witness.

It was impossible to say that he had no desire to carry out a decisive battle with the "Illusory Blade"
standing with him on the same level of skill. However, the execution of his mission was a clear priority.
Combat abilities of these two, Chiba Naotsugu and Lou Ganhu were absolutely equal. It was clear even in
their battle before the incident in Yokohama. Since Naotsugu more to improve their skills, but also the
strength of Lou Ganhu increased by fully equivalent value.

Therefore, from the victories and defeats them both separated very fine line. Is this fight their goal or not.
It seems that the only difference between them was ready.

Naotsugu horizontal sweep of the sword Flip vertically downward punch Lou Ganhu.

Lou Ganhu hand is not cut, but his fist is also not reach Naotsugu.

But as a result of this collision impacts both legs Naotsugu firmly dug into the ground.

His feet stuck in the ground.

Lou Ganhu regarded it as a great opportunity, and decided to use one of his most powerful techniques.

Crushing blow with both hands. Tiger paw, wrapped in "Steel qigong" that can penetrate even the front of
the tank armor.

If Naotsugu fell under the blow, his body would blow like dynamite explosion, which occurred at zero

However, this impact was not enough just a little to get to Naotsugu.

No, Lou Ganhu made no mistake with the distance to strike.

For half a second before the impact Naotsugu inertia activated controls.

He did not abandon his "Illusion of the sword." He just hid this technique the enemy of consciousness.

He has created the illusion that the technique "Illusory sword" - it is an illusion, and that it is not currently
in use. This was the true "illusory" sword technique.

Lunge sword Naotsugu rushed to the chest Lou Ganhu.

Lou Ganhu caught the blade with both hands.

At this point the blade cranked a quarter turn and stared at his right fist Lu Ganhu.

However, the left hand, gripped the sword with a blunt hand, stopped him before he'd stuck into his chest.

Lou Ganhu grinned. His right hand was injured, the left - occupied by the sword, but he still had two legs.
Naotsugu, holding on to the sword caught, I was in a position from which he can not dodge the kick Lou

However, it took some time and kick Ganhu Lou did not take place.

Naotsugu gasped and let go the handle of the sword.

Lou Ganhu collapsed slowly, still holding the sword Naotsugu.

Finally fell on his back, he released the sword out of his hand.

Making sure that everything is over, Naotsugu relaxed.

- Technique ... a hidden sword, Prick shadows. - Naotsugu muttered, as if to convince himself that the
technique has been successfully completed.

This was the thrust psion sharpened blade. This technique causes the illusion that the "pierced heart". And
the illusion is not caused in mind the goal. Illusion deceives the very "soul" - psion information body that
accompanies the physical body.

Hidden Sword, created non-system of magic, which stops the heart illusion.

Whiskey Naotsugu dripping with sweat, and he helplessly down on one knee.


After returning to the base, said Masaki Marie personally and the rest of the news that Lou Ganhu

However, they are (at least, Lily Liu) could not enjoy this news.

- Lin-jie ... dead? - With trembling lips said Lily Liu. - held in secret communication with the army and
the NSS ... killed by his own ally, the NSS agent ...?

- Yes.

- It's a lie!

Liu Lily flushed with anger at Marie.

- You made this conclusion on the basis of unfounded words NSS agent!

On lamentations Lily Liu, who already face flushed with anger, Marie replied with a calm (After peeling
off from his emotions) face.

- At the time of the war mission Lieutenant Lin, has the codename "Taiga", was to organize the escape of
Lieutenant Liu in Japan to use this as a pretext to start the war against Japan. Agent by the name of Sasha
Fu, which I questioned, admitted it.

- It's all nonsense!

- Lieutenant Liu, do not you think it strange? When you run away from Vozdvizhenka, HCC's reaction
was too late. While the Far East army was deployed north of Vladivostok, but the fighters in pursuit, they
sent only after you have passed directly over their heads. In the normal case, this would be unlikely.
Although the victory had already been achieved, but that does not mean that BAA's army is already fully
laid down their arms. If a small plane that you used to escape, would have been the bomber, the Far East
army NSS could incur large losses.

- It...

- Far Eastern Army should not forget about the monitoring of the air.

Lily Liu stopped object, probably because, as she thought, "it's weird."

- I am sure that you yourself in no way to blame, Lieutenant. You have used. Sasha Fu also said so.

