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haelsivem is a unique world on the Prime

A Plethora of Material Plane that is rebuilding itself after a

time of horrible destruction. During the Epoch

Plausibly of Bloodshed the sky became a swirl of red and

black, as rifts tore asunder allowing agents of
chaos and evil to spill forth and subjugate the
Profitable masses. The deities were absent and silent during this time
(and have never commented on the horror since), but folk

Provisions from heroes rose up to defend their homes, their peoples, and their
lands. These Righteous Many have since ascended to a
semblance of godhood. The Epoch of Bloodshed ended as
Phaelsivem instantaneously as it began, with a blinding light enveloping
Phaelsivem's surface for a week, after which the invading
forces were seemingly banished, leaving behind fetid pools of
black ichor that seem to attract (or even spawn) evil creatures
seeking to destroy life. It is now the year 437 PEB (post
Epoch of Bloodshed), and the implements of the Righteous
Many are sought after by warriors and mages seeking to arm
themselves. The people of Phaelsivem have returned to a
sense of normalcy, with militaristic tensions being assuaged
in the last 200 years. However, the world's elite are aware of
whispers that another time of terror may be on the cusp of
emerging, as the barriers between the Material Realm and
the planes of elemental power seem to be weakening.

Armaments of the
Righteous Many
The Righteous Many are celebrated in modern Phaelsivem as
demigods and folk heroes. The Armaments of the Righteous
Many are truly unique items - only one of each exists.

Arachnid Bow of Ardul the

Weapon (longbow), requires attunement
A darkwood bow with tiny bristles that grab into its
wielders hands, this longbow belonged to Ardul the
Righteous, a drow assassin who worked with a band of
dwarves to protect their peoples during the Epoch of
Bloodshed. The bowstring is comprised of spider silk and
comes out of spinnerets at the ends of the bow's limbs.
Spiderlike Mobility (Recharge 6). As a bonus action, you
can speak the bow's command word and fire a bow at a point
on a vertical surface within 100'. When you do so, spider silk
extends from the bowstring attached to the arrow. Once the
arrow strikes, you can then attach the silk to a surface near
within 5' of you. You can move along this silk at your full
movement speed. The silk line remains for 1 minute or until
it is attacked with a weapon or dealt fire damage (AC 15, 5 hit
points, automatically fails a Dexterity saving throw),
whichever happens first.
Wrath of the Spider. The Arachnid Bow has 3 charges,
which renew each night at midnight. You can spend 1 charge
to cast the following spells: Ensnaring Strike (DC 13) or Ray
of Sickness (roll an ranged weapon attack with the bow
rather than a ranged spell attack) at 1st-level.
While attuned to and wielding this bow, you can speak to
and understand spiders. Additionally, ou cannot be forced to
drop this magical weapon.

Arcane Rod of Emekurius's

Wondrous item, requires attunement by a spellcaster
Dragonborn descended from red dragons are known for
their fiery tempers; Emekurius was no different, and his
draconic bloodline fueled his sorcerous powers. He crafted
this arcane rod to help him overcome any foes that would
dare to stand before him. It is roughly 3" in diameter and is
made of obsidian with a red dragon etched in relief spiraling
the length of the rod. The dragon appears to glow as if a fire
burns within the rod, which is warm to the touch.
Authkine's Mantle of Goring
Wondrous item, requires attunement
A studded leather shoulder guard with an impressive
minotaur horn fastened to it. The horn is perpetually
bloodstained and dripping with blood. Authkine was the
leader of a roving band of goliath barbarians that reveled in
the carnage during the Epoch of Bloodshed.
Charge of the Minotaur. You gain the Charger feat with
the following modifications:

If you choose to make a melee attack, the bonus damage

becomes 1d8+5 piercing damage.
Instead of pushing the target, you can attempt to grapple
that creature if it is size large or smaller (maximum one
size larger than you are) by impaling it on the horn. You
deal 5 piercing damage as part of this grapple if you

Beware the Horn. If an enemy's attack fails, they may

open themselves up to the dangers of the minotaur's horn. If
another creature misses you with a melee attack within 5' of
you, you can immediately use your reaction to deal 5 piercing
damage to that creature.
Damage done with this wondrous item is considered
magical for the purposes of overcoming immunities.

