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THURSDAY June2o,2019 A3

P200M dangled
in speakership race BY GLEE JALEA
House memben induding Ma- Cayetano, Velasco and Romual-
kadff Fredenil Castro and
jority dez earlier met rvith Duterte at the
Minodty Leader Danilo Suarez sidelines of his official trip to fapan
AGUIG-PATEROS representative-elect previously maintained that no and reponedly asked the President
Alan PeterCayetan o has daimedthatthe one would be swayed to sell their . to pick his bec
votes because "congtessmen are week Sen. Emmanuel Pac-
offer for a vote for speaker had gone up Last
not dreap." quiao also met with Duterte to
to P200 million as the speakership race heats discuss the nominee of the ruling
up atthe House of Representatives. Duterte to choose PDP-Labar party.
lr4embers of the House of Repre-
' Acl:,altry now... may kum au- is a bad issue because how can we Meanwhilq senaor-elect Christopher sentatives will elect a new speaker on
sap sa akin may nag-ooffer ng reforrn the country if we cannot Lawrence "Bong".Go said President the morning ofJuly 22, the same day
P200 million per congrcssman na reform ourselves? I pity those who Rdtlrigo'Duterte would disdose his Duterte will deliver his founh State
prolect sa party-list (Acually now, signed. The reality is, somebody is candidate for speaker on June 28. of the Natlon Mdress.
someone told me, somebody in the giving money in Congress. And ith Go said Duterte; during his meet- The 54-strong Party-list Coalition
House is offering P200 million per not iust giving out money. lt comes ing with lawmakers in Malacaiang Foundation Inc. (PCF'I) will choose
congressman for a project in their with a paper that has to be signed on Tr.iesday, asked that he be given its official candidate for the speaker-
partyJist), " Cayrtano iold rcponers by the recipient. That has to be until June 28 to decide who to en- ship on Wednesday.
on Tuesday on the sidelines of a resolved)," he said. done for the House top post. The choice will be between Marin-
forum in Clark, Pampanga which Cayetaao is one offour contenden 'Humingt po ng konting pana- duque and Velasco.
he hosted for other lawmakers on the othen are Leyte Rep.
for speaker. hon si Pangulong Duterte. Thlagang "lt is possible thar the PCFI
the administration's Build, Build, Martin Romualdu, Marinduque Rep. nahihirapan po siya. khat naman will vote on who we will sup-
Build initiatiyes, Lnrd Allan Velasco, Darao del Norte po ng mga kandidato ay magagaling port as speaker ofthe House de-
'l am not saying that anyone Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez and Pampan-
Cnmpetent naman po slla Qualified pending on how the discussion
is gsilty...masamang issue itong ga Rep. Aurelio Gorzales. po sila magingSpeaker po 4gHouse will go. If ever there will be a
vote-buying kaslhow cal we reform It was Alvarez who first bared (The President asked for a little more vote, the members will agree to
the country if we cannot reform that at least two candidates have time. I{s really difficult for him to vote for a speaker as one bloc,"
owselves! At kawawa naman tang offered P500,000 to P1 million decide. All candidates are compe- Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta
mga pumirma. The reality is may for a vote. tent. They arc all qualified to become pafty-list Rep. Jericho Nograles
namimigay ng pera sa Congress. Days later, Gonzales said the the next Speaker of the House), " Go told The Manila Times.
At hindi lang bigay ng pera, may offer went up to P7 million. told reporters. Reports said Ro- mual-
kasamang papel na [pirmahan Velasco had denied any involve-
, Some lawmaken, including those dez has secured aroqnd
dapat itol.Thathas to be resolved ment in attempts to buy votes, ftom the 54-member partyJist coali- 153 signatures of -ttq-
(l am not saying that any- _- while Romualdez kept mum on a mani-
tion, have said that they would vote Sressmen rn
one is guilty, vote-bufng
ffi the mater for whoever Duterte endones. festo of suPPort.
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