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Success story for future: Kia Motors in


C apability to surprise the world lies within oneself which writes the success story for

future. One such inspirational story is underlined currently which is aiming to establish itself as
leading automotive cars manufacturers in India is named after “Kia Motors-India”. Kia motors
is a South-Korean brand which is 8th largest automotive car manufacturers in the World which
currently targeting India as a new business station. Kia motors launched itself in India at auto-
expo with a brand new campaign as “Magical Inspirations” to deliver high quality product to
establish its feet in Indian automotive business with an aim to surprise the people of India with
unique and candid design features to standout far apart from other foreign car manufacturers.

In the quest of its success story, in recent past Kia motors has started its new manufacturing plant
in Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh, India with an aim to establish its market effectively in India for
mass production of cars in India. It’s been a quite big challenge for Kia motors to establish itself
in India due to diversified taste of Indian people. The answers to this big question is again given
by Kia motors designers, manufacturers, market promoters , television commercials thinkers and
marketing personnel by presenting a series of mind-wobbling television commercials which will
make Indian people curious and amazed about its products.

Key feature and USP (unique selling proposition) of Kia Motors is its ability to readily take
inspirations from all worldly available things either living or non-living within the world. In its
first television commercial for marketing its products in India, a set of non-similar entities are
presented in the television commercial such as a foot-baller striking football at some angle, a
flying humming bird, event of astronaut landing and putting his feet for the first time on moon, a
ballet dancer, a tiger, a ball of fire-flies. Message which came from this first television
commercial shows amalgamation of unique and magical inspirations which will give rise to an
exemplary and unique and also helps in building brand value in India. In addition to this, its first
television commercials also help in attracting people to think and explore about Kia motors.

Being a car designer, designer is not satisfied with limited inspirations, but he is open enough to
take inspirations from whole world with aim to deliver best from all other rivals. Lesson which
has to be learnt from this development of unique design certainly includes vital components
which can be summarized such as adaptivity to changes, rationale thinking with creativity,
learning from each and every entity of world, integration of new ideas, generation of new ideas,
turning inspirations into reality with a single pointed aim to deliver a unique design to capture
the market.
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Turning Generation
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Other television commercials of Kia motors try to make again people of India puzzled and
curious about its products by introducing a carnivorous animal from mongoose family named
after “Meerkat”. As per these television commercials from Kia motors, previously nobody had
used this animated version of Meerkat which is presented in such a wonderful manner, which is
trying to convince a Kia motors car designer by showing different attributes/actions for
providing its own new idea for generation of a stunning car design which will rule the world.

As far as the Meerkat is concerned no such value is given to Meerkat in the television
commercial of Kia motors for advertising purpose. But the lesson which has to bring under
consideration is that “Learning from most insignificant is part of design improvement”.
On the other hand certain things/qualities which can be learnt from animal are mob/gang
accumulation from attacks of predators as well as for prey purpose, preparation of burrows and
interconnected tunnels for the purpose of safety and survival in hot desert of Kalahari, baby
protection and care. Most significant quality of Meerkat is to give different emergency voice
calls by judging different predators such as aerial and terrestrial.

In this quest of establishment of brand values generation in India, again there are certain key
elements which have to be learnt and should be given due importance. Key elements for brand
value generation will surely include points such as learning from past experiences, introduction
of unique design with ability to surprise people with standout and surprising features, powerful
and effective marketing strategies and skills for better promotion of products and finally working
for customer delight and satisfaction.

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All these above will surely make the beginner into a winner and enables oneself to write a
success story for future.