Blade of the Arcanist, Ilhashan

Weapon (scimitar), requires attunement by a spellcaster
A fine silver blade with intricate runes and glyphs carved
into it, the Blade of the Arcansit Ilhashan was designed
specifically for the art of bladesinging. Ilhashan was a half-elf
bladesinger that resided in kingdom in Frixehs during the
Epoch of Bloodshed; though the kingdom no longer exists,
stories of Ilhashan's exploits are well-known throughout that
Arcane focus
Arcane Empowerment. As a bonus action, you can
expend a spell slot to imbue your sword with arcane power.
The Blad eof the Arcanist deals an addition nd4 elemental
damage (fire, cold or lightning, chosen when the spell slot is
expended) where n is the level of the spell slot expended. You
can only have one such empowerment active at a time. The
effect lasts for 1 hour. If you expend a spell slot of 4th level or
higher for this feature, the Blade of the Arcanist also gains a
+1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Blink, Aegis of the Moment

Armor (shield)
Designed by an archmage tired of being vulnerable to
melee combat, this fine metal buckler glows faintly blue when
touched - striking it produces a brief flash of light.
Blink and You'll Miss Me. When you are hit with a
weapon or spell attack while wielding this shield, you can
immediately use your reaction to activate this magic item.
When you do so, you take no damage from the attack, and
you disappear in a flash of light, only to reappear in an
unoccupied within 5 feet of the spot from which you
disappeared at the start of your next turn. While you have
disappeared you are incapacitated but cannot be targeted or
take damage from any source. The shield can be used this
way once per short or long rest.
Spellcaster's THE RIGHTEOUS
Friend. MANY
A spellcaster can attune to this item
to overcome a lack of proficiency with shields, receiving a +1
bonus to AC rather than the normal +2 bonus to AC from a
shield. Additionally, if you cast the Blink spell on yourself
while attuned to and wielding this shield, you may roll to
vanish with advantage if you choose.

Bow of the Prized Quarry

Weapon (longbow), requires attunement by a ranger
Darcassan's Blade Bow
Weapon (longbow), requires attunement
Darcassan was an elite elven archer, a former captain in
the army of Hyhe Esari. This bow was especially made for the
elite ranger guard, allowing them to handle combat in melee
should their foes ever close in on them. It features Sylvan
script on the inside of the bow, and the bowstring is cold to
the touch.
Icy Infusion. Darcassan's Blade Bow imbues arrows fired
using it with cold energy, making these attacks magical and
dealing an additional 1d4 cold damage.
Always Ready. As a bonus action, you can speak the bow's
command word and it will transform into a rapier with which
you are proficient. You can repeat the command word as a
bonus action on your turn to transform the rapier back into a
Elegant Design. While in rapier form, Darcassan's Blade
Bow functions as +1 weapon, conferring a +1 bonus to attack
rolls and to damage.

Defiance, Bane of Darkness

Armor (shield), requires attunement
Defiance, Bane of Darkness is a gleaming silver kite shield
with the image of a crown emblazoned across its front. This
shield belonged to a great knight centuries ago - possibly one
of The Righteous Many - yet strikes against it leave no marks,
and the shield shows no signs of tarnish, belying its age.
Gleaming Defense. Defiance, Bane of Darkness gains
benefits if light-shedding spells are cast on it as follows (these
bonuses cannot stack with one another):

While the Light spell is cast on Defiance, it gains an

additional +1 bonus to AC (for a total of +3 to AC).
While the Daylight spell is cast on Defiance, it gains an
additional +2 bonus to AC (for a total of +4 to AC).

Defiant Retaliation. If you block a melee attack that would

have hit against your AC without Defiance's bonus to your AC
(+2, +3, or +4), you may immediately use your reaction to
make a single melee weapon attack with advantage against
the creature that attacked you.

