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Zoom Stereo Microscope

Model SKZ Series

SK-TR-7 Stereo Microscope System

Trinocular tube port for cameras. Different illumination configurations

available and suitable for viewing strongly reflective samples such as
wafers, IC chips, LCD substrates, etc.


Before Operating.......................................................... 3 How to mount the eyepieces...............................9

Safety Precautions........................................................4-6 How set up Illuminationg Unit..............................10

Individual Part Name & Function.................................. 7 How to mount the Camera..................................9

How to set up and connect the Stereo Microscope...... 8 How to maintain Microscope long as possible....11


Check the accessories:

The Stereo microscope image below lines

up the following parts and accessories you
have received. Before operating, check all
following parts/accessories are packed. If
any of the following parts or extra part you
may have order are not included, please
contact us.

f30mm - F1.6

Arm Stand



Safety Precautions
“Safety Precautions” is written in order to prevent injuries to those who use this product.
Please read it before handling, and deal with the product according.

Warning sysmbol

When ignoring this When ignoring this

symbol and failure to symbol and failure
follow this precautions, to follow this precau-
could result human tions, could result to
death or serious injury. injuring or damage
of any materials.

Is shown the prohibition act Is shown the act performed

which must not be performed when operating must be accord-
by any means. ing to directions listed.

Stereo Microscope
Never look at the sun through lens.

Never look at the sun through objective lens or eyepiece. This

action may cause the loss of eyesight.

Illumination Units (option)

Never look at the light directly.

When using the light source never look at the light outlet or fiber
directly. This action may cause the loss of eyesight.

Illumination Units (option)

Don’t touch Lighting lamp directly.

The Illuminator temperature gets really hot. Don’t place your hand
near the lamp lighting or immediately after lighted out, this action
may cause burn injury.
After using the illuminator, leave in place to cool down for about 30
minutes before moving the light.

Don’t put anything which can easy burn near the illuminator

Don’t put the paper, alcohol, ect. Which can easy burn if it’s near
the illuminator, it may cause a fire.

Don’t touch the cap of a connector during using the


It may cause burn to your hand or other part.

Don’t use the lamp except to the purpose of the lighting the Stereo Microscope
Please use the lamp specified to it’s purpose of purchase to our products. When you use
products other than specification other than our product, it may cause failure to the illuminator
and or a fire
Don’t connect or disconnect the electrical cord with wet

This action may cause you to get electrocuted

Make sure the electrical cord is grounded

If it not grounded this may cause you to get electrocuted

Stereo Microscope

Never remove nor disassemble other places of the system

other than the instructed

It does not only cause trouble with to the microscope but also be
unsafe and may cause injury.

Don’t rest your weight on the microscope.

It can cause damage to the microscope.

Don’t install the microscope where vibration may be

generated, dust may already exist, or if there place is in
high temperature and there’s humidity

If install in any of these areas it may cause the microscope to have


Illumination Units (option)

Don’t rest your weight on the illuminating unit

It can cause damage to the illuminator

Don’t install the illuminator where vibration may be

generated, dust may already exist, or if there place is in
high temperature and there’s humidity

If install in any of these areas it may cause the illuminator to

have trouble.

Individual Parts Names
& Function

SKZ-7 Stereo Microscope 1. Eyepiece: Interchangeable S.W.F

9 2. Dioptric Adjusting Ring: To attach
in left and right sides and adjust the
focus 75x low objective magnification
1 10 17 to adapt to each eye.

3. Prism Box: To adjust interpupillary

2 11 12 distance turning the eyepiece to the
left and right direction so both visual
3 fields may form a circle.

4. Clamp Knob: To loosen/ remove

4 (and tighten in place) the Zoom Head
(360 rotatable)

5. Objective Lens: 0.75x~4.5x

Zooming system
14 6. Large Stage: 350mmX500mm w/
60mm Dia. Transmitted frosted glass,
15 7. Set-Screw: To loosen and change
6 the stage.

