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Ambuja Cements Limited

Unit- Rabriyawas

Classification: Standard Operating Procedure Page.: 3 Nos

SOP No.: ACL-WI-KL-024 Rev. No. 00
Originating Department: Production Revised Date of Issue: 01.10.2018
Prepared By: (Team
Anil K Chordia, S P Gautam, Manish Ranjan, S S Singh
Approved By:
V Saxena
Plant Head/ HOD
SOP: Work Instruction for ILC & SLC Calciner Refractory Bricks maintenance job.
Permit to Work Requirements: Yes
Mandatory PPEs: Safety Helmet, Safety goggles, Nose Mask, Reflective jacket, Safety Shoes, Ear plugs
Related Hazards:

1.Exposure of dust
2.Slip /Trip /Fall from stairs
3.Caught in under and between the equipement/parts.
4.Falling object
5.Exposure of high temperature.
6.Exprosure to hot gas

Consequences of the deviation:

1. Respiratory Problems
2. Injury fracture due to hit of material /slip and trip
3. Skin damage.

01. Purpose: The Purpose of this SOP is to comply with applicable regulatory requirements and to
identify the precautions and general safety rules that should be followed when doing the Job.

02. Scope: This SOP applies to all persons associated with ACL (employees, contractors, workmen)

03. Abbreviation:

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

HOD: Head of department

ACL: Ambuja Cements limited

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

B-03.2_Register - Standard Department: Production Page No. 1

Operating Procedure
Ambuja Cements Limited
Unit- Rabriyawas
04. Accountability: Section In-charge/ Engineer/Shift manager/Patroller/Attendant

05. Responsibility: HOD

06. Tools & Tackles:

 Scaffolding Pipe 80 Nos, 6.0 mtrs long & 48 MM dia
 Scaffolding Pipe 30 Nos, 2-4 mtrs long & 48 MM dia
 Scaffolding coupler 50 Nos, 180 Deg.
 Scaffolding coupler 50 Nos, 90 Deg.
 Scaffolding Jali 100 Nos, size: 400x 2500 MM
 Electric Chipper 2 Nos
 Crow Bar 2 Nos, 1.5 mtrs long, 16 MM dia
 Hammer with wooden handle 2 Nos, 2Kgs
 Refractory Bricks , As per drawing
 Alumina Mortar , As per Bricks consumption
 Ceramic blanket , 25 MM Thick
 Hysil Block , 15 MM & 100 MM thick
 Basket MS 3 Nos

07. Manpower Requirements: 06

08. Results & Acceptance: Working person will not get injured during feeding

09. Frequency of Realization: As per requirement

10. Step by Step Procedure:

 Open the Calciner inspection door & allow it to cool at workable temperature.
 Take the isolation permits for entrance into Calciner.
 Take the confined space entry permit.
 Fix dummy at kiln inlet smoke chamber for ILC.
 Prepare scaffolding where refractory maintenance is to be carried out.
 Scaffolding staging should not more than 1.2 mtrs height.
 Fix scaffolding jail for working platform & provide hand rails.
 Check the scaffolding prior to start the refractory job.
 Remove old brick lining.
 Clean the brick lining surface.
 Check the retainer plate & supporting ribs welding.
 Wrap ceramic blanket both side of retainer plate.
 Place the retainer brick on retainer plate & provide 15 mm Hysil block back side of brick.
 Apply alumina mortar & fix another brick.
 Fix 100 MM Hysil block on retainer brick.
 Fix the Calciner brick according to refractory drawing.
 Do the brick lining in require area.
 Remove tools & tackle from work place after completion of job.
 Check the lining.
 Remove the scaffolding.
 Clean the debris material by open the dummy.
 Check the Calciner & closed the inspection doors

B-03.2_Register - Standard Department: Production Page No. 2

Operating Procedure
Ambuja Cements Limited
Unit- Rabriyawas
 Close the confined space entry permit.
 Close the isolation permits.

11. Communications:

Awareness information which can inspire work men towards behavioral safety to achieve zero harm
should be given by TBT, Monthly safety meetings etc.

12. Amendment Details

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Operating Procedure