Dr. Zharvakko's Staff of Voodoo

Wondrous item, requires attunement by a spellcaster
Zharvakko began his career as a diviner and "mystical
healer" in a land far away from civilization. Eventually, the
tendrils of a nearby kingdom found Zharvakko's people, and
he learned of the vast magical powers that he had yet to
discover. Zharvakko was a voracious student, but his
unethical uses of magic made him an outcast in the
wizarding community - at least until the Epoch of Bloodshed
eliminated the importance of concepts like outcasts and,
honestly, society.
Arcane focus
Malediction. You place a harmful curse on a foe; you can
use this curse once per long rest. Choose a target within 60
feet of you. For the next minute, each time that creature takes
damage, roll a d20.

On a 1-10, the curse ends.

On an 11-15, the target takes additional damage equal to half
of the damage it just suffered. ARMAMENTS OF THE RIGHTEOUS MANY
On a 16-20, the target takes additional damage equal to the
full amount of the damage it just suffered.
Read the Omens. Once per week, you can cast the Augury
spell without consuming any material components or
expending a spell slot. In doing so you consult the spirits of
the land local to where you are.

Dragonbreath, Quickblade of
Helm of the Undaunted Warrior
Wondrous item, requires attunement
An artifact that perhaps predates the Epoch of Bloodshed,
the Helm of the Undaunted Warrior was certainly borne by at
least one of The Righteous Many in the fights against chaos
and evil. It is made of adamantine and encases the wearer's
entire face and head - without even so much as slits for the
Unflinching in Battle. While attuned to and donning this
helm, you gain the following boons:

You have truesight to a range of 60 feet that works

through the Helm.
You are immune to fear and charm effects.
You gain the benefits of the Sentinel feat.
Once per long rest, you may cast Crusader's Mantle on
yourself; you do not need to maintain concentration. While
this spell is active, the Helm of the Undaunted Warrior
emits an aura of radiant light appropriate to the spell (30-
foot radius).

Jah'rakai, Handaxes of Fervor

Weapons (handaxes), require attunement (can only attune to
the pair if you are in possession of both handaxes, takes only
one attunement slot)
Once the personal armaments of an orc warlord that aided
a village of gnomes escape destruction during the Epoch of
Bloodshed, Jah'rakai is the name of a pair of handaxes that
feed off of battle. Each axe blade has a series of small glyphs
near the hilt.
Berserker's Rage. When used in melee combat, these
magical weapons deal 1d8+ your Strength or Dexterity
modifier slashing damage.
Fervor. If you focus your attacks on a single creature and
successfully hit that target three consecutive times with
Jah'rakai, the glyphs on the blades of the handaxes begin to
glow and each becomes +3 to hit against that creature and
deals an additional 1d4 slashing damage. These properties
remain for 1 minute or until you change targets (whichever
happens first), at which point the handaxes reset.
Returning. Immediately after you make a thrown attack
with either of these handaxes, the weapon flies back to your

Mask of Angelic Impressions

Wondrous item, requires attunement by a creature of lawful
good alignment
An elegant silver mask that evokes the feeling of an angelic
presence within those that gaze upon its wearer. This mask
does not have a strap and seems to adhere to the face of
whoever wears it, though it can be removed without issue. It
was used during the Epoch of Bloodshed to represent the
gods that were absent.
Angelic Presence. While attuned to the mask of Avacyn,
you gain the following boons:

You can speak, read, and understand Celestial.

Once per dawn when you are forced to make a saving
throw against a spell or spell-like effect, you may gain
advantage on that saving throw before making your roll.
Once per dawn, you may cast the spell Shield of Faith (but
only on yourself)
ARMAMENTS OF THEwithout expending
RIGHTEOUS MANYa spell slot. You must
maintain concentration on this effect as per normally
casting the spell.

Outcast Blade, Relic of the Vigil

Weapon (greatsword), requires attunement
The Outcast Blade was the prized artifact of the Vigial
Knights, a group of warriors sworn to protect order across
Stormfury, Pledge of the
Weapon (morningstar), requires attunement by a paladin
The absence of the gods during the Epoch of Bloodshed
perhaps hurt the paladins and clerics that had sworn their
allegiance to these highest powers the most. Still, these holy
warriors continued to fight, taking up a pledge to protect the
forgotten peoples of Phaelsivem.
This magical weapon deals an additional 1d4 lightning
Storm's Fury. If you are fighting outside in stormy
conditions and strike a critical hit, a lightning bolt strikes
your opponent, dealing 3d10 lightning damage (this damage
is not doubled).
Paralytic Smite. Once per long rest when you use your
Divine Smite feature, the target must make a Constitution
saving throw against your spellcasting save DC. On a failure,
the victim becomes paralyzed for a number of rounds equal
to the spell slot expended for the smite. The paralyzed
creature can make a Constitution saving throw at the end of
each of its turn to attempt to overcome the paralysis.

