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LOOK c lo s e r

2,000 graduate
students call Brandon Cook and Adam Foley, graduate students, check references
in the University’s Medieval Institute.

Notre Dame home.

Look closer to find
out why.
Upon first glance, it’s easy to see what makes Notre Dame
a special place–a place where students can conduct
meaningful research in their chosen field of study,
surrounded by a park-like atmosphere, a campus that is
regularly selected as one of the most beautiful in
the nation.

B u t l o o k c l o ser …

l o o k C LO S E R to find l o o k C LO S E R to find l o o k C LO S E R at the

the exceptional faculty, a group that state-of-the-art facilities, including growth in research expenditures,
have won more National Endowment access to some of the world’s top which have risen more than $30
for the Humanities Fellowships than research laboratories. million in the past two years and
any other faculty over the past more than 250 percent in the
11 years. past decade.

Notre Dame has all of this to offer graduate students, but there’s so much more
to the graduate student experience. The Graduate School Professional Development
program offers workshops and forums in the areas of Teaching, Research, Ethics
and Career, providing the resources needed to fully prepare students for their
careers, regardless of what path they take. And multi-year stipends that compare
favorably with other top-tier institutions combine with the nearby amenities of
the country’s third-largest city and a local community that offers an affordable
standard of living.
A low cost of living
doesn’t mean a low
standard of living. cam p u s

Look closer at
the South Bend
• Many students are able to purchase homes in the area
based solely on their stipends. An abundance of affordable
apartment options are available as well.
• A network of parks and trails along the St. Joseph River,
which winds through town, provides a wealth of
recreational activities.
• World-class exposure to the arts through the on-campus
DeBartolo Performing Arts Center and the historic Morris
Performing Arts Center downtown.
• A wide array of local dining options provide the
opportunity to savor flavorful food from around
the world.
• Notre Dame’s high-level collegiate sporting events offer
championship-level spectator sports in all seasons, with
an extensive recreational and intramural sports program
for those who wish to get into the game.
• Beyond South Bend, there’s more to see and do in the
region. Lake Michigan is just 35 miles away, with the
major Midwestern cities of Chicago 95 miles to the west
and Indianapolis 140 miles to the south.
When it comes to time away from preparing for your
professional or scholarly career, look closer at the South
Bend community to find something to fit your every
personal interest.
e d d y s t ree t c o mm o n s
Look closer at the
Graduate School’s
academic programs
to find a community
of scholars.
• More than 40 programs of study in the divisions of
Engineering, Humanities, Science and Social Sciences.
• Programs are flexible enough to allow students the ability
to focus their specific research area on a wide range of
topics within their academic department.
• Many of the University’s programs are ranked among
the very best in the country.

Professor Prashant Kamat, left, works with graduate students Marjorie Massel and Kevin
Tvrdy on the solar panels on the roof of Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering.
g ra d u a t e p r o g rams a n d d e g rees

Division of Engineering Early Christian Studies Biological Sciences Professional Degree Programs
Aerospace & Mechanical M.A. Ph.D., M.S. Alliance for Catholic Education
Engineering M.Ed., M.A.
Ph.D., M.S.Aero, M.S.M.E., 574.631.7195 574.631.6552
M.E.M.E 574.631.7052 English Chemistry & Biochemistry
574.631.5430 Ph.D. Ph.D. Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics
Bioengineering 574.631.7226 574.631.7058 M.S.
Ph.D. History Integrated Biomedical Sciences 574.631.1139
574.631.5580 Ph.D. Ph.D. Global Health
Chemical and Biomolecular 574.631.7266 574.631.9810 M.S.G.H.
Ph.D., M.S.Ch.E. History & Philosophy of Science Mathematics 574.631.2171 Ph.D. Ph.D.
574.631.5581 Patent Law
574.631.7418 574.631.7245 M.S.
Civil & Environmental
Engineering & Earth Sciences Literature Physics 574.208.9622
Ph.D., M.S., M.S.Bio.E., Ph.D. Ph.D., M.S.
M.S.C.E., M.S.Env.E Dual & Joint Degree Programs 574.631.0481 574.631.6386
Law & Engineering
574.631.5380 M.Eng./J.D.
Medieval Studies Division of Social Sciences
Computer Science and Ph.D. Economics 574.631.6626
Engineering Ph.D.
Ph.D. 574.631.6603 Medicine & Doctor of Philosophy 574.631.7698 M.D./Ph.D. (Indiana University &
574.631.8320 Philosophy University of Notre Dame joint
Ph.D. Peace Studies program)
Electrical Engineering Ph.D., M.A.
Ph.D., M.S.E.E. 574.631.6471 574.631.5574 574.631.6970
574.631.5480 Romance Languages & Other Advanced Degree Programs
Literatures Political Science (not part of the Graduate School)
Division of Humanities M.A. Ph.D.
Art, Art History, and Design
574.631.6886 Architecture
M.A., M.F.A 574.631.9017
Theology Psychology
Ph.D., M.Div., M.T.S., M.A., Engineering, Science & Technology
Ph.D. Entrepreneurship Excellence
Classics M.S.M Master’s (ESTEEM)
M.A. 574.631.6650 574.631.7811
574.631.7195 Sociology Law
Division of Science Ph.D., M.A.
Creative Writing Applied & Computational
M.F.A. Mathematics & Statistics 574.631.6463 Mendoza College of Business Ph.D.

Notre Dame offers a wide range of areas of study, giving our graduate
students a choice to work exclusively within their field or with others from
other departments to develop comprehensive solutions to issues facing our
world today. For a complete listing and more information—including
admission, completion and placement statistics—on our areas of study, visit—or just scan the bar code to explore now.