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On-the-job Training is part of a college curriculum that aims to train and orient

students about the work and their future career. It is a type of skills development
program where a trainee learns how to do the work through hands-on experience. This
is one method by which students are exposed with different work situation designed to
give students an opportunity to experience and a chance to apply the knowledge that
they have learned from the school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant
knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. On-the-job training is very
important not only to teach us regarding the chosen career but alsoto show the reality
about working. This will exposed the students to the actual work related to the course
that he/she are taking. It will also guide them to be familiarized with the equipment,
materials and other things needed that are part of the working area.

By these the trainee can have idea with what he might are going to do. Aside
from work experience, it gives an opportunity to acquaint in the real professionals and to
meet people having different positions in the company, either high or low. Being part of
the company the trainee will be encountering different types of people that can help and
guide them with what you are doing. As a trainee you can learn on how to communicate
with the people you work with. This will improve your communication skills and can
boost your confidence. The training can help the trainee to adjust with the environment,
people’s personality and attitudes. Training is a tool for student skills, abilities and
attitude development.

For the past months of rendering my hours in Oxford Distribution Incorporation, I

learned that they are responsible for sales and distribution of pharmaceutical healthcare
products in the Philippines focusing on pharmaceutical channels such as drugstores,
hospitals, clinics and etc. I was assigned mainly in both Human Resource Department
and Accounting/Finance Department. The first task is to sort Sales Invoices in terms of
their SI Numbers and Dates Releases. Digesting it as part of work, I became aware that
in layman’s terms Sales Invoices is simply the request payment by the customer for
goods or services provided by the seller. Furthermore, I was also assigned to arrange or
put in order by date the payment slips or the Check voucher that will deposit in the
banks by the filling Assistant Employee in our department.

During the training I almost forgot that I was just an ojt student, I felt that I was
already an employee and I’ve been part of the company. I just feel sad right now
because sooner or later all of this thing will end eventually. But everything that I’ve
experienced during the precious days of training I think All seems to be worth it. Imagine
for a short period of time in training I have been able to do things which also an
employee does. I also learned on how to cooperate with others regardless if you are an
employee or just an Ojt student. And the best part of everything that I have learned was,
communicating with others was really the most important thing to learn, because doing
things without consulting someone or asking for suggestions of the others will make
everything worst, relying only to yourself and trusting on things that you only got will end
up to a total chaos. We have to cooperate with others and we have to work as a team,
because we cannot make things successful by relying only to ourselves and that's a
really great lesson that I learned during the training days.

To sum up everything, all I could say it was really such a great adventure. It was
really a great experience for me and I would treasure it for my whole life. This was the
first time that I felt like an employee. I have never imagined such thrilling event in my
life. All of the struggling, sacrifices, pain, laughter and the happiness that we shared. It
was amazing how we have been able to gained such memories and experience for a
very short period of time.