Sunder, Bauble of Storms

Weapon (flail), requires attunement
This flail has a handle made of driftwood with a small
anchor attached to it by a chain. The anchor and chain are
perpetually coated in damp moss and pieces of seaweed.
Sages are unsure to whom Sunder belonged, but he or she is
believed to have been a protector of islands in the Worlis
Archipelago at the center of the Seilidun Ocean.
Native to the Sea. Sunder is a magical weapon that grants
a +1 bonus to hit and damage against creatures native to a
marine environment. Additionally, attacks made in or
underwater are not made at disadvantage.
Sunder, Bauble of Storms has five charges which renew
each day at dawn. You can use the charges in the following

You can spend one charge as a bonus action on your turn

to gain 15' reach on melee attacks with Sunder as the
chain extends to increase the weapon's threat range.
You can spend one charge immediately after a successful
hit with Sunder, Bauble of Storms to rebound the anchor
off of the target in an attempt to hit another target within
reach (roll a new attack roll at a -1 penalty versus the new
target's AC). This can be done only once per turn.

Swiftblade, Feller of Tyrants

Weapon (longsword), requires attunement
Swiftblade may be a longsword, but it handles as if it were
weighted like a rapier. The end of the hilt features an
impressive diamond, and this longsword has a mithril
scabbard that is beautifully crafted - almost appearing like an
ornamental weapon.
Lighter Than a Feather. Whenever you make an attack
with Swiftblade, the sword blade whistles as it cuts through
the air. This longsword has the Finesse property when
wielded with one hand.
Faster Than the Eye Can See. Once per long rest, you
can have activate Swiftblade to gain the benefits of the Haste
spell for yourself. This effect lasts for up to 10 rounds (you
can dismiss it early as a free action if you choose). Whenever 5
this effect ends, you cannot take an action, bonus action, or
move on your next turn. This effect cannot stack with any
other Haste spell effects.
Swift Reactions. Once per day when you are subjected to
an effect that causes you to make a Dexterity saving throw,
you may choose to make that roll with advantage. This
feature recharges at dawn.
Damage done with this weapon is considered magical for
The Cleaver of Thraben, the
Weapon (handaxe), requires attunement
During the Epoch of Bloodshed, anything with a blade
became a weapon - even a simple kitchen implement.
Thraben, the Butcher is a storied member of The Righteous
Many that went from personal chef to the royal court of the
Citadel of Oakbury to the personal guard of Queen Epser
when she was forced to retreat into the city's underground
tunnels during the Epoch of Bloodshed. Thraben is said to
have gone a bit insane with bloodthirst.
This magical weapon has +1 bonus to attack rolls and
Bloodthirst. As a bonus action immediately following a
successful attack with The Cleaver of Thraben, the Butcher,
you can choose to lick the blade to drink your foe's blood. Roll
a d6.

1: You are cannot handle the toxic quality of your foe's blood.
Roll a Constitution saving throw (DC 15). On a failure, you
suffer an effect appropriate to the foe as determined by
your DM.
2: Nothing happens.
3: Your eyes brighten with bloodthirst. On your next turn, you
must take the Attack action against whoever's blood you
drank, and you gain one additional attack.
4: You cut your tongue, and the taste of your own blood
immediately drives you into a Rage as a level 1 barbarian
that you cannot willingly dismiss.
5: Thraben's insanity overtakes you. Roll a Wisdom saving
throw (DC 15). On a failure, you suffer the effects of the
spell Tasha's Hideous Laughter.
6: You regain hit points equal to half of the damage (rounded
down) that you just dealt with The Cleaver of Thraben, the

