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SS7 Tool: Full Guide For Linux Users FULL TUTORIAL PART 2

Today I m Just going to show you a little tutorial on using ss 7 tools without building full program. i m using telscale opensource ss 7 stack in here , which is compiled by akib sayyed . you don t have to do anything like building it or downloading lots of tools . this tool is in Java . jar format .

## $$ Requirements:

* Linux OS with SCTP support

* JRE 1�7(Java SE Runtime Environment) or above

Here is a Link to Download SS7

ssessment Tool: http://pettylink/65B1cZE

nd Here is Link To Download JRE 8 (Java SE Runtime Environment): http://pettylink


JDK 7 u 6 and later releases include JavaFX SDK ( version 2 . 2 or later ). The JavaFX SDK and Runtime are installed and integrated into the standard JDK directory structure .

For information about how to work with JavaFX , see http ://petty . link/BbdiB (http ://petty . link /BbdiB )

Installation of the 64 -bit JRE on Linux Platforms

This procedure installs the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for 64-bit Linux, using an archive binary file (targz)These instructions use the following file:


Download the fileBefore the file can be downloaded, you must accept the license agreementThe a

Change directory to the location where you would

like the JDK to be installed, then move the targz

archive binary to the current directory

Unpack the tarball and install the JRE:

% tar zxvf jre- 8 uversion-linux-x 64. tar . gz The Java Development Kit files are installed in a directory called jdk 1 . 8 . 0 _version in the current directory .

Delete the . tar . gz file if you want to save disk space .

Now , Extract the safeseven files to your home directory . Now Open WireShark .( well , wireshark is preinstalled in Kali Linux )

Choose SCTP Protocol & Start capturing data packets.

Then Open Terminal . I m Writing Here Few Commands For Using the Java . Jar Files ;

<Before Running Client On ctual SS7 Network> Edit client_config file(Edit Details of Orange Marked



SERVER_IP = IP of STP you are connecting to

CLIENT_IP = IP address provisioned for you in STP


CLIENT_PORT = client provisioned port


should be always false

Local_SPC = point code assigned to you

Remote_SPC =

point code of STP

Local_SSN= local ssn

Remote_SSN = remote ssn

Routing_Context = routing context assigned to you by STP

NETWORK_INDICATOR = Network indicator

Local_GT= Local global title assigned to you

Remote_GT = remote Global title you are testing


Network indicator

Local_GT= Local global title assigned to you

Remote_GT = remote Global title you are testing


<#Commands For Simulating SS7 Network/#>

Simulating HLR :

java -jar serverjar hlr_config

Simulating MSC/VLR:

java -jar serverjar vlr_config

Running STP:

java -jar STPjar stp_config

<# Commands For Running SafeSeven / #>

SMS Related Operations:

java -jar SMS . jar client_config USSD Related Operations:

java -jar ussd .jar client_config Call Related Operations :

java -jar Call_Handling. jar client_config

Mobility Related Operations :

java -jar Mobility . jar client_config

Mobility Related Operations :

java -jar Mobility . jar client_config


re Some Steps To Intercepting SMS By Using MapSMSjar:

Step 1�

2�HLR(Home Resource Locater) replies with: own address, serving MSC address, IMSI(The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) is an internationally standardized unique number to identify a mobile subscriberThe IMSI is defined in ITU-T Recommendation E�212� The IMSI consists of a Mobile Country Code (MCC), a Mobile Network Code (MNC) and a Mobile Station Identification Number (MSIN))

Step 2�


ttacker registers Target Phone Number On the fake MSC

2� HLR sets up new location for our target number

3�HLR asks real MSC to release a memory

Step 3�

1� Someone sends SMS to Target Number

2� MSC translates the SMS to SMS-C

3� SMS-C requests HLR for Target number's location

4� HLR replies with a fake MSC address

5� SMS-C translates SMS to the fake MSC &

There It is���

our Wireshark captures SMS

If you want to more develop on this by your self so you can download following program:

Eclipse Javascript IDE Download (http :// www. eclipse . org /downloads / packages

/ eclipse-ide-javascript-and-web-developers / neonr )

Xampp Download For Linux (https://sourceforgenet/projects/xampp/files


JDK(Java Development Kit) 8 Download (http://wwworaclecom/technetwork


/ javase / downloads / jdk 8 - downloads - 2133151� html ) Posted in Uncategorized

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