- Lin-jie just used me ...

Looking at the mumbling voice shocked Lily Liu, Marie frowned. She felt inconsolable anger toward the
new Soviet Union and Yiyi Lin, who used this child as a pawn in this war, as well as the Great Asian
Alliance, making it the Strategic wizard class.

- We interrogate subordinate Lieutenant Lin. You can not contact them until you determine exactly what is
among them lies another spy NSS.

- Please wait!

Instead Lily Liu spoke Masaki.

- Lieutenant Liu - a fourteen-year child. Separating it in a foreign country from their compatriots - it
somehow ... you've already learned, who is a spy, interrogation of the agent by the name of Sasha Fu? So,
no longer need to keep them in isolation!

- Masaki-san ...?

Lily Liu stunned to face Masaki called by name.

This objection Masaki was for her totally unexpected.

This is because he wanted to take her to his home. This, he said that it should be separated from "Lin-jie".
These thoughts swirled in my head right now Lily Liu.

- Sasha Fu was known only about one spy - Lin lieutenant.

- Then ...!

Looking to improve the tone of Masaki, Marie sighed slightly.

- Ichijo-kun. I can understand your reasons. But this necessary action. You of all people should understand

- ...
Masaki and Marie were not personally familiar. Although they were from different schools, but they knew
that they were each other sempai and Koch in a system called "high schools of magic."

Marie spoke not as a war but as Sempai. And her words were enough to cool the head Masaki.

- Fortunately, Lieutenant Liu is fluent in Japanese. I want you guys pobyli her companions. ... Okay,
Lieutenant Liu, this I say goodbye to you.

Marie Lily Liu saluted and left.

- Lei-chan ...

Akane turned to the last stand dejectedly Lily Liu.

- In any case, let's sit down?

Lily Liu did not pull his hand out of his hands Akane.

Fourteen girls sat side by side on the sofa triple.

But Akane did not know what to say next. Adults around too, did not know how to comfort her.

Those who spoke to Lily Liu, Masaki was.

- Lieutenant Liu, I do not think Lieutenant Lin betrayed you.

- Masaki-san?

- Nii-san?

Lily Liu and Akane both raised their heads.

Masaki could not waver from these kinds of confused kids, with the hope of looking at it. But he
encouraged himself and went prepared just before it.

- Less than a week since we first met, but I have repeatedly quarreled with Lieutenant Lin. We have until
the end and could not come with her to a consensus. She and I could not understand each other.

Masaki briefly stopped and held his breath.

- But the only thing I knew for sure, that's what Lieutenant Lin really worried about Lieutenant Liu.

Not only Lily Liu, but even Akane's eyes widened.

- Maybe Lieutenant Lin was a spy for the NSS. Maybe Lieutenant Liu escape and was part of the NSS
strategy. But...

Masaki overcame embarrassment and looked straight into the eyes of Lily Liu.
- Using escape in Japan, it is protected from Lt. Liu and HCC and of BAA. It is an indisputable fact.

- Oh ...

Faint sigh came from the mouth of Liu Lily.

- Also, sabotage, planned Ganhu Lou, was prevented in advance precisely because Lieutenant Lin climbed
from the base. ... I do not know what it planned to do there. But if you look only at the results, it turns out
that Lieutenant Lin protect you, Lieutenant Liu, with his life.

- Ooh ...

Sounds made by Lily Liu, foreshadowed what she was going to cry.

Masaki hastily decided to cut the remaining part of the planned speech.

- It may seem pointless argument about a fait accompli, but it seems to me that it would be better to think
so, right?

- Yes Yes...

Liu Lily covered her face with her hands and wept.

Akane put her arms around her shoulders and with reproach in his eyes looked at Masaki.

Masaki eyes told her "you're on itself" and briskly ran away from the lobby.

In Akane's eyes followed him retreating back a look, do not read the message "you are useless".

On the contrary, her eyes were warm, and said: "nothing can be done with you."


- What other Tiger-eater! It is useless! - Minoru shouted in exasperation.

At this point, he even forgot that under the same roof with him is Minami. If soundproof his office-
bedroom was not ideal, he would certainly have aroused suspicion in Minami.

- He failed to win me time!

Shouted Minoru calmed down a bit.

