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Professional Forum

I. What are the different engineering

fields/installations that would require signing
and sealing of PECE’S?

1. National Building Code and its IRR

2. Due diligence reports
II. What are the different standards and codes
that a PECE/ECE/ECT should have learned? And
what seminars must they attend to in order to
gain expertise on the above.

1. National Building Code

2. Revised Fire Code of the Philippines of
2008 and its IRR
3. NFPA 72 (Fire alarm and Signalling code)
4. NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code)
6. Electronics Code of the Philippines
III. Government Agencies expected to require
PECE to sign and seal.

1. Office of the Building Official

• Municipal
2. Bureau of Fire Protection
• Fire and Life Safety Systems
3. National Telecommunications Commission
IV. Two phases of signing and sealing. (Before
installation, after installation) Are we supposed
to sign both at once?

Design Phases
1. Schematic Design Phase
2. Detailed Design Phase
3. For Construction (Required)
4. As-Builts (Required)
V. What do we look for in the plans submitted to
us/to be submitted to the OBO?

1. Floor Plan Layout

2. Riser/Schematics System
3. System Specifications
VI. What should we require from the client?

Anything/Everything that needs to be built

should have a, Design Criteria/Guideline
VII. What do we look at in the premises where
installation was done?

1. Design implementation (Layout)

2. Testing and Commissioning
VIII. What are we supposed to do if there are
changes in the plan?

1. Issue For Construction

2. As-Built Drawings
IX. PROPOSED FEES (continued)


A. ELECTRONICS SERVICES Building Construction Minimum Rate Additional

1. Sign and Seal of Electronics Plan (up to 2nd floor only ) 3000
2. Design, Sign and Seal of Building Electronics (up to 3rd floor only) 6000

3. Sign and Seal of Internet Café's Electronics Plan (maximum of 10units) 1500100/unit
4. Consultancy project cost 10% to 15%
Minimum Acceptance Fee 5000
Per visit charge 1500

Alternate Billing for End Users (Commercial, Industrial & Residential)

Description Minimum Amount Add'l node/outlet

1. Voice, Facsimile, Cable TV, Analog CCTV, Pipe in Music 1 to 10 nodes 2500 30
Data (PC, IP-CAM, Wire Routers, Wireless Routers)
2. Fire Alarm System 1 to 10 smoke 2500 30
3. Queuing Machine / Electronics Signage per display 1500 1000
4. ATM Machines 1 to 10 2500 250
B. Broadcast and Telecommunications Facility

1. Sign and Seal of Cellular Site 6000

2. Sign and Seal of Outside Plant Design 1 cabinet 30002000 / cabinet
3. Retainership AM, FM Broadcasting and Cable TV per month 3000
4. Sign and Seal of Technical Design for:
a) AM, FM and TV Broadcasting Station per setup/ location 20000
b)CATV Operation per setup/ location 20000
c) TELCO per setup/ location 20000
d) Internet Service Provider per setup/ location 20000
10. Per visit charge 1500
C. Industrial Control Main Control Branch Control
1. Set up of Automation and Controls per setup/ location 10000 5000
D. NTC Requirements Amount

1. Preparation, Sign and Seal of Network Diagram / Lay-out for Radio Base stations
and other related Wireless Stations per layout 1800
2. Preparation, Sign and Seal of Technical Plan per location 4000
3. NTC permit that needs PECE signature per permit 3000
IX. PROPOSED FEES (continued…)
X. Ethics in Practrice

1. Is it ok to sign, somebody else’s design?

2. ECE’s are ALWAYS under the supervision
of PECE’s in practice, regardless of age
or even experience.
3. Individual designs are Intellectual
Property rights.

Raymond C. Medina, PECE