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Madison Morocco • (408) 455-0672


San Jose State University (SJSU) San Jose, CA

Master of Arts, Research and Experimental Psychology, GPA: 3.96 2018-present

University of Oregon Eugene, OR

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, GPA: 3.41 2014-2018
Minor in Media Studies


Graduate courses: Advanced Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Programming for Social Sciences, Data
Structures and Algorithms, Seminar in Physiological Psychology, Seminar in Developmental Psychology,
Seminar in Experimental Psychology, Seminar in Perception, Drugs, Brain, and Behavior

Undergraduate courses: Mind and Brain, Psychopathology, Learning and Memory, Cognition,
Statistical Methods in Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, Applied Data Analysis,
Marital/Family Therapy, Intro to Chemistry Principles, Intro to Human Genetics, Biology of Cancer

• Programming: Beginner Python (Jupyter Notebook, PsychoPy)
• Statistics: Advanced SPSS
• Surveys: Intermediate Qualtrics
• Clerical: Advanced Microsoft Office, Google Docs
• Languages: Intermediate French


• SJSU Alumni Association Dean’s Scholarship 2019

• SJSU James and Becky McGaugh Research Award Fund 2019
• Phi Kappa Phi honor society member 2019-present
• University of Oregon Dean’s List 2016-2018
• Sigma Mu Omega Most Dependable 2016



Bissett, P.G. & Morocco, M. (in preparation). Sequential Control Processes: Looking at the Post-error
Slowing Effect Across 35 Tasks Measuring Response Inhibition.

Morocco CV 1
Capriotti, M.R. & Morocco, M. (in preparation). The Prevalence and Effects of OCD in the LGBTQ

Oral presentations:
Hahm, H.W., Morocco, M., Fausett, C. (2019). Effects of Wakeful Rest vs. Technology Distraction on
Associative Memory Performance in Young Adults. SJSU Dean’s Student Colloquium, San Jose, CA.

Hahm, H.W., Carlson, C., Windsor, R., Morocco, M., & Carr, V.A. (2019). Effects of Wakeful Rest vs.
Technology Distraction on Associative Memory Performance in Young Adults. Western Psychological
Association, Pasadena, CA.

Morocco, M. & Carr, V.A. (2019). fMRI Meta-analysis of Emotion Regulation in Major
Depressive Disorder. Spartan Psychological Association Research Conference, San Jose, CA.

Morocco, M. (2018). The Effect of Sleep on False Memories. University of Oregon Undergraduate
Research Symposium, Eugene, OR.

Morocco, M. (2018). The Effect of Sleep on False Memories. University of Oregon Psychology Dept.
Honors Symposium, Eugene, OR.


Volunteer Research Assistant, Poldrack Lab, Stanford University 2019-present

• Assisting with longitudinal fMRI study on cognitive control networks in mental health disorders;
responsibilities include fMRI data acquisition, fMRI data analysis with Python, and conducting
literature reviews
• Co-authoring paper on response inhibition looking at post-error slowing on 35 tasks (including Stroop
Task, Go-No/Go, and Adaptive N-Back)

Graduate Research Assistant, Carr Lab, SJSU 2018-present

• Thesis: fMRI meta-analysis of emotion regulation in Major Depressive Disorder; involves literature
review, article selection, coordinate extraction, GingerALE analysis
• Assisting with study on wakeful rest and memory; responsibilities include preparing IRB protocol,
data collection, and data analysis

Graduate Research Assistant, Capriotti Lab, SJSU 2018-present

• Assisting with study on the prevalence of OCD in the LGBTQ population; responsibilities include
preparing data request form, conducting literature review, analyzing data using SPSS

Senior Honors Thesis, Univ. of Oregon 2017-2018

• Advisor: Dr. Nash Unsworth
• Thesis: The Effect of Sleep on False Memories; responsibilities included designing and conducting
experiment, conducting literature review, attending weekly seminar on research and experimental
methods, presenting final thesis at Univ of Oregon Research Symposium and Psychology Dept.
Honors Symposium

Morocco CV 2
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Unsworth Lab, Univ. of Oregon 2016-2018
• Assisted with study on working memory and attention; responsibilities included data collection and
data entry for 200+ participants


Nursing Unit Volunteer, Stanford Health Care 2019-present

• Trained in basic patient care, patient privacy, and hospital policies
• Opportunity to observe doctors, nurses, patient rounds, and medical procedures
• Responsibilities include answering phones, responding to patient calls, receiving incoming patient
medication, giving patient updates to nurses, and restocking linens and supplies

Crisis Counselor, Crisis Text Line 2018-present

• Completed training in crisis intervention and good contact and de-escalation techniques
• Responsibilities include providing emotional support for individuals in crisis (experiencing thoughts
of suicide or severe mental illness) through an online platform and helping brainstorm plans of action
for maintaining well-being


Instructional Student Assistant, Introduction to Psychology, SJSU Fall 2018

• Graded papers and exams, maintained gradebook on Canvas

Intern, Vivian Olum Child Development Center Fall 2017

• Responsible for watching approximately 20 children, helping teachers, and preparing lunches daily
• Hands on experience working with children and observing them at play
• Learned how to help resolve conflicts between children, learned interpersonal skills by working
closely with teachers and office staff


Dr. Valerie Carr

Dept. of Psychology, SJSU

Dr. Matthew Capriotti

Dept. of Psychology, SJSU

Dr. Nash Unsworth

Dept. of Psychology, Univ of Oregon

Morocco CV 3