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From Public Order To Front: Gendarmerie in National Struggle

International Symposium

(13-15 of June 2019/ GCGA ANKARA)

Dear Scientists and Scholars,

Gendarmerie is one of the isntitutional actors of the war of independence which was
started with General Mustafa Kemal’s arriving at Samsun and resulted in a great victory,
Gendarmerie had contributed to this process of struggle with its a hundred years of
institutional experience. While the National War of independence started in terms of politics,
Gendarmerie General Command was established under the Great National Assembly in
addition to the organisation of a regular army. Gendarmerie General Command take over
important responsibilities in protecting the safety of life and property of people as well as
attributing the National War of İndependence to the public.

The conditions under which the country was made it necessary to establish a new
gendarmerie force which is directly subordinated to the Committe of Nationa Defence under
name of Mobile Gendarmerie Detachments. Those units with Turkish armed forced had
undertaken the heavy burden of the process of intepend via several services from ensuring
security of the egions behind army to the transfer of logistics, protecting the public institutes
and controlling tfe safety of roads around all the fronts.

As the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy, we will organise a syposium named
“From Public Order o the Front: Gendarmerie in the War of İndepentence” regarding the
one-hundred-years aniversary of the War of Indepentence. Sessions based certain themes and
problems and orginal papers will be given precendence. The number of papers in theamatic
sessions wont be less than three and more than four. It is necessary fort he participants to
apply to the thematic sessions with an abstract of their papers regarding how will they
contribute to the sessions and the abstract should be both in Turkish and English with the
length of 300 words at most. In addition to the general abstract, the participants of thematic
session will be reguired to prepare a summary of maximum 200 words in Turkish and
English. The individual participants other than the ones above should send abstracts of their
papers including maximum 200 words.

Fort he thematic sessions and individual applies, it is necessary to till in the forms in
the annex and sent to . The accommodaition and
transport fees of the paricipants will be covered by Academy. The language of presentations
will be English an Turkish. The process of presentations will be 15 minutes. The booklet of
paper abstracts and the papers which will be examined by the jury and accepted will be
published afterwords.

Anouncement of Symposium: 01. 02. 2019

Deadline for Application: 30.04.2019
Anouncement of Accepted Papers: 04.06.2019
Date of Symposium: 13.06.2019-15.07.2019
Deadline for the Submission of Full Papers: 15.07.2019


 First World War and Gerdarmerie behind the Front

 National Struggle
 Regarding the National War of Independence:
- Gendarmerie in the War of National Independence and behind the Front
- Coast Security
- Propoganda and intelligence
- Training of Gendarmerie and Gendarmerie Laws
- Health and Gendarmerie
- Biographies of Gendarmeries and Gendarmerie in Periodical Publications
 Institutional Culture in Gendarmerie and the Symbiotic Relation Between
Gendarmerie, War and Public Institutions
 Criminology, Stations and Accesories of Gendarmerie.
 The Relation of Gendarmerie with Arms and Technology
 The Relation between People and Police/Gendarmerie
 Representation of Gendarmerie: Gendarmerie in Romance and Music.


Interior Minister Süleyman SOYLU

Deputy Interior Minister. Professor Tayyip Sabri ERDİL
Commander of the Gendarmerie Forces Full General Arif ÇETİN
Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy President Major General Hüseyin KURTOĞLU
Coast Guard General Command Commodore Ahmet KENDİR
Professor Ali BİRİNCİ, Police Academy, Turkey
Professor Engin BERBER, Ege University, Turkey
Professor. İbrahim TELLİOĞLU, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey
Professor İlhan EKİNCİ, Ordu University Turkey
Professor Liliana BOSCAN, Bucharest University, Romania
Professor Mehmet OKUR, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey
Professor Mesut ÇAPA, Ankara University Turkey
Professor Mustafa Sıtkı BİLGİN, Yıldırın Bayezid University, Turkey
Professor Nadir ÖZBEK, Bogazici University, Turkey
Professor Osman KÖSE, Police Academy, Turkey
Professor Rahmi ÇİÇEK, Trabzon University, Turkey
Professor Salih YILMAZ, Yıldırım Bayezit University, Turkey
Professor Sevil ATASOY, Usküdar University, Turkey
Professor Temuçin Faik ERTAN, Ankara University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Ahmet ÖZCAN, Çankırı Karatekin University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Ali SÖNMEZ, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Cihan ÖZGÜN, Ege University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Ebru DEMİRCİOĞLU, Trabzon University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Dilşen İNCE ERDOGAN, Adnan Menderes University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Erdal ASLAN, Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Gültekin YILDIZ, National Defense University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Mesut UYAR, Antalya Bilim University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Olcay Y. PULLUKCUOGLU, Ege University, Turkey
Assoc. Professor Yücel YİĞİT, Police Academy, Turkey
Asst. Professor Murat ARABACI, GCGA, Turkey
Asst. Professor Nadia YASEEN, Baghdad University, Iraq
Asst. Professor Nazım KURUCA, Giresun University, Turkey
Dr. Bülent DURGUN, ATASE, Turkey
Dr. Col. Engin AVCI, GCGA, Turkey
Dr. Col. Gökhan SARI, GCGA, Turkey
Dr. Col. Mehmet KURUM, GCGA, Turkey
Dr. Servet AVSAR, Turkey
Dr. Süheyla Nil MUSTAFA, Marmara University, Turkey
Col.-Teacher- Agah DOLAY, Turkey
Eyüp SAHIN, 1st Class Safety Director, Turkey

Professor İsmail Hakkı DEMİRCİOĞLU Chair
Assoc. Professor Col. Murat DARÇIN Member
Dr. Col. Hakan EREN Member
Dr. Col. Cenker Korhan DEMİR Member
Dr. Col. Mehmet KAPLAN Member
Dr. Ltc. Tarık AK Member
Dr. Maj. Ali Abbas EYÜPOĞLU Member
Dr. Maj. Bürke Uğur BAŞARANEL Member
Dr. Ltc. Hasan Atakan ŞENGÜL Member
Col. Murat DOĞRUSÖZLÜ Member
Col. Ramazan ASLAN Member
Lieu. Col. Haydar İRBAN Member
Lieu. Col. Deniz KUŞ DEMİRAY Member
Maj. Caner FİLİZ Member
Maj. Ümit ŞEVİK Member
Ltc. Mustafa KORKMAZ Member
Ltc. Osman MÜLAYİM Member
Ltc. İlkay GÜLERYÜZ Member
Ltc. Murat MADENÜS Member
Dr. Maj. Umut SÖNMEZ
Res. Asst. Onur GÜVEN
Res. Asst. Duygu YILMAZ
Res. Asst. Ayça Sümeyra AYKUT
Res. Asst. Özge GÜLVER

Res. Asst. Onur GÜVEN
Tel: 0539 237 55 10 / 0(312) 464 74 74/ 7104
Res. Asst. Duygu YILMAZ
Tel: 0506 261 17 55 / 0 (312) 464 74 74/ 7104

Jandarma ve Sahil Güvenlik Akademisi (Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy) İncek
Şehit Savcı Mehmet Selim Kiraz Bulvarı
06805 Beytepe, Çankaya/ANKARA
Tel: 0 (312) 464 74 74