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Points to be considered for Case Study of a Five Star Hotel -

1. Name of Architect
2. No. of Rooms
3. No. of floors
4. No. of service floors
5. Plinth level
6. No. of entry/exits gates of the hotel buildings
7. No. of fire exit gates in the hotel building
8. Floor to floor height
9. Structural system of the building (load bearing/framed structure/core cantilever etc.)
10. Type of façade & envelope (materials used, texture, curtain wall, type & color of glass used,
overall color combination of façade, type of roof/it shape, type of parapet wall, type of
cladding, type of insulation in the building envelope (cavity wall, glass wool, rain-screen etc.)
11. Type of lighting done on the façade/envelope
12. Drop off area ( width, how many cars at a time/type of shading in the drop off/type of
pavement/wheelchair service/security check machines/type of lighting at drop
off/bollards/valet service)
13. Ramp at entry(width/ railing height/2 types of railing provided or not/ approx. gradient of
14. Landscaping at the main entrance door and near drop off
15. Height and type of main entry door and no. of main doors
16. Buffer space between the entry doors
17. First look at entry
18. Clear visibility/clear visual connection between main entry and reception area
19. Type of flooring in reception lobby (carpet/tile/marble etc.)
20. Height of main reception lobby
21. Atrium (if any)
22. Skylights(if any)
23. Length of reception desk
24. Type of wall behind the reception desk
25. Space between the reception desk and back wall
26. Type of lighting done in the main lobby
27. Other decorative features & materials/cladding used in the main lobby
28. No. of waiting areas in the lobby and its visual setting
29. Café service in the main lobby (if any)
30. Washroom connected with main reception lobby
31. Lift core (no. of lights/capacity of lifts/no. of fire staircase/fire lift etc.)
32. No. of service lifts/freight elevator/staircase
33. Other spaces connected to the main lobby
34. Amenities in the hotel(shops, gym, games room, parlour(ladies/gents/unisex),
outdoor/indoor swimming pool, pool lounge, sauna& steam, bakery, Yoga room, relaxation
35. Other Amenities ( car rental, doctor on call, medical room, travel & tour desk, postal service,
currency exchange, babysitting, floral arrangements, Pet Care)
36. Types of offices located in the GF (IT room, house-keeping office, staff office, HR room,
executive office rooms, Manager room, security office, etc.)
37. Liquor store (if any)
38. Staff locker room
39. No. and location of staff washroom
40. Staff dining/staff cafe
41. Training room
42. Bunker room
43. Spa (no. /type/location)
44. Ballroom and banquet halls(entry porch/no./capacity/hall area & height/nearby
washroom/temporary partition facility/lighting and materials used)
45. Business centre
46. Boardroom/video conferencing room/meeting room
47. No. and type of restaurants & bar ( capacity/height & area/materials used/lighting)
48. Energy Saving initiatives (motion sensors, solar panels, etc.)
 Location & capacity/area of electric panel room
 Water treatment plant
 Effluent treatment plant
 Waste disposal method and location(segregation method/color coding)
 AC plant room
 Rain water harvesting
 Water storage tank( no./capacity)
 Underground sump(if any)-its no. and capacity
 Swimming pool plant room/treatment
 AHU Unit (no./area/height/location on every floor)
 Transformer(no./capacity)
 Diesel Generator(no./capacity)
 Laundry system/process
 Hot Water Boilers
 Water Recycling (done or not)
 Type of spaces (preparation area/cooking/plating) etc.
 Types of store(dry/wet)
 Process carried out
51. Types of ROOM-
 Loft Suite
 Presidential Suite
 Deluxe room etc etc.
52. Size of window/type (double glass, sliding, fixed, openable etc.)/color of glass
 Lintel level
 Sill Level
53. Centralized AC system( air/water/combined)

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