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Academic writing

2nd semester
Instructions for final Project.

As we come to the end of the semester, it is necessary to submit your final evaluation.
Remember that your final grade of the semester (FGS) is the result of the following
Class grade (submitted work) 70%
Final project assignment 30%

The final project is an assignment that resumes the topics seen throughout the semester,
i.e. a way for you to show what you have learned and show you know how to do
something with the skills acquired.

For the final project of semester 2019A, you will submit an essay of the argumentative
type. An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that aims to convince the reader of the
writer’s own opinion. You will be able to choose from a few possible topics only. Your task
is to read and research about the topic so you are able to give good arguments to support
your opinion.

You must answer ONE of the following essay questions in the form of an argumentative

-Mexico’s government is showing a special concern about the health of the population.
One of the biggest issues is diabetes. In your opinion, what measures can the government
apply in their jurisdiction in order to fight this public health issue?

-It is human nature to try to find a mate. Scientists claim this is for reproductive reasons,
but cultures have also pinned it to what we refer to as romantic love. There is no age to
start our search for our significant others; however, legislation in Mexico has now
prohibited the marriage for underage people. In your opinion, why are underage people
not fit to get married?

Rubric (evaluates CONTENT): 80%
Format (20%)

Your essay must follow the following guidelines, please read this checklist carefully.

Title centered
First line of each paragraph indented
Margins of both sides
Double-spaced text
Font: Calibri
Size: 12 for text, 14 for title
Color: black
File in PDF format


The rubric for evaluating content is attached at the end of this file. Read it beforehand in
order to know the elements that are going to be taken into account to evaluate the essay.


Your essay must be uploaded to the assigned space in the school’s platform. The space to
submit it will be opened from may 20 to may 24 at 18:00 hrs. No essay will be accepted
past the deadline nor if sent to my email.

For any questions, help, guidance, etc. You may find me in my office in the schedule
posted at the door. I will be more than happy to help you.

Good luck! Let’s do this!

Academic writing.
Final Project 2nd semester.
Rubric for evaluation.

Criteria Outstanding Sufficient Needs Inadequate

(3 points) (2 points) improvement (0 points)
(1 point)
Structure Paper is logically Paper has a clear There is some level There is no
Organization organized. organizational of apparent
Structure Effective, smooth, structure organization though organization to
Transitions and with some digressions, the paper.
logical transitions. digressions, ambiguities, Difficult to follow.
Professional format. ambiguities or irrelevances are too No or poor
irrelevances. many. transitions.
Basic transitions. Difficult to follow.
Structured format. Ineffective
Rambling format.
Grammar/mech Manipulates Uses complex Uses compound Uses simple
anics complex sentences. sentences. sentences.
Sentence sentences for Few punctuation or Too many Seemingly non-
structure. effect/impact. mechanical errors. punctuation and/or existent
Punctuation/mec No punctuation or Few grammar mechanical errors. punctuation.
hanics. mechanical errors. mistakes. Frequent but not Serious grammar
Grammar. Overall grave grammar mistakes that
grammatically mistakes. make it difficult to
correct. understand what
the writer is
Content. The central ideas are Some paragraph Paragraph structure No ideas are
Paragraph easily identified. ideas are vague. is innacurate. clearly stated.
structure. The use of Examples/suporttin Examples and/or Examples/support
Clarity of ideas. examples/supporting g information are supporting ing information is
information is well mostly justified and information are not misleading or
Use of examples
justified and referenced. always adequate. wrong.