Tresdin, Glaive of the Bronze

Weapon (glaive), requires attunement
The city of Stonewall was the site of one of the first abyssal
rifts that opened during the Epoch of Bloodshed. Tresdin was
actually the name of the last legionnaire standing at the end
of the battle, and she fought valiantly with this glaive at hand.
Her name and spirit carry on, embodied in the might of this
special weapon.
Commander's Challenge. You challenge an opponent to a
fight to the death. Twice per short or long rest, you can cast
the Compelled Duel spell at 1st-level (DC 15, concentration
required) without expending a spell slot. If the target fails its
saving throw and you kill your foe before the duel ends, the
glaive gains one charge. There are no limits to the number of
charges Tresdin can gain.
Overcome the Odds. You can spend charges gained from
the Commander's Challenge feature in the following ways:

1 charge - As a bonus action, you can spend one charge to

gain combat power. Tresdin deals an additional 1d4 radiant
damage for 1 minute.
2 charges - As a bonus action, you can cast the Conjure
Barrage spell without expending a spell slot or consuming
a material component (treat the material as an arrow).
6 Twilight Acrimony, Champion of
the Everlasting Night
Weapon (kama), requires attunement
Forged during the height of the Epoch of Bloodshed for a
powerful rogue, this kama has a vicious obsidian blade that
does not glint in the presence of light; darkness and shadows
seem to almost bleed towards and seep into its keen edge.
Pierce the Mind. This magical weapon has the finesse
Volarath's Bullwhip of
Weapon (whip), requires attunement
A long leather whip with a bronze cap and guard to its
handle; the end of Volarath's Bullwhip of Control has golden
This magical weapon deals 1d6+ your Strength or
Dexterity slashing damage.
To Strike a Creature is to Know a Creature. Volarath's
Bullwhip of Control has three charges which renew at the
end of a short or long rest. You can spend one charge after a
successful attack with it in one of the following ways:

You can learn either the target's AC or one of its damage

type resistances (if it has any).
You force the target to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC
14). On a failure, the target must its Action on its next turn
to make a melee weapon attack against you.

Zenith, Halberd of Rhaulbaenn

Weapon (halberd), requires attunement
This battle-hardened polearm has an exaggerated spike at
its bottom end to pierce enemies in combination attacks. The
pole has chinks and minor flaws indicative of the many fights
in which it was featured, but the blade and spike are made of
masterwork iron with intricate decorative lacing.
The spike end of this magical weapon deals 1d6+ your
Strength modifier piercing damage (including when used as
part of the Polemaster feat).
Moment of Success. Rhaulbaenn was a master tactician,
knowing the best moment to take advantage of an opponent's
weakness. Whenever you make a successful attack of
opportunity while attuned to and wielding this weapon, roll a
d6. On a 4-6, you may take one additional reaction before your
next turn (only to make another attack of opportunity). On a
1-3, nothing happens.
Sweeping Strike. When you hit a creature with a melee
weapon attack, you can damage another creature with the
same attack. Choose another creature within 5 feet of the
original target and within your reach. If the original attack
roll would hit the second creature, you deal your normal
weapon damage but do not add your Strength modifier. The
damage is of the same type dealt by the original attack. You
can only do this with the primary end of Zenith.

Identifying Armaments
I should note that it is my intent that the Identify
spell would not grant players direct insight into
what any of these Armaments do. It would simply
inform them that they are not cursed and seem to
have a unique magical enchantment that could be a
boon to them in some way - understanding an
Armament's power would require attunement.


Other Goodies
The following are other magical items and implements that
can be found around Phaelsivem and may be of some use to
an adventurer, a band of adventurers, or perhaps to someone
of nobility.

Amulet of Bravery
Wondrous item (necklace), very rare (requires attunement)
The Amulet of Bravery is a golden chain with a pendant
that portrays a lion's face with gemstones for eyes. These
eyes flare with light when the amulet is activated.
While attuned to and wearing the Amulet of Bravery you
gain a +2 bonus to AC.
Lion's Courage. You can activate the Amulet of Bravery as
a bonus action. When you do so, choose a target creature
within 30 feet. That creature either suffers a -2 penalty to its
AC or gains a +2 bonus to its AC for 1 minute, your choice.
You lose the +2 bonus to your AC that you gain from this
necklace for the duration. The Amulet of Bravery can be
activated once per short or long rest.