He helped Lou Ganhu sneak into the country so that during the turmoil caused by the murder of Lily Liu,
move out of the mansion, the location of which is already known in another shelter. And not to miss the
window of opportunity, it is almost real-time tracking of movement Lou Ganhu through the network,
prepared by Zhou Gongjing District for the secret labor of the Great Asian Alliance.
When entering the country, Lu Ganhu and driven them subversive detachment hid in a secluded place in
the mountains near the city of Matsue. From there, they have successfully penetrated into the city of
Komatsu. However, Lu Ganhu was killed on the second day after the entry into the country and on the
same day, when he got to the city of Komatsu. He did not earn a single day time to Minoru.

Lou Ganhu was killed Tiboy Naotsugu - a member of a shock infantry platoon, recently sent back. It was
passed on the information Minoru shock infantry platoon that Lou Ganhu entered the country. He did it
because he was concerned that the killing of Liu Lily can pass unhindered, and will not cause severe

We can say that it was very minor and caused this change by which events so accelerated. So he was just
too annoyed. He knew it was his fault, but still angry about the lack of forces Lu Ganhu greater than

- We need to calm down.

Irritably who walked in circles around the room Minoru sat in a chair with a high back, and said to

- Anger does not help here. Instead, you need to think what to do next.

It was necessary to leave this haven. This decision Minoru already taken.

"And maybe I'm overestimating Tatsuyu-san?"

Minoru asked this question myself not aloud but in his mind.

"No, Tatsuya-san will soon find it a refuge."

"Maybe even tomorrow."

"At first I just thought that someday I would have to leave here."

"But the location of the shelter, though not found exactly, but in general has already been defined."

"And he knows about it, not only Tatsuya-san. Ten main clans are also aware. And the Self-Defense
Forces are also aware."

"This whole area is under constant surveillance."

"We are now under the protection of" Kimon thin "... or rather," sekihan Hatidzina. ""

"But if you go beyond the barrier, we get caught, even if I employ" Parade "in full force."

"Perhaps this is too pessimistic thinking, but ..."

"But it would be better to think that Tatsuya-san has got their hands on a hint to help overcome the"
Parade "."

Minoru briefly interrupted his mental monologue and thought deeply.

"... All the same, I alone will be difficult. I need some helpers from the outside."

"In that case, how about help from me / us?"

This thought did not belong to Minoru.

She came from the area of general consciousness of the parasite.


"Minoru, you do not look like himself. Even disabled mental barrier."

"Damn," - Minoru thought, then immediately hid the other emotions in an instant restored ego barrier.

"Since you have heard it, then nothing can be done."

He replied to Raymond through the partially liberated realm of consciousness.

"I'm aware of the situation. Yes, just in case, I'm sorry, but I have not read your thoughts. I have my own
way of gathering information."

"Hlidskjalf?" - Minoru thought protected part of the consciousness. About hlidskjalf he knew in general
terms, through the knowledge of Zhou Gongjing District.

"We are now standing at anchor in the Bay of Sagami."

"You used the Independence as a cover?"


Joining USNA aircraft carrier "Independence" to the war took place in an unnatural time. One of the
objectives of this assistance has been to Raymond and the rest of the penetration in the Japanese coastal

"Infiltrated not only we are alone. The American subversive detachment Illegal MAP has already
penetrated in Tokyo."

"Illegal MAP ... illegal squad of assassins, mages from USNA army?"

"And you're well aware. Well, officially they do not belong to the army ..."

"Officially - not, presumably - yes, is not it?"

"You could say that."

The Minoru thought sounded laughter Raymond.

"Okay ... One of Illegal MAP units called head of a horse, starts his mission - Tatsui murder."
"Murder Tatsui-san? I do not think they will succeed."

This denial Minoru was said for a reason, and based on his real opinion. And his idea was not that "Only I
can kill Tatsuyu". In fact, he believed that "Tatsuyu no one can kill." The thought arose in his mind,
without any doubt.

"Yeah. I / we do, too."

Raymond still continued occasionally to laugh.

"But Illegal MAP are not so incapable. At least, they should be able to cause turmoil better than Lou

When he said that, Minoru understood the intention of Raymond.

"You're asking me to use the turmoil to get out of here?"

"That's right. If doberoshsya to Yokosuka, we will help you escape from Japan. Of course, along with
your girlfriend."

