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lets try to design a demo report in light of above sample teacher observation report.

Name of the Trainee (here you write your name)

Name of the School (here you write the site name where you got practice)
Name of the class teacher (here you write mentor teacher name)
Date and time (date of time when you observed things for your observation report No.1)

I prepared following Teacher Observation Report while observing a classroom at Yellow Cap
School City
In this report I will explain almost all components of the classroom of Teacher Sobia. Moreover
in light of my observations mentioned here anybody can easily understand and imagine about the
selected site school, interaction between teacher and students, how the classroom environment
was rich for learning, tools and techniques used by the class teacher, passion of students and their
interest to learning. I will also discuss here that how I feel and what I think I got while
performing as a trainee teacher. All things I learnt was wonderful and will obviously contribute
to make me a good prospective teacher.

Part-I: Observation
I selected the most famous Summer top School as practicum teaching site which is a private
Secondary level school at my City District of Punjab. The school building is comprises two
parts, one is called primary section and the second one is Secondary Section. There are 42
teachers for 835 students leaded by a principal and a vice principal. In this school total 18
classrooms existing in both sections which are well maintained and not congested. I had selected
class-II of elementary section based on my interest and the aim of learning things from ground

So, school management provided me an opportunity and allowed me to complete my practical

work in Class-II. On 09th September 2017, the management organized my introductory meeting
with class-II teacher Miss Sobia in the principal office and informed her about my role. I found
her very cooperative in this very first meeting so by the mutually agreed, I allowed coming on
Monday 11th September 2017 to formally start my internship. I reached in the school early in the
morning on 8:30 am and spent whole day till 1:45 pm on daily basis during my practicum work
for classroom as well as school observation.

I have given most of my time for classroom observation of Mrs. Sobia. I observed that the
classroom was organized very well. A sufficient gap between the students desk enables the
teacher to walk around all students and for the teacher there is a table and chair in the central
front position to keep an eye on each student. Welcome charts, Name of class titles plates are
placed on class room doors and walls which give you a feeling of respect and honour. Inside the
class-room you found a whiteboard with current date and timetable for today’s activities and
number of student present, on leave or absent. Colorful pictures charts of animals, fruits,
alphabets, poems and numbers charts are also make the class environment very attractive for the
student for learning.
Mrs. Sobia first say good morning when enter in class and in response student stand to reply her
in same words. Then teacher will sit on the chair and say all class for sitting as well. Teacher
take attendance and then say student to take out their books and start reading of last day
homework and all kids start reading one by one for an half hour for a single subject of Urdu or
English. She periodically asks questions from the same lesson related to a character or word to
make them engaged and alert in classroom. Any student raises hand if required teacher
assistance. I noticed that she is more focused on make strong base of identification, reading,
spelling, phonics and neat writing for every child. Moreover I also noticed that teacher Sobia
response to student’s comments in all styles like positive, neutral and negative for example
Good, Super, No, this is not the right answer; let me to ask others or anybody else.

To maintain class decorum and discipline, she also uses warning words of punishment and this
technique helps her to create a continuous improvement of a peaceful and disciplined
environment. To keep the classroom and school clean there are number of messages written on
walls and I noticed that teacher also remind students to use dustbin for all types of wastages
that’s why you will observed that all class rooms as well as school areas including washroom are
neat and clean. You will found no signs of gums, ink stain on walls which give a nice picture of
school to visitors.

I observed and feel that “The best way school” is enjoyable place both for students and teachers.
Parents who visit the school also feel comfort and satisfy which make this school an ideal and
brilliant place for learning. Parent’s teachers meeting days, colour day, Independence Day and
other important days are celebrated with zeal that built a friendly interaction among school
management, teachers, parents and students. So overall environment of this school will impress
everyone and no one can go without praising and commending about the salient features of

I think I got rich and priceless experience. First of all I would like to share that I impressed the
way of teaching of Mrs. Sobia which was very effective as it proved when on next day her class
student read and answer questions perfectly or close to the correct answer this shows that they
are learning and understanding academic and non-academic things well. I found her very polite,
a friend to all 50 students and thoroughly equipped on the subject matter so I must appreciate for
her extra ordinary class management.

I noticed that she always use various methods of teaching to get her class engaged in learning,
interactive participation. She always encourages efforts of students and gives different and
wonderful titles on homework copies to appreciate kids and motivate them to do more work

Other teachers of school also found busy in their classes and not only Mrs. Sobia but all teachers
I met always welcomed me with smile and helped me well to understand different aspects of
teaching and dealing with students.

So working in system verge school made it clear for me that to what we should say teaching in
practical sense. I observed that it was a turning point for my life and I learnt not all but a lot of
things which will make me an effective and generous teacher of the nation. In this way we
altogether can make Pakistan a great and an educated country of the world.