Archmage Maelsturth's Ink & Quill

Wondrous item, very rare
Archmage Maelsturth was a hermit of extraordinary
magical study that would send out apprentices to acquire any
and all arcane knowledge they could find to expand his
library. The inkwell refills itself one week after each use, and
the quill appears to have been fashioned from the feather of a
sphinx and is fairly oversized for writing purposes.
Using this ink and quill set, a wizard can copy a spell
(provided it is on the wizard spell list) from a spell scroll or
another wizard's spell book into her spell book in 10 minutes
and at no cost, regardless of the spell's level. This can be
done once per week.

Bands of Elemental Might

Wondrous item, variety of rarities
A set of rings that allow the wearer to imbue her weapon
with elemental power; the powers of these rings cannot be
combined on a single weapon.
Channel the Elements. Each ring has 3 charges that
renew at dawn. As a bonus action, you can spend 1 charge to
activate your Band of Elemental Might and imbue your
weapon (which you must be holding in the hand that has the
ring on it; a ranged weapon bestows the properties on its
ammunition) until the start of your next turn as follows:

Ruby (rare) - The weapon deals an additional 1d6 fire

damage, and the creature must make a Dexterity saving
throw (DC 11) or be lit on fire until the end of its next turn.
Sapphire (rare) - The weapon deals an additional 1d8 cold
damage, and the creature has its moving speed reduced to
half until the end of its next turn.
Emerald (uncommon) - The weapon deals an additional 1d8
poison damage, and the creature must make a Constitution
saving throw (DC 11) or be poisoned until the end of its
next turn.
Topaz (rare) - The weapon deals an additional 1d6 lightning
damage, and the creature cannot take reactions until the
end of its next turn.
Diamond (very rare) - The weapon deals an additional 1d6
thunder damage, and the creature must make a Strength
saving throw (DC 13) or be pushed back 10 feet.
Citrine (uncommon) - The weapon deals an additional 1d8
acid damage, and the creature must make a Dexterity
saving throw (DC 11) or suffer an additional 1d4 acid
damage at the start of its next turn.
Chalice of the Finest Imbibing
Wondrous item, rare
A large, gaudy goblet encrusted with innumerable small
gems and wrought with intricate platinum inlay, any alcohol
poured into this chalice is transmuted into a very fine-tasting
version of the same alcohol no matter how poor the original
version is. The liquid only remains in this state if consumed
directly from the Chalice of the Finest Imbibing. If the drink
is poisoned, the Chalice absorbs the liquid and ceases to
function (except as a mundane cup) for one week.

Chromatic Grenade
Wondrous item, common
A crystal sphere with no identifiable opening, the
Chromatic Grenade contains a strange swirling liquid that
changes colors intermittently. If you hold it to your ear, you
can hear a sizzling sound.
As an action, you can throw the Chromatic Grenade at a
point within 50 feet of you. All creatures within a 5-foot
radius circle of that point must make a Dexterity saving throw
(DC 13). On a failure, the creature suffers 3d6 of a random
type. On a success, the creature takes half damage. Roll a d6
to determine the damage type:

1 - Acid
2 - Cold
3 - Fire
4 - Lightning
5 - Poison
6 - Thunder
The Chromatic Grenade is a single-use item.

Dagger of Betrayal
Weapon (dagger), rare
A small, elegant blade that thrives on a victim's trust, the
Dagger of Betrayal comes with a wrist holster that discreetly
fits under the sleeves of most clothing.
Trust Destroyed. Whenever this magical weapon strikes
against a creature that is under the charmed condition, you
automatically land a critical hit.

Diviner's Compass
Wondrous item, uncommon
A circular iron disc with the cardinal directions etched into
it and several rubies set into the face of the disc.
As an action, you can choose to focus on a single object
using the compass as a focus to cast the Locate Object spell.
The compass disintegrates when you lose concentration or
after 10 minutes, whichever happens first.
The Diviner's Compass is a single-use item.