8. Switch: On/Off and Light Control

for the Stage
9. Set-Screw: To fix the Camera
10. Light-Path Changeover Ring:
16 To change over the light-pathin pho-
tography, TV observation, ect.

11. Variable Knob: Turn slowly to adjust the 14. Arm Stand: This hold both Trinocular
magnification indicator scale to the index and Zoom Head and Base together.
vary tthe magnification continuously.
15. Safety Stopper: For frame
12. Set-Screw: To loosen and set the Zoom
Head to an ideal hight. 16. Base: Built-in Trasmitted Illuminator

13. Coarse Handle: Vertical opeation is a 17. Pole: Diameter 25mm L=294mm
rotary adjustable system.

How to set up and connect the Stereo

Step 1:
After unpacking, in order to put
together your Stereo Microscope,
you need to start with the Base.
Place the Base in a secure flat Safety
surface. Stopper
Use the Safety Stopper to move
it to the ideal hight before the next
step. Doing this is to avoid any
damage to the next connection of
the Stereo Microscope. Base

Step 2:
Arm Stand
Set Screw
After the Safety Stopper is secure
in place, install the Arm Stand.

Insert the Arm Stand through the

Pole (is connected to the Base)until
it is resting on the Safety Stopper.

Then use the Set Screw to secure Pole

the Arm Stand in place.

Step 3: Trinocular Zoom Head

Locate the Trinocular Zoom Head

and place through the hole of the
Arm Stand.

Use the Clamp Knob to secure the

Trinocular Zoom Head to the Arm
Stand, before letting go to avoid Clamp Knob
any damage.

How to mount the Eyepieces

2 Eyepiece
After assembled the Stereo Mi-
croscope to mount the Eyepiece
first remove the protective cap of
ocular upper tube and mount the

Place the Plastic Protector on

the Eyepiece.

How to mount the Camera

Mount Camera

Remove the protective cap of

the C-mount adapter. Attach Camera
the camera and turn it clock-
wise to have it lock in place

Note: Each Camera has their
own software. Please refer to
you camera software manual
to understand how to use the
microscope with your camera

How to set up Illuminating Unit

Ring Light
When connecting the Ring Light Lock Screw
to the Stereo Microscope; Attach
the Ring Light to the bottom of
the Lamp House.

Note when attaching the Ring

Light use both hands. One Ring Light
holding the Right Light in place
and another tighten the Lock

Dual Fiber Light Dual Fiber Light


When using the Dual Fiber

Light you need to connect the
two f30mm to the ends of the
Dual Fiber Light

Connecting to Halogen Knob

After attaching Ring Light (or
Dual Fiber Light) to the Stereo
Microscope. You take the end of
the Ring Light and connect it to
the Halogen.
Once the Ring Light and the
Halogen are connected, don’t
forget to tighten the knob. Do-
ing this holds the Ring Light in

How to maintain Microscope long as
In order to use maintain your Microscope as long as possible and correctly, follow the
next steps and items:

• Wipe the Objective and eyepiece with lens paper wet with alcohol. (1 time per
• Wipe the main body of the microscope with paper to clean the dust. (1 time
per month)
• When it is not used for a long period of time, it is recommended to keep the
microscope cover with vinyl bag etc.

Eyepieces S.W.F 10x

Objectives 0.75x ~ 4.5x (Zooming Ratio 6.1)

Magnification 7.5x~45x

Field Numbers 29.3mm~4.8mm

Working Distance 90mm

45° inclined, 360° rotatable. Binocular tube w/
Binocular Zoom Head interpupillary distance adjustment 50~75mm and
dioptric adjustment on both tubes.
Fine Adj.:Rack&Pinion system,50mm stroke
Focusing Coarse Adj.:Pole Clamp system,160mm stroke

350mmx500mm Large Base.Max.

Stand 294mm(of pole to optic axis)

Ring type fluorescent lamp 8W/100V with stabilizer.

Illumination Power supply-100/115/220/240V-AC

Mechanical Stage X300mm, Y300mm

Dust Cover Vinyl Cover

Net Weight 10kg 10

Dimensions H325xW350xD500mm