Minoru could not give an immediate answer, because the thought of Minami.

Minami take away with them from Japan. Minoru so far not thought through.

"What do you say?"

But when he was asked again, he said:

"Raymond, I gratefully accept your help."


At the dinner, Tatsuya and Miyuki sat at the table no longer together. Now they add a third person - Lina.

Yesterday they also had three. Miyuki invited them settled near Lina under the pretext of "so be it, until it
gets used and not master here."

Home cooking Miyuki today was magnificent.

Lina was shocked by this fact. It is not clear whether it was clear to herself, but it was easy to understand
what she was thinking when the tray fork to his mouth, tried, and said "oh ... as delicious."

"If you want, ask Miyuki teach you to cook. But I hope you do not say that you will cook dinner tomorrow
to compete with Miyuki ..."

Such secret thoughts arise now Tatsui.

Up videophone sounded immediately after Tatsuya finished eating without giving Lina understand what
he thought of such impolite and rude things.

Tatsuya stopped has not ended there Miyuki, he went into the living room and took the call there.

With a man appeared on the screen, he never spoke directly but knew his name and his face, who saw in
his personal file.

- Shiba-dono, I'm sorry for disturbing you at this time.

- Pleased to meet you. Chapter-dono Fudzibayasi family, I suppose?

- Right. is a great honor for me that you know about me.

Interlocutor at the other end of the link was Fudzibayasi Nagamasa, head of the family Fudzibayasi, a
certain kind of ancient magic of wizards.

- Your daughter helps me constantly.

- No, on the contrary, I should apologize for that Kyoko constantly challenges you the most impossible

If existing Tatsui data is correct, then Fudzibayasi Nagamasa about 55 years. He's older than Tatsui father.
Although it was clearly difficult to talk politely, but it was impossible to say that in his words there is no

- I am truly sorry that the member of the family will bring you so much trouble.

- No, I do not think that Fudzibayasi family is responsible for it.

- Thank you for saying so, but even if we have with him no blood relation, he's still my nephew. Nephew
of the head of the family - a family member. We can not be indifferent to it. I, as the head of Fudzibayasi
family want his trial was to our internal family affair. Kudo family permission has already been obtained.

- Family Kudo agree to this?

This news was too sudden for Tatsui. Minoru Kudo was the son of the current head of the family and the
murderer of the previous chapter. Kudo family has entrusted the Ten main clans get rid of Minoru.
Tatsuya thought that in fact they do not want others to interfere in it.

- But I also heard that Shiba-dono is also going to take part in its pacification.

- The case began with a conflict between me and Minoru. So I think that has to complete this deal with
your own hands.

Tatsuya gave a clear answer, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

He believed that in this case can not stand aside.

- I respect your opinion as a concerned person. In this regard, we need to coordinate our schedules
restraint Minoru Kudo. The day after tomorrow, Saturday 13 July, I'm going to go to sea Aokigahara trees
to attack Minoru Kudo. You arrange it, Shiba-dono?

- The day after tomorrow?

Tatsuya did not answer immediately, because he considered that the analysis of "Parade" and "Sekihey
Hatidzin" it will take more time. But the truth was also that Minami should rescue as soon as possible,
despite the fact that he could determine its current status.

- I agree. I'll go with you.

- Thank. Then, place and time of the meeting to choose you, Shiba-dono.

- Got you. Later I will give it through your daughter.

- As you will be comfortable. So, see you on the appointed day.

Fudzibayasi Nagamasa bowed deeply and completed the session.

Tatsuya again strained by this thing moving too fast, exceeding his expectations.


- Makoto-dono, I still did the right thing?

After completing the phone call, Fudzibayasi Nagamasa turned to sitting quietly outside of the camera
Makoto Kudo, Kudo, the head of a family, and his father Minoru Kudo.

- Yes, it will come down. Nagamasa, thanks for doing this.

- As I said earlier Shibe-dono, even between us and there is no blood relationship, but Minoru - my
nephew, my family member. I can not ignore this problem.

Makoto Kudo nodded Fudzibayasi Nagamasa in response.

In this half black slaboosveschonnoy room came the grim, dark silence.

(Continued in the volume of "Pursuit (Part 2)")


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The "secret weapon" can be opposed to, for example, the table games, where all available resources are
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