Dolphin Token
Wondrous item, uncommon
A fancy-looking silver coin featuring a dolphin on one side
and the name of the resort supplying it on the other side.
These tokens are used by resorts catering to wealthy
clientele, allowing a user to polymorph into a dolphin (and
only a dolphin) for up to one hour - providing an impressive
and unique diving experience.
Can hold one charge. OTHER GOODIES
When used by tourists, the tokens are then recovered and
restored by resort-employed arcanists.

Earring of Understanding
Wondrous item, uncommon
This dark iron hoop earring is slightly warm to the touch.
As an action, you can focus on the Earring of
Understanding to cast the Comprehend Languages spell, but
Headband of the Feywild
Wondrous item, rare
This silver headband is intended to be worn to hold back
one's hair. It has several flowers of fey origin as well as a few
purple beads (roll 1d6 + 2 to determine the number of beads
when first found). The flowers appear to still be living.
As a bonus action, you can pluck one of the purple beads
from the headband to cast the Misty Step spell. Once the
headband has no more beads, it loses its magical properties
and the flowers dry out.

Healing Ointment of Questionable

Wondrous item, rare
A small jar with a large cork that is filled with a viscous,
white ointment that appears to have magical properties. The
ointment has odd chunks in it that dissolve when rubbed into
one's skin.
When using an action or bonus action to heal a creature
within reach, the user can choose to apply some Healing
Ointment of Questionable Efficacy as part of this healing. If
you choose to do so, roll a d8:

1-4: Heal for the minimum potential hit points.

5-7: Add proficiency bonus to the total healing done.
8: Double the total healing done.
The jar holds enough ointment for 3 uses and
automatically refills itself at the start of a new week. This
ointment has no effect on any creature that cannot benefit
from the healing being done or that does not have permeable

Magic Cylinder
Wondrous item, very rare
The Magic Cylinder is a curious object that is purple in
color and shimmers in light. Each end of the cylinder is
banded in gold, and the majority of the item is covered in
unintelligible arcane symbols.
Once per long rest, whoever holds the Magic Cylinder can
attempt to stymie a foe's attempt to magically attack them.
When you (and only you) are targeted by a spell attack roll,
you may use your reaction to attempt to capture this spell,
and perhaps even turn it back against its caster. Roll a d20:

1-10: You fail to capture the spell attack, and it continues to

target you as normal.
11-17: You redirect the spell into the ground, nullifying the
spell effect.
18-20: You turn the spell against the caster. If the original
spell attack roll would succeed against the caster, the spell
succeeds against her.

Mordenkainen's Lock
Wondrous item, uncommon
This simple golden lock has no keyhole or coding
mechanism that would seem to allow one to open it once
locked. The lock is found or purchased unlocked.
As an action, you can secure the lock around a door
handle, chest, or similarly sealable entryway to cast the
Arcane Lock spell (at second level), at which point the lock
seemingly vanishes. The lock's effect remains until dispelled.
Mordenkainen's Lock is a single-use item.

Wondrous item, rare
An enchanted orb only produced by arcansists employed by
Worledin's shipwrights guild. They are used to help ships
navigate and especially to synchronize fleets or groups of
ships on journeys. They are very difficult to acquire outside of
Pouch of Origami Ravens
Wondrous item, common
A simple leather pouch that contains 7 (2d6 + 1) paper
origami ravens in it. The ravens are made of fine scroll paper
and each appears to have arcane glyphs drawn onto it,
though the glyphs are unintelligible due to the folds.
If you take one of the ravens out of the pouch and hold it in
your hands, you can speak the command word to animate the
crane so that it acts as if under the Animal Messenger spell.
You can dictate your message after animating the raven,
which then flies off to deliver it. The paper raven
disintegrates to ash after delivering the message, or it returns
to you and then disintegrates if it fails to deliver the message.
Unfolding a raven causes it to lose its magical properties.

Riluaneth's Beans of Entanglement

Wondrous item, rare
Riluaneth was an elven ranger and bounty hunter that was
always wary of others sneaking up on him, so he developed
these magical beans to give him a better chance of escape.
This satchel contains up to 8 beans (roll 1d8 upon discovery
to determine the number of beans remaining), and it can be
worn on one's belt.
These beans can be used much like caltrops. Planting a
bean in soil enchants the area (5' radius circle) for up to the
next 24 hours. If a creature of size small or larger steps into
this area, the bean sprouts and casts the Entangle spell (DC
13) as well as notifying you with a ping that only you can hear.
After the spell's duration ends, so ends that bean's
enchantment. The bean must be planted for a minimum of
five minutes before it can take effect. If a bean is removed
from the satchel but not planted, it can retain its properties
for 1 hour before it must be replaced into the satchel or
permanently lose its magical properties.

