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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Schools Division of Occidental Mindoro
Tangal, Lubang, Occidental Mindoro


May 20- May 25, 2019

The Department of Education (DepEd) conducted the 2019 Brigada Eskwela from
May 20 to 25, 2019 with the theme “Matatag na Bayan para sa Maunlad na Paaralan.”

The Brigada Eskwela is the National Schools Maintenance Week, that aims to
bring together all education stakeholders to participate and contribute their time, effort,
and resources to prepare public school facilities for the opening of the school year in

Early morning of May 20, the teachers of Lubang Vocational High School held a
motorcade from the Maligaya Plaza down to Poblacion and ended at LVHS that signaled
the start of Brigada Eskwela. After the motorcade a short program followed. The
presence of different groups of volunteers was acknowledged. Short orientation
about the mechanics of the 6-day activity was given by Mr. Alfredo S. Puli, Jr, our
principal. Finally the opening of the Brigada Eskwela was announced. The willing, ready
and able brigade included eager teachers, enthusiastic parents, excited students, and
other concern people of the community.

Amidst the growing population of the school is the completion of school’s

facilities to improve the learning status and physical development around the vicinity of
the campus. The goal to attain quality education faces the strong demand of meeting the
needs of the learners. Yet, it’s a fact to shoulder responsibilities by making the institution
a well-improved destination to visit.

On the first day of the week – long brigade, Mrs. Joyce P. Tejoso and Mr. Amir
Villas, was assigned to repaint the Computer Laboratory which is located in front of the
Quadrangle. As the assigned teachers, we ensures that the volunteers were doing their
assigned work by leading it all the way. On the other hand, Mr. Villas also is the School
ICT Coordinator so after the assigned area he cleaned and organized the JHS Computer
Laboratory, he went and conducted his plans to clean the Computer Room.

On the following days, he continued his assignments. He eliminated unnecessary

papers from the past school years; sweep the floor in and out of the room for the second
day and help in the Registration since painting was not advisable after 10:00 in the
morning. While on Day 3, he started to clean and removed the dust from the computers
to make the room more refreshing for the incoming school year, he also upgraded and
updated computers so that it would work faster for taking commands. While on the 4th
Day of the brigade, he continued his assigned task. In the afternoon he helped Mr. Puli on
the preparation of the OPCRF. May 25, Saturday was the last day of the week – long
activity of the Brigada Eskwela, there was a meeting to evaluate the week long activity.

Prepared by:

Master Teacher I

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Principal III