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Online Math 6 Plus

An Orientation to Online Learning: Single Subject Acceleration

Online Math Teacher Contact Information

Angie Arthur,

District Contact Information

Senior Administrator for Middle School Math, Christina Zukowski,
Senior Director for Middle School Programs, Eric L. Fitts,

Desired Outcomes
By the end of the session, we hope to have:
❖ Provided students with information about how to set goals in the course, how to organize their time, and
how to access the resources that are available to support their success in the course.
❖ Provide parents with resources on how they can support their student with online learning as well as
monitor their progress in the course.
❖ Identify indicators that the course is moving forward as planned as well as indicators that it is not and
strategies for what to do when that happens.

5 minutes Welcome and Overview of the Orientation
40 minutes Course Details & Intended Outcomes for the Course
Daily Expectations
Support Structures
15 minutes Questions & Answers

Checklist for Students

❏ Login to Canvas using Wake ID:
❏ Send a message through Inbox in Canvas to your Online Math Teacher, Angie Arthur, introducing yourself
❏ Be proud of yourself! Beginning a learning adventure like this is something that is possible when you have
a combination of strong ability with strong character traits!!

Checklist for Parents

❏ Fill out the student Data Form:
❏ Login with your student to the Canvas Course and familiarize yourself with the parent information link
❏ Sign up for text messaging notifications
❏ Set a day and time that you will login with your student to read the weekly announcements and look over
his/her grades in Canvas *Suggestion: Set a reminder on your phone

Materials Need for this Course

❏ 3-ring binder - 1” to 2”
❏ 1 subject notebook - can be kept in the binder
❏ Noise cancelling headphones or earbuds
Online Math 6 Plus
An Orientation to Online Learning: Single Subject Acceleration

Grading and Report Cards

❖ Students will be receiving a letter grade for this course (10 point scale)
100 – 90 = A
89 – 80 = B
79 – 70 = C
69 – 60 = D
59 – 0 = F
❖ Overall grade will consist of quizzes (40%) and tests (60%). Quick checks will not be averaged into their
overall grade.
❖ A grade book is set up within Canvas for the students to track their progress and grades.
❖ A separate report card will be sent to the school from the online teacher. Only the quarter average will be
provided, no comments. The gradebook in Canvas gives a more detailed break-down of how the student
performed on specific content.
❖ Students will not receive a grade on the 5th grade progress reports and report cards for math.

Quick Checks/Quizzes/Tests/Retake Tests

❖ All Quick Checks, Quizzes, Tests, Retake Tests must be completed ONLINE.
❖ Students will complete the paper copy of the quick check/quiz/test/retake tests FIRST before entering
their answers online.
❖ Students are not allowed to take the paper copies home. Calculators are only allowed on tests that say
Calculator Active.
❖ Students are allowed to retake each unit test one time if they choose, within the Quarter Deadline. The
student is expected to make arrangements with the SSA teacher only after he/she made corrections to their
original test. The higher grade between the test and the retake test will be recorded towards their overall
grade. There are no retakes for quizzes.

Best Practices for Supporting your Online Math Student

❖ Conference once a week with your student:
➢ Read the weekly announcements together
➢ Look over their math notebook to see what day they are on to ensure they stay on pace with the
course. Make sure they are working out the math problems and completing all assignments.
➢ View their grades weekly: Are they completing all of their quick checks, quizzes, tests? Are they
making corrections to the problems they missed? Are they taking advantage of retakes for tests?
➢ Instead of asking your student “How is Math going?” Ask them, “Show me how your math is going.”