Ring of Shadows
Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)
This thick iron band features a square onyx set into it
wreathed in several tiny smoky quartzes.
One With Shadows. Once per short or long rest, you can
use this ring to cast the Darkness spell; additionally, you can
see into and through the magical darkness that you conjure
in this manner. You do not gain any sort of darkvision or the
ability to see through magical darkness summoned in any
other way.

Shorthalt's Journal of Awful

Wondrous item, very rare
This little black book is inscribed with scrawlings of
horrific poems, each of which are imbued with enchantment
magic. There are also bizarre, childish drawings of
humanoids doing various acts of vile behavior.
What Did You Just Say?! You can use your action to read
one of these limericks and target a creature within 30 feet.
The target is affected as if you had cast the spell Tasha's
Hideous Laughter (DC 13), except that the effect only lasts
until the end of its next turn at maximum duration. If one
reads from the journal more than 3 times in a week, she must
roll on the long-term madness table. OTHER GOODIES

Static Field Band

Wondrous item, rare
The Static Field Band is comprised of two woven bands -
one of copper and one of silver. The ring is studded with
sapphires which shine brightly during a thunderstorm. The
first one was originally crafted by an arcanist for a king
paranoid about being abducted.
This ring has 1 charge, which it regains each dawn. You
The Silver Tongue's Secret
Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement by a bard)
A bright purple vial on a simple platinum chain that is worn
around one's neck. This vial contains an overly sweet tasting
liquid that will only pour directly into the attuned person's
Whispers of the Silver Tongue. You can use your action
on your turn to consume the liquid contained within the vial.
This potion affects you for one hour with the following

Each time one of your Inspiration Die is rolled you gain

temporary hit points equal to the roll result (regardless of
who rolls it). These temporary hit points can stack up to a
maximum equal to the highest number on your
Inspiration Die (e.g. d6 = maximum of 6 temporary hit
You gain a +1 bonus to Charisma (Persuasion) checks.

The vial's potion can be consumed once per day and refills
each dawn.

The Swashbuckler's Tricorne

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)
This fine leather hat features a gold band and several
pearls which are set into the brim. The Swashbuckler's
Tricorne is believed to have belonged to an exceptionally lazy
pirate captain that once frequented the Worlis Archipelago;
this captain would bestow the hat on one of his crew so that
this crew member could navigate the ship while he drank or
napped (at least, so the stories tell).
Swashbuckler's Charm. While attuned to and wearing
The Swashbuckler's Tricorne, you gain a +2 bonus to
Charisma (Deception, Persuasion) skill checks.
Man the Ship! You gain proficiency with navigator's tools
and vehicles (water) while attuned to and wearing this hat.
Defend the Crew. Once per long rest, you can cast the Ice
Knife spell (with proficiency) at first level using Charisma as
the spellcasting modifier.

Zedomtuc's Monocle of Valuation

Wondrous item, rare
This monocle is crafted from gold with a few small gems
studding it and was crafted by tinkering-minded gnome that
was a banker and tasked with valuing fine jewelry and other
trinkets and items.
Whenever you make an Intelligence (Investigation) to
check to determine the value of gems and other mundane
items, you gain the following accuracy if you use this

DC 15 for accuracy within 100 gp for items under 1,000

gp worth; within 500 for items under 5,000 gp worth;
within 1,500 for items worth more than 5,000 gp
DC 21 for exact appraised worth

You may only check an individual item or gem once with

the monocle. Repeated attempts cannot reveal a more
accurate valuation.

12 Made via The Homebrewery (!

I have been patrolling homebrew forums and the Internets in
general for a while admiring others' works of homebrewery. I
can only imagine that some of these items will have been
influenced by the works of other great homebrewers, and I
apologize in advance if any of these items appear to be rip-

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