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Healthy lifestyle ‫أسلوب الحياة الصحي‬ Healthy Food

Health is a blessing from Allah so we should care for it to protect ourselves from illnesses. There are many ways
to keep our health. In this essay, I will describe healthy lifestyle like healthy food.

Healthy food is very important to our health. In fact, some American experts made a healthy diet in the shape of a
pyramid that has different groups of food. The largest group of food is at the bottom of the pyramid. It contains food
from plants such as fruits, vegetables, bread and nuts. We should eat more of these foods. The second group contains
fish and seafood. We should it twice a week because it includes important oils which are good for developing our brain.
The third group contains eggs and dairy products such as milk, cheese and chicken. They are important source of
calcium. The smallest group at the top of the pyramid contains red meat and sugary sweets because they’re unhealthy.
In fact, eating too much red meat can lead to cancer and sugary sweets can lead to overweight.

Besides, we should follow healthy habits. For example, we should play sports and do exercises because they keep
us fit and healthy. Also, we should eat breakfast everyday because it gives us energy for the rest of the day. In addition,
we should drink much water and we shouldn’t drink too much Pepsi because it is bad for our health.

To sum up, we should eat healthy food, play sports and follow good habits to have good health. We should
remember that,’’ Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away’’ and that ‘’ Protection is better than cure.’’

Tourism in the U.A.E. Industry in the UAE ‫السياحة في االمارات أو إحدي الصناعات في اإلمارات‬

Tourism is a major industry in the UAE. In fact, the UAE has many wonderful buildings and beautiful landscapes
that attract tourists from all over the world.
There are many wonderful buildings in the UAE. For example, tourists can watch Khalifa Tower which is the tallest
building in the world. Also, they can visit palm - tree island which is the largest man-made island in the world. Besides,
they can visit Louvre Abu Dhabi and enjoy its wonderful paintings.
Tourists can do a lot of activities in the U.A.E. For example, they can camp in the desert, ride camels on the golden sand
dune , do desert safari , do water sports like diving and do shopping in famous malls . Moreover, they canenjoy
different festivals in UAE like Camel racing and Dubai shopping festival.
Tourism is very important for Emirati people. It can create many job chances for them. Also, it can bring money for
Emirati people. In fact, many tourists visit the UAE every year from France, US, UK, China and India.

To sum up, the U.A.E is rich in natural landscapes, beautiful places and annual festivals. Therefore, I advise
tourists from all over the world to visit it.

Life in the UAE then & now ( Before and after union) )‫الحياة في االمارات في الماضي والحاضر (قبل وبعد االتحاد‬

Emirati life has changed a lot since the Emirati union in 1971. The U.A.E has changed from a desert country to a
modern country.

Before the union, life in the UAE was very difficult. Emirati people had few jobs. They worked in farming, pearl
diving, fishing, trade and keeping animals like camels and sheep. They traveled by camels, horses and boats. They lived
in tents and Arish houses. They went to Mutawa to learn Arabic, Math and the holy Quran. They used herbs to cure their

After the union life in the UAE has become very comfortable. Emirati people have a lot of jobs. They can work as
businessmen, policemen, managers and engineers. Also, they can travel by cars, buses, planes and trains. They live in
modern houses and villas. Also, they can learn many subjects in modern schools and universities. In addition, they have
modern hospitals to cure their diseases.

To sum up, the UAE has become a modern country thanks to the Union. However, Emirati people still love their
traditions. They remember the saying of Sheikh Zayed,'' A nation without a past is a nation without a present or a
Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed was one of the greatest leaders in the world. He did many good things in the UAE and all over the
First, Sheikh Zayed made the union of the U.A.E. in 1971. He turned the small seven emirates into a modern country.
After the union, Emirati people have modern houses, villas, school, colleges, universities, parks and hospitals.

Besides, Sheikh Zayed was helped the poor and the needy people all over the world. He gave them food, clothes,
medicine and money. Also, he built houses, schools and hospitals for them.

In addition, Sheikh Zayed cared for the wildlife. He said, “Man has to be kind towards animals and plants.”
Therefore, he issued some laws to protect the environment and the wildlife. For example, he banned hunting some birds
like Houbara. Also, he banned cutting down trees or burning them. Besides, he started a recycling program to keep the
environment clean.

To sum up, Sheikh Zayed did many great things for Emirati people and for people worldwide. Therefore, Emirati
people shouldn’t forget the good deeds of Sheikh zayed and they should work hard to develop the UAE.

Airports and seaports ‫المطارات والموانئ البحرية‬

Airports and seaports are very important for transport and trade. In fact, the UAE has many modern airports
and seaports. One of these airports is Dubai airport.

Dubai Airport is an international airport. Many international airlines use it for transit or for transporting travelers to their
destinations. It is the main airport for many airlines in the UAE such as Emirates and Flydubai. In 2015, more than 78
million travelers visited it. In Dubai Airport, travelers can eat in restaurants, relax in a Zen garden, enjoy shopping at
duty-free-shop and buy perfumes and gifts for their friends and families.

Airports and seaports can increase trade in the UAE by transporting goods between the UAE and other countries. Also,
they help Emirati businesspeople to travel easily to other countries. Besides, they help tourists and foreign
businesspeople to visit the UAE.

Fast Food ( Easy preparation of food) )‫الطعام السريع ( التحضير السهل لألكل‬

Nowadays, we live in the age of modern technology so everything around us goes fast. Also, food can be
prepared very fast by modern technology. Is fast food good or bad for us? In this essay, I will describe the positive and
the negative effects of fast food.

First, There are many famous fast food restaurants all over the world such as Burger king which offers tasty
burgers and Pizza Hut which offers delicious. These restaurants serve tasty foods which has special flavor. Also, fast food
can save time and effort. As we live in a fast world, it is better for people especially working women to have a ready
meal instead of spending much time in cooking foods at home.

On the other hand, fast foods have a lot of health risks. First, because fast food is high in calories and fat, it leads
to overweight and other illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Besides, fast foods may be
unhealthy. For example, the ingredients that are used in making fast foods may not be fresh. Also, the workers, who
work in fast food restaurants, may not be clean.

To conclude, fast foods have become very popular all over the world because of its delicious taste and easy
preparation. However, it leads to many health problems. Therefore, it is important for people to reduce eating fast
foods to have good health. People should remember the saying,’’ Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away’’.

Mr. Sherif